Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

"So, when do we get to go to the park across from where we're staying now?" asked the younger Bobby.

"I can take you all there if we have time today." replied Bobby the facilitator. "Without me getting you in there though, you'd have to wait until you're citizens." At that point, every boy on the bus started begging Bobby to let them go to the park. "Well, I guess we could call it educational." snickered Bobby.

Meanwhile out in space, Jarrel found Billy and Jerry in the ship's lounge and asked, "So, how was your first day in space?"

"It's great so far Jarrel." replied Jerry. "You have a very nice ship here. It seems like we're not really that far from Earth."

"I assure you that we've traveled quite a great distance from Earth in only twenty four hours!" laughed Jarrel. "Anyway, we have our first stop coming up tomorrow. This civilization isn't quite what you're looking for, but it will be interesting for you to meet them anyway. They are the number one civilization when it comes to interplanetary travel, although we're catching up to them quickly."

We'll look forward to meeting our first people from a planet other than Earth.” replied Jerry.

The boys were all having a blast at the park, which seemed to be more advanced than any park the boys from Mike's dimension had ever seen. Even though all the rides seemed a bit extreme, Bobby assured them they were safer than anything they could imagine. Most of the older boys loved the coaster ride that was so fast that it required an aircraft canopy covering the ride vehicles, while most of the boys in their early teens seemed to love being launched five hundred feet into the sky. Mike knew right away that he would have to bring his boys back often.

Stephen felt it was best to take it easy though, as he came to Mike looking a little sad. “I wish I could join in the fun.” said Stephen. “Since I almost died though, it would probably be best not to take any chances.”

Mike put his arm around Stephen in a fatherly way and replied, “You have always been my favorite of all of the boys Stephen. Now it almost feels like I was meant to be your father. I'll make sure you have all the fun you can stand once you feel up to it my son. I love you very much, and I'd be happy to do everything here with you the next time we're here.”

Thanks dad, I love you too.” smiled Stephen, feeling better now. “Maybe I can get away with doing some of the less extreme stuff. You know, the stuff made for the younger boys.”

Let's go have some fun then!” replied Mike, as he kissed Stephen on the cheek.

Meanwhile at Spaz and Cary's house, Pete had just come home from school dragging Uri in with him. Spaz chuckled as the boys went right past him to Pete's room. By the time the boys came back out, they both looked drained. Also by that time Uri's parents, Rudi and Gerhardt, had joined Spaz and his family for dinner. Spaz and Rudi had also had a chance to talk by the time the boys had finished making love in Pete's room. After dinner was over, Spaz and Rudi sat down with Pete and Uri.

Boys, Rudi and I can plainly see how you two feel about each other.” said Spaz. “We're just going to go ahead and begin planning for you two to be married, and we need to start preparing you for that day. I'm sure now that you two know you have our blessing, you'll want to be married as soon as possible.”

I haven't even asked him yet though dad!” giggled Pete.

Why not?” asked Rudi.

Well.. um..” stammered Pete, searching for an answer. Then Pete turned to Uri and asked, “Uri, would you like to marry me. You know I love you with all of my heart.”

I know we're just kids, but I'd love to if they'll let us!” beamed Uri.

As Spaz said though, we have to prepare you two boys for that day.” said Rudi. “How quickly that day comes depends on how well you two boys listen and learn what we're going to try to teach you. I wish you two a long and happy married life together.”

You two boys are at an age where the marriage board will want you to remain at home with either Cary and I, or Rudi and Gerhardt.” said Spaz. “Other than that though, you will be given the rights of any married couple.”

Even the right to adopt sons?” asked Uri.

Well my son, that would depend on whether or not the adoption administration thinks you are ready for that responsibility.” replied Rudi. “It may take a little time for you to be ready for that.”

Rudi and Spaz then threw the boys a party to celebrate their engagement, which made Pete and Uri happier than they had ever been before.

Mike, Denny, and the boys had had a busy day. By the end of the day Bobby had informed Citizens Services that everyone in Mike and Denny's group wanted to start the citizenship process, which would begin the day after tomorrow. The next day would be spent entirely at the resource center, learning as much as they could about their new home.

Jarrel had prepared Jerry and Billy for the customs of the people at their first stop. Jerry and Billy would stay close to Jarrel and Raven until they had been introduced, and welcomed by their hosts. Jarrel's group was met by the Chancellor of the planet, who's name was Kang. Kang met the group with his planet's customary welcome for friends.

