Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

Meanwhile Odo was traveling to the embassy with his four new sons. “So, do you boys want names from my homeland?” asked Odo.

That would be so cool dad!” replied the eleven year old boy.

You boys are so beautiful the way you are, riding naked with me in the car.” smiled Odo.

Why aren't you naked daddy?” asked the nine year old.

Well, I did tell my staff that we would be following the customs of Orgasmia, but I just got off the plane.” replied Odo, as Aaron smiled back from the front seat. “I haven't had the chance to make myself comfortable yet.”

Before Odo knew what was happening, he had four giggling boys undressing him. Once Odo was naked too, the twelve year old said, “Okay dad, you're naked just like us now! We have a very beautiful dad too! Now, are you going to name us?”

Okay sons.” smiled Odo. “Let's start with my eight year old son. Your name will be Mabula. My nine year old son will be Dembe, and my eleven year old son will be Ahonya. And for my oldest son, I have a special name picked out for you. You will be Udeme, named after my youngest brother who died when he was very young. I hope my sons are happy with their new names.”

They are great names dad!” replied Udeme.

Odo's staff did not know that he was serious about following the customs of Orgasmia, until he showed up at the embassy naked, with four naked and laughing boys.

Daddy, why isn't the lady at your reception counter naked too?” asked Dembe.

I don't know son.” replied Odo. “I did tell all of my staff that they would be expected top follow the customs here before they accepted the assignment. Why are you still clothed Miss Rashini?”

I'm sorry Mister Ambassador, we didn't know that you were serious about not wearing our clothes.” replied Miss Rashini. “I will make sure the entire staff realizes that you were.”

Thank you Miss Rashini.” replied Odo. “We do want to respect the customs of our gracious hosts. The one thing they were most concerned about was that people coming in from other lands would not respect their customs, and cause changes to their way of life. We don't want them to think that they might have been right.”

Yes sir, I understand.” replied Miss Rashini.

As the receptionist began to strip, she had four curious boys watching her. Her golden tanned Indian body was smooth and without any blemishes, and she had very ample breasts. Odo saw the boys watching, and chuckled.

You boys are from our dimension!” laughed Odo. “Haven't you ever seen a naked woman before?”

Back at home, people were very shy about being naked in front of other people.” replied Ahonya. “I have heard of magazines that have naked people in them, but they were illegal. Our government thought they led to sexual persuasion.”

He meant perversion!” laughed Udeme. “I have seen those magazines, but they never did as much for me as they did for my friends. This is the first time I've seen a live naked woman before though.”

And?” asked Odo inquisitively.

It still doesn't do much for me, although it is interesting.” replied Dembe. “Miss Rashini is nice looking for a woman.”

I take it that all of your sons are gay.” said Miss Rashini, after she had finished undressing.

Yes, they were in the group of boys in the Alliance that were identified as homosexual by genetic testing, and rounded up for execution.” replied Odo.

You mean mass murder, don't you Mister Ambassador?” asked Miss Rashini.

Yes, that's what it would have been, if the people from Orgasmia had not rescued them in time.” replied Odo.

How could a government murder young boys as sweet as these?” asked Miss Rashini, as she pulled the two youngest boys into a hug on her lap.

Do you really think we're sweet?” asked Mabula, as the side of his head rested against Miss Rashini's right breast.

When Dembe rested the side of his head against her other breast, and gave his brother a playful kiss, Miss Rashini replied, “Very sweet. You two young ones are very adorable the way you are right now.”

Be careful Miss Rashini.” laughed Odo. “My boys are filled with a need for affection. You may end up being adopted as their nanny!”

I could think of worse things.” smiled Miss Rashini, who then scooted the boys back to their dad with a gentle pat on their butts.

Odo then took the boys up to his quarters, and settled them in. Since there were two bedrooms there besides his, Odo put Mabula and Dembe in one, and Ahonya and Udeme in the other. Then he told the boys to be ready to go to Aaron's that evening for dinner, after he had showered and relaxed a few minutes from the trip. When he went to Ahonya and Udeme's room, the boys were ready and eager to go. When he went to Mabula and Dembe's room, he stopped in the doorway and stared in fascination. The two boys were on one bed together, playfully licking and sucking each other.

