Chapter 11

“You know where the bomb is,” I announce.

Everyone looks at Piece. A part of me wants to protect him. The other part of me is tired of the games he plays. This whole time we are waging war with Victoria and he knew exactly where the bomb was. People were dying. This wasn’t a joke anymore.

Aunt Gloria was fucking dead!

“Please Piece,” Bombard starts to beg him, “Tell us where it is. We need to know where the bomb is in order to stop it.”

Piece seems to hesitate.

“I promised my father I wouldn’t tell anyone where the bomb was.”

“We have NO FUCKING TIME FOR YOUR BULLSHIT!” I scream at that moment.

Antietam raises an eyebrow. Bombard looks like he is shocked all of a sudden. I can’t believe I just screamed at Piece. I just hate the fact that he’s playing this game. This was a bomb that was about to destroy every human being on the planet. How the fuck was he planning on not telling us where it was? I can’t believe him.

I’m trying to protect him. I look at Antietam’s eyes. She is willing to torture it out of Piece if need be. Tonnet would probably help her. They are sick and tired of Piece and I can tell. The Pest thing isn’t entertaining to them anymore.

“Don’t fucking talk to him like that,” Bombard tells me.

Great, I am regretting it at that moment. Piece looks a little hurt when he looks over at me. I hate the fact that Bombard is jumping to his fucking defense. This was the last thing that I wanted.

I want to apologize to Piece so bad but I know that Antietam is just looking for a reason to torture him. Therefore, I stay quiet. I leave it at that. I put the ball in Piece’s court and just hope that he’s going to make the right decision.

“I’ll tell you,” Piece states.


I’m not expecting it. I’m not the only one. Piece was just going to give it up. Just like that. We all look over at Piece like he’s trying to play a trick. It can’t be that easy…

“Under one condition,” Piece adds.

I knew it.

Antietam crosses her arms. She’s ready to attack him. I know she is. I can see it in her eyes. My mother isn’t the same calm woman as before. I never saw her in action but a part of me knows that there is something dangerous to her now.

“Name it,” I reply.

“I want to go on a date tomorrow night, if that’s alright with you.”

Everyone in the room is just as confused as ever. That’s the way Piece leaves people…confused and bothered.

“A date?” Bombard asks.

“With Jamison,” Piece responds.

He looks over at me. I’m shocked by it. I just screamed at this dude. He wants to go on a date with me. I’m not the only one shocked. Bombard looks like he’s about to throw a fucking tantrum. Prall is giggling in the corner. Tonnet is rolling her eyes. Antietam looks impatient as though she still might decide its a better idea to torture Piece.

Bombard is the first one to talk, “We don’t have time for your games Piece.”

Now all of a sudden he wanted to play hardass too?

“I’ll go,” I respond.

Piece smiles, “Fine. Meet me tomorrow. If the date goes well, I’ll tell you where the bomb is.”

Games. All games.

“And if it doesn’t?” I ask Piece.

“Kaboom I guess,” Piece shrugs, walking out of the room.

I’ve never been so nervous. The day goes by pretty fast. Antietam gives me money to go shopping. Its kind of odd having a mother who I never really knew gives me money. I spend the day with Prall picking out clothing. The kid follows me around everywhere I go talking a million miles a minute. By the time we get back, its time for me to start getting dressed and little Prall is still running around bothering me.

The other members of the Sewer lineage all look heavily annoyed that I’m entertaining Piece’s games. Even Bombard seems to have turned on Piece a little bit. At this point, I think maybe he is completely over him. Piece just basically confirmed that he was interested in me. Piece could care less who was there when he did it too.

Prall is just staring at me.


“I don’t think you’re boy pussy whipped,” he says out of nowhere.

“Boy Pussy Whipped?”

“That’s what Tonnet told your mother about you,” he tells me.

I’m annoyed. Great. So the Sewer lineage was thinking that Piece had me whipped. I’m standing there embarrassed that they are talking about me behind my back.

“Well…thanks. At least everyone doesn’t think I look stupid,” I respond.

Piece had me out here looking like an idiot. I knew it. Everyone knew it.

“I think he’s cool,” Prall responds.

“You do?”

