Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

Now it is time for another round of campaign promises. I hope by now, everyone who is interested in my Presidential campaign has read my first round of campaign promises in the Campaign 2008 section of my site. I know I left some people out then, and I hope to make up for it this time around. And no, there are still no promises for closed-minded, intolerant, hate-filled religious extremists. Once again, this will be repeated in the other two stories that are carrying my campaign.

  1. I think it's a disgrace that there is a segment of the American population who's voting rights need to be reinstated every four years. If we announced a plan whereas every white male had to have their voting rights reinstated every four years, we'd be lynched tomorrow. Since I'd rather avoid that, I would propose that the voting rights of African Americans be granted on a permanent basis. And if any state wants to balk on that issue, it's still not out of the question to make it so that everyone in that state has to have their rights reinstated every four years (don't test me on that one Mississippi).

  2. The current pissing contest between the U.S. government and the Canadian government is unacceptable. And who do you think gets caught in the middle, government officials? Not on your life! It's the American and Canadian people who get caught in the middle of this one. Our countries have been close friends since Europeans first settled on this continent (except when the French ruled Canada). Right now Russia is saying to themselves, “Damn, why couldn't they have been acting like this while we were still the Soviet Union?” If we had, we'd all be speaking Russian now. Where did things go so wrong? It's because the current U.S. administration does not have the guts to admit to their mistakes. They'd rather blame their screw ups on Canada. Canada doesn't have the security problems we do. They did not force the current U.S. administration to relax our visa requirements in 2000, so all of our good buddies in every wacko Arab country could suddenly flood into the U.S. We did that to ourselves. I would propose a program to bring our two countries back to the friendly relations we had before our government lost their kahunas. Don't worry, I'm not suggesting we all learn French to make our neighbors to the north feel better. We should at least act like neighbors though. When our friends to the north want to come here, we shouldn't treat them like they're some kind of threat to us. The only threat from Canada is all that damn cold weather, and I really don't think that's their fault either. We should greet them with open arms, like we'd greet a good neighbor to our home. Maybe in return, they would be nicer to us again. If we don't repair our relationship with Canada, they are the only thing that stands between us, and eating Borscht everyday for the rest of our lives.

  3. While we're on foreign relations, we will pull our troops out of Iraq. I know other candidates want to issue statements against the war, without actually committing themselves. In my opinion, they should be committed though (to an institution). Big bad Hussien is dead and gone now. The Iraqi people have stopped killing themselves off so much, and are now going after terrorist leaders. We have no need to be there in the line of fire between all the different factions now fighting each other. The Iraqi government has had more than enough time to establish a military capable of defending them. We have no need to have our troops there dying needlessly. I know Haliburton might not agree with that, but I don't plan on any campaign contributions from them anyway.

  4. Now that I'm currently living in Arizona, I've realized that there is no place in the country windier than the desert. Okay, maybe there's a lot of wind in Washington D.C., but that's only inside the Capitol building. Just in the valley I live in now, we could put up enough wind generators to eliminate ten coal fired power plants. On the off chance that the winds are too light to generate power, we can install solar panels to generate power. I know current solar technology is a little inefficient, but with very little research the efficiency could be improved dramatically. We need to start thinking in these terms, before we have to think in terms of shielding large areas of our planet from the inhospitable environment we will soon be facing here on Earth.

  5. In the same vein, automakers need to begin thinking in terms of building vehicles that do not use any petroleum products. This is totally possible at this time. There are many vehicles out there right now that do not use fossil fuel. Most people are under the impression that the only way to get automakers to do this is to offer tax incentives, and we can't afford that. There is another feasible alternative, which I would endorse as President. Tax penalties for automakers who continue to build vehicles that run on fossil fuels. Such a program would change their thinking overnight. It's also obvious that I don't plan on any contributions from Exxon/Mobile either, huh?