Chancellor Kang, I would like to introduce two new members of our group.” said Jarrel. “They are Jerry, and his mate Billy. Jerry and Billy come from an area of our world where there are no one but males of our species.”

Welcome to Rangol Jerry and Billy.” replied Chancellor Kang, as he gave each man a hearty hug. “So, in your part of your world there are no one but males? How does your population thrive like that? From what I understand of Earthlings, you need a male and female of the species to reproduce.”

That is true Chancellor Kang.” replied Jerry. “There are places on Earth though where males are terribly mistreated because of their sexual attraction to other males. We rescue them from their mistreatment, and bring them to our country where they may live happily. We also hope to make it possible someday for two males to reproduce together.”

Yes, I have heard of species who can do that.” said Kang. “It does take an incredible amount of advancement in the field of genetics though.”

I believe we are at that level of advancement now though.” replied Jerry. “It's just a matter of convincing the leaders of our country that it would pose no ill effects, and would be in our people's best interests to pursue that course.”

Well, since your society is entirely male, I'm sure you will be able to accomplish that.” chuckled Kang. “Now, why would there be males on your world who are mistreated merely because of a sexual attraction to other males? Does this attraction harm anyone?”

No, it doesn't.” replied Jerry. “The mistreatment of males like Billy and I comes from the misguided beliefs of other cultures on our world that such an attraction is morally wrong. Those beliefs are so strong in some cultures that people are killed or locked up in cages forever simply because of their attraction to other males.”

I would say that is misguided!” said Kang. “To them it is wrong to love someone, but perfectly alright to kill someone because their beliefs are different?”

Yes, that's about what it amounts to.” replied Jerry.

I can see why Jarrel has been so careful in forming alliances with other cultures on Earth then.” said Kang. “He does seem to have chosen wisely with your people though. I will be pleased to extend our friendship to your people Jerry. Now, Jarrel and I must discuss some intergalactic matters. You are welcome to join our discussions, or you may go out and visit our people. They will extend as much hospitality to you and your mate as possible, as long as you remain mindful of our customs. In my brief discussion with you though, I don't believe that will be any problem for you. You seem to respect the rights and feelings of others, and that is what our society is mostly based on.”

Jerry and Billy did join the discussion for a little while. It was mostly an exchange of advancements in their space travel programs, and discussions of a few species who were considered a nuisance to intergalactic travel. After about an hour, Jerry and Billy did take Kang up on his offer to visit with the people of Rangol. The Rangolians as they were called were very friendly, smart, and inquisitive people. That was especially true of the younger Rangolians that Jerry and Billy met. They seemed to have an insatiable thirst to know everything about their new visitors, and kept Jerry and Billy busy for the rest of the day.

The next day in Orgasmia, Pete and Uri awoke in each other's arms and greeted each other with a passionate kiss. They knew that they were very lucky to have found their life's mates at such a young age, so that they would have an extremely long and happy life together.

I felt more love from you last night Uri than I have ever felt before.” smiled Pete.

I guess that's because we will soon be married, and that thought makes me incredibly happy.” replied Uri.

And horny too!” giggled Pete.

No more than you, my love.” smiled Uri. “You were pretty good last night yourself!”

Uri and Pete then shared another passionate kiss, which Spaz walked in in the middle of. “You two look so perfect together.” smiled Spaz. “I do have a favor to ask you boys this morning though. Instead of school today, would you two like to spend the day at the Citizen's Services Building? My dad Aaron called this morning, and said Bobby has scheduled a very large group to be processed in tomorrow. Most of the group are in their teens, and they will be spending the day at the resource center learning about Orgasmia. Aaron would like two young volunteers to spend the day with them, helping them learn about their new lives here in Orgasmia. I couldn't think of two more perfect boys for that assignment than you two.”

We'd be honored to help them dad.” replied Pete, as he and Uri broke their kiss.

After breakfast, Pete and Uri both gave Spaz a hug and kiss good-bye, then headed off toward downtown. Once there, they checked in with Brett at the reception desk, then waited for the large group to arrive. Pete and Uri were almost overwhelmed when the group of twenty arrived, and they found out that eighteen of them were teenage boys or younger.

Okay boys, we thought it would be good to have two citizens close to your own age here to help you today.” said Brett, after the group had checked in. “This is Pete, and his fiancée Uri. Okay, I can tell by the surprised looks on some of your faces that you wouldn't think young boys can be married too. Our legal age to marry here is very low, and marriage is granted on the basis of whether or not two people are ready for that responsibility. Now, these two boys will be here to help you all day. They will provide you with anything you need, and answer any questions you might have. Are there any questions?”

