Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

Then Aaron began sucking intently on Mongo's balls. Mongo let himself go, and in a few more minutes felt his orgasm beginning. Odo wasn't nearly ready for the volume of Mongo's orgasm. His mouth quickly filled with cum, and even though he swallowed as quickly as he could, Mongo's cum splattered all over his face and flowed down his chest. As Odo laid back against the sofa after Mongo's orgasm ended, Mongo and Aaron cleaned him with their tongues. As Aaron and Mongo cleaned Odo, the boys came in and giggled that supper was ready.

Meanwhile out in space in Jarrel's dimension, Billy had just been examined by the ship's doctor while Jerry held his hand.

Well, the insemination back on Agora was completely successful.” said the doctor. “Billy's new organs are functioning just like the medical staff on Agora said they should, and your son seems to be developing inside Billy perfectly. I want to monitor Billy's pregnancy closely, but I don't foresee any problems at this point. Congratulations to both of you, you are both going to father your first son together.”

I'm so happy to be having our first son Jerry!” said Billy.

Jerry leaned down and kissed Billy's abdomen, then replied, “And I'm so glad that it's been made possible for us to have our first son together.” Then Jerry began making love to Billy's cock, so the doctor left to give them their privacy.

Once Odo, Aaron, and Mongo had finished getting to know each other better, Mongo had to go make sure dinner had gotten onto the table. The boys had done a good job while Mongo, Aaron, and Odo were busy. While Mongo was making sure dinner was on the table, Odo did get a chance to meet some of Mongo's and Aaron's boys. That made Odo yearn to be in Orgasmia that much more, especially when Aaron had Ray brought to him.

The next day the council concentrated mostly on talking to Cho, the delegation leader. Since Aaron already had enough information to make his decision, he invited Odo to accompany him to the dinosaur preserve. Seeing the smaller dinosaurs they came to first took Odo's breath away. Then Aaron chuckled as he took Odo toward the back of the preserve, where the larger animals were. Odo was drawn close enough to the animals to get sniffed, which was a bit frightening at first. Then he relaxed, and enjoyed the company of the huge beasts. Then they stopped near the front of the preserve again, so Odo could spend more time with the more docile of the smaller animals. Odo had a great time spending the day with Aaron, and learned more than he ever dreamed about dinosaurs.

The beginning of the next day was spent going over what Afro-Asia and Orgasmia could offer each other as friends. Aaron was quite surprised to find out that Afro-Asia did have a fairly advanced space program, which had to be stopped due to a lack of funding. Many scientists in Afro-Asia did believe it was possible to travel at the speed of light, but weren't being given the chance to prove it. Aaron knew he could give them that chance if they would work with Orgasmia's scientists. By the time lunch time came, Aaron was ready to call for a vote on establishing a diplomatic relationship with Afro-Asia. To Aaron's pleasure, the vote was unanimously in favor, and Odo was accepted as the Ambassador from Afro-Asia.

That afternoon, Doctor Smith had just finished watching Mike with a patient. “Mike, I think you are ready for a little break.” said Doctor Smith. “Then after you come back from your honeymoon with your husband Denny, you will be ready to work on your own at our main medical facility here in Orgasmia City. Of course I will still look in on you from time to time, and I'll be available for you anytime you need me.”

Thank you doctor, I appreciate your confidence.” replied Mike.

That evening, Mike and Denny were trying to prepare all of the kids for Corey and William to take their place for a week. Mike and Denny weren't too worried though. They felt Corey and William could handle things for that week. They did want to have a talk with Billy and Chris though, since they were the two youngest.

So, do you two still want to be married?” asked Mike.

Heck yeah dad!” replied Chris. “Every time I think about marrying Billy, my dick gets really stiff! See?!”

Yeah son, we can see that.” chuckled Mike.

Corey and William haven't been teaching you more than you need to know, have they?” asked Denny.

No, they've taught us some really cool things!” replied Billy. “Like last night I was sucking Chris's dick, rubbing it really softly with my lips, and licking on the head. Then I took a finger and put it in Chris's butt. They showed me how to find something inside Chris call a pro... pro...”

