Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

As some of you know, and everyone else is about to find out, I am running as a write-in candidate for President in 2008. My campaign started off as a part of my story Allen, in the high school section at Nifty and on my web site. I have decided that if I am going to be serious about this, or at least semi-serious, my campaign needs more coverage. I have decided to add my campaign to this story, as well as to What A Gas in the adult/youth section. I will now start off with my campaign re-announcement, which will also be posted in Allen and What A Gas. To check out the rest of my campaign, which has been previously posted in Allen, please visit my web site.

Okay everyone, I know that I risk sounding like a certain Reform party candidate from the 90's, but I'm back in this presidential race! Sorry Hillary, maybe Bill can make you feel better. M and I are looking forward to reaching out to the voters on the internet, until everyone realizes that things couldn't be screwed up any worse than they are now. All of my earlier campaign promises are still in effect. And yes M, that includes lowering the age of consent nationwide. And for you younger readers, it still includes lowering the voting age to twelve. I figure if our current leaders want to act like they're twelve, then twelve year olds should be able to vote. Anyway, you may notice that the gloves are now off in my campaign. That is because the candidates from both parties are the biggest crop of jokes yet. Really, why can't decent people run for president? Look at the Republican candidates. We have cross-dressing homophobe, Rudi Giulliani. I know New York loves him, but he gives the rest of us the creeps! Then there is John McCain, who would be so willing to prove that he's worthy of taking over for our current president, that he would declare war on 7-11 if he could. Let's face it, not all Arabs are bad, just those with guns. In the interest of not declaring war on 7-11, let me rephrase that. Make that Arabs living in the Middle East who have guns. Oh hell, I'm going to get letters on that one, aren't I? To set the record straight, there are many decent Arabs out there. They are good, law-abiding people who don't own guns. The ones who own guns are mostly those with a cause, and they are just as scary as Christians with guns. Okay, I better change subjects before I get in too far over my head. But just so everyone knows, I have nothing against Christians either. Christians who believe the Bible is a book filled with messages of love, tolerance, and compassion are good and decent people. I have many friends like that, and I am truly thankful for them. The ones who believe the Bible is a guide for them to express their hatred and intolerance for anything different, or anything they don't understand, aren't worth the sweat off my back though. As luck would have it, they are the most vocal ones at this time. Now let's move on to the Democrats, before my poll ratings drop any further. Hillary has already had two terms as President. Some may say that was her husband, but we all know Hillary wore the pants in that family. Bill hardly ever had his pants on when he was inside the White House. And no, I don't have anything against sex either. Hell, I was cheering the guy on! I thought the whole issue was extremely funny. Then there is Barak Obama. Let's face it, I don't trust anyone who smiles when he has absolutely no reason to do so. Everyone has feelings, and it's totally expected. If you smile when you have no reason to do so, you're either hiding something, or you don't believe anyone should have feelings. Where do I start on John Edwards? I guess I could start on the fact that he's a Republican in Democrats clothing. Be yourself John, it's not a bad thing! Not being yourself is what led to you stinking up the last election. Hell, if you switched to the Republican party, I might be tempted to vote for you! Finally there's Joseph Biden, the man who's current poll ratings are lower than the margin of error. If the error in ratings were too far his way, he would have to vote for someone else multiple times to make up for it. It's over Joe, drop out! Let's face it, the rest of the Democratic candidates aren't worth mentioning here. I probably have more votes lined up than any of them do. There are two reasons why I am back in the race. Wait, make it three. First, I can do better, and that includes our current administration too. Second, I'm bored and I need some cause to occupy my time. Changing this country from its current form of dictatorship back into a democracy would occupy my time nicely. Third, and most important, I need a nice place to live. I rather like the idea of living in the White House. My future First Man and I would do it up really nicely too. We would make it a warm and inviting place to visit, rather than the chamber of horrors that it is now. Well, that ends the announcement of the resumption of my presidential campaign. I hope to endear all of you to my campaign in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Hell, I have a year and a half to do that, and I stand a better chance of it than some candidates do.

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

Dad, Tiny has to come live with us!” said Stephen.

