Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

Okay, let's name the two boys who don't have names yet first.” said Mike. “They are brothers. The oldest one is thirteen, and the other one is nine.”

How about Darrien for the oldest one?” suggested Ash.

I like that!” smiled the boy. “It sounds very nice.”

Okay then, Darrien it is.” said Mike. “Is that okay Denny?”

It's perfect.” replied Denny. “I couldn't have come up with a nicer name.”

Good, now how about Darrien's nine year old brother?” asked Mike.

Denny finally broke the silence, and said, “I think Shawn would be a good name for him. How about it son, do you like the name Shawn?”

Yeah, I like that name!” replied the boy, who was now named Shawn. “Thanks for giving me and my brother Darrien such nice names!”

It's our pleasure Shawn.” replied Mike as he gave the boy a light hug. “Now, we really need to rename Patsy and Squeaky. Squeaky isn't as bad as Patsy, but both names are kind of derogatory. I was thinking we could name Patsy after my father, John.”

That would be great dear.” said Denny. “Would you like to be John instead of Patsy son?”

I'd love that!” replied Patsy, who was now named John. “Now, what about my little brother?”

I kind of like the name Squeaky.” said John's brother.

Are you sure?” asked Mike. “Your voice is going to change as you get older, and that name won't fit you at all then.”

I have an idea Squeaky.” said Denny. “We can let you keep that as a nickname if you like it, but we can name you after my father for your real name. His name is Alexander. That way, when you do outgrow the nickname Squeaky, you'll have a real name to go to. Is that okay son?”

Sure, I guess so.” replied Squeaky.

Everything was then all set for Mike's and Denny's four new sons, John, Alexander, Darrien, and Shawn. The evening was spent getting to know the new boys, and by the boys already living with Mike and Denny giving their new brothers plenty of hugs and kisses to welcome them as brothers.

The next stop for Billy and Jerry was weird. On the planet they had just arrived at, men outnumbered women by four to one. Men and women used to be evenly split, but the men there had learned to manipulate DNA shortly after conception, so they could control the sex of their offspring. The reason they began doing it was that their planet faced a severe over-population problem at one point. By controlling the sex of their offspring at a two to one ratio, they had managed to halt the problem. With more men than women though, the men soon began to discover how enjoyable it was to have sex with other men. Even men with a female mate would often have a male lover on the side, and soon having a female mate was done merely for breeding. When the men decided to go to a four to one ratio, they faced a moral dilemma of raising their male children in a mostly homosexual environment. The women and a few men felt it was unfair to the child to be raised in such an environment. The number of men who felt having sex with other men was better though did hold a majority. A compromise was finally reached where each woman would have four male mates, and the ratio of males would be increased to four to one. Eventually all of the males in the society began getting used to enjoying sex with other men, and having sex with their female mate merely for breeding. By the present day, the dissenters had dwindled to the point where the society was getting ready to go to a six to one ratio, and homosexual activity was seen as completely normal for all men to practice. Jerry and Billy were now meeting with their representative named Rashund.

How do you justify to opposition that raising your males as mostly homosexual is right?” asked Jerry. “We live in a society of nothing but males, and that is still a problem for us.”

Nothing but males huh?” laughed Rashund. “It sounds like a paradise, as long as you can figure out a way for males to reproduce!”

We've actually worked that problem out.” said Billy. “I'm carrying Jerry's son right now.”

Then you do live in a paradise, and I am very envious.” replied Rashund. “As for justifying our customs to our people, it is no longer necessary. Males having sex with other males is now our way of life. Most households have five mates now, one female and four male. The males generally take turns mating with the female, then spend the rest of their sexual relations with the other males in the household. We use to have males who would balk at having sex with another male, but that hasn't existed for a few generations now. Homosexuality is a way of life here now, and our offspring have no reason to know any different. It is accepted and enjoyed by our males as soon as they become sexually active. You live in a society of nothing but males, so how will your sons know of any different customs?”

That's my argument, but there are still others who disagree.” said Jerry.

Okay then, let's take another approach here.” said Rashund. “Most of your people believe their species evolved from a lower species known as apes, right?”

Yes.” replied Jerry.