A prostate.” finished Chris. “Anyway, Billy started rubbing my prostate with his finger, and it felt really good. A few minutes later, it felt like I had to pee. Billy didn't stop though, and it started to feel like I was peeing in his mouth, except it made my whole body twitch!”

He wasn't peeing though.” added Billy.

Yeah, that's right.” said Chris. “I didn't pee a drop inside Billy's mouth. It was something Corey and William called a dry orgasm. After it was over, and I stopped twitching, it felt really good. It also made me kinda weak for a few minutes. It felt so good though that I didn't mind that. I tried to make Billy have a dry orgasm too, but he couldn't. I won't stop trying until I do though. I want Billy to feel as good as he made me feel.”

Is that all they showed you two?” asked Mike, almost breathlessly.

No, but that was the best thing they showed us!” replied Chris.

Okay sons, we'll go talk to the marriage board tomorrow morning, before Denny and I go to the airport.” said Mike. “Denny my love, let's go to our room now!” Billy and Chris giggled, knowing that Mike and Denny had run off to their room because of them.

The next morning, Denny and Mike took the two boys to the Marriage Council. The official there didn't think anything odd about the situation, until Mike called the two boys in to speak to him. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw how old the two boys were.

Don't you think they might be a little too young for this?” the official asked Mike.

I know they are very young, but there is no minimum age to be married here.” replied Mike.

I know that, but we expect people to use their judgment on this.” said the official.

We have used our judgment.” replied Mike. “These two boys are more in love than any two people I've ever met. We can't separate them for five seconds because they miss each other too much when we try. They want to be together for the rest of their lives, and in our opinion they are very serious about that. Denny and I have explained to them the meaning of dedicating the rest of their lives to each other, and that's exactly what they want. We know them well enough to know that's what they want too.”

It's not like we're marrying them off to each other and pushing them out of the nest.” said Denny. “We also explained to them that if they were to be married, the only thing that would change is that they would be married. They will continue to live at home with their family, and go to school like any other boys. They won't be given any of the responsibilities of being a married couple until they are old enough and mature enough to accept them. All they want is to commit their lives to each other.”

Please let us be husbands sir!” begged Chris. “That's all we want, we promise!”

I know this is against my better judgment, but okay boys.” replied the official, after Chris's plea had gotten to him. “But you boys are to stay with your fathers until you are finished with school.”

Okay sir!” answered Billy and Chris cheerfully.

Once Mike and Denny got the boys back home, they called Corey and William in with them and the two young boys for one last talk. “Okay Corey and William, the Marriage Council said yes to Chris and Billy. Chris and Billy, you can plan on having the ceremony a week from this Friday. I want Corey and William to help you with this too, so things don't get out of control. That will give you something to do while Denny and I are on our honeymoon.”

Thanks dads, we love you!” said Chris.

We love you too sons.” replied Denny as he smiled. “Now you two be good, and do everything that Corey and William tells you to.”

As Mike and Denny were off to the airport, Aaron was showing Cho and Odo a building close to the Citizen's Services Building. The four story horseshoe shaped building had a ten foot wide grass lawn in front of it, but a nice courtyard in back. The middle section and the first floor on each side section had been designed as offices and shops, with the upper three floors on each side section designed as residential units.

This will make a perfect embassy Aaron.” said Cho. “It's neither too big nor too small, and it will be easy for people from our land to get to.”

I will look forward to coming back to this building in one week, after I have talked to our President about my duties, and chosen my staff.” said Odo.

And we will send our people to Afro-Asia in two days to install communications equipment, and help set up service between Afro-Asia and Orgasmia.” replied Aaron. “I will look forward to your return Odo, and we'll have the building ready for you to move into.”

As Mike and Denny took their seats on the plane, Mike glanced out the window. “There are some strange looking planes here, but that one out there wins the prize!” remarked Mike.

That's one of our inter-dimensional planes.” said the man seated behind Mike. “I believe they're preparing that one to take the Afro-Asian delegation back home. So, I'll bet you two are newlyweds, and are on your way to Celestia for your honeymoon.”

That was a good guess!” chuckled Mike. “My name is Mike, and this is my husband Denny.”