  6. Once we are no longer spending billions of dollars on the Iraq war, and we are pulling in the same amount from automakers who didn't think we were serious about tax penalties, we will build a national high speed transit system. This would be independent of the national rail system, since we would use magnetic levitated trains. These high speed vehicles can be made to run safely (in spite of what happened in Germany, which was maintenance related). It would certainly be safer and less polluting than air travel. Well, there goes my support from domestic airlines. I would suggest though that the domestic airlines merge together, and take the lead in starting the high speed land transit system. The government will have billions of dollars to provide to them in building such a system. Okay, M has had a great idea. He wants to name the system the Speed Heightened Interstate Transit System. Hmm, that might not be a great idea after all, as its acronym comes out as SHITS. Keep trying M.

  7. Okay, enough on environmental issues for now. Women make up about half of our population. Do they make up half of the CEO's in this country? Do they make up half of our government? We need to do something to ensure equity between the sexes, without having the scales tip too far either way. I will propose measures to do just that. States that have an unfair balance of elected officials in either direction will lose federal funding based on how far off they are from a fair balance. Corporations who have an unfair balance in their upper management will be charged tax penalties. Those programs would balance the scales nicely. Since I have used the term tax penalties twice so far, let me clarify the term. I am not endorsing higher taxes when I say tax penalties. It would be totally up to corporations whether or not they think it would be worth it to pay the tax penalty, or go along with our adopted programs. I personally hope that we never use the tax penalty system, although I know there will be those who are bent on testing it. They do still have the option of not being assessed a tax penalty though, so this is not a tax raise.

  8. No Child Left Behind sounded really nice didn't it? It rolled right off the tongue, and gave people a positive sense of promise and hope. In the end though, it was just talk. The fact is, there are only so many teachers in this country to teach our children. As class sizes grow larger and larger due to lack of teachers, our children will learn less and less because they don't have the attention from their teachers that we had as kids. It's clear that we need more teachers, but how do we accomplish this? When the college costs of becoming a teacher are the same as becoming a computer engineer, and a computer engineer makes ten times what a teacher does, which way is the college freshman going to go? We can pay teachers more, but that is limited. There's no way we could afford to pay them that much more. One alternative, and the one I would endorse as President, would be to dramatically reduce the cost of becoming a teacher. We could either have colleges waive tuitions for those who commit to a career in teaching, or give tax credits to teachers until their tuition has been reimbursed by the government. With the first method, we would be counting on future teachers to honor their commitment. I myself believe it would be better to go with the second method, and it would benefit all teachers, not just those who are just starting college. Those who list their occupation as teacher on their 1040 would be given a one hundred percent tax credit until their tuition expense has been repaid to them. If they stop teaching, they would immediately lose the tax credit. Then maybe more people could afford to choose a career in teaching. It certainly makes more sense than the hot air known as No Child Left Behind.

  9. Most candidates make promises only to people who can vote for them. I think I have made it perfectly clear that I'm not most candidates though. I want to be the candidate who cares about what kids think. I have already introduced several measures such as age of consent, lowering the voting age, and an official White House rock band, but I want to do more. I will combine several cabinet level positions, so that I may add one. Secretary of Children's Affairs. This member of the cabinet would serve a term until they turn eighteen, and would oversee the Department of Children's Affairs. As President, I will want to know what children think and want. Now for compromise time. In order to do this I will want kids to promise to do their best in school, and to mind their parents more.

  10. While we're on the subject, I also want to have a new National and Federal holiday. It will be called Summer Vacation Day, and will be held on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Kids who are still in school at that time will have an extra day off. It will also serve the dual purpose of providing adults with a four day holiday weekend, which I'm sure most people would enjoy very much.