Do any of them miss being apes, and think it's wrong to raise their young as people?” asked Rashund.

I would hope not!” laughed Jerry.

We're talking about the same thing here Jerry.” said Rashund. “None of your people know what it was like when people were still apes. Being people is all they know, and there's nothing to miss about being an ape. If your society is completely homosexual, your sons won't know what it would mean to be heterosexual. They would have no recollection of it, and no experience with it. The only thing they would know would be homosexuality, and it would be completely normal for them from birth. There really is no argument against making it possible for your people to breed because you live in a homosexual society, because your people know nothing else. If you would like, I could put together a delegation to travel back to your home world with you, and help you talk some sense into your leaders. I'm sure I would have no problem finding a group of men who would love to see an all male society!”

We'd love to consider you our friends Rashund, and host your group on our world!” replied Jerry. “Can you be ready by the time Jarrel is ready to return home?”

I have a ship standing by at my disposal, and can follow yours as soon as you are ready.” replied Rashund. “I think it might take me all of a half hour to put together a delegation to meet with your leaders.”

As the men got up, Jerry gave Rashund a hug and said, “Thank you so much for your help Rashund. I know our people will someday see this as a crucial moment in our history.”

We have another custom for thanking someone Jerry.” replied Rashund. Rashund then put his lips against Jerry's, and gave Jerry a very warm kiss. When Rashund broke the kiss, he said, “You are very welcome Jerry, and I hope our people can be good friends.”

When Mike and Denny's family left for Celestia the next morning, they realized a problem with now having twenty four sons. Their two vehicles held a total of twenty four, and their family now totaled twenty six. Chris and Billy eagerly agreed to sit in each other's laps all the way to Celestia. Then William and Corey followed suit. William climbed in next to Billy sitting on Chris's lap, with Chris already playing with Billy's dick.

Now I can see why you two were so eager to volunteer!” laughed William. “You two are going to look so cute doing that all the way to Celestia. Corey and I did have an idea similar to that though.” William put some lube in his hand, then stroked his cock to an erection. Then William said, “Okay Corey, I'm ready for you to have a seat.”

This is going to be a fun trip!” smiled Corey.

Billy and Chris watched in awe as Corey climbed in, lined up William's cock to his pucker, then sat down and impaled himself on William's cock. Once Corey was fully seated in William's lap, he leaned back into William's chest and moaned softly.

This is going to be an incredible trip!” moaned Corey in pleasure, as William wrapped his arms around Corey's waist.

As Mike and Denny drove by the intake center on the way out of Orgasmia City, the six boys they had rescued from there looked out the window with mixed feelings. They had made a few friends there, but they weren't going to miss not having a family. Then all of the boys looked out the other side, at the park they were passing by for the last time.

Mike noticed a few long faces in his vehicle, so he said, “Don't worry boys. They have another park like this in Celestia, since it's mostly a resort anyway, and I hear it's even better. And the best part is that our new home is only about a mile away from it.”

That had the desired effect of making all of the boys in Mike's vehicle happy, as the same scene played out in Denny's vehicle. As they left the entertainment district, they also left Orgasmia City behind them. The next fifteen miles was a beautifully groomed and sparsely populated countryside setting, for those who wanted to be close to Orgasmia City without living in the city. The first town they came to was called Tranquility, and was a transition town between the Capital city, and the farming district. At the main intersection in Tranquility if you turned right, you would go to Orgasmia's manufacturing center in the town called Progresso, nestled against the mountains off in the distance. To the left was Orgasmia's coastal road, which ran to the southeast upon reaching the coast. That road led to Orgasmia's southernmost town called Tropicana. Straight ahead though was the open plain of Orgasmia's farming district, and eventually the eastern coast and Celestia. The towns along this road were very strategically placed. At midday, Mike and Denny came across the first town since Tranquility, which was named Respite. After a nice lunch break, and a chance for everyone to stretch their legs, the trip resumed. Chris and Billy switched positions, as did Corey and William. William had orgasmed twice with Corey sitting in his lap all morning, and now smiled as he impaled himself on Corey's cock.

The next town wasn't until around nightfall, and was the agricultural center named Plains City. It was larger than Tranquility and Respite both combined, since it was the agricultural center and a stopping point for those traveling between Orgasmia City and Celestia. Mike and Denny found a hotel that could accommodate all of them, and prepared to rest for the night.