Odo finally asked, “Are my two youngest sons in love with each other?”

Both boys took one last lick at the head of each other's dick, then sat up and smiled at their dad. “Neither one of us want to be in love with anyone yet.” replied Dembe. “We're too young for that yet. We just like doing this with ourselves and any other boys who will do it. It feels very nice.”

I could tell!” chuckled Odo. “You two boys looked like you were having quite a bit of fun there, and I'm happy you were enjoying yourselves. Now let's get ready to go. There will be quite a few other boys where we're going, and you may make some nice new friends to have fun with.”

Yay!” exclaimed both boys together.

The dinner at Aaron's was a chance for three families to meet each other, and get to know each other better. There was Aaron and Mongo's family, Odo's family, and Rudi and Gerhardt's family. Aaron introduced his rather extended family first, which included Spaz and Twinkie, and their husbands and families.

I'll start with our sons who live at home first.” said Aaron. “The baby is Ray. Then we have Spike, Shorty, Boy, Cutie, Sparky, Valentino, Scooter, Angel, and Butch and Cosmo, who are married. Butch and Cosmo live here with their sons, and they are Adam, Christopher, Angelo, and Peter. My two sons who are married and live with their families are Spaz and his husband Cary, and Twinkie and his husband Robert. Spaz and Cary's sons are Ramble, Button, Pete, Noah, Steven, and William. Twinkie and Robert's sons are Speedy, Loopy, and David. Now, let's have Rudi and Gerhardt introduce their family.”

I don't have quite as hard of a job here as Aaron had!” laughed Rudi. “Our four sons are Uri, Gunther, Gregori, and Hans.”

Finally Odo said, “Hello everyone, my four new beautiful sons are Mabula, Dembe, Ahonya, and Udeme. They all were very eager to have names from my homeland.”

All of the adults smiled at having so many boys together at dinner. Spike and Shorty had been busy making their special salad dressing again, and had gotten a few of Spaz's older sons to help out. Noah thought it was funny to cum into a jar with the other boys, then serve it as salad dressing. Aaron did make sure Spike and Shorty told everyone what the special dressing was though, but all of the men there seemed eager to have their salad topped with the boys' special dressing. Noah giggled as he watched the men eat his and the other boys' cum on their salad, then he took the jar and poured some of the pearly cream onto his salad.

This is the best salad I've ever tasted!” exclaimed Noah, which made everyone snicker.

Not one drop of the dressing was left after dinner was over, and everyone thanked the boys involved for making the best dressing in the world. After dinner, Mabula and Dembe introduced themselves better to Spaz and Cary's son Steven.

Hi, I'm Mabula and this is my brother Dembe.” said Mabula, as he reached down to handle Steven's dick. “You look really nice. Can we be friends?”

Sure, but I have to tell you guys that I can't cum yet.” replied Steven, who then reached down to play with Mabula's dick.

That's okay, we can't either!” giggled Dembe, as he joined his brother in playing with Steven's dick. “It feels nice to play with them though.”

Yeah, I guess it does.” smiled Steven, as he took Dembe's dick in his other hand. “If we want cum, we can always come over here for salad.”

That made both of Odo's boys giggle, which Steven thought was cute. Then Dembe said, “Let's go find a bed to play on!”

The boys asked Spike and Shorty if they could use their bed, then ran off upstairs giggling madly. As soon as the boys sat in a circle on the bed, Dembe began playing with Steven's dick, while Mabula began playing with Dembe's dick. Steven smiled warmly at the two very cute and playful boys, and began playing with Mabula's dick.

As Mabula began to stiffen, he said, “Mine only does that every once in a while. You're making it feel really nice Steven. Dembe's is starting to stiffen like that quite often now though.”

Mine gets stiff a lot too.” replied Steven. “Sometimes it gets so stiff that it gets sore, but I still can't cum yet. Everyone says it should start soon though.”

It would be nice if you had your first cum with us!” smiled Dembe. “Would you like to lay back so I can suck it?”

Only if I can suck Mabula while you do it.” replied Steven.

Cool!” exclaimed Mabula. “That would be fun!”