  11. Immigration reform is a touchy issue. The fact is though that immigrants from some countries are given more consideration than those who wish to immigrate from other countries, which I don't see as fair. We have also changed from the land of the free and home of the brave to the land of the free and the home of those who don't speak English. It should once again be a condition of being granted a green card that you have to be enrolled in English courses if English is not your native language. Also, those who are granted citizenship should have to show their ability to read, write, and speak at least some English. After all, English IS our official language, not every language people who come here can think of speaking. And no, I am not prejudiced against people from countries who's native language is not English. I have lived in Florida and now Arizona. Most of the Latino immigrants who come to those areas to be productive members of American society have been very good about learning enough English to communicate with non-Spanish speaking Americans. This makes good sense from a safety standpoint as well. For example: If someone at work began yelling “Fuego! Fuego!” I wouldn't have any idea what they were saying unless I looked it up (like I did for this demonstration). In the same respect, if I started yelling “Fire! Fire!” a non-English speaking person may not realize what I'm yelling until they notice their clothes are burning. I'm sure everyone would agree that isn't a very safe situation to be in.

  12. In dealing with the terrorist threat, we need to use our heads. I didn't mention that word in talking about Iraq, because they were not a terrorist threat until we invaded them. I propose a program whereas we stop pissing people off to the point of wanting to kill us. It makes more sense than the current program of locking up everyone with a towel on their head at our naval base in Cuba. After all, it's ridiculous to think that all Arabs are terrorists, and they're the only ones we have to worry about. As far as I know Timothy McViegh, Ted Kocinsky, Eric Rudolph, Jeffrey Dahlmer, John Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson were not Arabs. We have pissed off more than just Arabs over the years, so they aren't the only ones we have to worry about. And to say that all Arabs are terrorists because some Arabs are terrorists is as stupid as saying all Americans are terrorists because some Americans are terrorists. These people exist all over the world, and in every nationality. Is everyone in the world a terrorist? That is the knee-jerk thinking that led to Guantanamo Bay. There are several things we can do to eliminate this problem. We will honor our commitments to others. We will not force our will onto others. We will not meddle in the private affairs of others. If someone has been offended by us, we will be conciliatory instead of combative. We will not try to rule the whole world. These policies are not meant to make America look like wimps. We will still be on guard, and take measures to ensure our security. And when we find someone who is a legitimate terrorist with our advanced security techniques, we will make them regret the day they were born. We don't have to punish the entire haystack over one needle though.

  13. On the issue of election reform, the more advanced we have gotten, the more room there is for manipulation and abuse. That is apparent from our last election. How can we fill out a lottery bet slip correctly every time, and the machine reads it correctly every time, and our voting system can't have anywhere near the same accuracy? Where exactly are our priorities here? Electronic or computerized voting machines can be hacked and manipulated. A paper ballot with a check box next to each candidate's name, and filled in with black ink then tabulated by machine, cannot be hacked. It's also much quicker than following the complicated procedure for voting by computerized voting machines. It also doesn't leave those annoying hanging chads either. We need to have one uniform national voting procedure that everyone can understand, and isn't subject to outside manipulation by a computer hacker.

  14. Isn't it funny how we can respond to a natural disaster on the other side of the world much faster than to one in our own back yard? No, it's not funny. During Hurricane Katrina most of the storm damage occurred on the Mississippi coast, yet they were the last ones the government were able to get to. The most immediate response (five days) went to New Orleans. The only problem I have with that is that the damage in New Orleans should have been prevented. Prevention is less expensive than recovery. Most damage in New Orleans occurred when the levees protecting the city failed. They were in terrible shape, and the government knew it. If those levees had been properly maintained, New Orleans would have rode out the storm is fairly decent shape. Then our immediate response could have went to the Mississippi coast, which was devastated by wind and storm damage. The fact that it took so long to respond is bad in itself too. We knew that storm was coming well in advance. We knew where it was coming ashore more than a full day before it hit. Recovery teams should have been standing by, ready to move in the moment the storm had passed. If we can do that in Thailand and Indonesia, we can do that in Mississippi and Louisiana. The government that didn't is a prime example of how not to handle natural disasters.

There we have the second round of my campaign promises. I hope this covers everyone, except for the group I mentioned in the opening of course. If not, please let me know. After all, M and I do wish to be the people's candidates. Now, on with the story.