“Yeah. I mean the mind games are a little annoying at times,” Prall responds to me crossing his arms, “But I think the guy has a good heart. You know? He means well at least. I guess if you exclude the fact that he’s hiding a bomb capable of destroying every living human being on this planet, he’s cool you know.”

“You aren’t helping Prall…” I respond.

“He’s telling you the truth,” a voice adds.

The person standing at the door is Tonnet. She is looking over at me with judgmental eyes. I can see the fact that she doesn’t agree with me going out with Piece.

“See ya…” Prall says.

He can tell Tonnet is about to have a bitch fit or something. I can tell. Her hate for Piece is something really unrivaled. I mean he did almost get her killed when he lead Mal Tiffany over to her. Tonnet comes over to me and starts to fix my tie.

“Mind games. The boy you are so in love with is basing the fate of the world on a date. You do realize that right?”

I sigh.

“Listen. I know he’s not perfect…”

“That’s an understatement.”

“I’ll deal with Piece…my way,” I respond.

Tonnet sighs a little bit, “I consider you a friend. I hope you know that. I didn’t forget when you saved me from my sister. I didn’t forget that you helped us defeat Martyr at the club. You had my back, and I have yours. This thing that you have with Piece…it’s going to destroy you.”

She is dead serious. She is looking at me and warning me about this. This was coming from the same girl who became mortal enemies with her sister over a man.

I sigh and nod.

“That thing you are referring to. It’s called love.”

I start to walk out. I know Tonnet does look at me as a friend. That’s the only reason that she’s actually in here warning me. Still sometimes, you just have to go with your heart. You just jump out and hope that the person you are falling for is there to catch you.

You jump out on faith.

Tonnet stops me. She uses her mind to do it.

“You look nice,” she tells me…before letting me go.

Piece gives me an address to meet him at. He texts it to me. When I get there, I realize what it is. Its a pizza joint, seriously?

I walk in the place and see him sitting there. I’m dressed up in the most expensive suit I ever owned in my life and Piece is in jeans and a t-shirt. Piece NEVER wore anything but expensive looking suits and now all of a sudden he was in jeans and a t-shirt. I look around and I realize I’m way over dressed. I begin to loosen my tie almost immediately and shove it in my pocket.

My hands are sweating. Why am I so fucking nervous?

“You look nice,” Piece says as I approach.

It’s odd seeing him dressed down. He looks almost normal for the first time. He doesn’t look like some mysterious, exotic flower anymore. He looks like a normal guy. He is smiling a lot like he usually does. His bright white teeth are reflecting the ling in the room.

“I thought we would go somewhere else…sorry I’m a little overdressed…”

“No its fine. Pizza is what I wanted. I hope you don’t mind, I already ordered.”

“You ordered for me?” I ask.

“Yeah. Deep dish.”

I smile a little bit. It was rude but cute at the same time. Just like Piece. He smiles at me as though letting me know there is no way I can look in his face and stay mad at him too long.

I’m trying to be serious about this.

I’m hesitating with him, “So why a date? Why me?”

“You’re cute.”

“Piece. There is a war going on. You do realize that right? You do realize my aunt died. Your dad died. My dad died. There’s a bomb. You realize how serious this is right?”

Piece looks over at me.

“I’m not an idiot Jamison,” he responds.

“I never—” I stop and take a deep breath, “Look. Don’t you think we have other things to worry about?”

“I told you I’ll give you the bomb didn’t I?” Piece asks, “I just want to relax. That’s all. Is that too much to ask? A date? Damn. Things are getting serious now. Especially since you guys killed Martyr. The Small queen is pissed…”

I sigh at that moment. It wasn’t my idea to kill Martyr. Bombard took that into his hands. However, I didn’t stop him. I let it happen. I was just as guilty.

“Did she like him?”

“They adored him. That was their champion,” Piece explains, “She has her General running the streets right now. His orders are to kill on sight…”

Holy shit.

My heart was beating fast.

“You mean the feminine guy that is always around the Queen?” I ask.

“That feminine guy has a small army of mercenaries. See not all humans are going to die. S.Dot developed a way to save certain humans from the explosion. The general leads these people. They call themselves the Soldiers. They are no joke Jamison.”

He was scared. He was scared for me.