I guess everyone stops here!” laughed Mike, as he pointed to the moving van he recognized from the day before. “I hope they're not trying to beat us there.”

As planned out as this road is, I'd be willing to bet we both get there at the exact same time.” laughed Denny.

After dinner, and everyone had settled in for the night, Mike walked by outside all of the rooms, to make sure all of the boys were settled in for the night. He smiled as he heard soft moans of pleasure coming from every room, before returning to his husband to make love that night.

As Mike and Denny began day two of their trek across Orgasmia, Aaron was meeting with Rudi and Odo. Both men's countries had space programs, although the Afro Asia program was a bit more advanced. But while the Afro Asia program was currently at a halt, the Euro Russia program had continued, and they had a few satellites orbiting back in their dimension.

As you guys know, we are resuming our space program.” said Aaron. “It has been halted for one hundred years though, so it's being a bit of a slow start for us. On top of that, we've had no advancement in the program in that time. If both of your countries are willing, I'd like all three of us to work together.”

You don't even have to ask Aaron.” replied Rudi. “We would love to help bring you back up to speed on space aeronautics.”

It would be very good for us too.” replied Odo. “Our country was on the verge of researching travel at light speed when our program was halted due to lack of funds. Since you have no monetary system here, there wouldn't be any financial roadblocks to us joining you in our research.”

That's good, because I would like to see all three of our countries traveling to other planets together on ships that are built and manned by all three of us.” said Aaron. “If you'll get my proposal to your leaders, I'd like for us to start on this joint program as soon as possible. Our space program is located in the city of Celestia, and I'll give both of you information on the city, to share with any of your people who may be interested in coming here to work on the program.”

Good, I think I can get our leader's approval and have our first group here in two weeks.” replied Rudi.

And I can have our first group ready in one week.” replied Odo. “Our researchers and engineers have just been waiting around for our program to resume, which could have taken a long time without your help.”

Meanwhile out in space, Jarrel and Raven's mission was now complete, and they were returning to Earth with Jerry and Billy's new friend Rashund following in his ship.

So, have you told your friend Rashund about interdimensional travel yet?” asked Jarrel.

I didn't know if he would take Billy and I seriously if we had.” replied Jerry. “I thought we'd spring that one on him when we returned to Earth.”

You friend Rashund is going to have the surprise of his life waiting for him on Earth then!” laughed Raven.

Back on Earth, Mike and Denny were now well into their second day of travel with their family. After a midday stop in the town of Hope, Mike and Denny began hearing the dreaded calls of, “Are we there yet?” Mike finally came up with a good idea though, and began using his navigation system to call out the miles remaining every fifteen minutes. When Mike began calling out numbers lower than one hundred miles, all of the kids began getting excited.

When Mike called out ten miles, Billy called out, “I have to pee!”

We're only ten miles from our new home baby, can't you wait?” asked Mike.

No daddy, I really have to pee!” replied Billy.

As Mike made a quick stop for Billy beside the road, the other boys moaned and groaned over the stop being so close to their new home. Billy shook the last drops off the end of his dick, climbed back in over Corey and William, and said, “Thanks daddy, I couldn't have held it ten more miles!”

It's no problem my cute little baby boy!” smiled Mike from behind the wheel.

All of the boys loved the city of Celestia from their very first view of it. The streets were very clean, and very beautifully landscaped. The homes were very nice too, and got nicer as they got closer to their new home. Mike let the navigation system guide him to the address he had, and was in awe as he pulled into the right address. The house looked like a mansion right out of the pages of Gone With The Wind, and was beautiful and spotless on the outside. After Mike sat up access to the house for all of the boys, the moving van pulled in.

I guess you were right honey!” laughed Mike to Denny.

Mike, Denny, and the boys went on in, and found the inside to be just as clean and beautiful as the outside. Meanwhile, the movers were preparing to unload everything, as soon as they found out where everything went.

Geez dad, how many rooms does this place have?” asked Stephen, with his arm around his boyfriend Tiny.