I could only do that if my brother Jocko could too.” said Tiny. “I know your family is already so large that you won't want to take on two more boys.”

You really love him, don't you Stephen?” asked Mike.

Yes dad, I do.” replied Stephen. “Even though we just met, I can tell.”

Then we do have room for you and your brother Tiny.” said Mike. “Let's get your brother when everyone is finished with breakfast, and see whoever is at the front desk this morning.”

As soon as Mike went to the front desk with Tiny and Jocko, his family grew by two more boys.

After Mike, Denny, and the boys left the intake center, they went to the transportation department.

It's a good thing both you and your mate are entitled to vehicles with twenty boys in tow!” laughed the transportation agent. “I'll have to set you two up with our two largest family vehicles. It's either that, or a bus!”

I think we'll stick with the two family vehicles.” laughed Mike. “Unless Denny has been considering a career as a bus driver.”

Not yet dear.” smiled Denny.

Okay, if you have to go shopping today to stock a new home for this gang, I'm going to set one vehicle up with a hitch.” said the agent. “Then I'll give you a trailer to use for today.”

The agent got right to work on Mike's vehicles, and just under an hour later, Mike, Denny, and their family was off to go shopping. The first stop was at a place that had furniture, appliances, and large entertainment items. Fortunately for Mike and Denny, they delivered. Mike was sure they would need two trucks, and the agent said that it would be no problem if it were necessary. Mike and Denny then found a place that had everything they needed except food. The boys were bored as Mike and Denny led them to help pick out home furnishings. Once the boys got to electronics though, their interest peaked. By the time it was over, the trailer was over half full of bedroom linens, towels, place settings and eating utensils, cookware and cooking utensils, small appliances, and electronics. Mike laughed as he hoped out loud that there would be enough room left for the food and health and beauty items his large family would need. As it turned out, Mike and Denny filled the rest of the trailer until it was packed full.

Spaz was having a good time that afternoon. The ships that were bringing the larger dinosaurs to Orgasmia would be docking at the closest point to Orgasmia City a little after noon. The crews on the ships had had fun trying to herd the large animals onto the ships. It did give them valuable experience in herding the animals to their final home once they arrived in Orgasmia though. The lead herder told Spaz they would have about a six hour march to the preserve, which would get them there at sundown. Pete and Uri had accompanied Spaz to the new port facility, and the rest of the family would pick them up at the preserve. Pete and Uri were both awed by the size of the animals that were herded off the ships.

Out in space, the meeting with the pesky Antrusians had gone well for Jarrel and his team. Jarrel had been able to convince them that the races who traveled space with them would not put up with some of their more rude and annoying practices for much longer. Once that was over, Jerry and Billy joined Jarrel and Raven on the bridge, as they left for their next destination.

Now remember Jerry and Billy, the Agorites are the most genetically advanced race in this dimension and galaxy.” said Jarrel. “I know you have done some brilliant research yourself, but please keep yourself open to their ideas.”

Absolutely Jarrel!” replied Jerry. “I have always been open to learning new things. If you're not, you're never likely to learn anything.”

Good.” said Jarrel. “If you show respect for their ideas and knowledge, they are the friendliest race you will ever meet.”

I would never dream of offending anyone.” smiled Jerry. “This part of the galaxy is very beautiful. I wonder if it exists in our dimension?”

It's very hard to say, but it would be interesting to find out.” replied Jarrel. “Just think, once the people of Orgasmia develop their interstellar space program, they will likely be the first to travel to space in more than one dimension as well. I hope our friends remember us, and allow us the same privilege.”

I'm sure that won't be a problem Jarrel.” replied Jerry. “I see our friendship extending to joint missions in other dimensions. It would mean a great opportunity to both our people.”

Yes, it would indeed.” smiled Jarrel. “Now that we are out of orbit, would you and Billy join Raven and I in the observation lounge?”

It would be an honor.” replied Jerry.

It was also an honor for Jarrel and Raven, as they were able to observe Billy and Jerry sharing affection as they gazed out at the stars passing by. The attraction that the men of Orgasmia had for other men was fascinating to them. They loved observing Jerry and Billy kissing passionately, and hoped to observe even more by the end of the mission.