“You’re warning me about these soldiers. Aren’t you?” I ask, “What kind of games are you playing? Is the Small Queen somewhere watching us right now?”

“You don’t trust me?” Piece asks.

“No. I don’t…”

Piece looks hurt. I hate to hurt him but I’m being honest. He’s beginning to lose my trust. He is so goddam uneasy. He puts his arms on the table at that moment. He looks so serious right now. The most serious I ever really saw him before.

“There is no plot to lead here,” he tells me, “See those cameras. S.Dot can hack into those if he wants to…but he’s a friend of mine. He knows I just want this time to spend with you…”

“Well I don’t want to spend it with you? I have other shit I need to worry about…like a fucking BOMB,” I respond, “You are a dickhead Piece. One day you tell me to stay away from you, the next day you want to have a date with me! What the fuck is wrong with you? I don’t have time for your mind games!”

I’m standing up right now. Everyone in the restaurant is looking at me. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m thinking everything is coming to a head right now. Tonnet’s words are in my mind playing over and over.


Piece takes a deep breath.

We sit there for a minute. I’m trying to calm down. I’m trying not to get worked up about this.

“I’ve just lost a lot. My entire life is different…” I tell Piece, “I sleep in a sewer. I lost the person I loved the most in this world Piece.”

I am struggling to hold back tears at that moment. The anger may be misdirected. Piece wasn’t responsible for Aunt Gloria being dead. If anything, he warned me to stay out of the war. He told me to stand clear. I have so much resentment in my heart right now and I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know where to focus it.

There is a pause and Piece finally speaks.

“The Corporation has some off country sites. I sent your friend Cedric away somewhere safe this morning. He’ll be able to still get paid but he’ll be far enough away that Victoria can’t use him in the game.”

I’m struggling at that moment as I look at Piece.

“You did that…for me?” I ask.

Piece nods, “I like you. I’m a strange case. I know I told you that I don’t want to be around you. I didn’t mean it. I’m just scared. When your whole life is a game, there isn’t much room for emotion. You aren’t supposed to play with your heart. You are supposed to play with your mind. Because if you play with your heart you make stupid decisions. And before you know it, checkmate. But in this game of life…you can’t set your pieces back up again. Once they are gone, they are gone.”

I look over at Piece.

I’m still standing up, “Piece. This isn’t a game. This isn’t chess. You have to see that…don’t you see that?”

I’m trying to get through to Piece. Piece is emotional. He is…crying.

I see him get up from the table at that moment.

“Tell Antietam to meet me at the park out front tomorrow at noon. I’ll give her the bomb,” Piece responds before adding quickly, “…I’m sorry.”

He was walking away. He hadn’t even eaten a slice of the pizza. He hadn’t enjoyed himself. He was tearing up right now. He was in pain and all of a sudden, that powerful wall that I had up came crashing down.

Like an idiot, I was chasing after Piece and I didn’t care. I wanted to be his idiot. I wanted to be his fool. I wanted to be that person for him every single day.

I am standing out in the middle of the street right now. I reach my hand out and in one thought Piece is being pulled back using Psychokinesis.

The powerful pull doesn’t end until he’s in my arms…staring at me.

“The game is already over. You already won,” I tell Piece, “Don’t you get it. You’ve won me.”

I’m kissing him now. My heart is in this kiss. It’s something that I can’t even imagine. Our tongues collide with one another. I find myself rubbing the skin on his smooth neck pulling him close. My dick gets hard in between his upper thighs. He smiles at me. We are kissing harder and harder in the middle of Chicago. Nothing even matters. Nothing ever did.

“It’s raining,” he says.


“Remember I said I always wanted to make love in the rain,” Piece responds.

I didn’t even realize the rain beginning to pour down. We are dripping wet within seconds as an oncoming storm passes by. The storm darkens the skies. Piece grabs me and he pulls me towards him.

We are running like children. Piece is leading me by my hand. He’s laughing, and all of a sudden this is the best day of my life. All of a sudden I’m having so much fun chasing behind him. I don’t care about this war. I don’t care about my revenge on Victoria Cass. I didn’t care about S.Dot hacking into the cameras to spy on us. I didn’t care about the General or his Soldiers.

I just care about Piece.

