Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & DINOSAURS

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

While William was taking care of Corey, Darrien put his arms around John. “John, I'd love to be able to make it up to you for knocking you over that railing and breaking your arm. You're a very beautiful guy, and you deserve to be treated much better than that. I'd love to be your boyfriend, and show you just exactly how well you deserve to be treated. I also want to make love to you tonight, after we get home.”

I'd love to be your boyfriend Darrien.” smiled John. “And don't worry about the accident. At least the nanites dad used on me were able to repair my arm quickly enough for me to ride stuff today.” John gave Darrien a very longing and passionate kiss, then continued, “To be honest, I fell in love with you the second I came to and saw you gazing into my face. I can't wait to make love to you tonight!”

As William lovingly licked the cum from Corey's leg and anus, Corey said, “William, I've heard rumors that it may be possible someday for two men to have a baby together. I want to go through the procedure when it's possible, and give birth to our sons.”

How many sons do you want to have for me Corey?” asked William as he smiled, after finishing cleaning Corey off.

If they're as beautiful as I think they're going to be, as many as you want my love.” smiled Corey.

I'd love to have a house full of boys that are a part of me and you both!” smiled William. “To think that you would give birth to children for me is the greatest feeling in the world!”

I don't think that I'd actually be giving birth to them!” laughed Corey. “I'd hate to think of a baby coming out of my butt!”

Oh man babe, that just hurt me to think about it!” laughed William. “I'm sure they'll come up with a much less painful way to do it though.”

That afternoon outside Orgasmia City, Aaron was spending the afternoon with Mongo and his sons at the dinosaur preserve. Odo also happened to be there with his sons, so he and Aaron talked while they watched the boys play with their Triceratops friends Topper, Sara, and their young dinosaur son Blinky. Aaron still blamed himself for letting Spaz's son William name the animal.

They are magnificent animals, aren't they?” asked Odo.

Yeah, and the Triceratops aren't bad either!” snickered Aaron. “I'm just kidding. I love all of my sons, as I'm sure you do too. I wouldn't trade the life I was brought here for for anything.”

I don't blame you Aaron.” replied Odo. “You have a beautiful husband, and many wonderful sons. I was blessed the day I came here, and you gave me four sons of my own. I'm also happy to be able to see a world where the animals you have here did not become extinct. It's almost funny how Blinky is chasing the boys around like a puppy, and Topper and Sara are just watching all of them play.”

Yeah, they are wonderful animals.” smiled Aaron. “So, are your space people still scheduled to arrive Friday?”

Yes, and we are looking forward to resuming our work with your people.” replied Odo. “I think we will soon be sending missions out among the stars.”

Well, as soon as we have a ship capable of light speed travel, and enough people trained to serve as its crew.” smiled Aaron. “Our scientists are suggesting that we think of opening a Starship Academy soon though. Of course it will be open to applicants from Orgasmia, Afro-Asia, and Euro-Russia. You should have your President prepare your people for that now, as I'm sure the first academy classes will fill up quickly.”

Yes, many will want to serve, but few will be chosen at first.” replied Odo. “We will have to get together with Rudi, and work out a criteria for candidate selection.”

Are my friends talking about me when I'm not here again?” laughed Rudi, as he and his sons approached. “Boys, go join your friends out in the field. Now, what must we discuss?”

We're going to be opening a Starship Academy in Celestia as soon as we can prepare a proper facility.” replied Aaron. “Orgasmia, Afro-Asia, and Euro-Russia should be represented fairly, so we need to come up with guidelines for accepting academy applicants.”

I take it you've dismissed the eenie meenie minie mo system, haven't you?” laughed Rudi.

I suggested rock, paper, and scissors, but he didn't seem interested in that either!” laughed Odo.

Okay, thumb wrestling it is!” laughed Aaron. “Rudi, where is your husband Gerhardt?”

A Brontosaurus wanted his head rubbed, and Gerry just couldn't resist.” smiled Rudi. “He should be along soon though.”

There he is now.” said Aaron as he waved. “Hi Gerhardt, we were just talking about you!”

No wonder my foot itches then!” laughed Gerhardt.

As the men discussed business, and the boys played with Topper, Sara, and Blinky, Denny was having the time of his life with his and Mike's sons in Celestia. That evening after dinner, Mike noticed that Arron was making an announcement along with the ambassadors from Afro-Asia and Euro-Russia.