Hello Mike and Denny, my name is Henry.” replied the man. “My duties in Orgasmia take me back and forth from Orgasmia City to Celestia all the time. Once our space program is back to full speed though, I should be settling in Celestia. I'll take you two on a private tour of our facility there if you can find the time outside of your room.”

We'll certainly try!” laughed Mike.

Then the attendant came out and said, “Welcome to Orgasmia Air everyone. We're ready to taxi out to the runway now, so I need everyone to locate both ends of your seat belt. Make sure the belt is not twisted, then place the metal tabs together. Your seat belts will adjust themselves automatically. In the event of an emergency, which we've never had before, please wait until the cabin has stopped moving completely before trying to get up. Your seat belts will release automatically at that time. Then go to the nearest emergency exit on each side of the plane. I need everyone to take a second to locate that as we begin to taxi now. Those of you sitting near an emergency exit should take a few moments to study the exit instructions posted at your seats. Our flying time will be approximately one hour and thirty minutes, so only drinks and snacks will be offered on this flight. There is video and music entertainment offered through the monitors in the back of the seat in front of you. Headphones are located in the seat pouch in front of you. Please do not put them back into the bag when you are finished, so we can tell which ones have been used and need to be cleaned. You will also find an information book about the city of Celestia in your seat pouch. We hope you enjoy the flight to Celestia, and we thank you for flying with us today.”

The take-off and climb was the smoothest that Mike and Denny had ever experienced before. Once the plane had leveled off, the attendants came down the aisle with their drink cart and snack cart. Unlike most flights Mike and Denny had been on, refills of drinks and snacks would be cheerfully provided until the plane was ready to descend into Celestia. Mike and Denny had the most enjoyable flight they had ever remembered.

The airport in Celestia was bright, open, and colorful. It was meant to put everyone who traveled through it in a happy and festive mood, and it was certainly working with Mike and Denny. Then they walked out to the front of the airport to the beautiful tree lined boulevard, and signaled for a shuttle. The ride to their beachside hotel was very pleasant, and all of the men and boys they saw walking along the street looked happy.

Damn honey, I'm starting to think this might be a good place to raise our family.” said Mike.

I'm sure they have doctors here if you're serious my love.” replied Denny. “It's just a matter of whether or not they would let you transfer here.”

With me practicing in Orgasmia for so little time, that might be a big hurdle.” said Mike.

Where there's a will, there's a way.” replied Denny. “And even if it doesn't work out, anywhere where we're together with our family is perfect.”

Mike and Denny went into their room, and looked out the window. The view was spectacular, as their room overlooked a huge beautiful turquoise bay from the tenth floor. The beach was filled with happy frolicking men and boys. The sea and beach were the most beautiful thing that Mike and Denny had ever seen.

Now I know what you were talking about earlier.” said Denny, as he put an arm around Mike.

The only thing that would make this more perfect is if we were to go to the bedroom and make love.” replied Mike.

Once Mike and Denny were on the bed, they shared a passionate and intense kiss. Then Mike finally rolled Denny on top of him, and had Denny straddle his face. Mike worked on Denny's cock, making it hard and wet. Then Denny knelt between Mike's legs, and lifted them up to his shoulders. Denny looked into Mike's eyes lovingly, as he gently pushed his cock into Mike, and Mike returned the look of love. Mike caressed Denny's hips and moaned, as Denny thrust his cock in and out of Mike.

Oh God Denny, it feels so perfect when you push your cock into me like that!” moaned Mike.

I love you so much Mike.” said Denny softly as he gazed lovingly into Mike's eyes, and his cock continued thrusting in and out of Mike.

I love you just as much Denny.” moaned Mike, in the midst of pleasure.

About five minutes later, Denny let himself go and let his orgasm build. Then both men moaned out in release, as Denny's cock shot his cum deep into Mike. Once Denny's orgasm ended, he lowered himself down onto Mike, his cock still buried deeply in his lover.

I love having anal sex when we make love!” said Mike, as he smiled into Denny's face. “Your cock and your cum feels so good inside me!”

