Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

Well, I'm sure the boys who've joined you since are glad to be here too.” said Aaron. “They were scheduled to be executed in their old dimension, just because they were genetically determined to be gay.”

What kind of monsters could kill a beautiful and sweet boy, just because they are gay?” asked Mike in shock.

Well, it did happen in our dimension too.” replied Aaron. “It just wasn't sponsored by the government, and was on a much smaller scale. We do try to rescue all those we discover in time though.”

And there are how many dimensions?” asked Denny.

Only a dozen of them require our monitoring.” replied Aaron. “That's a good thing too, because there are hundreds that we know about. Out of the dozen we monitor, we're not sure if the people from half of them could adjust to a life here. We want to be careful, especially after what happened with Robert's dimension.”

At least some good did come out of that though.” said Mongo. “Our technology has grown even more, and we may someday be able to reproduce our own sons.”

Yes, several of our sons have talked about that.” said Mike. “I hope we can make that happen for those who want it.”

Like me.” smiled Aaron. “I want very much to have mine and Mongo's first son together.”

Mike, Denny, and their family decided to see Aaron, Mongo, and their family off at the airport the next day. Aaron wanted to stay longer, but Jerry and Billy would be returning from Jarrel's dimension that evening, and he needed to be there for that. The men all smiled as they watched all of their boys say good-bye with warm and loving kisses. The boys all seemed to enjoy kissing each other good-bye, and they even included baby Ray. Ray was now to the point of being able to giggle from being kissed by all of the boys. He seemed to enjoy the attention very much, as Aaron held him for all of Mike's and Denny's kids to give him a kiss.

As Jarrel's and Rashund's ships docked back on Earth, they were met by Bobby. Jerry explained to Bobby that they would have to speak with Rashund's people first, to explain the process of traveling to Orgasmia.

You didn't tell him about interdimensional travel, Jerry?” asked Bobby.

I wasn't really sure how he would have taken it, and I very much want him to speak to the Council.” replied Jerry.

Wes is going to kill himself for not coming along on this trip!” laughed Bobby. “This is going to be fun!”

As soon as Jerry and Billy led Rashund and his people to the waiting bus, and introduced them to Bobby, Rashund said, “I thought instead of taking a bus, we'd be flying my ship to Orgasmia. I promise that we are no threat whatsoever.”

It's not that we think you may be a threat Rashund.” replied Jerry. “I would hope that we are becoming close friends now. It's just that it would be impossible right now to take your ship to Orgasmia.”

Why, is it a subterranean country?” laughed Rashund.

It takes very specialized vehicles to travel to Orgasmia, because it's in another dimension.” replied Bobby. “Our people developed the ability to travel between dimension long ago, and it's how we have kept an all male society going.”

You're serious, aren't you?!” asked Rashund in shock.

They are being serious with you Rashund.” said Jarrel, who had wanted to see Rashund's reaction to interdimensional travel. “I have been to Orgasmia myself, as well as other dimensions with the help of our friends. They are very advanced in some ways, but still need the help of friends in other ways.”

This is hard to believe though.” said Rashund. “I always thought of alternate dimensions as a fantasy, and a way to entertain ourselves!”

It's not a fantasy my friend.” said Jerry. “Come with us, and let us show you things that will amaze you!”

How is it done?” asked Rashund.

First, we're going to board this bus.” replied Bobby. “Once we are in the proper position to return to Orgasmia, the bus will project a portal for us to travel through. That portal will take us to Orgasmia, in our home dimension. We do this all the time Rashund, and it's not the least bit dangerous anymore. You'll barely notice any difference as we travel through the portal to Orgasmia.”

Okay then, I have to see this for myself!” said Rashund.

After Jerry and Billy said good-bye to Jarrel and Raven with warm hugs, Jerry, Billy, Bobby, and Rashund and his delegation boarded the bus. Hank closed the door, started the bus, and took off to the proper position to open the portal to Orgasmia. Rashund and his people gasped as the portal opened in front of the bus. As Bobby had promised though, they didn't notice any difference after passing through the portal, other than the fact that Rashund immediately lost the signal from his ship.

If you want to communicate with your ship, you'll have to use an interdimensional link between our dimension and Jarrel's.” said Bobby, as Rashund looked like he was trying to figure out where his ship had gone. “I assure you that nothing has changed in the dimension they're in though. You can talk to them when we get to our Council President's home, and see for yourself.”