Just one.” replied Corey, one of the older boys in Mike and Denny's group. “William, when we become citizens here, will you marry me? I've been so in love with you ever since we both joined the swim team back home.”

I'd be happy to marry you Corey!” smiled William, as his darkly complected face almost glowed with happiness. “We can be married at the same time that Mike and Denny are married, if you guys don't mind sharing your ceremony with us.”

We'd be happy to be married alongside you two boys!” replied Mike. “Congratulations, and I hope you two will be very happy together.”

Damn honey, our kids are already starting to leave the nest!” said Denny, as he wiped a single tear of joy from the corner of his eye.

Don't worry my love, we can always adopt more.” smiled Mike.

The day was a busy one for Mike's group, although some of the boys did try to enjoy themselves. Mike could tell that Corey and William were enjoying themselves, when he noticed Corey sitting in William's lap. The look on both boys faces told Mike exactly how much they were enjoying themselves. Pete and Uri got a chance to talk with all of the boys, and were quite a bit of help to them. The younger boys were a bit nervous about what to expect, but Pete and Uri put them at ease about their orientation the next day.

So, you two will be getting married soon huh?” Stephen asked Pete and Uri. “That's really cool, since you guys don't look any older than me.”

Well, I'm fourteen now, but I'll be fifteen next week.” replied Pete. “My fiancée Uri is twelve, but he'll be thirteen in another month.”

And they're letting a twelve year old boy marry a fourteen year old boy?!” asked Stephen in amazement.

Well, all I need is the approval of my parents.” replied Pete. “They were the ones who suggested that Uri and I get married, so that wasn't a problem. Since Uri is under fourteen though, he needed special permission from the marriage council. One of Uri's fathers is the ambassador from Euro-Russia, and our President's and Leader's close friends though, so that wasn't a problem either. A lot of things are going to be possible here that you've never dreamt of before.”

I guess so!” snickered Stephen. “I think I might be able to be happy here.”

Why wouldn't you be?” asked Pete.

I originally fell in love with my dad Mike back in our old dimension.” replied Stephen. “That's what eventually led to us having to come here. Mike was the first person who I really fell in love with. It caused so much trouble though that when we came here, Mike decided it would be best to take Denny as his husband. I still love my new dad, and he loves me, but it can't be the way it was that led to so much trouble for all of us. Besides, there are so many of us who came here with Mike that we need two adult parents. It has been decided that it would be better for me to share my love with another boy close to my own age.”

Well Stephen, there are plenty of those here.” smiled Pete. “I'm sure you will have no problem finding someone who you will fall in love with just as much as you love Mike.”

Out in space, Jerry and Billy had just wrapped up a very interesting visit to Rangol, and had made quite a few new friends. As Jarrel's ship prepared to depart Rangol, he was sure that Orgasmia would someday be very well received once they had developed their own intergalactic space travel program. The next stop would be to meet with one of the species who were a topic of discussions on Rangol. Since this species was not completely trustworthy, only Jarrel and his security team would be leaving the ship, and only after they were assured of their safety there. After that, they would journey on to the first stop planned for Jerry and Billy's mission.

The next day on Orgasmia started with medical examinations for everyone in Mike's group. These examinations would be more extensive than the ones they had when they first arrived, and the doctors would be prescribing dietary supplements to acclimate everyone to their new lives in Orgasmia. After the examinations were over, the boys went directly on to their orientation. Mike and Denny had to stop by the citizens duties office, and then the housing office. Since Mike would be resuming his medical duties in Orgasmia, he and Denny were entitled to very good accommodations. After looking at homes for almost an hour, Mike and Denny settled on a large and beautiful home that would house their new family, with room to spare for more boys.

As the boys were taking a break from their orientation, Mike and Denny were starting theirs. They found it very interesting, to say the least. The funny thing was at one time Mike had been very promiscuous, but now that part of Orgasmia's customs didn't interest him. Where he loved boys physically before, he now felt a much more fatherly love toward boys. Denny began joking that Mike had finally grown up. Whatever it was, Mike was now happier than he had ever been in his life. The boys were waiting for Mike when their orientation was finally over. Before leaving, Mike made one more stop at the marriage council. Mike and Denny got the papers they needed to be married. Since Mike and Denny had already been registered as the parents of all of the boys who came to Orgasmia with them, they also signed for Corey and William to be married on the same day.