As Dembe began sucking Steven, Mabula straddled Steven's face. Steven reached out with his tongue, and pulled Mabula's cute little dick into his mouth. Mabula wasted no time in moaning softly in pleasure, as no one had ever made him feel as good as Steven was. Dembe could tell his younger brother was feeling good, so he reached up and pushed one finger into Mabula's butt. That made Mabula gasp, and Dembe was almost ready to pull his finger out, thinking it was hurting him.

Thank you so much Dembe!” moaned Mabula. “Your finger inside me while Steven is sucking me feels so good!”

Dembe smiled as much as he could while sucking Steven, and began to softly thrust his finger in and out of Mabula.

After ten minutes, Mabula called out, “Something weird is happening! Oh no, I think I'm going to pee!”

Steven heard that, and knew what it meant. He also knew that Mabula would try to pull his dick out of his mouth. Steven grabbed Mabula's hips with both hands, and held the boy to his face. Then Steven sucked Mabula's dick as intensely as he could. Mabula being unable to pull out of Steven's mouth, finally let his pee go. Then he realized that he wasn't peeing, but he couldn't explain what was happening. Mabula's first dry orgasm was so intense that the boy moaned out loudly, then went limp over Steven's face. Mabula was still conscious, but too weak to move. Steven finally managed to roll the boy over beside him, and back down in the bed a bit.

How was your first dry orgasm?” asked Steven breathlessly, as he smiled into Mabula's eyes.

Is that what that was?” asked Mabula weakly.

As Steven was ready to answer, a strange feeling came over him as well. “Oh shit, I don't think this one is going to be dry!” gasped Steven.

Dembe heard that, and began sucking Steven as hard as he could. Steven began moaning loudly in short bursts, then convulsed as his first wet orgasm hit him hard. Dembe hungrily sucked as much of Steven's first cum out of him as he could, until he was sure Steven could make no more. Now it was Steven who was laying helplessly on the bed, unable to even speak. By the time Dembe had climbed up in the bed next to Steven and Mabula, Mabula's strength had begun to return. Mabula laid across Steven's crotch, and began sucking Dembe's dick. Steven watched Mabula suck his brother quietly, with a smile on his face. Finally, Mabula was able to suck a dry orgasm from his brother. Then the three boys laid there, in a three way hug.

That is just so cute!” exclaimed Shorty, as he and Spike came in. “You three belong together!”

After what happened this evening, I'd love that!” replied Steven happily. Then Steven pulled Dembe and Mabula up on top of him, so he could look them both in the eyes, and asked, “What about it guys? Can the three of us be boyfriends?”

I'd like that very much Steven.” smiled Dembe.

Me too!” replied Mabula eagerly. “And I get to swallow your cum the next time!”

So, you had your first cum tonight Steven?” asked Spike. “That's great! We should go down and tell everyone, so we can celebrate!”

Everyone at Aaron's house had a great time celebrating Steven's first wet orgasm, and Odo thought his two youngest boys and Steven looked very nice together, especially when they kissed in front of everyone. He could tell the boys were proud to be gay, and it made him very happy.

Mike and Denny's family was also celebrating that night. Soon their two youngest sons would be getting married, then they would all be moving to Celestia. Mike and Denny had already gone to the housing board, and picked out a beautiful new home in Celestia, and the boys had spent the week packing. Billy and Chris were the most excited though, on the night before they were to get married.

The next day the movers showed up as everyone was getting ready for the wedding. Aaron and his family was there for the ceremony, as well as Wes's and Bobby's family. Since the time that all of the newest boys had arrived in Orgasmia, Wes and Bobby had adopted four of them. The oldest one named Cool had become a bit of a handful at fourteen. Since coming to a more open and accepting society, he had become a bit of a sex addict, and no one was immune from his advances. He even bragged about having sex with half the kids in his grade at school, and quite a few of the older kids.

The ceremony was very beautiful, and everyone enjoyed seeing the two young boys pledge their lives to each other. Billy and Chris enjoyed making as much of a show out of it as possible too. By the time the ceremony was over, they even had the official performing it getting erect. The two boys shared a very long and passionate kiss in front of everyone to end the ceremony. Then they looked each other in the eyes dreamily.

