By Erik Maskot

Chapter 1

What would you do if you became extremely rich the day you turned 18? Put it away in a bank account and live off the interest the rest of your life? Invest it? Doesn't sound like a bad idea, but wouldn't you take some of it, and have some fun for a while? Buy your own luxury home, buy the car that you've always wanted, travel around the world?

Cedric was 18 when he inherited the wealth of his parents. They had died when he was very young, and since then he's been living in a foster home. He was an only child.

His parents happened to be very rich. His dad owned a multinational company that was sold when he died. In time interest had increased the amount it was sold for. Not only was Cedric a millionaire, he was actually a billionaire.

Cedric's been happy all his life, and he didn't want the money. Money was leading to unhappiness. Luckily the press didn't know anything about the new rich citizen in town. Cedric wanted it to stay that way, at least until he found a way to get rid of it.

There was this bar, Club Paradise, right downtown, that Cedric always had been interested in. Nobody actually knew what kind of bar it was. There were lots of rumors, though. But there were always lots of young guys there, and some people said it was some sort of gay bar. That's what caught Cedric's interest. He had never slept with anyone before, but he's had sex filled dreams about every boy in his class since he was thirteen.

There were two things about this bar. You had to be 18, and it was for members only. That's why Cedric never could check it out. Not until today.

It was a proud young man who walked up there that Friday evening. A muscular stud stopped him at the door, and asked for his ID. With a smile Cedric pulled up his wallet and took out his brand new ID card.

The doorman smiled back at him when he noticed what a cute guy Cedric was. But then he told him that he had to be a member of the club if he was gonna be able to get in.

"How do I become a member?" Cedric asked.

The membership fee was $10,000 a year, and he would have to fill out some forms. The doorman thought this probably would scare Cedric off, so he didn't say more. Instead Cedric wanted to know what the membership included. Actually, he would have paid the ten grand just to get inside and have a look, even for one night.

The doorman knew that the money didn't scare him off, so he became more friendly and started promoting the club. He told him about all the facilities, such as the movie theatre, the sauna, the gym etc. And of course all the food that was served was free, and so were the drinks.

Cedric didn't think it sounded so bad. He didn't care about his money anyway, and he said okay, and he wanted to sign up for membership. The doorman smiled, opened the door for him, winked at him and said "Have a great time!" Then directed him to the front desk, and told him to ask for Quentin.

Inside Cedric started to look around, and a young black guy came up to him and asked "How may I help you?"

Cedric said he was to see Quentin about joining the club. It turned out that the black guy was Quentin, and he told Cedric to follow him.

"Okay, first there's some paperwork that needs to be done," the black stud said. "So please have a seat."

Cedric sat down, and the forms and a pen was put in front of him.

"By the way, you are gay, aren't you?" Quentin asked. Cedric nodded. Now he knew for sure. The rumors were right. He started filling out the papers. As soon as he was finished Quentin asked him if he had a passport photo. He did, and took one out of his wallet and handed it to him.

Then Quentin told him that Cedric could go to the bar and eat food and have free drinks, but he couldn't use the other facilities before the membership fee was paid. Cedric laughed, and said he could pay right away. He pulled a thick pile of one hundred dollar bills out of his pocket. To Cedric this was natural, but Quentin looked amazed as the club's new member counted one hundred of those bills, and handed them to him.

Quentin handed the forms and the passport photo to another guy behind the front desk and told him to issue a membership card for the new member. In the meantime Quentin was gonna show Cedric all the facilities. It was early in the evening still, and not many members had arrived yet.

Quentin took him to the gym and the sauna, then showed him the movie theatre where there was a gay sex movie showing. Then there was the game room, and the swimming pool. When they were back at the front desk, Quentin told him to enjoy the evening. Cedric said thanks, and entered the bar.

The first thing Cedric noticed when he entered the bar, was that everybody were naked, so he removed his clothes. He had never been shy being naked in front of other people, but this was the first time he was in a bar, and the fact that this was a gay bar, he had a hard time preventing his cock from growing hard. As this was a bar for members only, the guests all knew that Cedric was new, and they smiled and nodded at him.

