It was little surprise to me when I woke up with the warm body of a demon wrapped around me, his hot breath on my neck, playing idly with my genitals. It was not an uncommon thing to happen to me. Because the demons never slept, when I was asleep and they were horny, they would often wait by me in such a manner until I woke up. A few would force me awake or just go ahead, not caring whether I was concious or not.

Gorvisk, the one behind me, as I later discerned from his voice, ran his tongue in and around my ear and whispered, “So awake now, are we?” I groaned.

“Can't I at least eat something first?”

“No,” he merely replied and got up, dragging me up by my hair. I shouted, “Ow!” in response. He was a heavy-set, but of course muscular, teal-coloured demon. He was bald but had a ring of hair around his mouth and a body bedecked with hair. He also had an affinity for leather, and was dressed in leather chaps, with his hard dick poking out, a harness and leather wristbands. In one of his hands he held a collar which he put on me, smiling.

Without having to think I began to lick his balls, going slowly, savouring the vinegary flavour. He growled and stroked my hair as I did so. I moved on to his penis, running my tongue up and down the shaft before taking the head in my mouth, generously bathing it in saliva. It was not long before he started to push my head on and off roughly, moaning as he did so. I ended up gagging, and he let me off to breathe. Not only was his penis very long, he also had a wide girth.

Wickedly he smiled down at me, and attached a leash to my collar. Dragging me out of my room so that I had to follow on my hands and feet like a dog, he lead me to another chamber. I told myself I should be used to this kind of humiliation, but it did not stop me from feeling embarrassed as everyone stared and chuckled at me crawling by.

It was a fairly small room, with nothing but a sex sling in the middle. Throwing me on, he detached my leash and threw it into a corner. He gave me a toothy grin as he began to slide his massive cock into my arse, barely giving it time to lubricate. I gasped in pain as he did, which made him enjoy it even more. “Take it, bitch!” he said, and suddenly thrust it all in at once, making me groan and grit my teeth.

Harshly he fucked me, holding my legs up by the ankles as he did so. As he sped up, he placed my ankles on his shoulders and twisted my nipples between his sharp fingernails, panting and laughing as he did so. Finally he took one last thrust in, moaned loudly, and came inside my arse. Just as he came he ran his nails down my chest, leaving large gashes all down it and making me moan as well.

He took his cock out and let the last of his cum spray all over my arsehole and cock. Then he bent down and greedily felched the cum out of my arse, lavishly sticking his tongue in as he did so. I moaned in actual pleasure as he did so, and having taken most of the cum in his mouth, he began to suck my cock, covering it with his cum and saliva. Not long after I gasped and came in his mouth, and he happily ate it all up. Without even bothering to take off the collar, he slapped my arse, said thanks and walked off.


It was a fairly typical day in the Demon Dimension. I, with a group of demons, was outside one of the torture chambers observing Krefful torture an obese, bespectacled American male. Krefful was one of the more extreme demons. His eyes were pitch-black and soulless and he had fins on his head, and webbed hands and feet. Like a bog, his skin was a dark murky green. His teeth were razor sharp and his nails could lengthen into formidable claws. He reminded me of an anglerfish. Not only was his appearance fearful, he was also uncaring and bloodthirsty with his victims. He rarely fucked me, if ever, because I was so accustomed to the pain down here, and I knew that any damage to me would not be permanent and would quickly heal, so he found me no fun.

The victim was shackled by his arms and legs to the four corners of the chamber, suspended in the air, and he was whimpering as he craned his neck round to see the monstrous creature approaching him from behind. Krefful smiled cruelly and shoved one of his fingers up the man's arse, causing him to gasp and wince in pain. Even when the claws were retracted, Krefful still had very sharp nails. He wasted no time in shoving in another finger, then another, and another, and so on until he brutishly shoved his entire fist up the man's arse up to his elbow. By now the man was screaming in pain as Krefful's huge muscles tore his arsehole wide open.

Krefful slowly pulled out his arm with a smirk on his face, and licked the blood off his arm before bending down to lick the rest off the now severely bleeding arsehole. Without a moment's further dilly-dallying he pushed his throbbing cock all the way in, once again making the man whimper and burst into full unbroken tears.

Thrusting as fast as he could he started to pull the man on and off of his cock, making a loud clinking noise from the chains as he did so. He began to growl and eventually broke into a full-blown roar as got further into it. Suddenly he stopped with his cock fully inside the man. From the expression on his face it was clear he was still not finished. Dramatically he stretched his arms out and with a sound like the fast unsheathing of a sword extended his claws. He wiggled his fingers around happily, enjoying the horrified expression on the American man's face.

Then he slowly brought his right hand down to the man's stomach. Placing the tip of his index finger's claw to rest on the stomach momentarily, he crudely shoved it in, causing the man to cry out louder than before, and slowly Krefful dragged his sharp claw across the man's stomach, through the fat, until he had made a large gash and the man's intestines had begun to spill out onto the floor. The man moaned and looked like he was about to lose consciousness, but he could not down here. Krefful grinned demoniacally and licked the blood from his claw before retracting them once more.

By now even some of the demons watching with me were starting to get uneasy, and a few had walked away. Krefful started to fuck the man again with a squelch of blood, along with the dripping of his innards onto the floor. It wasn't long before Krefful let out a final roar and came inside the man, sperm squirting everywhere, even out through the intestines in the man's gaping wound, and mixing with the blood on his body and the floor.