Mike was worried about how they would get everything into the house that evening. The boys had that covered though. Corey and William had all of the guys form a line from the trailer, on into the house. The line of boys reached all the way to the kitchen, which was where the food needed to go. Mike and Denny smiled as they looked at the line of naked and happy boys. Then Corey and William began the unloading. The trailer began getting unloaded at an incredible pace, as the boys passed bags and boxes from one to another on a human conveyor belt. Mike thought it was a very nice-looking human conveyor belt too. As Mike and Denny were putting food away, the boys ran out of food, and switched the end of the line to the living room.

The delivery men had great timing. As the boys unloaded the last of the trailer, the men arrived with furniture, large appliances, and large entertainment equipment. Denny came out of the kitchen to show the men where everything went, and the boys moved boxes out of their way. By the time Mike had put all of the food away, he decided it would take too long to cook supper for everyone, so he suggested going out to eat. The boys all loved that idea.

When Spaz and the herd were about an hour away from the preserve, he began to spot small herds of dinosaurs. He immediately took out his radio, as the herd marched on.

Cary, are you there?' asked Spaz over the radio.

Yeah my love, I'm here.” replied Cary.

Why are the herds starting to leave the preserve?” asked Spaz.

Well, I'm at the preserve right now, and there are more animals here than there have ever been.” replied Cary. “Do you know what this means?”

Alright!” exclaimed Spaz. “They're starting to repopulate the continent!”

I knew this would work my love!” said Cary excitedly. “Now I can't wait to see the big ones!”

We're about an hour away dear.” said Spaz. “The boys and I will see you soon.”

Meanwhile on board Jarrel's ship, Jerry and Billy were about to go to their quarters for a little while. Jarrel had a good idea why too. “Raven and I have seen the people of Orgasmia show affection, and it's fascinating to us.” said Jarrel. “We have yet to observe two males from Orgasmia make love though. I imagine the mechanics as being the same as they are in our dimension, but your passion seems to be a bit different. Is there any way we might be able to observe the two of you?”

Well, Billy and I think of our love-making as a private thing.” replied Jerry.

I understand.” said Jarrel. “I don't want to overstep my bounds.”

I don't think it would hurt to let them see us make love this one time Jerry.” said Billy. “They seem genuinely interested in how we do it.”

Are you sure my love?” asked Jerry.

Yes, I'd be happy to let our good friends witness our love-making.” replied Billy.

Jarrel and Raven were excited as they followed Jerry and Billy back to their quarters. Jerry and Billy stood by their bed, and began slowly removing each other's clothes.

It's very interesting how they let their mate undress them before they make love!” said Jarrel.

Yes, that seems to help excite them.” replied Raven.

In Orgasmia we wouldn't be wearing clothes.” said Jerry, as Billy lovingly stripped him. “In our old dimension we did though, and it's a custom there to let your mate undress you before making love.”

It seems like a very nice custom too!” replied Jarrel.

It is!” moaned Jerry, as Billy ran his fingertips over Jerry's flesh.

Billy and Jerry then laid down together, and Jarrel and Raven witnessed them kissing with the most passion they had ever seen from two men from Orgasmia. They knew the kissing was more intense now, as a prelude to the two men making love. The way Jerry and Billy kissed and licked each other's torsos was especially fascinating.

I like how they seem to love the feel of their mate's tongue against their flesh, as a build-up to making love.” said Jarrel softly.

Then Jerry turned around, and he and Billy took each other's cocks into their mouths. At this point, Jerry and Billy didn't seem to care that Jarrel and Raven were watching them. Jerry and Billy made love to each other's cocks with as much passion as they could.

They love oral intercourse as much as homosexual males in our dimension, don't they?” asked Raven. “I've had mates of both sexes, and that has always been my favorite part of having a male mate.”

Well, from what I've been told, that is the most stimulating way for two males to make love.” smiled Jarrel. “I love how completely their passion seems to be consuming them.”

