Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

Are you going to be turning Billy into a female?” asked Jerry.

Absolutely not!” replied the expert. “Billy will remain every bit as much of a man as he is now. His DNA will remain male, and his male reproductive system will not be touched. He will be a man capable of bearing children, which is exactly what you want, right?”

It's what we want more than anything in the world!” smiled Billy. “Please make that happen for us.”

Okay then Billy, I want to prep you for surgery.” replied the expert.

The procedure went exactly as the expert had described it, and Jerry paid the closest possible attention. One hour after the surgery had been finished, Billy was inseminated with Jerry's sperm. The medical staff on Jarrel's ship was told to keep a close eye on Billy, to ensure that the surgery and insemination were successful.

I can't believe I'm going to have our son in nine months!” said Billy happily, as he gazed into Jerry's eyes.

Corey and William had never been away by themselves for an entire week before. They decided to go to Orgasmia's resort city of Celestia. The two boys had one of the honeymoon suites at Celestia's nicest hotel for an entire week. The hotel looked out over a good sized bay, in the area that would have been Key West in their home dimension. In this dimension though, the city of Celestia was not on an island. Land stretched to the north, west, and south as far as they could see from the top floor of their hotel. The beautiful aqua blue bay Celestia was built on ran from what they knew as the southern tip of the Florida peninsula to the eastern tip of what they knew as Cuba.

Celestia got its name back in the days when women ruled the continent, because it was the center of their space program. The theories needed to travel to other solar systems had been developed, but did not have the chance to be put to use before the great war. Since the men of Orgasmia were now preparing to rebuild and reopen the facility, tours were now being offered. Once Orgasmia's scientists had re-familiarized themselves with the old research, and resumed the program where it had left off, they would make preparations to begin building their own ship. Once they were at that point, they would invite Jarrel and his people to visit, and evaluate their program. Corey and William did go on the tour, and thought it was fascinating.

The rest of the honeymoon would be spent at the hotel, on the very popular beach, and at various tourist attractions around Celestia. Not only was Celestia the center of Orgasmia's space program, it was where Orgasmia's citizens went to play.

Back in Orgasmia City, Mike was beginning to pick up the new procedures and knowledge Doctor Smith was showing him. Doctor Smith was sure Mike would make one of Orgasmia's finest doctors, even though Mike had had his doubts at first. In the meantime, Aaron was getting ready for the visit from the Afro-Asian delegation.

The day before Corey and William would return from Celestia, Aaron met the visiting delegation from Afro-Asia. “Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Baker. I'll be the head of our delegation in what I hope are successful talks between our people. I can see you have been prepared for our custom of not wearing any clothing.”

Yes, it is very exhilarating once you get use to it.” said one of the delegates, as he reached his hand out to shake Aaron's. “My name is Cho En Ling, and I'm the leader of our delegation. With me I have Rajeesh Benguat, Odo Mucombo, Hadeki Ukazawa, and Malcolm Edwards. I first want to extend our people's gratitude for your help in keeping the Western States Alliance from taking over our world. Everyone in our dimension owes your people a debt that can never be repaid.”

Aaron studied the group for a moment, noticing they were the most diverse people from their dimension. Cho was about forty, had a somewhat dark Oriental complexion, was about Aaron's height and weight, and had a six inch uncut cock. Hadeki was in his mid thirties, had a more fair Oriental complexion, was about three inches shorter than Cho, and had a four and a half inch circumcised cock. Malcolm was in his mid to late forties, had a medium Caucasian complexion, was about two inches taller than Cho with a stockier build, and had a six and a half inch circumcised cock. Rajeesh was in his early twenties, had an average Indian complexion with smooth skin, was the same height as Cho, the same build as Malcolm, and had a seven inch uncut cock. Odo was in the same age group as Rajeesh, had a very dark African complexion, was near six and a half feet tall with a slim build, and had a ten to eleven inch uncut cock.