This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. I bet with all of the alternate dimensions, you'd have never guessed that huh? Anyway, any similarities to actual people, dinosaurs, or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: I have started mailing lists for all of my stories (including those between books). If you would like to be added to the mailing list for any of my stories, please send me an e-mail telling me which stories you'd like to be added to the mailing list for. Nifty has resumed updates, but I am still currently running ahead of them. The posting dates below are estimated dates. If any of the dates below happen to be in the future, please back track to the last update. Another way to always see the most recent updates to my stories is to bookmark my web site, as the most recent chapters to my stories are always available there. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

Okay Mike, this is a self guided laser soldering probe.” said Doctor Smith. “This particular one was designed for the penis. There are probes to go for every body opening, as well as several different probes for the bloodstream. These probes detect damage that has been done to the passage they are inserted into, and fix that damage. We insert it slowly into the desired passage, and when it gets to the damaged area, we will feel a little resistance. All you have to do is stop inserting, and let the probe do its job. As we develop our new nanoprobe program, these instruments will become obsolete. Nanoprobes are already used to repair damaged organs, but then you know that, since that process was used on one of your sons. I'll go ahead and treat this patient, so you can observe how it's done.”

Then Doctor Smith turned back to the boy and said, “Don't worry son. This probe is kept refrigerated so it won't hurt when I insert it into your penis.” Doctor Smith grabbed the boy's penis firmly, then put the probe up to the piss slit and pushed it in. When he felt the resistance, he stopped pushing so the probe could work. Once the probe was finished, it began sliding out on its own. The doctor then pulled it out of the boy's penis. “Now remember, no biting for two days, and no more biting quite so hard.” said Doctor Smith.

Okay sir.” replied the boy.

Once the boy was gone, Doctor Smith turned to Mike and said, “A lot of your cases are going to be routine and mundane, like that one. We have become quite advanced at fixing damage to the body though. And don't worry, you will also have some challenging and interesting cases. If something is too challenging though, call for help immediately. We don't leave anything to chance here in Orgasmia.”

As Mike prepared to follow Doctor Smith the rest of the day, Rudi was preparing to speak to the council, and Jerry and Billy were preparing to meet the Agorites.

Good morning councilmen.” said Aaron. “Our first order of business today will be a request from our friends in Euro-Russia. Here to present the request is our ambassador from Euro-Russia, Rudi Sarhankov.”

Good morning councilmen.” said Rudi. “I have learned quite a bit of the history of Orgasmia. I know that it was once ruled by women, who nearly destroyed the entire dimension. I know there were men who had a vision of what was about to happen, and hid themselves from the women of their dimension. Those men survived the horrible war that followed, and started one of the most incredible societies I have ever had the honor to see. I have fallen very much in love with your land and customs, and I would never dream of jeopardizing what you have here. I'm thankful that our people have become close friends, and our citizens are free to visit each other. The women of our society have the utmost respect for your dimension and its customs. I'm glad that you accept that our society poses no threat whatsoever to your society, and that our relationship together is beneficial to both our societies. We would never have been able to prevent the Western States Alliance from carrying out their evil plans to dominate our dimension, had it not been for your help. There are three nations in our dimension, as you know, and the third nation stood to be conquered by the Alliance as well. They now know of the heroic efforts by our friends from other dimensions to ensure the peace and stability of our dimension. They are as grateful for your efforts as we are in Euro-Russia. The Afro-Asian nation is as peaceful as we are, and we are good friends with them. They also want a relationship with the society that saved our dimension from domination by the Alliance. You have accepted that we pose no threat to your society, and I ask that you give Afro-Asia a chance to prove the same. They request that you at least grant them the opportunity to establish diplomatic talks with them, as they wish to be your friends too. They are very grateful for what you've done for our dimension, and they would at least like the opportunity to show you their gratitude. I ask that you please consider honoring their request, and establish diplomatic talks with a delegation from Afro-Asia. I am sure it will be as beneficial as our relationship has been. Thank you very much for hearing my request.”

Rudi was then asked to wait outside, so the council would have a chance to discuss his request. Brian's and Aaron's support for the request was obvious, as they addressed the other councilmen's concerns about the request. Rudi became very anxious, as he waited outside nearly an hour. Finally though, Rudi was called back into the chambers.