The moment he saw the bar stools, his cock got hard. On top of the bar stools was a dildo. To sit on the stool, he had to sit down on the dildo.

The bartender greeted him. Cedric looked at the stool, and wasn't quite sure how he could sit down on the dildo that had to be about ten inches. Cedric was a virgin.

The bartender seemed to understand this, and told him to push a button under the seat, and something that looked like goo came out of the top of the dildo. By pushing the button, while sitting down on it, the goo, which was a lubricant, would lubricate his ass.

Carefully e limbed up on the stool and pushed his asshole against the head of the dildo, while he was pushing the button with his right hand. The other guests were quiet, all watching him. At first it hurt, it felt like his sphincter was gonna burst. But he clenched his teeth together, and forced himself to continue. Suddenly he felt the head pop inside, and the pain disappeared. He let out a moan. Slowly he let his ass lower down, and finally he was sitting down. The bartender smiled and the other guests started talking together again.

Cedric didn't move for a minute as he had to get used to the dildo inside him. Then he asked for something to drink. The bartender gave him a menu, as he didn't know what they were serving.

When he saw the names of the drinks, he still didn't know what they were, but thought he's try a Cocksucker.

The glass was put in front of him, and he tasted it. He had eaten his own cum before, and that's what it tasted like. When he took another sip, he started feeling warm in his entire body. It made him feel good.

The guy right next to him introduced himself as Dominic. He told Cedric that he was from France, but he had heard of this club. When his parents died in a car accident a couple of years ago, he took all the money he inherited, and bought a lifetime membership in the club. Cedric was amazed. Dominic was the most beautiful guy he'd ever seen. He must have been no older twenty. Cedric fell in love with Dominic right there.

Cedric finished his drink, and had another look at the menu. He wondered what Crazy Mind was, and ordered one.

The bartender put a small brown bottle in front of him, and told him he was supposed to sniff it. Cedric thought it had to be poppers, which he had never tried before.

When two other guys came up behind him and started stroking his body and kissing him, it was too much for Cedric and he felt that he was coming. Dominic understood what was about to happen and put his lips around Cedric's cockhead. This was too much for Cedric, and he shot his biggest load of semen ever. Dominic swallowed every drop.

The two other men lifted Cedric off the stool, put him onto a table and one of them started fucking him slowly. Cedric was in the seventh heaven. Never had he been as happy as now. The guy, who called himself Brian, came inside him. As soon as Brian pulled himself out, a Russian guy, Boris, took over.

This way Cedric made many new friends, about twenty of them altogether. And they all opened their asses for each other. This was the first time Cedric had fucked somebody. Afterwards he sat down with them and drank more Cocksucker.

Later they all went to the jacuzzi and relaxed. Cedric asked a lot of questions about the club. He found out that the members were from all over the world, and many of them were illegal immigrants. But the government would never find them here. They never left the club. Among the members were even people from countries where homosexuality was forbidden, or their religion forbid them to even have homosexual thoughts. In this club religion meant nothing, no matter if you were a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist. Everybody were living peacefully together, they loved each other and hid nothing for each other. Cedric loved the place.

What surprised Cedric was that some of them had been members since the club started more than ten years ago, but nobody looked older than twenty. Dominic told him that there was something in the food and the drinks that prevented them from aging. The members had given up all their money and belongings to become members, and nobody has ever left the club.

But still, the club needed a lot more money to achieve its goal. Cedric wanted to know what that was.

Some of the members, Dominic, Boris, Kenneth, Felix and Lewis, stood up and told Cedric to follow them. All the room in the whole building were so warm, they didn't need to dry themselves off with towels. Dripping wet Cedric followed them into a hallway until they came to a door. Dominic opened it and they walked into a lab.

Cedric was amazed. Everything seemed so advanced.

Dominic started telling Cedric that this lab eventually would transfer all the members to a new world they had discovered. Cedric seemed puzzled. He was led into another room where there was a giant telescope.