Aaron greeted each of the men and shook their hands, then led them to a shuttle van he had waiting for them. Aaron had them staying at a very small but elegant hotel downtown, so they could be near the Council. He had also assigned Terrence's husband Travis as their guide, to stay at the hotel with them so they could see the sights Orgasmia had to offer. The talks would not begin until the next day, so Aaron wanted the men to enjoy themselves until then. He chuckled as he thought Odo would be very popular in Orgasmia.

Once the delegation freshened up, Travis headed them out to the van. After a brief tour of the city, the group ended up in the entertainment district. Travis wanted to show off the youth intake center, so the men could see some of the children they had rescued from the Alliance. Travis was right that Odo would be popular in Orgasmia, and it started at the first stop. The kids at the intake center seemed to follow Odo around more than anyone else. Odo seemed to love the attention too, and was smiling brightly by the time they left there. As they toured the entertainment district, Travis told the group about the history of Orgasmia. Then he took the group to the finest restaurant in Orgasmia before calling it a day.

The next day, Doctor Smith started off by having a talk with Mike. “So, today is the day your two sons return from their honeymoon, right?” asked Doctor Smith.

Yes, they should be getting home about the same time as I do today.” replied Mike. “I talked to them yesterday, and they were both having a great time in Celestia.”

I can understand that.” smiled Doctor Smith. “I've always thought it was the most beautiful city in Orgasmia. Now we have to get you and your husband ready to go on your honeymoon. Today I want to begin shadowing you. I think you are learning everything quite quickly, and I feel you'll be ready for a break after a few days of supervision. Does that sound good?”

That would be great!” replied Mike.

Okay, let's get to your first patient then Mike.” smiled Doctor Smith.

Meanwhile Aaron, Robert, and Wes were ready to begin their talks with the Afro-Asian delegates, with Rudi sitting in as well. “Well gentlemen, now that you've had a chance to see our city and learn a little about us, what do you think?” asked Aaron.

I think you have a very beautiful city Aaron.” replied Cho. “The people here are very open and friendly too.”

A few of us did have to adjust to being naked all the time, but once we were use to that being the normal custom here, it was actually quite nice.” added Rajeesh. “I think our people would have no problem accepting that custom.”

Where I come from in Afro-Asia, some of the more isolated settlements still wear little or no clothing, so I found it to be a very nice custom myself.” said Odo.

I think that considering what we know of your history now, everything we've seen fits in very nicely here.” said Malcolm. “We would make sure to make it a prerequisite for traveling to Orgasmia that our people learn your history and customs.”

Well, that is one thing the Council would most want to hear.” said Wes. “Our biggest concern is to ensure our way of life here.”

Yes, as Rudi can tell you, his people have been very accepting of our customs and way of life.” said Robert. “Both of our peoples respect and support each other, and our friendship has been very beneficial to both sides. That is the type of relationship we would be pursuing with your people.”

That is true.” said Rudi. “Once we met with the people of Orgasmia, and realized what wonderful friends they could be, our people opened their hearts with acceptance of everything about the way of life here. Our people who have come here value our friendship with Orgasmia very highly, and will never do anything to jeopardize the way of life of Orgasmia's citizens.”

We do have a few remaining societies in Afro-Asia that seem to be stuck in their old beliefs, but I think most of our people would be very accepting of a relationship with your people.” said Cho. “As Malcolm said, we would ensure that anyone wishing to visit would be doing so for the right reasons. That's why we would limit the cities to be used as access points to your society. Most of our people are very grateful for your help in preserving our way of life, and would never think of interfering in yours. They just wish to have the chance to visit, and express their gratitude. I'm sure that our friendship would also have other benefits, as Afro-Asia is the most advanced nation in our dimension. I know the Alliance would disagree, but we have a few tricks they've never even dreamt of.”

What cities would you be looking at establish a link to Orgasmia from?” asked Aaron.