Krefful laughed evilly and stepping over the chains walked round to the man's face, grabbing him by the jaw and forcing him to stare into his face. Then he grabbed the back of the man's head and shoved it down on his cock to eat up the cum remaining on his cock and the final squirts still coming out. The man either didn't dare to resist and try to bite it, or was too physically and mentally exhausted to do so. Anyway, if he did try, he would have little luck, as demon cocks are so strong that human teeth have little effect on them.

Having finished that, Krefful casually tore the chains off the shackles so that the man fell to the floor with a horrible groan. Krefful flicked the body over with his foot and bent down to start feasting on the man's intestines. The man could only stare on in horror as the monster chewed apart and gulped down his guts without a moment's hesitation.

After he had eaten a sufficient amount, Krefful poked his head up, licked the blood from around his lips, and with a smile moved down to the man's penis. Cupping the four-inch phallus and testicles in one hand, he made a mischievous expression at the man, who could only whimper in response. Krefful began to suck his penis, as if to give him a proper blowjob, but after a while could not stop himself from giggling maniacally as he wrapped his mouth around both the penis and balls and took them both off in one deft bite. The man looked as though he could not believe what had just happened as his eyes expanded to twice their size and he gave a blood-curdling scream. Krefful slowly chewed his bounty in the man's face, getting pleasure from his pain. Finally, he grasped the back of the man's head and gave him a long kiss, flicking his tongue in and out of the man's throat. Then his torture was over, and the man evaporated, as if snuffed out like a candle.

Demons were assigned to watch the techniques and performances of other demons to try and improve their own skills, and Krefful was revered as an almost perfect example of how it should be done. Many others preferred to use more psychologically methods, and understandably, as you had to be extraordinarily demented to go as far as Krefful regularly did. I heard many sighs of relief around me as the demonstration finished. Among them was a 1st level demon of slime form, shivering violently from what he had just seen. While I felt somewhat sorry for him, I knew he had no hope of ever being promoted to 2nd level if he did not put on a brave face and try to desensitise himself to these things. In many ways it was an unfair system here, as many demons hatched as 2nd level, but for a 1st level to be promoted to 2nd level they had to prove themselves to be far more capable than the average 2nd level.

I was sure many of the other more conscious and intelligent demons around me thought about these matters too, but no one dared speak them aloud. There was no point as, unlike human societies on Earth, nothing ever changed here, and the will of the 3rd level's was absolute and fearsome. I pondered this matter as I lay in my bed and went to sleep.


Today was different. Sounds of commotion wafted into my room and woke me prematurely. I grudgingly rose and walked to the entrance. No one was in sight, but I heard the commotion from around the corner, from the observation area. With trepidation, I began to head towards it, but stopped when I heard someone behind me.

It was Thaur. “What's going on?” he asked, catching up with me. I stammered out, “I d-don't know.” nervously. “Well, I think it's important,” he casually remarked, walking off. I watched his ass as he walked off, red tail flicking above it. Then I realised I should probably be there too, so I hastily began to follow.

A 3rd level demon was standing on a raised platform, which wasn't used very often, and speaking to, as far as I could tell, every 2nd level demon there was. The multi-coloured congregation of muscular monsters was surprisingly large. It was rare to see them all at once, and I only now realised how many there really were, some of whom I had only seen a few times before. The 3rd level demon in question was Srikkar, one who usually acted as the messenger between the 2nd level demons' plaza and the shadowy corridors of the Demonic Diet. When I thought about it, I realised he was the only 3rd level demon I had seen.

Srikkar was a few feet above normal demon size, so practically a skyscraper to me. His body was covered in thick, bristly hair and everything about him was bulky and wide-set. Four thick horns protruded from his forehead and curved backwards over his scalp. Both his hand and toenails were draconian, and he had extra claws on the back of his huge feet which clicked menacingly whenever he walked. Gigantic wings jutted out from his upper back and were so thick and long that they neatly fitted around him like some kind of trench-coat. I thought once or twice I had seen dark tentacles coming from his lower back but either I was imagining things or he kept them retracted most of the time.

I awkwardly squeezed into the outskirts of the throng, delightfully close to Thaur. We had both missed the most of the speech, but everyone else seemed so engrossed and earnest what was being said that I did not dare ask and tried to catch up on my own. “So we will need ten willing volunteers. You will be told more once you sign up.” Srikkar spoke with an incredibly deep voice which resonated with a growl, making it fairly hard to understand. Demons proceeded to the platform hesitantly until there were ten stood up there with Srikkar, Uturg being among them.

Srikkar nodded grimly and turned round with a swish of his wings, heading with the other demons towards the colossal entrance to the Demonic Diet. He placed a hand upon it and whispered the ancient rite of entry which only the 3rd level's knew and the door slowly swung open inwards with a groan befitting something so rarely used. Through the crowd I caught a glimpse of the inner corridor; a foreboding and dark tunnel with skulls on either side holding candles to light the way. No sooner than I had remarked all this than the door had swung shut behind the group.

In the hustle and bustle afterwards nobody would listen to me asking what it had all been about, but eventually I found Sfiig, a calm, collected demon who generally took more pity on me than the others, though that was not really saying much. “He was saying there was some task he needed some guys to do,” he told me, “I'm not exactly sure what; he didn't divulge many details, but he did imply it was fairly important and perhaps quite dangerous.”

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Although this kind of thing did happen every now and then, it could not be something small if they had had to send a 3rd level here. For some reason I also felt slightly worried for the volunteers, which I knew was stupid, as they did not care a shred about me, but nonetheless I could not shake the uneasy feeling.

To try and cheer myself up, I went to watch a seer orb. It always fascinated me to see how the humans on Earth lived, even if they were doing what must seem like the most mundane things to them. I mused to myself how sacredly sex was held in a lot of human societies compared to down here.