After several minutes of making love that way, Jerry backed off and moaned, “I want you inside me Billy!”

As Jerry turned onto his back, Billy prepared his cock to put it inside his lover.

That's very interesting!” said Raven. “They seem to use some kind of lubricant for anal intercourse! Our people will have to try that.”

Yes, I'm sure it would make the penetration much more pleasurable.” replied Jarrel.

Jerry moaned in pleasure as he felt Billy's cock slide all the way into him. As Billy lovingly thrust in and out, Jerry's cock became even stiffer. Both men were now completely involved in their passion for each other. Jarrel and Raven watched in fascination, as Jerry and Billy continued to make love.

Jarrel, I know you have only had female mates, but I was wondering if...?” asked Raven.

I've never thought about it Raven, but it would be very exciting to feel the feelings Jerry and Billy have demonstrated.” replied Jarrel.

Raven then put his lips against Jarrel's, and the two men kissed as they began to undress each other. Letting another person undress them made Raven and Jarrel more erect than they had ever been before.

Oh my goodness Raven..., this is so exciting!” panted Jarrel.

I never knew undressing could be so arousing!” replied Raven.

Raven and Jarrel then started doing everything that Jerry and Billy had done. By the time they took each other's cocks into their mouths, neither man had ever felt such passion. Billy finally looked over at their two friends who were now making love, and smiled as he pointed them out to Jerry. The site was also enough to cause Billy to have a very good orgasm inside Jerry, as both men moaned in pleasure. As Billy got onto his back, and Jerry prepared his cock to go into Billy, Jarrel and Raven made love with more passion than either of them had ever felt before.

Once Jerry was ready, he handed the lubricant over to Jarrel and said, “I think you two are ready for this now.”

Raven backed off Jarrel's cock and moaned, “Please do Jarrel! I have to feel this the way they do it!”

Jarrel prepared himself to enter a male for the first time, then the two couples continued to make love.

Back at the restaurant in Orgasmia, the young host had never seen such a wonderful site as Mike and his family entering the restaurant. He looked over Mike, Denny, and all of the boys carefully, then said, “Good evening sir, you have a very fine looking family. Let me show you to one of our banquet rooms, where everyone can be seated together.”

Thank you very much young man.” replied Mike. “Lead the way.”

Once everyone was seated, their server came out. He was just as impressed with the large family, and devoted quite a bit of his attention to them. The host who had seated them also came back a few times to check on them, which was a little unusual. Stewart thought the host was paying particular attention to him, and his feelings were confirmed when the young man came back and quietly whispered into his ear during dessert. A moment later, Stewart got up to leave the table. Mike now knew that none of the boys would ever be forced into doing anything, so he gave Stewart a smile as the boy got up. After about twenty minutes, Stewart returned to the table with a huge smile of contentment on his face.

I have a date tomorrow night, if that's okay dad.” said Stewart happily.

If it's what you really want son, it's perfectly okay.” replied Mike.

Thank you so much dad!” smiled Stewart.

On the way out of the restaurant, Stewart stopped by the young host's station. The young man and Stewart smiled, as they exchanged addresses and telescreen numbers. Stewart hung back behind his family a bit, so he could say good-bye to his new friend without his family watching.

Spaz and the herding crew had finally reached the outer edge of the preserve, and stopped the large animals there. This large meadow was where they wanted the animals to make their home, although they knew the animals would still roam the entire preserve. The Brontosauruses settled down quickly, and seemed to appreciate their human friends giving them a new home. Now they had more room to spread out than they did in their old home. One of the animals was close enough to Spaz that he leaned his head down, and sniffed the top of Spaz's head.

Spaz petted the animal on his nose and asked, “You're already happy here, aren't you boy?”