Of course there would be our capitol of Hong Kong.” replied Cho. “Then we would also wish to have departures from Tokyo, Sidney, Bombay, and Capetown. One of our members has even made a plea to be our Ambassador, because he is very fond of your city. I have agreed with Odo that he would be the perfect Ambassador, and I'm sure our President would agree with my recommendation.”

Well then, let's discuss what our people can offer each other.” said Wes.

After spending the morning in discussion, the men took a break for lunch. Aaron caught up with Odo, and asked him to accompany him to lunch at a small restaurant near the Citizens Services Building. Aaron asked for a fairly private booth, and both men ordered lunch.

So Odo, why do you want to be the Ambassador to Orgasmia?” asked Aaron. “As the Council President, I'm naturally a bit curious.”

When Afro-Asia was established, most of the old customs of my people were modified to fit in with the entire nation.” replied Odo. “As the Afro-Asian society became more liberalized to accommodate all of our citizens, so did most of our customs. One that has resisted change though is my people's belief that relationships are meant purely for reproduction. What we feel in our hearts is sometimes given less priority. That has changed some, and in some parts of what use to be Africa people are much more liberal and tolerant of other's right to pursue love primarily in a relationship. In some places though, like where I'm from, it is still uncommon and sometimes looked unfavorably on. That is why I entered a political career. Hong Kong is much more liberal than where I came from originally. Even so though, I would love to experience an environment where all people feel the same as I do. Where men are free to love other men, if that is what they feel in their hearts. I know that in Hong Kong, I'm not looked upon that unfavorably now, but there are other factors involved. Our nation still believes it is best for children to be raised within their own culture when possible. My culture would still not allow that for a homosexual man. Yesterday when we visited the youth intake center, and the children there showed me how much love a child could bring to my life, it made me desire to be close to your society. It's not that I want a child mate. As far as a mate is concerned, I do desire someone in my age group. I'm talking about the love required to guide a child to adulthood, and the love a child has for their parent. That is one thing I would love to have very much someday.”

That is a very beautiful reason Odo.” said Aaron. “If we do establish a diplomatic relationship with Afro-Asia, I think you would make a fine Ambassador. I know you would be very popular amongst our people.”

Aaron smiled as he said that, and playfully caressed Odo's cock. “I love the attention men pay to that part of me too.” replied Odo

Aaron released Odo's cock and said, “It is something to be proud of Odo. It may not be as massive as my husband's but it is very respectable.”

Your husband is even better hung than me?” asked Odo in shock. “I would have to see that!”

Then why don't you come to my house tonight for dinner, and meet my family?” asked Aaron. “I know my husband Mongo would love to meet you too. If you are to be our Ambassador, you may as well start getting to know our people even better.”

I would love that Aaron.” replied Odo. “Thank you very much.”

And when our talks are finished, remind me to take you out to see our dinosaurs.” said Aaron.

You mean real dinosaurs?” asked Odo. “It's not just a rumor?”

No, it's not a rumor.” chuckled Aaron. “We now have very breed of herbivore that's known on the planet at our preserve. Our Triceratops are very docile, and even though the Brontosauruses can easily crush a person, they are pretty friendly toward humans. I think they're just really curious about us.”

I can't wait to see them Aaron.” said Odo. “And I can't wait to settle in here as Ambassador. I think I'm going to love my time here in Orgasmia.”

If there's anything anyone here can do to help you love being here, just let them know.” replied Aaron.

As soon as Mike arrived home that evening, Corey and William came walking up from the nearest bus stop. “Hi dad!” said Corey.

Hi dad!” said William.

Hi my sons, how as your honeymoon?” asked Mike.

It was great dad.” replied Corey, as he put an arm around William. “I know you and our other dad will love Celestia.”

Yeah, it's a beautiful city, but not nearly as beautiful as my husband!” smiled William.

Well, let's go on in and say hello to our family sons.” said Mike, as he gave them both a light hug. “Then we'll work on getting you two ready for a real test while Denny and I are on our honeymoon.”