"We have found a planet in a solar system millions of light years away from here," Boris said. "There is vegetation just like on this planet, but it looks like paradise. It's all tropic, and there are no living creatures, except for lots of vegetables, fruits and berries. It's perfect for people who want to live together in peace and harmony.

"How do you know all this?" Cedric wanted to know.

Felix answered that Quentin had been there.

"But how did he get there?" Cedric asked.

Dominic took him back to the lab and started explaining how a large tube standing in the middle of the room worked.

"We've tried to find a way to move molecules from one place to another, and we've succeeded," he said. "You've probably watched Star Trek on TV," Dominic continued, and Cedric nodded. "That's how it works."

"But if Quentin's been there, and made it back, why haven't you already started transporting the members to this planet?"

"We need a lot of money. We need to build a lab exactly like this one to take there, and we need to build a solar power plant to run it."

"But how did Quentin come back?"

"We never let him materialize on that planet. Therefore we could bring him back."

Cedric thought, what would the Government pay to get their hands on all this knowledge, and said "What if someone walked out of here, and gave away the information to others?"

"That must never happen," Quentin said behind them. He had come in without anybody noticing.

"This is my first night here, and you trust me with all this information," Cedric said.

"By the look of your eyes, we knew we could trust you."

"And if you couldn't?"

"Then we'd fill you up with more Cocksuckers, make you sniff more Crazy Mind, and fuck you until you wouldn't be able to walk out of here."

Everybody laughed, Cedric included. He liked the idea about living on a planet where everybody walked around naked and where everybody was gay. He said "How much money would you need?"

"At least half a billion dollars," Quentin answered.

"I can help," Cedric said.

They all looked at him. Then he told them about his inheritance, and that he had more than a billion. He didn't care about the money, and if it would give him happiness, he'd gladly give it all away.

Quentin could assure him that he'd be happy on this new planet. They wouldn't need any money, as everything would be free. With all this money Cedric had, the club could also pick up potential members from all over the world, who didn't have the money to join the club. This pleased Cedric even more. Quentin said they would be about 5,000 people moving to the new planet, and they would start building a town as soon as they got there. Quentin was so happy that he even promised that Cedric would be the first person to go to this planet.

The next day Cedric went to his bank and transferred all his money to the club.

Chapter 2

"Okay," Quentin said. "First I will transfer the five of you to our new planet. Then I will transfer the new lab piece by piece. Close to where you will be materialized there is a big cave. I want you to carry all the parts into that cave, and put everything together."

Five of the members were standing in a semi-circle in front of Quentin, while he was explaining what they were supposed to do when they reached Planet Paradise. The five were Cedric, Dominic, Boris, Kenneth and Lewis. Cedric and Dominic had been picked because of their technical skills, and because they had been working in the lab with Quentin the last few months. The other three because of their skills as carpenters.

"As soon as we have online contact with you, we will start sending more people," Quentin continued. He paused to see if there were any questions. Nobody said a word. "Okay, ready Cedric?"

Cedric nodded, and stepped over to the tube and stepped in. Quentin pushed some buttons on his computer and Cedric disappeared from the room.

Chapter 3

Cedric all of a sudden was standing on a beach with the finest white sand he had ever seen. At first he couldn't touch anything as he hadn't materialized yet. But soon he felt he that he was flesh and blood again.

"Whoo-hoo, it worked," he said to himself. The temperature was about 90 degrees, and he wondered if the sun would burn his bare skin. He ran down to the water. It felt wonderful as he dove in.

A few minutes later he saw another nude person materializing on the beach. It was Dominic. Cedric ran up to him, put his arms around him and kissed him. "This is Paradise," he said. They both danced and bounced in the sand. Their project was a success.

They didn't have to wait long before Kenneth joined them, then Boris, and at last Lewis. They all put their arms around each other, and kissed and hugged. They all had hard-ons.

But soon they realized they had work to do. First they had to locate the cave.

They found it about halfway up the side of the 200-feet high mountain that was close to the beach. They would need to make some sort of an elevator, to get the lab up there. Kenneth climbed up without any problems. He went into the cave, and found a big room with solid walls and roof. He then walked back to the opening and shouted that the cave was perfect.