Now I call on a vote for the request from our ambassador from Euro-Russia.” said Aaron. “All in favor of beginning diplomatic talks with a delegation from Afro-Asia, please raise your right hand.”

After all but two councilmen, Aaron, and Brian had raised their hands, Aaron said, “All who oppose the request, please raise your right hand.”

When no hands had gone up, Aaron said, “All who withhold their vote on the request, please raise your right hand.” At that time, the remaining two councilmen raised their hands.

On the basis of no opposing votes, the request from Ambassador Sarhankov is approved.” declared Aaron. “Rudi, please have the Afro-Asian delegation prepare to come here aboard one of our flights to Euro-Russia, and call us when they are ready.”

Aaron shook Rudi's hand, then the council moved on to their regular business. Now it would be Rudi's pleasure to inform Premier Galliani of the decision.

Meanwhile out in space in Jarrel's dimension, Jarrel's ship had just docked at the space port on Agora. Jarrel, Raven, Jerry, and Billy met the representatives from Agora as they stepped off Jarrel's ship.

Greetings Jarrel!” said the senior Agorite representative named Peros. “I hear you have brought two people you would like us to meet.”

Yes Peros, my friend.” replied Jarrel. “I would like to introduce Jerry and Billy. They come from an Earth society that is all male, and is developing genetic techniques that would allow two males to mate and produce offspring.”

I had no idea Earth was progressing to that level!” exclaimed Peros.

They come from a very advanced society on Earth, whom we have just become close friends with.” replied Jarrel. “We are more advanced in space and some technology, but they are more advanced in genetics and quantum technology.”

Well then, greetings Jerry and Billy.” said Peros.

Jerry and Billy took turns greeting Peros the same way Jarrel had done, then Jerry said, “We have developed the theory of mating two males to produce offspring, but now it is a matter of putting that theory into use. We were hoping to be able to learn from you, to assist us in doing that.”

Your society is all male of your species huh?” asked Peros. “That would indeed explain your need to develop such methods. Our society is free to mate freely between males and females, males and males, or females and females. We developed the ability for all to produce offspring merely from a sense of fairness, not out of the need to survive. We would love to help you learn and grow in any way we can Jerry.”

Thank you so much Peros!” replied Jerry. “My society will be forever grateful for any help you provide us.”

Back in Orgasmia, Mike had had a busy day. He was sure that he had forgotten more than he had learned. While Denny and a few of the older boys prepared dinner, the younger boys helped Mike relax from an exhausting day. The boys had Mike lay face down on the couch, as they took turns massaging his back, arms, legs, and feet. Mike thoroughly enjoyed the attention from the sons he loved, and all of the boys loved their new father just as much.

The talk at dinner was about the next day, when Mike and Denny would be married, right alongside their two sons Corey and William. “Dad and dad, do you think William and I would be ready to adopt sons of our own when we're married and have our own home?” asked Corey. “William really wants to be a father, and so do I.”

Well, you are two loving and mature boys.” replied Mike. “We would want to be sure though.”

I have an idea.” said Denny. “If Chris and Billy will play along, you could act as their fathers for the next forty eight hours. Then Mike and I will have a chance to see how you might be able to handle yourselves as fathers.”

What about it Chris and Billy?” asked Mike. “Would it be okay for Corey and William to be your fathers for the next two days?”

I guess so, as long as you and our other dad will be close by to bail them out, just in case.” giggled Chris.

From that moment on, Corey and William temporarily became Chris and Billy's fathers. Chris and Billy giggled, as they decided to have a little fun with it. First the boys decided it would be fun to let their new fathers catch them kissing. Corey and William walked into Chris's and Billy's bedroom, and saw the two boys kissing each other affectionately on the lips. Mike passed by the room after Corey and William went in, so he decided to observe.

Hi sons, what are you two doing?” asked Corey.

We're kissing daddy, what does it look like?” replied Chris, which made Mike snicker to himself.

Do you two boys love each other?” asked William.