I hope the other guys will take it easy on us.” laughed William.

For some strange reason, they seem to be looking forward to you two taking care of them for a week.” chuckled Mike.

The boys went on in and said hi to Denny as he and a couple of the other boys were finishing up supper. Several of the boys were now pairing off with one of their new brothers, and the rest didn't seem too interested with settling on one particular boyfriend yet. Now that they were in school, it seemed like there were always more than twenty boys in the house. Denny looked like he liked that just fine though. The cutest couple was still without a doubt Chris and Billy. They still weren't doing too much other than kissing, hugging, and rubbing each other's bodies, but they had become very affectionate and passionate with their kissing. Mike and Denny had gotten them a larger single bed, and now they slept together in each other's arms every night. Stephen and Tiny were also making another very nice couple, as were Tiny's real brother Jocko and Bobby. The last pair of brothers who was now a couple was Ash and Mikey, even though Mikey was a few years younger than Ash. Mikey liked having an older boyfriend just as much as Ash enjoyed having a younger boyfriend. Mike knew that the way Mikey enjoyed making love would keep Ash very happy with his younger boyfriend.

As dinner was being finished, Corey and William sat down with Chris and Billy. “How are you two little lovers doing?” asked Corey.

We're doing great big brother.” replied Chris. “I'm so glad you and William played our daddies that one time, and Billy and I figured out we were in love with each other.”

So, it's great having a boyfriend huh?” asked William.

It's the greatest feeling in the world!” replied Billy. “I'll never stop loving to kiss and hold Chris in my arms!”

What other things can we do to show each other our love though?” asked Chris. “Kissing and hugging is fun, but we know there are other things you can do.”

Well, you two can't cum yet, but there's still no reason you can't stroke each other's dicks, or even suck on them.” replied Corey. “Even if you can't cum, it'll still feel really good.”

Would you guys show us how to do that tonight?” asked Billy.

Sure, we'd love to.” replied Corey, as he and William smiled.

Cool!” exclaimed Chris. “We want to know everything, so we can get married someday like you and our other brother William did. How old do you have to be to get married?”

Um... uh...” started Corey.

I guess I better take that one.” chuckled Mike, as he joined the boys. “There is no minimum age to be married here in Orgasmia. Boys under fourteen have to have their father's permission though, then it has to be approved by the marriage council. Our Ambassador from Euro-Russia has a thirteen year old son who married his boyfriend when he was twelve. If you're between fourteen and sixteen, all you need is your father's permission.”

Do you think they would allow two boys as young as me and Billy to be married?” asked Chris.

Are you two really serious?” asked Mike. “Marriage is a very big step. It means that you and Billy both know that you'll never find anyone else you love as much as you do each other.”

Then we're ready!” replied Billy enthusiastically. “I know I'll never love anyone as much as I do my brother Chris!”

How could I ever love anyone more than I do Billy?” smiled Chris. “He makes me happy to wake up every morning, so I can feel him in my arms! We'd love to get married if we can daddy.”

Then the two of you need to sit down with me and your other daddy Denny after dinner, so we can have a long and serious talk about it.” replied Mike. “I know you boys love each other very much. If Denny and I are sure about it, we'll see what the marriage council has to say.”

Then we better make it official.” said Chris, who then took ahold of Billy's hand. “Billy, I'll never love anyone as much as I love you. Will you marry me, and be my husband?”

There isn't anyone who's arms I'd rather spend the rest of my life wrapped in.” replied Billy. “I love you more than anyone in the world Chris, and I'd love to marry you.”

Mike smiled from ear to ear at the sight of the two young boys proposing marriage. Corey and William thought it was a beautiful sight, and had to hold back a few tears of happiness for their two youngest brothers. Billy and Chris were sealing their proposal with the most passionate kiss anyone there had ever seen before. Corey and William couldn't wait to show the two boys about making love that night.