They would need ropes to get things up there. Parts for the lab had already started to materialize. Soon they had tools as well, such as knives, axes, hammers and saws. Boris noticed that the trees had lianas, which they could use for ropes. He cut down some, tied them together, then started climbing up to the cave with the one end of the rope tied around his waist.

As soon as he was up, the other three started tying the goods to the other end, and Boris and Kenneth pulled them up. Then the rope was tossed down again. They must have worked hard for four-five hours, when a note from Quentin materialized. It said that they could continue the next day.

The sun was about to set, and they realized they didn't have anything to sleep on, nor did they have light. The three collected leaves from the trees, that were soft, then joined Boris and Kenneth in the cave. Soon it was dark and the five of them piled together on the leaves. Luckily the air was still warm, as they didn't have blankets. Cuddled together they fell asleep, naked and with hard-ons.

Cedric woke up the next morning by Kenneth trying to penetrate his asshole with his cock. Cedric pushed his ass against him, and pulled his hole wide open with his hands. Kenneth slid in.

As Cedric moaned, the others woke up and saw what was going on. they got turned on right away. Boris grabbed onto Dominic, entered him and started fucking him. Lewis stood in front of Cedric, and Cedric started sucking his cock. Five young gay men had definitely found their paradise. It was hot, they were sweating, but none of this mattered when they were making love. It didn't take long before Kenneth shot his load into Cedric's ass. The same moment Lewis couldn't hold back and shot his load down Cedric's throat. Seeing this was too much for Boris who came into Dominic. Dominic and Cedric went into sixtynine and sucked each other off. they both swallowed each other's cum.

After having relaxed for a while, they all realized they were hungry. They would need to find something to eat.

They all went out and found that the palm trees on the beach carried coconuts. The other trees by the mountain also carried fruits, and it didn't take long to prepare breakfast. As soon as they had eaten they all jumped into the sea. They had so much fun, they would never go back to earth again.

When they got up half hour later, they noticed all the things on the beach that had materialized already. They'd almost forgotten that they had a job to do.

Cedric started picking up parts for a solar panel, and told the others that it could be an idea to get the solar panel put together and installed, so they would get some power. Maybe they'd have light in the cave by the evening. The others agreed and started carrying the parts to the mountain. Boris and Kenneth climbed up, and started pulling the goods up again. As soon as all the parts were in the cave, Cedric and Dominic came up and started putting the solar panel together. They had training on this before they left Earth, so it didn't take long before it was working. They put it up on a shelf right next to the entrance of the cave, and bolted it to the mountain wall, so it wouldn't fall down.

Everybody were cheering as soon as the power box in the cave was turned on. They had light. This made they could work longer in the evening, as it was dark by eight o'clock.

Then they all went down to the beach again, where they found the area full of parts for the lab. Now they were starting to receive the bigger and heavier parts as well. The five were working hard. The sweat was running down their naked bodies, but they didn't notice. They wanted to get the job done. With spotlights they kept working till 3 a.m. Then there was nothing left on the beach.

First when they sat down they realized how tired they were. Refreshments from the coconuts and the fruits had kept them going all the time. As there still were no blankets or mattresses, they lied down on the leaves from last night, and fell asleep cuddled together.

* * * * *

The next morning when they woke up, the sun was already high up in the sky. All five comrades had stiff limbs from the hard work the day before. It was hard to get down from the mountain, but somehow they did, and they had breakfast.

When they came to the beach they were surprised that there was nothing there. And nothing on the following day, or the day after. They were starting to wonder if something was wrong. Instead Cedric and Dominic was putting together the lab. The other three used their skills building solid stairs up to the cave, from the biggest trees by the mountain. After a week the stairs were bolted to the mountain. The whole construction was so strong it didn't even squeak when they walked on it, and it was bolted so hard it didn't sway either, one hundred feet up in the air. The lab was put together, but they didn't have the communication equipment to make contact with the Earth yet. The rest of the days they filled with lovemaking, swimming and exploring.