Well son, the description I got from the housing board says that it has a kitchen, utility room with laundry, a breakfast bar that separates the kitchen and formal dining room, an informal dining room that can be opened up into the formal dining room, living room, family room, study, den, fourteen bedrooms including the master bedroom suite, and four and a half bathrooms.” replied Mike. “I guess they wanted to make sure we had enough room.”

I'll say they did honey!” laughed Denny.

Let's go pick out our room before anyone else Tiny!” said Stephen excitedly, as Mike and Denny laughed.

Does that mean we only have to share a room with one other person dads?” asked John, as he smiled over now having two dads.

Yes son, only one other person in your room.” replied Mike as he smiled, and ruffled John's hair.

As the kids began pairing up and picking out rooms, Mike and Denny began showing the movers where to put everything. John smiled brightly as Darrien approached him, and asked him to be his roommate. Soon the kids had broken down into chasing each other through the huge house, and the movers had to dodge them a few times. Mike apologized, and he and Denny began telling all of the kids to give the movers plenty of room.

Once the movers finally finished, the man in charge went to Mike and said, “Sir, I love boys too, and I mean I really love boys, but you and your husband must be sadists. How many boys do you have running around here anyway?”

Twenty four!” replied Mike proudly.

Well, I do admire a man with courage!” laughed the mover. “Good luck to you sir, and I hope you and your family have good fortune here in Celestia.”

Once the movers were gone, Denny realized he would have to do a lot of shopping the next day, while Mike checked in at the hospital. When all of the kids wanted to go too, Denny knew he would have to stop by the local transportation facility to pick up a couple of trailers. Corey and William would have to drive the second vehicle, after Denny returned from dropping Mike off at the hospital.

The next day, Aaron received confirmation that Euro-Russia and Afro-Asia both wanted to join their space program, so Aaron called the space facility in Celestia and told them to get ready to put their program into full gear. After Denny dropped Mike off, and gave him a passionate good-bye kiss, he returned to a house full of boys who were eager to go shopping. All of the talk around Celestia that morning was of the announcement from Orgasmia City that the space program was going into full gear, and that Celestia was now ready to take on a very important roll in Orgasmia's future.

The larger items that Denny picked up that morning, such as a new king sized bed for Chris and his husband Billy, would be delivered later that day. That left one trailer to be loaded with furnishings for all of the new rooms, which with the help of all of the boys was filled quickly. The other trailer would be loaded with food and other personal items for everyone in the house. With twenty four sons now, it didn't take long to fill that trailer either. Once Denny and the boys returned home, the human conveyor line of twenty four boys went into action. Both trailers were unloaded in just under an hour. Then Denny went down the line, and gave each boy a brief, sweet, and fatherly kiss on their lips.

Mike and I love our sons very much.” said Denny to all of the boys. “You all act like brothers in every sense of the word, and you work together like the perfect family. We could never ask for twenty four any more perfect sons. Now as a reward for working together so well today, tomorrow I'm taking all of you to the park down the street. You can wait until the day after tomorrow to start school.”

The chorus of “Yay!” from all of the boys was deafening. It was also music to Denny's ears. He could have never imagined that being a father could be so good as when he looked at the faces of twenty four happy sons. Every one of them went up to Denny, and gave him a warm and loving hug too.

After the Council met that day, Aaron and Wes got a chance to talk. With everything that had been happening, they hadn't had a chance to do that much lately. “So Wes, how's everything going with you and Bobby?” asked Aaron.

We're doing great.” replied Wes. “Having a family now has made Bobby and I closer than we've ever been.”

How are your facilitators doing?” asked Aaron. “I know it seems like the Council has been approving a lot of first contacts lately.”

Yes, we have.” replied Wes. “My facilitators are happy to make first contact with as many people as we need to though. It keeps them all pretty busy these days, but they all love it too. I was talking to Robert, and it's probably a good thing the facilitators are as busy as they are. He was contacted by Euro-Russia, and they told him the Alliance was ready to send a group of fifty thousand to them, mostly gay boys. They wanted to know if Robert could take ten thousand of them to come here.”

Well, I think I might be able to help Robert out.” said Aaron. “The new adoption board in Plains City has asked if we could send boys there to be placed. I guess the farmers of central Orgasmia would love to start raising families out there on their farms.”