We’re in an alley now. He uses psychokinesis to create a barrier blocking off the alley with garbage. He piles the rubbish high so no one can see us. Piece starts to unbutton my pants.

“Oh Fuck!” I’m screaming.

I can’t help it. Piece has me up against the wall. He bends down and drops to his knees and he takes my dick into his mouth. He begins sucking the skin of my dick in a soft and gentle manner. My dick is big but he’s able to take the whole thing into him. I lean up and tilt my head so that the rain drizzles down my face. It feels so good.

He’s making soft slurps on my dick, sucking and pulling at my dick. He takes my balls into his mouth. His tongue caresses them. Each lick causes me to pant slowly.

I can feel him rubbing his hands up and down my abs. He’s worshiping my body. And right now…I can’t wait to return the favor.

“Come here,” I say.

I lift him using my mind. Within seconds I put him up against the wall using psychokinesis. He’s pressed up against the wall. His face is smashed into it. His ass is leaning outwards.

I let my mind go wild as I unravel is pants. His belt comes down. His jeans fall to his ankles. I stare at Piece’s fat ass for a moment. My tongue is dripping with excitement as I see the rain cascading down his arch. I find my way towards it. I begin licking the rain from his ass crack. The fresh rain tastes amazing against his skin.

“Jamison! Jesus…why are you doing this to me!”

“Because I love you,” I respond.

I know I sound stupid saying it when he never says it back. I don’t care though. I’ll say it a million times if I need to. My tongue is between his cheeks. I can taste his hole. I spread his cheeks and go deeper. I’m tongue fucking him. I can feel the fire escape above us rattling probably from psychokinetic waves that Piece is sending out.

He’s enjoying himself and I’m enjoying myself even more. I can’t help myself any longer.

“I want to fuck the shit out of you,” I tell him

“Do it…”

“It’ll hurt…” I warn him.

“DO IT!”

He’s begging me to enter him and that’s all I need. I put my dick in him. The only lube is the spit from me eating his ass out. He’s pressed up against the wall. His arch leans back onto my crotch. He lets out a screaming pain as he takes my dick. I’m shocked when he takes all my inches inside of him. He lets out a gasp.

At first I want to start fucking him but then I realize…Piece is throwing it back! He’s pushing his ass against my crotch taking my dick over and over. He wants it so bad. I can see him screaming.

“Damn baby,” he says.

He called me baby. I heard it.

I sound like a little bitch right now struggling to hold back my nut, “Damn…slow down… Piece. Slow down…”

I’m struggling. My dick is so sensitive inside of him. It’s so hard to hold back. I find myself nutting at that moment. My dick explodes inside of his ass!

“Damn…” he says…

“I’m not done yet,” I respond.

My dick is still hard even though I released inside of him. There is a little less tension this second time around. I have a little bit more control. I find myself putting him on his hands knees in this alley. I can barely see. It’s raining so hard. I don’t care. I’m fucking Piece doggy style right now. I’m giving him every last inch that I can. Every thrust is me going deeper into him. I’m going as deep as I possibly can.

And I’m falling for him.

I nut again…

And again…

And again…

And I fall in love with Piece over…and over…and over…

We have sex for what seems like hours in that alley. After that we go back and finish eating pizza. We don’t talk about the war anymore. We talk about stupid shit. We talk about my favorite television show and where I like to go in my spare time. It becomes a date.

After the pizza we are in the rain kissing. Like horny teenagers.

He strokes my dick through my slacks, not caring if people are walking past. I don’t care either. When you meet that person no one in the world means anything.

“If you can go anywhere in the world…where would you go?” Piece asks me.

I shrug, “Antarctica.”

Piece laughs. He can’t take me serious.

“Oh you think that’s funny?” I ask him starting to tickle him as I lean him up against the wall.

He’s laughing so hard that he starts to choke on the rain. He looks so cute with the rain drenching his hair and face. I begin to lick the rain off of his face. I’m kissing him. I’m putting pressed between his legs. I lift him up so that I’m stabilizing him.

Piece rolls his eyes, “Antarctica? Why not Rome? Why not Paris?”

“Those are the usual places,” I respond, “The comfortable places. I don’t know if you realized based off my attraction for you. But I don’t like comfortable normal things. I like challenges…”

“And you can freeze your ass off down there. That’ll be real uncomfortable.”