Billy, I love you more than I can ever explain.” said Chris. “I love the thought that you are now my husband, and we're going to be sharing our lives forever.”

I could have never dreamed of a better day than this Chris.” said Billy. “I love being married to you, and looking at you now as my husband for the rest of our lives.”

Then as everyone began the reception party, Mike came up to the two boys and said, “You are both making me very proud to be your dad right now. I have never seen two people who share more love for each other, and I'm going to make sure you are both always happy with what you've done today.”

Thanks dad, we love you too.” smiled Chris. “I wish we had been born with you as our dad, but you are now and that's all that matters.”

Yeah, I could never think of anyone as our daddies except you and our Daddy Denny.” said Billy, as he grinned adorably. “You two should be daddies for every kid in the world!”

Sometimes it feels like we are!” laughed Mike, as he was joined by Billy's and Chris's giggles.

As the reception was winding down, Mike had to go to his office briefly to make sure he had wrapped up everything there. Then a call came in from the intake facility. One of the boys there had had an accident, and they didn't want to move him until a doctor had arrived. Mike grabbed what he might need, and rushed right out to the hotel. He was met at the entrance by Terrence. As they went to where the injured boy was, Terrence explained to Mike that the boy had fallen from the second floor balcony, which was why they didn't want to move him yet.

Hi son, what's your name?” asked Mike, as he knelt down beside the boy who was laying on his back.

My parents in my old dimension had named me Patsy.” replied the boy. “They felt I was too trusting and gullible.”

Well son, I don't believe there's any such thing as that.” smiled Mike, as he began checking the boy over. “Now, how did you manage to fall from the balcony?”

I don't really know.” replied the boy. “There were some other boys playing up there, and I felt someone bump me hard. Then I went over the railing before I could catch myself.”

It's my fault sir.” said one of the boys standing around the injured boy. “Me and my brother were playing, and I guess we weren't paying attention to what we were doing. I feel really awful that Patsy got hurt!” Then the boy began to cry a little bit.

I know you didn't mean it son, please don't cry.” said Mike. “What's your name?”

My parents never named me or my brother.” replied the boy. “They never thought we deserved names, unless we had done something to make them mad.”

That's terrible!” said Mike.

Mister, is my brother Patsy going to be okay?” asked a boy, who looked to be about five.

I'm going to do everything I can to make sure of it son.” smiled Mike. “What's your name?”

I'm Squeaky.” replied the boy.

Our parents thought his voice sounded too squeaky.” added Patsy.

Okay Patsy, your vital signs seem to be okay.” said Mike. “Your heart is beating a bit fast, but that's probably from falling off the balcony. Do you hurt anywhere?”

Not really, but my right leg feels kind of numb.” replied Patsy.

Mike took a pointed instrument, and poked Patsy in the soles of his feet. Patsy's left leg responded to the poke, which told Mike he still had feeling in his legs. When Patsy's right leg responded, the boy cried out in pain. Then Mike began to carefully check Patsy's right leg. He got to a spot where the bone felt broken, and Patsy cried out again.

Okay, let's not disturb your right leg any more than we have to.” said Mike. “Can you move your left leg, and keep your right leg completely still?”

I think so.” replied Patsy, who then lifted his left leg slightly.

Okay, I think all you have is a broken leg then Patsy.” said Mike. “I'm going to have you taken to my office, so I can fix it up for you.”

Can I go too mister?” asked Squeaky.

Sure you can son.” smiled Mike, as he put an arm around the young boy.

Can we go too sir?” asked the boy who had bumped Patsy. “Me and my brother feel responsible for this, and we want to make sure he'll be okay.”

Okay boys, you can go too.” smiled Mike.

I don't think you boys are to blame.” said Terrence. “The real problem is that it's still just a bit too crowded here.”

Mike was now starting to have fond feelings toward the four boys, so he asked, “If it's that much of a problem Terrence, could I keep these four boys with me and my family?”

You already have a very large family though Mike.” replied Terrence.

Yes, but I'm sure that Denny and I have enough love to share with four more boys who really seem to need it.” replied Mike. “I promise that we can handle it.”