* * * * *

On the twelfth day on Planet Paradise they finally saw something happen on the beach. It was enormous, at least five hundred feet in diameter. It was a giant satellite dish. They wondered how such a big thing could have been transferred. Dominic thought Quentin must have taken parts from the lab and the tube into the desert where the satellite dish had been built, and transferred it from there. That's probably why it had taken so long. It seemed to take forever to materialize. Not before another three days it seemed to have finished.

Now came the problem. Their instruction was to move the whole satellite dish onto the top of the mountain. But there was no way the five of them could do that.

The best they could do was to cut down trees and remove all the rocks from the top of the mountain. Boris noticed that the mountain was pretty flat on top and the gradient on the other side of the mountain was not very steep. If they cleared the whole area on that side, they could be able to get it on top by putting wheels under the dish. It was a wild idea. Even if they did that they would need at least a hundred people to move the dish. The whole operation seemed hopeless. Besides, they would have to pull the dish at least ten miles to get it to the other side of the mountain.

Then Cedric said: "Isn't there a way we could use the lab to transfer the dish up there?"

"I was thinking the same thing," Dominic said.

Then the two of them walked back to the lab to find out how they could do it. The problem was that neither one of them knew how they could transfer anything outside the tube. The satellite dish was way too big for the tube. They needed help from Quentin, but didn't know how to get in touch with him.

"Do you know in what direction the satellite is supposed to face?" Cedric asked. Dominic didn't. "Then we can't contact Quentin even with the radio when it gets here," he continued.

* * * * *

The next day the radio and computers materialized on the beach. All Cedric and Dominic could do was to install it in the lab. Everything seemed to work fine, but they couldn't make contact with the Earth.

In the end Cedric suggested that they stretched the wires to the satellite dish on the beach, and try to tilt the dish in various positions. Maybe they were lucky and got a message through. It turned out that the five of them couldn't move the dish. At this moment five tractors would have been a great thing to have.

As long as they couldn't do anything more, they relaxed on the beach, swam in the sea, and kept exploring the area. Boris, Kenneth and Lewis started building a hut on the beach, so they could sit on the beach without having to be exposed to the hot sun all the time.

* * * * *

On the fourteenth day after they arrived they noticed something materialize again. They saw it was Felix. Dominic ran down to the beach and shouted that he shouldn't materialize, but go back to Earth and tell Quentin they couldn't move the satellite dish and didn't know what direction it was supposed to face.

Felix understood, and before he had materialized completely, he disappeared again.

They waited a couple of hours, and then Felix came back. The five were happy to see him and embraced him and kissed him.

Dominic wanted to know how they were gonna move the satellite dish. Felix said that Quentin was going to transfer a huge plastic cover and the transformer that he used to send the dish here. The cover they were supposed to stretch around the dish, and it was gonna work like the tube in the lab.

In the afternoon the plastic cover materialized and the six started working on covering the satellite dish right away. By the time the transformer had materialized, it was getting dark. Because of the spotlights they could still work on the beach, but they couldn't on top of the mountain, so the transfer would have to wait till the next morning.

* * * * *

The next morning they all got up before sunrise. They were all excited about getting the job done, and hopefully make contact with the Earth.

Dominic placed the transformer inside the plastic cover, connected it to one of the computers in the lab, programmed the satellite dish to materialize on top of the mountain. Then they turned the transformer on, and pushed the button to start dematerializing.

Soon the plastic cover fell to the ground. The dish had dematerialized. While Dominic was working on the computer, the others ran up to the top of the mountain. They saw that Quentin was pointing with a laser beam from the Earth, so they knew exactly where the satellite dish was supposed to be, and in which direction it was supposed to face.

Cedric was talking to Dominic through a walkie talkie, so Dominic could still steer the dish while it was materializing and still hanging in the air. The work took several hours, but when the giant dish finally was on the ground, the satellite head was pointing in the exact same direction as the laser beam. The rest of the day they worked on fastening the dish, building up the ground underneath, and bolting it, so there would be no way it could change its position.

When the work was done, they all cheered and danced. Dominic sat down in front of the computer and finally he got connected to the internet. In pure joy he wrote an e-mail to Quentin that simply said: "Paradise calling Earth. Send beer!"