That would be great!” replied Wes. “I grew up on a farm myself, and I have a few very fond memories of my childhood. How many boys would they want?”

At least five thousand, but I'll see if I can talk them into more.” replied Aaron. “We'll have the entire country covered with boys before much longer, especially when Jerry and Billy return.”

How is that going?” asked Wes.

I heard from Jarrel's dimension yesterday.” replied Aaron. “Jarrel's ship is on its way back to Earth now, and Jerry is bringing visitors along with him. He also said that Billy is now carrying his son.”

I know a lot of couples in Orgasmia will be excited to hear that!” said Wes. “I hope Jerry's visitors can help convince the Council to proceed with his plan.”

Yes, that would be good.” replied Aaron. “Butch and Cosmo are happy with the boys they've adopted, but Cosmo wants very much to give birth to a few sons for Butch. It's amazing how eager some of the men are to be carrying their husband's sons inside them. Heck, I wouldn't even mind having a son or two for Mongo.”

Well, any boy would be happy to have had you carrying him inside you for nine months Aaron!” chuckled Wes. “I know what you mean though. Bobby told me that he'd love for me to make him pregnant, and have a few more sons for me. To be honest, I would love the idea of Bobby carrying my sons inside him. I'd love to lay with my ear against Bobby abdomen, and listen to our son grow inside him.”

Maybe soon.” smiled Aaron.

The next day in Celestia was a good one for Denny. He smiled proudly as he and his twenty four sons went through the gate at the nearby park. While the older boys got in line right away for the fastest coaster in the park, Denny took the younger ones who were too small to a ride they could get onto.

As Corey and William waited with the older boys for the big ride, Corey said, “This looks like it's going to be a fun ride!”

Not as fun as this ride though.” replied William.

William took a small tube from the pouch tied around his waist, and lubed his cock as Corey smiled and braced both hands on the railings. When Corey leaned over slightly, William placed his cock up to Corey's hole and pushed.

Oh God William!” moaned Corey, as the men and boys around them watched and smiled. “Nothing could ever beat this ride!”

William wrapped his arms around Corey's torso and began thrusting as he smiled. Every once in a while William would have to stop, and hold his cock deep inside Corey as they moved forward in the line. Just before they left the queue maze, and began to approach the platform, William laid his head down against Corey's back and began thrusting faster. Several strangers then leaned in closer, and watched in anticipation as William's orgasm approached. Both boys moaned loudly as William filled Corey's rectum with his cum. As soon as William's orgasm was over, several people complimented Corey and William on the great show they put on. Then the boys moved ahead again, as some of William's cum trickled out of Cory's anus and down his leg. When they stopped again just before entering the platform, William knelt down to clean his husband.

While William was taking care of Corey, Darrien put his arms around John. “John, I'd love to be able to make it up to you for knocking you over that railing and breaking your arm. You're a very beautiful guy, and you deserve to be treated much better than that. I'd love to be your boyfriend, and show you just exactly how well you deserve to be treated. I also want to make love to you tonight, after we get home.”

I'd love to be your boyfriend Darrien.” smiled John. “And don't worry about the accident. At least the nanites dad used on me were able to repair my arm quickly enough for me to ride stuff today.” John gave Darrien a very longing and passionate kiss, then continued, “To be honest, I fell in love with you the second I came to and saw you gazing into my face. I can't wait to make love to you tonight!”

As William lovingly licked the cum from Corey's leg and anus, Corey said, “William, I've heard rumors that it may be possible someday for two men to have a baby together. I want to go through the procedure when it's possible, and give birth to our sons.”

How many sons do you want to have for me Corey?” asked William as he smiled, after finishing cleaning Corey off.

If they're as beautiful as I think they're going to be, as many as you want my love.” smiled Corey.

I'd love to have a house full of boys that are a part of me and you both!” smiled William. “To think that you would give birth to children for me is the greatest feeling in the world!”

Well, it seems that news is spreading quickly, and Jerry and Billy haven't even returned to Earth yet. Maybe I should point out that Jerry doesn't actually expect men to be able to pass a baby through their anus. I will explain that in a later chapter though, so please don't jump me over it yet. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 9.