Thank you Bobby, that would be very reassuring.” replied Rashund.

As the bus entered Orgasmia City, the first thing Rashund and his men noticed was the fact that they only saw men and boys walking along the streets together. That, along with the beauty of Orgasmia City, made Rashund and his people feel much better. Hank finally pulled up in front of Aaron's home, and dropped off his passengers. Wes was already there, with his and Bobby's family, and everyone was waiting for their guests to arrive.

Welcome home Jerry!” said Arron, as he greeted Jerry and Billy with a hug. “Come on in so you can introduce the guests we've been waiting to meet!”

Okay Aaron, but Rashund would like the chance to speak to his ship first.” replied Jerry.

But of course, by all means.” smiled Aaron. “Come on over to my communications panel, and I'll get you a link to Jarrel's dimension.”

Once Aaron established the link, Rashund was able to speak with the officer he left in charge of the ship. Things were fine there, although they were concerned when they had suddenly lost Rashund's signal. Rashund had to reassure them that he was fine as well, and their perceptions of fantasy had just been blown to pieces. After Rashund finished checking on his ship, it was time for introductions.

Rashund, I would like you to meet our Council President, Aaron Baker.” said Jerry. “Aaron is on my side about men giving birth in Orgasmia, and he sent me on my trip. Thanks to Aaron, Billy is now pregnant with our son. Aaron, this is our friend Rashund. He comes from a society of mostly males. Most households are made up of four males, and one female. The four males in the household take turns mating with the one female, and the rest of their time is spent making love to their other male mates. They resolved their issues of raising children in a mostly homosexual environment long ago.”

Good, then maybe they can help with ours.” replied Aaron. “Jerry, I want you and our new friend ready to address the council the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I want you to show him and his group our wonderful city, while you discuss what to say to the council. Just so you know Jerry, word of your trip and its purpose got out. A lot of men here are looking forward to giving birth.”

I'll try not to let anyone down this time Aaron.” replied Jerry. “I know a lot more now than I did the last time I addressed the council.”

Rashund and his men shared dinner with Aaron's family that evening, and had a great time. The boys were all thrilled to meet people from another planet, especially Spike and Shorty. They wanted to spend as much time with Rashund as they could, before Jerry took them to the hotel for the night. As Rashund and his men were getting ready to leave, Aaron watched Spike and Shorty saying good-bye to them.

Why don't you boys go ahead and go with Rashund tonight.” said Aaron. “You can help Jerry show him and his men around Orgasmia City tomorrow.”

Are you sure dad?” asked Spike excitedly.

I know how much you two want to be a part of our first starship crew.” replied Aaron. “Spending time with people from other planets may help you two with that. Besides, I'm sure you'd love to spend as much time as you can with them.”

Thanks dad!” exclaimed Shorty, as he and Spike hugged Aaron together.

Then Spike and Shorty ran to Rashund, and each boy took ahold of one of his hands as Spike said, “Our dad has agreed to let us be your group's personal assistants while you're visiting us here in Orgasmia. If it's okay with you, we'd like to stay with your group as long as you're here.”

That will be great boys.” smiled Rashund. “Just watch out for some of my men though. Some of them can have a tendency to be a little frisky.”

That might be fun too!” laughed Spike. “We've never done anything with a guy from another planet before.”

The next day, as Spike, Shorty, Jerry, and Billy began showing Rashund and his men around Orgasmia, one of Orgasmia's planes had passed through the portal into Orgasmia's dimension. On board the plane was a man from Paris named Jean. With him was his wife Annabelle, his oldest son Pierre, and his two younger children named Rene and Cherie. Jean was taking his family on a trip to Orgasmia because his oldest son Pierre had turned sixteen six months ago, and decided to apply to the Starship Academy in Orgasmia. Jean wanted to see where his son would be going, if he were accepted. Pierre was sure he would be though, due to having a genius IQ. Jean and his family would be spending four days in Orgasmia City, and another five days in Celestia.