The dancing didn't stop when they ran down to the beach about half hour later, and saw a case of Budweiser materialize.

They kept drinking and dancing, touching, kissing and fucking each other till late in the night. While having fun, they also figured out what they needed from the Earth. They wanted to build a bar, they wanted music. They were gonna build a society that reminded them of a Pacific island.

* * * * *

At dawn on the sixteenth day Dominic sent Quentin a list over things they wanted and needed. Boris, Lewis, Felix and Kenneth started cutting down trees. They needed more people to help, and before they started building more men materialized in the tube in the lab. Soon they were twenty people on Planet Paradise. It didn't take long before the bar started taking shape. The timber building had only three walls. The fourth side, the one that was facing the beach, was left open. The roof was built. Shelves were put on the walls, and a counter was built.

Cedric and a new guy, Matthew, put together and installed a solar panel on the roof, and then, as a fridge was transferred from the Earth, they made sure it worked. Lights were installed. More beer was sent from Earth, the club's special drinks... Tables and chairs...

Before the day was over, twenty young men had put up the bar. They were ready to party, they were horny... When Dominic came down from the lab with a boomblaster and about 50 CDs, the party could start. The bar was big enough for a hundred people, and they were all proud of it.

The twenty young men came from places all over the Earth. They were from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. They were Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. Race and religion didn't matter. They were all naked as the day they were born; white, black and yellow mingled together. They were dancing to the rhythm of the music, they were drinking beer, Cocksucker and sniffing Crazy Mind. They were kissing and licking each other; they were sucking on each others' cocks; and bending over tables, getting down on the floor, opening their asses for each other to get fucked. All mouths and asses were filled with cum, and they all ended up sleeping in each others' arms when the party ended. They were all happy. They were in Paradise. They were home.

Chapter 4

Cedric was sitting by the computer corresponding with Quentin. The gay society on Planet Paradise had developed immensely since it all started one year ago. They were more than 5,000 young men on the planet now. A small town has popped up. Everybody loved each other. If a guy felt the urge for a cock up the ass, it didn't matter where he was. If it was in a bar, in the street or in the store. All he needed to do was to walk up to somebody, bend over and get a cock inserted.

Life on the planet was certainly paradise. Everything was free. Everybody worked for each other. Some people went out and picked fruit and vegetables every morning. It was all placed in a so-called "grocery store" and everybody just went there and picked up what they needed. Most of the things they had on the planet now. If they needed something they didn't have, they just sent Quentin an e-mail, and they would have it within a few hours.

Quentin had organized a group of "missionaries" on Earth, who would travel all over the world to recruit new gays. Gay people who were willing to give up everything on Earth to live on this gay planet.

On this specific day, they were going to celebrate the first anniversary of Planet Paradise. The brewery were making new drinks. Everybody were preparing for a big party on the beach. Quentin had even recruited a boy band from Earth. The members were all gay, and wanted to settle down on this planet where gay sex was available anywhere and anytime. And they had always dreamt about performing in the nude.

On Earth, Club Paradise was gonna be closed tonight. Lewis had been travelling back and forth between the two planets, and had proved that they could travel both ways, so everybody, except for one guard, was coming to the party, Quentin included.

In the afternoon it was still hot, the temperature in the mid 90's. The ones who weren't preparing for the party were either lying in the shade, relaxing, or they were swimming of playing in the warm sea. The weather was always like this. They were living near the equator of the planet, so they never had any winter. It was never cold, there were never any storms. Just a nice breeze coming from the sea. Once in a while they had rain, warm rain, but everybody loved it, getting soaked by the water from the sky.

The town, that had no name, looked like an old Wild West town. Solid timber houses. There were only four streets, plus side streets. They had no names. On the north side of the town was the mountain, in which the lab was. In the south was the beach. In the east and west there were tropical forests, and some acres where they were farming, mostly vegetables from Earth. The fruit they got from the forests.

There were no living creatures on the planet, so meat and fish they had to obtain from Earth. But mostly they were living as vegetarians, so they had meat and fish for special occasions only, like tonight. Several people have organized a grill party on the beach, just a couple of hundred yards away from the bar where the boy band was gonna perform. They had everything, pork, chicken, fish...