Good evening everyone, I'm Council President Aaron Baker.” said Aaron. “This broadcast is being sent throughout Orgasmia, as well as through our interdimensional link to Afro-Asia and Euro-Russia. Our three great societies are about to embark on a program to build ships capable of traveling to other solar systems. Since we can routinely travel to other dimensions, we are confident that we will soon be able to travel into deep space. This program will require crews capable of manning our starships, on missions of peace and discovery. We will be opening our joint Starship Academy in the city of Celestia in three months. Applications to the academy will be accepted starting tomorrow morning in all three of our nations. Anyone at or over the age of sixteen who is interested in serving on our starships is encouraged to apply. The selection of candidates will be based on a curve, taking into account the candidate's level of education. We will not expect high school level applicants to compete with college level applicants, so everyone who applies will have a fair chance in the selection process. If you wish to apply, please go to your nearest regional government office. The deadline for applications will be four weeks from today, and our first academy class will be chosen immediately afterward. Good luck to all of you out there who wish to become a part of our first academy class.”

I know the space center is looking for medical staff to screen our future starship crews, but I had no idea they were that close!” said Mike.

And our old dimension is what, a hundred years away from developing that technology?” asked Denny. “I guess our new hometown is going to be getting quite busy soon.”

I want to apply dad.” said Ash. “I think it would be great to travel on a starship.”

I want to apply too dad!” said Jocko.

By the time it was over, half of Mike's and Denny's sixteen year old sons wanted to apply. That did not include William and Corey though, as they wanted to start a family, which would be hard to do in space. That night when John and Darrien went to their room together, they did so as boyfriends for the first time. Mike and Denny smiled at each other and snickered, as the two boys got up to go to their room with their erections leading the way.

Once in their room, Darrien put one arm around John, and took John's hard dick into his other hand and said, “I guess you're looking forward to this as much as I am, aren't you?”

John did the same with Darrien and replied, “You're my first boyfriend John, and I can't wait to make love to you. It feels really good knowing that you've already made my dick so hard, and we haven't done anything except kiss yet.”

Darrien then led John to his bed, and both boys laid down in an embrace. Knowing that they were about to make love made both boys kiss each other with a passion that they had never felt before. After five minutes of kissing, and caressing each other's excited bodies, Darrien turned around in the bed. Starting at John's chest, he began covering John's body with kisses. John then eagerly pressed his lips against the flesh of Darrien's chest, and both boys giggled as they passionately kissed each other's nipples. Darrien began moving down, pausing to push the tip of his tongue into John's belly button. Darrien's belly button was an outie, so John sucked lovingly at the nub sticking out there.

This feels so good Darrien!” exclaimed John softly, before Darrien began moving down again.

Darrien finally arrived at John's erect dick and softly said, “Your dick is so beautiful John. It belongs in my mouth!”

Darrien put just the head of John's dick between his lips, and began kissing it lovingly. Then John took ahold of the shaft of Darrien's dick, and began running his tongue around the head of it. At the exact same moment, both boys slid their lips down the shaft of each other's dicks, moaning softly from how good their boyfriend's dick felt sliding along their lips. Darrien and John spent the next five minutes softly caressing each other's dicks with their lips and tongues.

I want to feel you inside me Darrien.” moaned John.

The boys then parted, and Darrien smiled as he turned John onto his stomach. Darrien parted the soft cheeks of John's butt, then leaned down and lovingly wet John's pucker with his tongue. John moaned from the most wonderful pleasure he ever felt, as Darrien gently pushed his dick inside John. Darrien leaned down and began kissing John's back as he began thrusting in and out of John. John was now completely relaxed, as he felt the incredible feeling of Darrien's dick going in and out of him. After a few minutes, Darrien wrapped his arms tightly around John, and began thrusting into him as hard as he could. John smiled and moaned as he felt his rectum being coated with Darrien's cum. After Darrien's orgasm ended, and John took a minute to relax, the two boys switched places. Now it was Darrien's turn to moan in pleasure, as he felt John's dick push into him slowly and gently.

Oh God John, this feels so right!” moaned Darrien, as John pushed his dick in as far as it would go. “I love you so much!”

I love you just as much.” replied John softly, as he began thrusting in and out of Darrien.

Then John leaned down and covered Darrien's back with kisses, as he concentrated on the pleasure of his dick sliding back and forth past Darrien's pucker. Darrien's rectum was so soft and warm against John's dick that he could only manage a few minutes as well. Both boys moaned in pleasure as John's orgasm began shooting into Darrien. When it was over, the boys turned onto their sides with John still inside Darrien. Then John wrapped his arms around Darrien from behind, and both boys soon fell asleep in that position.

When Denny went to wake the boys for school in the morning, the sight in John and Darrien's room made him smile. Both boys legs were wrapped together with John's dick still inside Darrien. John had Darrien in a tight embrace from behind, and both boys had incredibly blissful smiles on their faces.