Hello everyone, we will be landing in Orgasmia City in about one hour.” said the main flight attendant, as soon as they had cleared the portal. “You may feel free to move around the cabin again. Just remember to release your seat belt first. For those of you visiting Orgasmia from Euro-Russia for the first time, I'd like to remind you of a few things. First, Orgasmia is composed entirely of gay men and boys, and public shows of affection by our citizens are not uncommon. We hope that anyone deciding to visit us has been made aware of this in advance, and is accepting of our customs. Speaking of our customs, the customary attire of our citizens are birthday suits. That's right, people in Orgasmia never wear any clothing at all, unless we are traveling outside of Orgasmia. Our society is totally nude, and we are very comfortable with that. We hope that our visitors to Orgasmia are as well. We hope that our Customs procedure goes smoothly for you today. It usually just involves a brief inspection of any baggage brought into Orgasmia, then having your right index finger scanned, so that you may be issued your proper visitors credits and credentials in our system. We hope you will allow our citizens to extend their full courtesy and hospitality to you while you are visiting us, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Orgasmia.”

I still don't know that it was good to bring Rene and Cherie on this trip.” said Annabelle softly to Jean. “We're exposing them to a totally nude society, made up entirely of gay men and boys.”

We've discussed this before dear.” replied Jean. “From what we've been told, no one will act improperly toward any of us. It will be good for them to learn to be proud of themselves, and to remember the civil liberties that our homeland was founded on. If we begin learning intolerance, we'll end up like the WSA. I'm sure none of us would want to see that happen.”

I just wonder how Pierre is going to fare, being in an all gay society during his time at the Academy?” wondered Annabelle.

Dear, the Academy is going to be made up of people from Euro-Russia, Afro-Asia, and Orgasmia.” laughed Jean. “It's not like Pierre is going to be the only heterosexual there. I see it as a good thing that our three different societies are learning to coexist in an atmosphere of complete harmony and cooperation. Now, let's just try to enjoy our vacation. Do you realize how excited Rene and Cherie are about getting the chance to see real dinosaurs? This is going to be an exciting vacation for all of us.”

And I can't wait to see where I'm going to be training to be a part of our first starship crew!” said Pierre, as he leaned forward to his parents' row. “I'm so excited that this is actually happening!”

Don't forget son, you haven't been accepted yet.” said Annabelle.

Yes mother, but with a one hundred and sixty IQ, I think it's just a formality!” snickered Pierre.

When the plane landed, Jean and his family didn't realize how quickly they would be exposed to the customs of Orgasmia. Not only was their inspector not wearing clothes though, but the people on the flight who were returning home to Orgasmia began undressing the moment they were off the plane.

Oh my goodness children, cover your eyes!” said Annabelle.

Honey, they can't keep their eyes covered for the entire trip!” laughed Jean. “I really don't believe that it will harm them in any way to see a naked man!”

Yes mother, we do watch television and movies!” giggled Rene. “Do you know how many times I've seen naked people in movies, newspapers, and magazines? If you do, please let me know. I lost track a long time ago!”

Okay children, don't make fun of your mother.” chuckled Jean. “Please honey, try to relax. You might actually enjoy living like this for a short time. As a matter of fact, I was going to wait until the hotel, but now I think I'll join in the customs of our hosts as soon as I'm through inspection. Children, you can join along too as long as you feel comfortable with it.”

Sure enough, as soon as Jean had passed through customs, he removed everything except a pair of sandals he had brought for the trip. All three children immediately followed the lead of their father, while their mother began passing through customs. The inspector noticed the man and his three children, and smiled as he took care of Annabelle. Once Anabelle was through customs, she glared quickly at her husband. Then she watched her children like a hawk, as the inspector got them through customs. He was as professional and courteous as possible though, and Jean thought that might finally put his wife at ease.

Once they had checked in at the hotel, Jean asked, “Okay, what does everyone want to do first?”

Dinosaurs!” yelled Rene and Cherie in unison.

Okay then, dinosaurs it is.” chuckled Jean, who enjoyed seeing his two youngest children so excited.

Not before you kids put some clothes on!” said Annabelle.

Dear, for the last time, no one we meet here is going to be wearing any clothes.” said Jean. “If they feel comfortable not wearing clothes, it isn't going to hurt anyone. By forcing them to be one of the few people here wearing clothes though, you may hurt them. Please try to relax honey, before I have to make it an order. Now, I'm going to go out today naked, and the kids are welcome to if they want. It's the way of life here, and it isn't going to be the least bit out of the ordinary.”

All of the kids smiled as they finally put their clothes away for the remainder of their vacation. Jean and his three children left their rooms in nothing but sandals, although Annabelle was still completely clothed. As they passed by the front desk, Jean asked the clerk, “What is the best way to get to the dinosaur preserve?”