Of course we do daddy, we're brothers now!” replied Billy. “Besides, Chris is a really cool kisser!”

Mike was having a hard time not chuckling out loud now.

I think your daddy William meant, do you love each other as boyfriends?” asked Corey.

We don't know daddy.” replied Chris. “How do you know you're in love with someone? And did you really mean it when you said I was a cool kisser Billy?”

Yeah, I did.” replied Billy. “I really liked it when we kissed on the lips like that.”

That would be one of the ways you know you're in love.” said William. “Does the other person make you feel better than anyone else when you do stuff like kissing?”

Also, do you find yourself thinking about each other all the time?” asked Corey.

I'm sure I do love my brother Chris then.” replied Billy.

You really love me Billy?” asked Chris. “I love you too Billy!”

The two boys then shared another, even more affectionate kiss. “I think you two ARE in love with each other!” said Corey. “There's nothing wrong with you two being in love with each other. You want to make certain that it really is love before you do other things together though.”

Other things?” asked Billy. “Like what other things?”

You know, like playing with each other's dicks, and stuff like that.” replied William. “If you really are in love with each other though, it's perfectly okay to do stuff like that.”

Thanks dad and dad.” said Chris.

Yeah, thanks dad and dad.” said Billy.

You're welcome sons.” smiled Corey. “Besides, your daddy William and I think it's really cute that you two love each other like that.”

Once Corey and William were gone, Chris said, “That was some really good acting Billy!”

Who was acting?” asked Billy. “I'm sure I do love you Chris.”

I was hoping you would say that Billy.” replied Chris, as he took Billy into his arms.

Next up was Denny, who was sitting in the living room with Corey and William when Chris and Billy came in. “Daddies, Billy and I need our baths now.” said Chris.

Okay, go ahead.” replied Corey.

Neither one of us have ever taken a bath by ourselves!” said Billy. “We haven't had a bath since we've been here, and we really need one. Can you and our other daddy bathe us?”

Now it was Denny's turn to hold his snickering back.

Okay sons, but we're going to teach you to bathe yourselves.” replied William. “After that, we'll expect you two to bathe yourselves, okay?”

Okay daddies!” giggled Chris.

Corey and William followed the younger boys up to their bathroom, and ran their bath water. Denny followed the boys upstairs to observe. Corey took Chris, while William took Billy. Then Corey and William started bathing the two boys.

First you have to get your hair.” said Corey, as he and William shampooed the two boys' hair. “You have do that first, because you want to make sure it rinses clean. After that you need to wash your face really well, and make sure to get your ears.” As Corey and William bathed the boys, and kept moving down, Corey continued, “Then you wash your arms, chest, and back. Make sure you rub the soap all over you too. To get your back, you can either use a back brush, or if you two bathe together, you can wash each other's backs. Since you two little guys are in love now, I imagine you'll mostly be bathing together anyway. Now, we'll rinse that off, and you two can stand up. Then we'll wash your legs and feet.”

Once Corey and William had washed the two boys feet, Chris asked, “Aren't you guys forgetting something daddy?”

Yeah, we need our dicks and butts washed too!” said Billy.

I'm sorry, of course you do.” replied William. “It's very important to make sure you wash there.”

Corey and William went ahead, and washed Chris's and Billy's dicks and butts. Once they were done, Corey said, “That's exactly how to bathe yourselves guys. Now, from now on, you'll be expected to do this yourselves, okay?”

Okay daddies!” chirped Billy.

Thanks for teaching us daddies, it was really fun!” said Chris.

Denny almost lost it at that moment. Later on that evening, when bedtime rolled around, Chris and Billy came back once more.

Daddies, can you come up and tuck us in?' asked Chris as sweetly as he could.

Mike and Denny were both in the room this time, and they both couldn't keep from laughing. “Boys, are you just messing with Corey and William?” asked Mike.

Oh no!” replied Billy innocently. “We were always tucked in back at our old home!”

Why didn't you ever mention that to Mike or myself then?” asked Denny.

Cause, you never asked.” replied Billy.