Denny ducked back out into the hall, and called out softly, “Mike! Come here and bring the camera. We need a picture of our next married sons!”

When Friday came, Aaron and his entire family made the early flight to Celestia. Aaron wanted to welcome the research team from Afro-Asia there. Besides, he felt that he and his family needed a weekend vacation, and very few of his family had ever been to Celestia. As the plane from Orgasmia City arrived, Aaron prepared to welcome the team of thirty scientists. He had no idea who the Afro-Asian government had sent though, so he greeted them in customary Orgasmia attire, which was nothing. Aaron knew he was in for an interesting meeting when he saw that a third of the team from Afro-Asia was female. The women giggled at the sight of a nicely hung man walking down the line, shaking their hands and welcoming them to Orgasmia.

Okay everyone, especially you ladies, I know it may seem kind of odd for me to be greeting you naked.” said Aaron to the group. “You will soon learn though that no one in Orgasmia wears any clothing. We here are perfectly comfortable like this in any situation. The fact that there are women in this group makes no difference to me, or anyone else you will meet here in Orgasmia. I hope that you will be able to adjust to our customs here, and that our nudity does not make you uncomfortable. Now, we are having the equipment you brought loaded onto a truck, to be delivered to the space center. You will be going to the space center from here, where you will be given housing here in Celestia. Everyone here will welcome you with the utmost courtesy and hospitality. Thanks for coming, and I hope this gets our space program into full gear quickly. Are there any questions?”

Yes, are we expected to conform to Orgasmia's customs, in particular, not wearing any clothing?” asked one of the ladies.

You are to do whatever makes you most comfortable.” replied Aaron. “That will not change the fact that all of our citizens are naked though, and in time I believe you will be more comfortable following our customs while you're here. Don't worry about it if that isn't the case though.”

Is it true that all citizens of Orgasmia are gay males?” asked one of the male scientists.

Yes, that is true.” replied Aaron. “The citizens here are gay men and boys who have been rescued from other dimensions, due to the fact that they were mistreated there.”

That's a shame in your case!” giggled one of the ladies. “You are very good looking, and you have very nice testicles and a very nice looking penis.”

Thank you very much for the compliment.” smiled Aaron. “My husband is always telling me how nice he thinks I look down there as well. I'm afraid you may not have much luck with the men here though. The citizens of Orgasmia embrace and celebrate their homosexuality. We've even considered a national holiday of giving thanks for being gay.”

Aaron could tell right away that his last comments interested some of the men in the group, and he expected them to be the first to embrace the custom of nudity in Orgasmia. After that, Aaron returned to Mongo and their sons, having left them frolicking on the beach at their hotel. Mike found out Aaron and his family was in Celestia, so he gave Aaron a call at their hotel.

Hi Aaron, how are you and your family enjoying our hospitality here in Celestia?” asked Mike.

Mike!” replied Aaron. “I was hoping you would call. It saves me the bother of having to call you now. Mongo, the boys, and I are enjoying our vacation very much. How are you, Denny, and your eighteen... I mean twenty sons?”

It's twenty four now, and we're doing great here!” laughed Mike.

Are you trying to make us consider adoption limits Mike?” laughed Aaron. “If that's the case, it won't work. You are such a great father that we have no intention of limiting the number of sons you have. You must really love boys though Mike, and it makes me happy for you and the boys who call you dad.”

Well, I used to love boys a little too much, which is what led to me being here, but that's not a problem anymore.” replied Mike. “Now when a boy looks at me and calls me dad, it makes me feel better than anything ever has before.”

I'm glad you've had the chance to experience that Mike.” said Aaron. “Now, would you and your family join me and my family for dinner this evening? And before you answer, remember that I won't take no for an answer.”

Then I guess I have to answer yes, don't I?” laughed Mike. “I'll call Denny and tell him not to start anything for dinner tonight.”

Great, there's a very nice looking restaurant next to the Bayview hotel, where we're staying.” said Aaron. “How does seven sound?”

We'll be there.” replied Mike.

The two families had a very nice dinner that evening. The dinner started off with salad, and an announcement from Spike as he set a large jar on the table. “We didn't have as much time to prepare for dinner tonight as we usually do for our dressing. All of the boys chipped in, but we were still short. Our dad Mongo had to help out for us to make enough dressing for tonight, but his cum is a bit stronger than ours. Shorty and I added some flavoring to it though, and it came out pretty good.”

Are you okay with all of these boys eating your husband's cum on their salad Aaron?” asked Denny.

Why not?” laughed Aaron. “I do it all the time!”