The Brontosaurus's reply was to give Spaz a happy and contented look. Then Spaz, Pete, and Uri made their way to the main area of the preserve where Spaz's and Uri's families were waiting for them. Today was Pete's fifteenth birthday, and the two families had a special celebration planned for that evening. Birthday parties were a common tradition in everyone's dimension except Cary's. Spaz did a great job of filling his husband in on the tradition though. With Rudi's and Gerhardt's help, Cary had done a great job of preparing for the party that evening. All of the boys gave Pete a warm hug, and congratulated him on his fifteenth birthday, especially his real brothers. For a time, it looked like none of the boys would ever see this day. That was before their new father Cary had rescued them from their impending execution though. Now the boys all seemed happier than anyone could be, especially Uri. His birthday hug for Pete was accompanied by a very warm and passionate kiss. Toward the end of the party, Spaz, Cary, Rudi, and Gerhardt sat down with Pete and Uri.

Pete my son, all of us have been discussing yours and Uri's future.” said Cary.

Both of you boys have been learning much from our preparing you for your lives together, and we're proud of both of you.” said Gerhardt.

Uri, your other father and I know that you're still a month away from your thirteenth birthday, but we feel you're ready.” said Rudi. “Would you two boys like to have your wedding right away?”

That would make Pete and I very happy!” replied Uri, as he hugged Pete tightly to him.

Has everyone decided where Uri and I will live once we are husbands?” asked Pete.

Since both families live next door to each other, we are going to let you boys decide.” replied Spaz.

In that case we would like to spend one week here, then the next week with Uri's parents.” replied Pete. “We will switch back and forth between homes a week at a time. Even though we are next door to each other, Uri and I would both still miss living with our families. This way we can have it both ways.”

Have you two boys decided how soon you would like your wedding?” asked Gerhardt.

We would be married tomorrow if we could!” giggled Uri. “As soon as possible would be fine.”

Yes, I would love to have Uri as my husband while he is still twelve, even if it will only be for a few more weeks.” smiled Pete.

Well, with getting the proper papers from the marriage council, the soonest we can do this is in four days.” said Spaz. “Will that be fine? You will have your twelve year old husband for a little over three weeks before he turns thirteen.”

That would be great!” replied Uri, as he and Pete smiled into each other's eyes. The two boys then shared a passionate kiss, as their fathers looked on and smiled.

Back aboard Jarrel's ship, Jarrel and Raven had finished making love while Jerry and Billy watched, and had been relaxing from the experience for a while. “I never thought it could be so satisfying to make love to another male.” said Jarrel. “What we did was very exciting Raven.”

You did have good teachers, so I'm not surprised!” said Jerry, as he laughed softly.

Our people can learn much from yours Jerry.” replied Jarrel. “I am very glad that we have become friends, and this mission was a very good idea. It will greatly benefit both of our people.”

Well, the best benefit will be when the men of Orgasmia can have their own families.” said Billy. “I want to be the one to bear mine and Jerry's children, and I'm looking forward to it!”

Yes, I guess that will be a big day for both of our friends.” smiled Raven. “I'm sure you will learn a lot toward making that happen at this next stop. As Jarrel has said, The Agorites are very intelligent people.”

The next day many of the people of Orgasmia were gathering at the dinosaur preserve, in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the newest inhabitants. Paths had now been laid out throughout the preserve, and rangers had been hired to control the crowds who came to see the animals there. At some times, there were so many visitors to the preserve that the numbers of people going out into the meadows had to be controlled, so the animals wouldn't feel like they were being encroached upon. That way, they would always remain friendly to their human friends. Today would also be the day that a visitors complex would be opened, so that people could learn about the dinosaurs before going out to see them up close. Aaron was called out to preside over the opening ceremonies, and he joked that it reminded him of a movie he had seen in his old dimension. He had also declared the opening of the facility a holiday throughout Orgasmia, so there were plenty of children there to visit their new friends. People had come from all over Orgasmia, as well as from Euro-Russia for the festivities. Today was the largest crowd to come to the preserve yet. Cary, Spaz, Rudi, Gerhardt, and their families were walking the paths near the back of the preserve, so Gerhardt could once again see the largest animals that ever walked the Earth. Even toward the back of the preserve the paths were lined with people, and park rangers to keep an eye on things.

I can't believe how many people have started coming to the preserve!” exclaimed Gerhardt.

Well, you have to admit that most people have never gotten a chance to see these types of animals up close.” replied Cary. “Something like this is very fascinating to almost everyone. I'm sure we'll have quite a tourist attraction here for some time.”