I smile, “I’ll have you to warm me up.”

“You want to take me with you?” Piece asks.

He seems surprised by it. He really honestly does. He doesn’t understand how much I care about him. He doesn’t understand what he does to me.

I find myself kissing him deeply.

“I don’t want to spend another moment away from you Piece…” I tell him.

Piece looks away. Fuck. I can almost feel he is going to turn me down. He looks like he’s about to run away again. He looks like he’s going to grab onto his secrets and build up his wall before it’s too late. But then I grab his face. I pull him back to me. I pull him away from his secrets.

He stares deep in my eyes, “I want to go with you…to Antarctica.”

“Good. When this is all done, we’ll go. I promise.”

Piece smiles at me…nervously still. It’s almost like he’s doubting I’m going to keep my promise. I don’t care if he doubts me. I’ll make it happen. I decide at that moment I’ll take him there no matter what.


I turn to see Tonnet.

She’s dressed in her usual rags. She’s out in the rain. She looks at me interfering.

“How’d you find us?” Piece asks.

Piece looks at her suspiciously. I can tell he doesn’t trust Tonnet. I do trust her though. I can tell he probably just wants to spend more time with me.

She shrugs, “I have my ways. Jamison. We have to get back to the base now. Antietam needs you. Sorry to interrupt what you guys have going on. It’s an emergency.”

“What kind of emergency?”

“You’ll see once we get back,” Tonnet states.

I grab Piece, “After you give the bomb to Antietam lets do it…lets leave…”

“Leave?” Piece asks.

“Listen. Just think about it. Ok? Just think about it for me. Let’s just not have anything to do with this war. Antarctica…think about it Piece.”

Piece is struggling.

“It sounds so nice…”

I kiss him. He wants to do it. I can tell he does.

Tonnet literally has to pull me off of Piece. She follows me as we make our way back to the base. I’m struggling to think about what kind of emergency Antietam could be calling me back for. I don’t care really. Right now I’m on cloud 9.

We are in the sewers and I’m skipping around like a fucking child. Tonnet follows behind me clearly not paying much attention to me.

I can’t help but to talk about it.

“I’m in love Tonnet…I really am.”

“I’m happy for you,” she responds.

“Stop being sarcastic,” I respond, “I know damn well you aren’t happy for me. I don’t care though. Tonnet I’m going to tell Antietam. Piece will give over the bomb tomorrow at the park outside the pizzeria at noon. After that…I’m leaving with him. Tonnet, I’m really leaving. That happily ever after type shit.”

We make our way back to the door. I’m talking the entire time. I know I’m probably annoying the shit out of Tonnet. She seems heavily annoyed even though she isn’t saying anything. I make my way to the door. I expect Tonnet to go in but she’s just standing there.

She’s looking at me. Something is off.

I stop her at that moment.

“Why aren’t you going in?” I ask.

Tonnet shakes her head, “No reason..just waiting. You go on through.”


“Are you really happy for me?” I ask her.

Tonnet seems more interested in something in her pocket than me. It’s buzzing. What type of emergency are we down here for.

“I am. I think Piece is an amazing person,” Tonnet explains, “You too will make a great couple Jamison. You really will. Happily…ever…after…isn’t that what you said?”

She smiles at me.

Except this smile…

“You aren’t Tonnet.”

Mal Tiffany lifts her hands. Within a second motion my body is flung up against the wall so hard that I think my back gives out! I roll over on the floor struggling to gain my composure and not realizing I have just been attacked. She looks down on the floor at me as I squirm in pain. Fuck…her psychokinesis hit like a ton of fucking bricks. She rolls her eyes clearly not even entertained enough that I’ve exposed her. It’s too fucking late! I’ve lead her to Antietam’s hide out!

I’ve lead the enemy here!

Mal Tiffany pulls out what looks like a GPS.

She has her phone.

“General. I just transferred the coordinates to Antietam’s hideout,” she says looking at me with the same darkness that I remembered only Mal Tiffany to have.

“Oh My God…oh my god…” I’m panicking.

“Bring in the Soldiers. Victoria wants none of them left alive…”

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