I love it too my love.” replied Denny. “Now it's time for me to feel your cock inside me!”

After resting after their love-making, Mike and Denny made their way out to the beach. Brightly colored canvas tents dotted the beach, offering the men and boys there anything that they needed. The water was just the right temperature as Mike and Denny went for a swim. Later on as Mike and Denny had a late dinner, Corey and William were sitting the boys down for their dinner.

I can see we're going to miss our dads!” snickered Stephen, as he picked through the food on his plate.

Well, I didn't exactly hear anyone volunteering to help with dinner.” replied Corey. “If it's not up to your standards, it might benefit you to help out tomorrow. Any more complaints anyone?”

Geez Corey, I was just kidding.” said Stephen, who then put down his fork and left the table.

I'll go after him.” said William.

No, I was the one who screwed up.” replied Corey. “I'll go after him.” Corey found Stephen laying face down on his bed, then went to sit beside his brother. “I'm really sorry about coming off like a jerk downstairs.” said Corey, as he rubbed Stephen's back. “It's just that Mike and Denny has placed a lot of responsibility on me and William, and I guess I was a little touchy about it. I could have handled that a lot better, and I'm really sorry brother.”

Stephen finally rolled over and replied, “I guess you kinda had a point though. We're all in the same boat here, and I guess we could make things a little easier for you and William.”

I'll tell you what then, let's all work on pitching in and working together, and show how much we love each other as brothers.” said Corey. “How does that sound?”

I guess that sounds like a good idea.” replied Stephen.

I love you Stephen, you're my brother now.” said Corey. “Now, let's get back downstairs before dinner gets cold.”

The next day, Mike called Henry, and he and Denny went to visit the space facility just north of the city. Henry took the two men through the gate with him, and gave them a private tour. The first stop was inside a very large hangar building.

This is where we are building our first two ships.” said Henry. “The smaller ship over there is our test ship. It will carry a crew of two, and be the first ship we use to reach light speed, we hope. The other larger and more disassembled ship will be our first exploration ship, and will carry a crew of forty. There will be twelve research scientists on board, and the rest of the crew will run the ship.”

How many ships will we be building?” asked Mike.

That depends on what we find out there, provided we can reach light speed.” replied Henry. “At a minimum we want to have four exploration ships. We will also need a space dock orbiting the planet. Although these ships can enter and exit the atmosphere, it would reduce wear and tear greatly if they didn't have to. Each ship will also have a detachable shuttle underneath if that can enter and exit a planet's atmosphere much better. The dock will have a permanent staff of one hundred people. We are planning on launching the first module of that in one month, and it'll be the first launch from this facility since the great war. Now, let's move over to our main building.”

Henry led Mike and Denny over to the main building, where the first stop was the lobby, and the visitor's center.

This is our visitor's center.” said Henry. “There's actually quite a bit of information here for people to learn about our space program, and its origins from back before the great war. Our public tours start from here, but they don't go to the places we're going. For instance, instead of going to the assembly hangar, the public tours go out to the launch pads. Public tours do go across a walkway that overlooks our flight control room, but they don't go right down onto the floor of the room like we will. The public tours also don't visit the communications and telemetry research lab, or the light speed research lab. I'm sure you guys will find it interesting though.”

Mike and Denny did find the tour interesting, and spent more time with Henry than they thought they would. Mike and Denny were falling in love with the city of Celestia by this time. It was turning out to be the technological and recreational center of Orgasmia.

By the end of the honeymoon, Mike had decided to ask Doctor Smith about the possibility of transferring to Celestia. Also by the end of the honeymoon, the boys were all working together like the closest of families, and like a finely tuned machine. Corey and William had learned not to take their stress out on the other boys, and the other boys learned to work with Corey and William to make everyone's life more comfortable and enjoyable.

When Mike and Denny returned home after their honeymoon, they fully expected to walk into a disaster area. They were shocked that the house looked even better when they came home. All of the boys had pitched in in one way or another, and made a welcome home dinner that Mike and Denny were sure would spoil them. After dinner, Mike and Denny took Corey and William aside for a talk.