Yes, even the people of Afro-Asia have heard of this place.” said Rudi. “Now that they are accepting the reality of interdimensional travel, they have begged us to approach Orgasmia in the interests of diplomatic relations with your people.”

I guess that'll be something you have to bring up with my dad.” said Spaz. “The people of Euro-Russia have accepted our customs and way of life openly and completely, and I'm sure the leaders here would want to know that the people of Afro-Asia could do the same. We're already sure that could never be the case with the Western States Alliance.”

Okay, who's talking diplomatic talk behind my back?” asked Aaron, as he came up to the group laughing.

Aaron my friend, you're just the person I wanted to see!” replied Rudi with a firm hug. “How is your wonderful husband Mongo, and your beautiful family?”

We're all doing fine.” replied Aaron. “Mongo and the boys are still up at the visitors complex. The boys wanted to be there in case the staff needed to be set straight on anything.”

That had the whole group laughing, then Rudi finally said, “Our Madame Premier has asked me to speak with your council about the possibility of diplomatic talks with the leaders of Afro-Asia. They have been very supportive of our victory over the Western States Alliance, and our nations are enjoying an unprecedented friendship right now. They know that the Alliance's ultimate goal would have been global domination, and they are very relieved that we stopped that with your help. Now that they are accepting the reality of interdimensional travel, they very much wish to have a friendship with your people too.”

That might be a tough sell to the council, but I'll support you Rudi.” replied Aaron. “I don't think there would be any harm in at least holding talks with the Afro-Asians. I'm sure I can get our leader to consider supporting talks too, since he is my uncle.”

And how is Brian doing?” asked Rudi.

With Ivan moving here from Euro-Russia, he's never been better!” smiled Aaron. “I think my uncle may soon be getting married, to be honest with you.”

That is great news!” replied Rudi. “I'm sure our Madame Premier will want to attend that wedding. It's not often that the leader of an entire world, who we've become friends with, gets married.”

Then we'll make sure to roll out the red carpet for her visit.” said Aaron. “Now, I'm going to schedule you to talk to Uncle Brian with me tomorrow. Then you can address the council the following day. This should be very exciting.”

I'll look forward to it Aaron.” replied Rudi.

The next day, the marriage council had to talk to Cary, Spaz, Gerhardt, Pete, and Uri. They wanted to talk with Rudi too, but understood that he had an appointment with the Leader. While Cary and the rest of his group were getting approval for the marriage of Pete and Uri, Brian was sitting down with Aaron and Rudi. Ivan was with Brian, and the two men looked extremely happy.

Uncle Brian, Rudi has come to me with a request from his Madame Premier.” said Aaron. “I support his request, and we want to see if you would support it too, before going to the council.”

It's going to be a tough sell huh?” asked Brian as he smiled.

To the council it might be.” replied Aaron. “Rudi, go ahead and tell Brian about your request.”

Our Madame Premier would like for Orgasmia to hold diplomatic talks with the leaders of Afro-Asia.” said Rudi. “They have been very grateful for our victory over the Western States Alliance, and we have become close friends with them. Then we had to convince them that it wouldn't have been possible without your help. It was a good thing we had become friends, because we were having to convince them of the reality of interdimensional travel. They have come to accept that now, and they would also like to be friends with the people of Orgasmia, who helped us defeat the Alliance. We have told them a little about the people of Orgasmia, and they look forward to the possibility of talks if that can be arranged. They are very good people, and I'm sure they could get along well with the people of Orgasmia. I'm hoping you and Aaron can help me convince your council of that.”

Well Rudi, I'm sure you and your Madame Premier are right about the people of Afro-Asia.” said Brian. “I can see why Aaron thinks it will be a tough sell though. Our society consists of nothing but gay males. The last time there were females in Orgasmia, they ruled our society, and it didn't turn out very well. Now there are some female visitors coming in from Euro-Russia. Aaron and I know that they are just visitors, and there is no harm posed by the females of your society. It does however make some of our Councilmen nervous. Aaron has decided to support you, and I will as well, but you'll want to put our council at ease over your proposal.”