Thanks to the volume of cum that Mongo contributed to the dressing, everyone had plenty to put on their salad. Most of the boys had erections throughout eating their salad, knowing that half of the dressing came from Mongo's huge cock. Between the salad and the main course, Aaron noticed a group of Afro-Asian scientists coming into the restaurant. Actually everyone noticed them, because they were the only ones wearing clothes. Aaron decided it would be a good time to introduce them to his husband, so he and Mongo got up and went to their table.

Hi everyone, I hope you're getting settled in well.” said Aaron, as the entire group stared at Mongo in awe, even the two women that were with the group. “I just wanted to introduce you to my husband Mongo, since we're right over there with our friends and family.”

Hi everyone, how's the research going?” asked Mongo, as he restrained himself from chuckling.

We haven't had the chance to start on our research yet.” replied one of the men in the group, as he stared at Mongo's cock. “We will in the morning though. It is an honor to meet you though.”

Thank you.” replied Mongo, as he held his hand out for the man to shake. “It's an honor to meet the people who will be helping all of our people explore deep space.”

Yoshi, please don't be so rude, staring at that man's penis!” laughed one of the women.

Please forgive me.” said the man named Yoshi, who was shaking Mongo's hand. “I meant no disrespect.”

Don't worry Yoshi, no disrespect was taken.” replied Mongo as he smiled. “I'm very flattered that you enjoy looking at me like that. I think you may like it here when you get a chance to relax into our customs.”

After Aaron and Mongo left their table, three of the male scientists got up to go to the restroom. Aaron smiled when the three men came back, carrying all of their clothes in a bag. One of them was Yoshi, and he stopped by Aaron's table with his semi-erect four inch penis laying against his balls.

I wanted to thank you Mongo, for what you said at our table.” said Yoshi. “I think you are right that I may like it here. Standing here like this in a restaurant is giving me an incredible feeling of freedom.”

I'm glad we could help then Yoshi.” replied Mongo as he smiled. “It's also giving you looks from the young man at the table next to yours. Have fun tonight.”

After giving their dinner enough time to digest, everyone headed out to the beach to swim by the moonlight. All of the boys played together like they were old friends, and Aaron knew that his family shared a bond with Mike and Denny's family now. Then the older boys who had applied to the Starship Academy got together. The only ones from Aaron and Mongo's family to apply were Shorty and Spike, who had both just turned sixteen. The boys all hoped that they would be able to attend together, but they knew that thousands of people were going to apply. Aaron, Mongo, Mike, and Denny watched the boys play and talk in the surf.

I'm glad Spike and Shorty know someone in Celestia now, in case they get accepted.” said Aaron. “I'm just going to miss them very much if they are, but I know it's what they really want.”

You don't have to worry about them for now though Aaron.” replied Mike. “Denny and I will make sure they feel at home here.”

Thank you very much Mike.” said Aaron. “I'm thankful for the day Bobby brought you and your family here from my dimension. I'm sure if Spike and Shorty are accepted, they will want to be married before the academy starts. That will make the second pair of my sons who marry one of their brothers. I guess we may catch up.”

Not for long though, I'd bet.” replied Mike as he smiled. “John and Darrien are very close now, and they seem to love each other very much.”

I'm happy for them then.” smiled Aaron. “We sure did come up with some great sons, didn't we?”

I'd say more like perfect!” replied Mike. “I'm just glad I brought most of my sons here. They seem so much happier than they ever could have been in our old dimension.”

Well, I'm sure the boys who've joined you since are glad to be here too.” said Aaron. “They were scheduled to be executed in their old dimension, just because they were genetically determined to be gay.”

What kind of monsters could kill a beautiful and sweet boy, just because they are gay?” asked Mike in shock.

Well, it did happen in our dimension too.” replied Aaron. “It just wasn't sponsored by the government, and was on a much smaller scale. We do try to rescue all those we discover in time though.”

And there are how many dimensions?” asked Denny.

Only a dozen of them require our monitoring.” replied Aaron. “That's a good thing too, because there are hundreds that we know about. Out of the dozen we monitor, we're not sure if the people from half of them could adjust to a life here. We want to be careful, especially after what happened with Robert's dimension.”

At least some good did come out of that though.” said Mongo. “Our technology has grown even more, and we may someday be able to reproduce our own sons.”

Yes, several of our sons have talked about that.” said Mike. “I hope we can make that happen for those who want it.”

Like me.” smiled Aaron. “I want very much to have mine and Mongo's first son together.”

It sounds like everything is coming along nicely now. Jerry and Billy will be returning home in the next chapter, taking their new friend Rashund with them. It will be interesting when they have to explain interdimensional travel to him. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 10.