Mike, Denny, and their new sons were in awe as they came up to the house that Mike and Denny had chosen. They were even more shocked when their new neighbor came up to meet them before they went inside.

Hi guys, I'm...” started Aaron.

You're Aaron Baker, the Council President!” exclaimed Mike.

Guilty.” snickered Aaron. “I just wanted to welcome you as our new next door neighbors. I also know that you haven't had a chance to do any shopping for your new home, so my mate Mongo and I would be delighted if your family would join us for dinner tonight. I'd heard that our new promising doctor here in Orgasmia had a very large family, but you have Mongo and I beat by a mile! That's no problem though. I told Mongo to be prepared, so he's probably been cooking all afternoon. So, will you and your family please join us?”

It would be an honor, Mister President sir!” replied Mike.

Please Mike, Aaron will be fine.” said Aaron. “Now, as soon as you have your first entry set, we'll go over so I can introduce you to my family.”

Mike and Denny went ahead and scanned their fingerprint into the house entry system, then set it up so all of the boys could do the same. After that, the boys would be recognized as citizens of Orgasmia anywhere they went. Once all of the boys fingerprints were scanned, Mike and his family followed Aaron to his house next door. Aaron called all of the kids in, and Mike commented that he and Mongo did indeed have a large family.

Okay Mike and everyone else, let me introduce you to mine and Mongo's sons.” smiled Aaron. “We have Spike, Shorty, Boy, Cutie, Sparky, Valentino, Scooter, Angel, and Butch and Cosmo, who are married. Then there are their sons Adam, Christopher, Angelo, and their youngest is Peter. The baby Spike is holding is mine and Mongo's youngest son Ray. We also have two other sons who are married and living with their husbands now. Their names are Spaz and Twinkie.”

Wow, if four of them weren't Butch's and Cosmo's sons, you'd have me and Denny beat!” laughed Mike. “I guess it's time to introduce mine and Denny's family now. We have Billy, Bobby, Mikey, Stewart, Perry, Reese, Stephen, Chris, Corey, William, Ari, Seth, Robbie, Ty, Ashton, Trent, Doug, and Lance. From the interest we aroused at the intake center, I wouldn't be surprised if the family grows either.”

You two are gluttons for punishment, huh?” laughed Aaron.

The two large families had a nice and loud dinner together, then had fun as everyone got better acquainted. The evening finally came to an end though, and Mike announced that it was time to go home, and face the prospect of their first night sleeping on the floor. Aaron wouldn't hear of that though, so he called the intake center and had their rooms there prepared for one more night. That would give Mike's family a chance to go furniture shopping the next day.

The next morning, Mike and his family joined all of the boys at the center for breakfast. Stephen could swear that one of the boys who had slipped out with them to the park the other day was watching him. When Stephen finished his breakfast before the rest of the group, he decided to confront the other boy.

Hi, I couldn't help but notice you keep watching me.” said Stephen to the other boy, who looked to be about his age.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.” replied the boy. “I think you're kinda cute. My name is Tiny.”

Hi Tiny, my name is Stephen.” replied Stephen. “Thanks for the compliment. So, how did you get stuck with the name Tiny? Are you tiny somewhere?”

Tiny stood up so Stephen could see him better, and replied, “I think it was just my old parents sense of humor.”

I'd say so!” exclaimed Stephen, as his eyes bulged.

There's something else I can't help Stephen.” said Tiny.

Tiny then put his arms around Stephen, and pressed their lips together. Stephen had never felt so much feeling, expression, and love in anyone's lips before, and soon began kissing Tiny back passionately. Most of the boys in the dining hall watched as Stephen and Tiny shared a very intense kiss. Once the kiss had been broken, Stephen took Tiny's hand and led him back over to Mike.

Dad, Tiny has to come live with us!” said Stephen.

I could only do that if my brother Jocko could too.” said Tiny. “I know your family is already so large that you won't want to take on two more boys.”

You really love him, don't you Stephen?” asked Mike.

Yes dad, I do.” replied Stephen. “Even though we just met, I can tell.”

Then we do have room for you and your brother Tiny.” said Mike. “Let's get your brother when everyone is finished with breakfast, and see whoever is at the front desk this morning.”

As soon as Mike went to the front desk with Tiny and Jocko, his family grew by two more boys.

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