Well sir, there is the taxi or the public bus system.” replied the clerk. “The taxi may use up your transportation credits too fast though, especially if you'll be in Orgasmia for a week or longer. The best way would be to wait for our courtesy shuttle, which will be going downtown and then to the preserve. It leaves in fifteen minutes, and you can catch it right outside our main entrance.”

Okay then, the shuttle it is.” replied Jean. “Are you kids thirsty while we wait for the shuttle?”

Yeah!” replied Pierre, Rene, and Cherie together.

As everyone had their drinks, other hotel guests started gathering for the shuttle. All of the citizens of Orgasmia who passed by were naked, and about half of the tourists at the hotel had decided to give it a try. Most of them were a little nervous at first, but the few people who were still clothed were even more nervous now. When the shuttle pulled up, about ten hotel guests piled in. A gay male couple from Euro-Russia got out of the shuttle downtown, and everyone else continued on to the preserve.

The dinosaur preserve was the most incredible sight any of the tourists on the shuttle had ever seen. Also, since the preserve drew a large crowd of Orgasmia's citizens, a larger percentage of people there were naked. Jean chuckled as he could tell his wife was now feeling out of place. Once they went out to Triceratops Field, Jean's kids saw several groups of kids in the field, playing with the animals there. Jean could tell with one look that his kids wanted to join the others in the field.

Okay kids, go ahead and have fun.” said Jean. “I want you to keep an eye on your younger brother and sister though Pierre. I know the ranger back in the welcome center said that the animals in this field are pretty friendly and docile, but I don't want any accidents happening on our vacation.”

Okay father, I'll watch out for them.” replied Pierre. Then he turned to his brother and sister and said, “Come on Rene and Cherie, let's go have some fun!”

Since Spike and Shorty had taken the day off from school to escort Rashund and his men around, so did most of the rest of Aaron's kids. They were also out in Triceratops Field, waiting for Spike and Shorty to return with their guests. Pierre, Rene, and Cherie went up to where they were playing with Topper, Sara, and Blinky.

When Sparky saw the three kids approach, he said, “Hi, my name is Sparky. These are my brothers Cutie, Valentino, Boy, and his boyfriend Thomas.”

Hey guys, my name is Pierre.” replied Pierre. “This is my younger brother Rene, and my younger sister Cherie.”

You're a girl!” giggled Valentino, as he looked at the naked girl.

No, I'm really a boy with serious problems.” laughed Cherie.

Don't pay any attention to Valentino.” said Cutie. “He's just never seen a girl's vagina before.”

Like you have!” laughed Boy.

Don't worry Cherie, I'm sure they'll get over the shock soon.” smiled Sparky, which caused Pierre, Rene, and Cherie to laugh. “You must be visiting from Euro-Russia.”

How could you tell?” asked Pierre.

It might have been the Euro-Russian names that gave you away!” snickered Sparky.

Okay, you got me there.” laughed Pierre. “This is the first time we've been to Orgasmia. We just got here this afternoon.”

And you seem comfortable about being naked already?” asked Boy.

Yeah, it's really kind of fun!” snickered Cherie.

Then I think it's safe to say you guys are going to have a great vacation.” said Sparky.

We already are!” replied Rene. “This is the first time we've ever seen dinosaurs too!”

Go ahead and pet the baby.” said Boy. “His name is Blinky, and he loves making new friends. I'm sure he'll want someone to play with after our older brothers get back with their friends.”

Our older brothers are showing a group of people from another planet around, because they want to go to the Starship Academy.” said Sparky.

You even have people from another planet here too?!” asked Pierre in shock. “This place is getting better every moment! Do you think your brothers might introduce me when they come back? I've applied to the Starship Academy as well. It would be great to meet people from another planet before anyone else I know!”

I don't see why they wouldn't.” replied Sparky. “As a matter of fact, here they come now. We can go ahead and find out.”

Rene and Cherie had been so busy petting Blinky, that they didn't notice the older boys approaching with Rashund and his men. When Rene did look up, he said excitedly, “Sis! Sis! Look, it's outer space men!”

I love the simple descriptions younger children tend to give things!” chuckled Rashund. Then he replied to Rene, “Yes young man, we are spacemen. There is no need to fear though, we come in peace.”

Who's afraid!” replied Rene. “This goes way beyond cool! We meet dinosaurs and spacemen in the same day!”