We just wanted to tell you two how impressed we are.” said Mike. “We never expected to come home to find things going so well.”

Well, all of our brothers did pitch in and help.” replied Corey.

And we'd like to know how you accomplished that!” laughed Denny.

Well, we did learn a lot about how to get everyone to work together as a family.” smiled William.

I'd say you did sons!” replied Mike. “Denny and I will fully support you two wanting to adopt sons whenever you feel you're ready. We have come to a decision though that might affect the family. I have decided to ask Doctor Smith about the possibility of a transfer to Celestia.”

That's great dad!” replied Corey. “William and I loved Celestia, but we were afraid to say how much, because it would have looked like we wanted to move away to there. Now you do too though, so this works out great!”

Okay then, it's settled,” said Mike. “If I can get a transfer, the whole family will move to Celestia.”

The next day, Odo was scheduled to return to Orgasmia, to begin his duties as the Afro-Asia Ambassador to Orgasmia. Aaron met his friend at the airport, along with four boys who had expressed an interest in having Odo as their father.

Aaron and the four boys met Odo as he got off the plane, and Aaron said, “Odo my friend! Welcome back!”

It's good to be back Aaron.” replied Odo as he smiled. “I am looking forward to settling down to life here in Orgasmia.”

I may be able to help with that.” said Aaron. “The four boys I have with me all remember you from your visit to the intake center. They have all expressed an interest in you being their father, and I remember you noticing all four of these boys more than others at the center. These boys all come from the Alliance, and they hate their names. They've asked me not to even tell you their names, so you can choose new ones for them. One of the boys is eight, another is nine, another is eleven, and the last boy is twelve.”

They are all very handsome looking boys too.” replied Odo. “It would be a pleasure to look after them as long as I am the Ambassador.”

I actually had a little more in mind than that, and so did they.” said Aaron. “I have arranged for you to adopt all four of them, if you want to.”

Would you be our daddy Mister Odo?” asked the eight year old sweetly.

Nothing could possibly make me happier!” replied Odo emotionally.

At the same time, Mike was talking to Doctor Smith. “I know I haven't been here long, and I'm not fully up to speed yet, but I was wondering what the chances would be of me transferring to Celestia.” said Mike.

Well, we do have a very fine medical facility there.” replied Doctor Smith. “I would hate to lose you here, but I do have a colleague there who could act as your overseer until you are fully trained in Orgasmia's medical techniques. I do fully understand how you can fall in love with Celestia. It's a very charming and exciting city. When would you like to transfer Mike?”

When do you think it would be okay for me to do so?” asked Mike back.

You could go there anytime Mike.” replied Doctor Smith. “Doctor Franklin Powell will make sure you are very completely trained, and he came from your dimension about ten years ago. He was my prize student until you came along. I'm sure the two of you would do great together.”

How about next week then?” asked Mike. “My two youngest boys are getting married on Friday. We can leave the next day, and be there by Monday.”

Okay Mike, I'll call Franklin and tell him to expect you on Monday.” replied Doctor Smith. “I do wish you and your family luck and happiness in Celestia.”

Meanwhile Odo was traveling to the embassy with his four new sons. “So, do you boys want names from my homeland?” asked Odo.

That would be so cool dad!” replied the eleven year old boy.

You boys are so beautiful the way you are, riding naked with me in the car.” smiled Odo.

Why aren't you naked daddy?” asked the nine year old.

Well, I did tell my staff that we would be following the customs of Orgasmia, but I just got off the plane.” replied Odo, as Aaron smiled back from the front seat. “I haven't had the chance to make myself comfortable yet.”

Before Odo knew what was happening, he had four giggling boys undressing him. Once Odo was naked too, the twelve year old said, “Okay dad, you're naked just like us now! We have a very beautiful dad too! Now, are you going to name us?”

Okay sons.” smiled Odo. “Let's start with my eight year old son. Your name will be Mabula. My nine year old son will be Dembe, and my eleven year old son will be Ahonya. And for my oldest son, I have a special name picked out for you. You will be Udeme, named after my youngest brother who died when he was very young. I hope my sons are happy with their new names.”

They are great names dad!” replied Udeme.

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