I'll do my best to do just that.” replied Rudi.

The next day was Mike's first day of duties in Orgasmia, so he reported to Orgasmia's chief medical director, Doctor Smith. Mike couldn't help but to do his best Doctor Smith impersonation from the American television show Lost In Space.

Fortunately I was brought here just before that show aired.” chuckled Doctor Smith. “I don't think I could have taken it otherwise.”

You've been here over forty years?!” asked Mike.

Yes, that would be correct.” replied Doctor Smith. “I was brought here when I was an intern, just out of medical school. Now, until I feel you are up to speed here in Orgasmia Mike, I'm going to want you to follow me. I will teach you everything you need to know for your medical career here in Orgasmia. Needless to say, there are a lot of things here you've never seen before. Some things will even go against what you learned in medical school. The fact is though that the life span here in Orgasmia is much longer than in most other dimensions, so we know what we're doing here. Embrace everything I teach you Mike.”

The first patient Doctor Smith and Mike saw was a teenage boy who was complaining of pain when he urinated. Doctor Smith had the boy sit up on the table, then grabbed ahold of the boy's penis. As the doctor prodded and examined the boy's penis, it stiffened in his hand. Doctor Smith smiled as he let go of the boy's penis.

Do you have a boyfriend who you're sexually active with?” Doctor Smith asked the boy.

Yeah, we like doing things with each other.” replied the boy uncertainly.

Don't worry son, there's nothing wrong with that.” said Doctor Smith. “When your boyfriend is arousing your penis, does he bite it?”

Yeah, I like it when he does it, and he loves doing it.” replied the boy.

Okay then, here's what I want you to do.” said Doctor Smith. “First, refrain from letting your boyfriend bite your penis for a few days. After that, tell him not to bite it so hard. It is very common to be aroused from having your penis bitten, but if your boyfriend does it too hard, like he did this time, it can damage your urinary tract like it did this time. Now, just sit right there for a few minutes, and I'll fix it for you.”

Doctor Smith went over to his counter, and pulled out a small machine. Then he reached into a refrigerated drawer and pulled out a thin probe with a wire coming out of one end. The doctor plugged the wire into the small machine, and turned it on.

Okay Mike, this is a self guided laser soldering probe.” said Doctor Smith. “This particular one was designed for the penis. There are probes to go for every body opening, as well as several different probes for the bloodstream. These probes detect damage that has been done to the passage they are inserted into, and fix that damage. We insert it slowly into the desired passage, and when it gets to the damaged area, we will feel a little resistance. All you have to do is stop inserting, and let the probe do its job. As we develop our new nanoprobe program, these instruments will become obsolete. Nanoprobes are already used to repair damaged organs, but then you know that, since that process was used on one of your sons. I'll go ahead and treat this patient, so you can observe how it's done.”

Then Doctor Smith turned back to the boy and said, “Don't worry son. This probe is kept refrigerated so it won't hurt when I insert it into your penis.” Doctor Smith grabbed the boy's penis firmly, then put the probe up to the piss slit and pushed it in. When he felt the resistance, he stopped pushing so the probe could work. Once the probe was finished, it began sliding out on its own. The doctor then pulled it out of the boy's penis. “Now remember, no biting for two days, and no more biting quite so hard.” said Doctor Smith.

Okay sir.” replied the boy.

Once the boy was gone, Doctor Smith turned to Mike and said, “A lot of your cases are going to be routine and mundane, like that one. We have become quite advanced at fixing damage to the body though. And don't worry, you will also have some challenging and interesting cases. If something is too challenging though, call for help immediately. We don't leave anything to chance here in Orgasmia.”

As Mike prepared to follow Doctor Smith the rest of the day, Rudi was preparing to speak to the council, and Jerry and Billy were preparing to meet the Agorites.

Well, all of the dinosaurs are in Orgasmia, Mike and his family are settling in as citizens, and Billy and Jerry are about to meet the first race they hope may help them. But will Afro-Asia be allowed to visit Orgasmia? We'll find out soon. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.