Spike, I have to ask you something before I start laughing so hard I can't!” laughed Sparky. “These are our new friends from Euro-Russia; Pierre, Rene, and Cherie. Pierre has applied to the Academy too, and really wants you to introduce him to our friends from another planet.”

I'd be happy too.” replied Spike as he smiled. Then he turned to Pierre and said, “Hi Pierre, I'm Spike, and this is my brother and boyfriend Shorty. I'd like you to meet our friend Rashund, and his men.”

Hello Pierre.” said Rashund, as he held out his hand to Pierre. “It's a pleasure to meet another young man who wants to be a part of Orgasmia's first starship crew.”

The pleasure is mine sir!” replied Pierre, as he shook Rashund's hand.

Well, at least it was our pleasure last night!” laughed Shorty.

Do you guys mean you had sex with men from another planet?!” asked Pierre in amazement.

Our planet is mostly homosexual too, although we do mate with females of our species when we have to, to keep our population going.” replied Rashund. “Let's just say Spike and Shorty were eager to make my men feel at home.”

You're not gay like us, are you?” asked Shorty.

To be honest, I really don't know.” replied Pierre. “My parents assume I'm heterosexual, but I've never really had sexual feelings toward any other person yet.”

Wow, I think it's really cool that you're a virgin!” said Spike. “Anyway, don't worry about it Pierre. You have plenty of time to figure that out.”

Yeah, I'm a genius IQ, but I'm way behind other kids when it comes to sex.” replied Pierre. “Even Rene and Cherie have played with each other down there a few times before, and I'm sure they liked it. My mother would kill them if she ever found out though.”

I'm sure she would actually kill them!” chuckled Spike.

Maybe not, but she wouldn't let them hear the end of it for a while either.” replied Pierre. “By the way, where is Cherie?”

I think I saw her and Valentino hanging out on the other side of Topper over there.” said Sparky.

I better find her.” said Pierre. “I promised my father that I'd keep an eye on her and Rene.”

Pierre, Spike, and Sparky went to where Sparky said he saw the kids last. Topper was laying in the field, and laying against his side, out of sight of the path was Cherie and Valentino. Cherie was leaned over sucking on Valentino's dick, and Valentino had a finger inside Cherie, pushing it in and out gently.

I may be gay Cherie, but this feels kind of nice too!” moaned Valentino, with his eyes closed.

Cherie just moaned in pleasure, in response to Valentino. Pierre, Spike, and Sparky quietly slipped back around to the other side of Topper.

Well, we don't have to worry about whether or not Cherie is heterosexual!” smiled Spike. “I am kind of surprised that Valentino had his finger inside her while she was sucking him though.”

I wouldn't worry.” said Sparky. “He tested gay just like the rest of us, and DNA can't lie. It probably just felt so good that he didn't mind going along with it.”

I still can't get over the sight of my little sister performing oral sex on him!” said Pierre. “I guess she's not so little anymore.”

Well, she does look old enough now to start being curious.” smiled Spike.

About ten minutes later, Cherie and Valentino reappeared, looking like very happy close friends. Spike and his brothers had to go though, so that left Pierre there with his brother and sister.

Was it fun sis?” asked Pierre.

How much did you see?” asked Cherie.

Just the really juicy part.” replied Pierre. “I guess my little sister is growing up, huh?”

Pierre, it felt better than anything I've ever done before.” said Cherie. “He didn't have an orgasm inside me though, unless you want to count my mouth. I don't care if he is gay, it still felt really good. Please don't tell mom and dad.”

Don't worry sis, your secret is safe with me.” smiled Pierre. “Now, let's go see if mom and dad are ready to take us to supper. I'm starved!”

Even though I just had a snack, so am I!” laughed Cherie. “I hope you have fun when you come here to study to be on a starship crew Pierre.”

I'm sure I will, as soon as I know what fun is.” chuckled Pierre.

After a very nice dinner, it was decided to go to the sports stadium that night. It was the season for a game called baseball, that came from Aaron's dimension. It was very close to a game called stickball, which was played Euro-Russia and Afro-Asia, except that it called for more strength from its players. Tonight's game was between the Capital City Captains, and the Celestia Explorers. Almost all of the spectators were local citizens, so almost everyone at the game was naked. Jean, Pierre, Rene, and Cherie had a great time, but Annabelle was feeling very out of place by the end of the evening.

Tomorrow they would be going to something called an amusement park though, and Annabelle was sure there would be more people wearing clothes there.

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