Yeah, they should have asked.” said Corey. “Come on William, let's go tuck our sons in!”

Mike and Denny followed everyone to Chris's and Billy's room, where Corey and William gently tucked the two boys into bed.

Don't we get kisses daddy?” asked Chris, as he pointed to his lips.

Don't push it squirt!” snickered Corey. “You'll get a nice fatherly kiss on the cheek.” Then Corey leaned down, but quickly kissed Chris on the tip of his nose instead. “Or maybe your nose if we feel frisky!” laughed Corey. “If you want a kiss anywhere else, ask your boyfriend.”

Really though, when we do have sons, we hope they're just like you two.” said William, after kissing Billy good night on his cheek.

After every one left, Chris said, “You heard him Billy, if we want to be kissed anywhere else, we should ask our boyfriends. You wanna come over here to my bed, so we can kiss?”

Sure!” replied Billy eagerly. “I think I'll like us being boyfriends!”

Later on, Mike, Denny, Corey, and William all peeked in on the two boys. They all smiled when they saw the two boys in bed together, with their arms wrapped around each other. Corey slipped in quietly, and pulled the covers up over both boys together.

When Corey came back out to the hallway, he said, “They're going to need a bigger bed. I don't think you're going to get them to sleep apart again.”

I think you're right Corey.” smiled Mike. “I wouldn't even try to separate them now. I also think you and William will make great parents. Denny and I will be happy to support your request to adopt when you're ready.”

Back out in space in Jarrel's dimension, Jerry and Billy were spending quite a bit of time with the top genetics expert on Agora. There were a couple errors in their theories, which were proven to them, but they were shown the proper way to correct the errors. Once that was done, the Agorites would teach them how to put their theories into practice. Jerry and Billy were very excited by what they were learning, and the genetics expert promised them a surprise before they left. He knew that Billy wanted more than anything to bear Jerry's sons.

The next morning in Orgasmia, Rudi met Aaron outside his office, and Aaron invited him on in and asked, “What can I do for you this morning Rudi, my friend?”

The Afro-Asians were ready in case of a favorable reply to our request.” replied Rudi. “They have a diplomatic delegation chosen, and would like to come to Orgasmia one week from today to begin talks.”

I guess they're eager to be friends, huh?” laughed Aaron lightly.

You'll love them Aaron, they are wonderful people.” smiled Rudi. “And as another benefit, it will help keep the Alliance in line, and in compliance with the treaty.”

Well then, that will make it worth it indeed!” replied Aaron. “Now if you'll excuse me, my neighbors are getting married today, and I promised them I would come to the wedding. Two of their sons will be marrying each other in the same ceremony.”

Two teenage brothers getting married huh?” asked Rudi. “I find that very a very exciting thought!”

While Mike and Corey were preparing for the wedding at their house, Denny and William were preparing at Bobby and Wes's house. The two couples decided it would be best to honor the wedding traditions of their dimension, even though there was nothing traditional about their wedding. Mongo and Mike had opened up both of their backyards together, so there would hopefully be enough room for everyone. Aaron showed up with his uncle, his uncle's boyfriend, and Rudi in tow. That wasn't missed by Mike, as he went to Corey.

I don't mean to make you nervous son, but not only is the Council President here, but the Leader of Orgasmia is as well!” said Mike.

Oh shit dad, are we THAT important?” asked Corey.

I guess we are son.” laughed Mike nervously.

Okay Mike and Corey, we're getting ready to start.” said Mongo, as he joined them. “Wes and Bobby just got here with Denny and William, and they look fantastic. Are you sure you don't want those pubes trimmed a little more neatly Mike? This is your wedding, and you should look as good as you possibly can.”

You might as well dad, you did let me talk you into shaving off the scruffy chest hair.” said Corey. “It'll only take a few seconds, and it'll look much nicer.”

Okay son, but I'm so nervous that you'll have to take care of it for me.” replied Mike.

Corey smiled as he picked up a pair of trimmers, then knelt in front of Mike and neatly trimmed his pubic hair. Corey was done in just a few seconds, and Mike quickly brushed off his crotch.