Please Mister Terrence, can we have a family?” asked Patsy.

Please???” begged all four boys together.

Okay everyone, but only because I believe Mike can handle it.” chuckled Terrence. “Mike and his family are getting ready to move to Celestia though. Is that what you four boys want?”

It doesn't matter where we live, as long as we have a family again!” replied the boy who had bumped Patsy. “And Patsy, this is how sorry I am that I hurt my new brother.”

The boy then leaned over, and placed his lips against Patsy's. While the boy gave Patsy a tender and loving kiss, Mike decided to use the preoccupation to put a splint on Patsy's leg. Then the ambulance crew came in and carefully put Patsy on a stretcher. The other three boys followed Mike excitedly out to his vehicle after Mike signed for all four boys, and they followed the ambulance back to the medical facility. Once Mike finally had Patsy's leg set in a cast, it was time to take the four boys home, and introduce them to their new family.

Denny was a little worried about Mike, until he saw him coming up to the door with four new boys. Denny chuckled as he met Mike and the boys at the door, and asked, “Can't you get out of my site without adding to our family my love?”

I guess not!” laughed Mike. “Boys, this is my husband and you other new dad, Denny. Denny, the boy on the crutches is Patsy, but I think we need to give him a new name. The smallest one is Patsy's brother Squeaky, and the other two were never given names by their parents.”

Denny gave each of the four boys a hug, then said, “Welcome to your new home sons. Don't get too used to it though, because we're leaving for Celestia in the morning. Now, come on in so we can do something about your names, and introduce you to your twenty new brothers.”

The boys were very well accepted by all of the kids in the house, who seemed to like the idea of even more brothers joining their family. The new boys weren't too shocked at Corey and William being married, but they were curious about William. None of them had ever seen such a dark skinned boy before. They were however shocked that Chris and Billy had just gotten married that day, even though it was easy to see how much the two new husbands loved each other. Then everyone sat down on the living room floor together except Patsy. Mike had to run over to Aaron's quickly and get a folding chair for him.

Okay, let's name the two boys who don't have names yet first.” said Mike. “They are brothers. The oldest one is thirteen, and the other one is nine.”

How about Darrien for the oldest one?” suggested Ash.

I like that!” smiled the boy. “It sounds very nice.”

Okay then, Darrien it is.” said Mike. “Is that okay Denny?”

It's perfect.” replied Denny. “I couldn't have come up with a nicer name.”

Good, now how about Darrien's nine year old brother?” asked Mike.

Denny finally broke the silence, and said, “I think Shawn would be a good name for him. How about it son, do you like the name Shawn?”

Yeah, I like that name!” replied the boy, who was now named Shawn. “Thanks for giving me and my brother Darrien such nice names!”

It's our pleasure Shawn.” replied Mike as he gave the boy a light hug. “Now, we really need to rename Patsy and Squeaky. Squeaky isn't as bad as Patsy, but both names are kind of derogatory. I was thinking we could name Patsy after my father, John.”

That would be great dear.” said Denny. “Would you like to be John instead of Patsy son?”

I'd love that!” replied Patsy, who was now named John. “Now, what about my little brother?”

I kind of like the name Squeaky.” said John's brother.

Are you sure?” asked Mike. “Your voice is going to change as you get older, and that name won't fit you at all then.”

I have an idea Squeaky.” said Denny. “We can let you keep that as a nickname if you like it, but we can name you after my father for your real name. His name is Alexander. That way, when you do outgrow the nickname Squeaky, you'll have a real name to go to. Is that okay son?”

Sure, I guess so.” replied Squeaky.

Everything was then all set for Mike's and Denny's four new sons, John, Alexander, Darrien, and Shawn. The evening was spent getting to know the new boys, and by the boys already living with Mike and Denny giving their new brothers plenty of hugs and kisses to welcome them as brothers.

Okay, Mike and Denny's family is set now, I promise. lol. I apologize for the delay in updates. The situation I was living in became unbearable, and the people I was living with were acting more like my captors every day. I had to move out on my own suddenly, and reestablish contact with the internet. I am now on my own, and doing much better. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.