On Planet Paradise the people took pride in not to pollute. Glasses, plates, knives and forks were all made of plastic or stainless steel, and were basically unbreakable. Cans and bottles were deposited in small containers in the whole area, and somebody made sure that they were sent back to Earth for recirculation there. Nothing was thrown on the ground, or dumped in the sea or in the woods. People from Earth would be amazed to see how clean this town was.

When Quentin and the others at Club Paradise on Earth arrived, the party was about to start. Food and drinks were carried down to the bar and the beach. Naked young men, more than 5,000 of all nationalities, were all walking in the same direction. They were smiling, laughing, hugging and kissing each other. As soon as they arrived, drinks were handed out. Everybody were cheering. The band started playing, and people started dancing, naked flesh rubbing together, and stiff cocks touching each other.

On Earth the boy band had sung songs about girls. Now they had changed the lyrics, so they were about hot steaming love between men.

On the beach people were barbequing, and someone came up with a new solution for sauce. He jerked off and came on another's t-bone steak. The other one smiled and started eating the steak with the sperm sauce on it.

Love was natural. No need to hide behind bushes. People were kissing, sucking each other off, fucking each other, anywhere. On stage, right in front of the band. On the bar stool, or on the table. Against a tree on the beach.

Cedric felt a big black cock rubbing up and down the crack of his ass. It was Quentin. They both smiled. A tall blond Norseman was fucking a Thai in front of them.

Cedric bent over and started licking the Thai cock, while Quentin entered Cedric from behind. It didn't take long before the Thai guy came in Cedric's mouth, while Quentin was pumping him hard. Cedric could feel every thrust as he hit the bottom.

The tall blond positioned himself in front of Cedric's face. He had a long and slim cock, and some big, low hanging balls that were slapping Cedric's chin when he started fucking his face. Cedric had a hard time breathing when the long cock entered his mouth and went down his throat. Slowly it went in and out.

The singer of the boy band was being fucked at the edge of the stage. The lyrics were more explicit than on any CD recorded. He was begging for cum. And he got it. Several guys were standing around him, and were masturbating till they shot their loads all over his body. Soon the whole band was involved in a giant orgy on the stage.

Quentin shot a big load of man juice, and filled up Cedric's ass. When he pulled himself out, the sperm was running out of Cedric's ass and down the insides of his legs.

Cedric put a finger up the ass of the blonde Norse, then another one, and a third one, and started finger fucking him. When the fourth finger was up his ass, it was too much for the blonde, and he shot the biggest load of semen that Cedric had ever felt. He was sure he was gonna drown, but swallowed the most of it.

The two of them met in a kiss, and the Norseman got to taste some of his own semen.

When the tall blond turned around and bent over, it was Cedric's turn to fuck him. The Thai guy started licking Cedric's ass, and a Latino came over and started kissing Cedric. An African, with the blackest skin they ever saw, positioned himself in front of the Norse, and started pumping his mouth. He smiled at Cedric, and he smiled back. It didn't take long before Cedric came, and filled up the blond's hot ass. At the same time the African shot his load and filled up the warm mouth that embraced his black cock.

The Latino pulled a table over to them and lied down on it, and positioned himself in front of Cedric, so he could fuck his ass. As he entered him, he felt the cock of the Thai forcing its way inside him, and Cedric was being fucked at the same time as he was fucking the Latino.

The African bent over the Latino in a sixty-nine position, so the Latino could suck on the African's cock, while the African sucked the Latino off.

They all felt so good, they were all of different nations, they spoke different languages, yet they felt they were the best of friends, and they loved each other, and they were mixing each others' body fluids. It was like they had been doing this forever. This is how all 5,00 people felt that night. Nobody were searching for one of his own kind. If a person was Arabian or American didn't matter. They would be kissing and sucking each other off. they would swallow each others' cum. They would go to bed together that night, and the first thing they would do the next morning was to kiss each other, and suck each other dry again. Who would want to go back to Earth? They were in Paradise, and they had everything they needed.