Is that better guys?” asked Mike.

It's perfect dad!” replied Corey.

It does look much better Mike.” smiled Mongo. “Now, let's get out there so you two can get married.”

Once Mike and Corey were in place, the music started. Then Denny was escorted down the aisle by his son Bobby, while William was escorted down the aisle by his brother Ash. Once everyone was in place, the music faded away.

Then the official started, “Dear friends, family, and esteemed guests, we are here today to join Mike and Denny, and Corey and William, in the beautiful and wonderful union of marriage. Marriage officially symbolizes the joining of two loving partners, to live there lives as one couple. All weddings are a beautiful occasion, but especially so when I have the honor of joining two young men such as Corey and William, who have decided to commit their lives to each other at their age.”

By this time, it didn't matter that the Leader was there. All the two couples could think as they smiled at each other was how beautiful their mates were. This was by far the happiest day in four lives. The ceremony continued on, until it finally got to the part where the couples exchanged rings with their mates.

Mike and Denny,... Corey and William,... I now pronounce you legally wedded husbands.” said the official. “You may now exchange symbols of your love.”

The kiss between Mike and Denny, and Corey and William, seemed like a contest more than anything else. Both couples kissed as passionately as they possibly could, until they were all four out of breath. When the kisses ended, everyone who had watched the ceremony applauded. Mike, Denny, Corey, and William exchanged handshakes and hugs all the way back up the aisle. At the reception, Denny reached down casually, and caressed Mike's groin.

I can't believe you trimmed for me babe!” smiled Denny, into Mike's eyes.

I was way too nervous to trim there!” laughed Mike lightly. “Corey had to do it for me. What about you my love? Did you actually curl your pubic hair for this?”

It was a real bitch, it had to be relaxed and straightened first!” laughed Denny. “Bobby didn't seem to mind helping me with it though. It was worth it for you though my love. This whole thing has been incredibly worth it. I never dreamt of being as happy as I am right now.”

Corey ran his hands over William's body as he said, “It's so beautiful that you shaved everything but under your arms and around your cock for this. I love you so much William!”

I had to be as smooth and handsome as I could for the guy I love.” replied William with a bright smile. “We're going to put together such a happy family!

I know I'm already incredibly happy!” said Corey. “I'm happy to be back in Orgasmia, with you as my husband.”

Corey and William left on their honeymoon as soon as the reception was over. Mike and Denny would have to wait for their honeymoon, until Corey and William had returned to watch the other kids, and until Mike had finished his training to resume his medical career. Doctor Smith had assured Mike that the two events should coincide, although Mike wasn't as sure at times.

After a few more days on Agora, Jerry and Billy had learned much. They now felt confident that baby boys would soon begin being born in Orgasmia. Then the top genetic expert on Agora approached Jerry and Billy.

Before you men leave, I have a little surprise for you.” said the expert. “I want to replicate the proper organs using Billy's DNA, then implant them inside Billy. After that, I will make a few modifications to his body, to allow for childbirth, and inseminate him with your sperm Jerry. I want you to observe the entire procedure Jerry, so you may teach it to your people. I will explain everything very carefully as we go along. Then in nine months, you and Billy will be able to prove to your people that your theories are now more than just theories.”

Are you going to be turning Billy into a female?” asked Jerry.

Absolutely not!” replied the expert. “Billy will remain every bit as much of a man as he is now. His DNA will remain male, and his male reproductive system will not be touched. He will be a man capable of bearing children, which is exactly what you want, right?”

It's what we want more than anything in the world!” smiled Billy. “Please make that happen for us.”

Okay then Billy, I want to prep you for surgery.” replied the expert.

The procedure went exactly as the expert had described it, and Jerry paid the closest possible attention. One hour after the surgery had been finished, Billy was inseminated with Jerry's sperm. The medical staff on Jarrel's ship was told to keep a close eye on Billy, to ensure that the surgery and insemination were successful.

I can't believe I'm going to have our son in nine months!” said Billy happily, as he gazed into Jerry's eyes.

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