Meanwhile next door, Aaron answered the door and said, “Come on in Odo. Mongo and a few of the boys are finishing supper right now, and we should be ready to eat in about five to ten minutes. Let me see if my husband has everything to the point where the boys can finish it.”

Aaron then shook Odo's hand, and went to see if Mongo could come meet him. As Aaron came back into the room with Mongo, Odo's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. His eyes were now riveted to Mongo's cock.

I get that reaction from everyone!” laughed Mongo.

How big is that?” asked Odo in shock. “I've never seen anything like that! It's an incredible sight!”

It's about twenty inches.” replied Mongo. “I have no idea why it grew so large, but since I met Aaron, I've grown more comfortable with it than I've ever been before. Would you like to feel it?”

Odo looked to Aaron, and Aaron said, “Don't worry Odo. I don't mind it at all when someone wants to admire my husband's cock. I know that not many people have ever seen anything that beautiful and remarkable.”

Come on over here and sit with us.” said Mongo, as he went to the sofa to sit down.

Aaron sat on one side of Mongo, while Odo sat on the other side. Odo then put both hands around Mongo's cock while Aaron watched and smiled. Odo ran his hands up and down the entire length of Mongo's cock, as Mongo's cock began to stiffen.

Oh my God, that's so incredible!” exclaimed Odo breathlessly.

Mongo then took ahold of his cock, and held it upward toward Odo's face. “Would you like to taste it?” asked Mongo.

But you and Aaron?” started Odo.

We're married, and we love each other very much.” replied Mongo. “Although we don't do it often anymore, we still like to occasionally share ourselves with close friends. From what Aaron has said, that's what you are now Odo. Go ahead and feel the head of it in your mouth.”

Odo opened his mouth, and Aaron and Mongo watched as he took as much of Mongo's cock as he could into his mouth. Then Aaron reached over, and slowly stroked Odo to an erection.

He has a very nice one too, doesn't he honey?” asked Aaron, as Odo's cock stiffened.

He's right Odo, you do have a very beautiful cock.” replied Mongo, as Odo enjoyed the feeling of his mouth being filled by the head of Mongo's cock.

Aaron then leaned down, and took Odo's cock into his mouth. Odo's head began to reel with the feelings his two new friends were making him feel. This was more intense than Odo had ever felt before, and in less than two minutes his cock was throbbing madly. Mongo smiled as he watched Aaron prepare to take Odo's impending orgasm. Odo couldn't help himself as he flooded Aaron's mouth faster than he had ever cummed in his life.

My husband really likes your cock cumming in his mouth Odo.” said Mongo, as he gently stroked the back of Odo's head.

Once Aaron had finished draining Odo's cum, he looked up at Mongo and said, “Let him have your cum my love.”

Then Aaron began sucking intently on Mongo's balls. Mongo let himself go, and in a few more minutes felt his orgasm beginning. Odo wasn't nearly ready for the volume of Mongo's orgasm. His mouth quickly filled with cum, and even though he swallowed as quickly as he could, Mongo's cum splattered all over his face and flowed down his chest. As Odo laid back against the sofa after Mongo's orgasm ended, Mongo and Aaron cleaned him with their tongues. As Aaron and Mongo cleaned Odo, the boys came in and giggled that supper was ready.

Meanwhile out in space in Jarrel's dimension, Billy had just been examined by the ship's doctor while Jerry held his hand.

Well, the insemination back on Agora was completely successful.” said the doctor. “Billy's new organs are functioning just like the medical staff on Agora said they should, and your son seems to be developing inside Billy perfectly. I want to monitor Billy's pregnancy closely, but I don't foresee any problems at this point. Congratulations to both of you, you are both going to father your first son together.”

I'm so happy to be having our first son Jerry!” said Billy.

Jerry leaned down and kissed Billy's abdomen, then replied, “And I'm so glad that it's been made possible for us to have our first son together.” Then Jerry began making love to Billy's cock , so the doctor left to give them they're privacy.

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