By E Walk

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Edited by Will B.

Chapter 31 - Meeting Rupert

This is Brian.

When we got to the park, I started doing my stretching exercises and Jaime reluctantly joined in. We were just about finished when an older gentleman approached us with a dog on a leash. Being a sucker for dogs, I leaned down and started to talk to the dog. I looked at the person who was controlling the leash, "He's a beautiful dog. Does he have a name, sir?"

The older gentleman answered, "The master calls him Rupert. He is chaffing at the bit to run but I don't know that I can trust him. He just arrived recently and is still a little unsettled."

I leaned down and whispered to the beautiful Doberman Pincher "Hey Rupert, do you want to do go run with me and Jaime?" I looked at the gentleman who was with the Rupert, "Sir, do you have a name?"

The older gentleman who was holding Rupert's leash answered, "Yes, please call me Alistair."

I looked at the gentleman, "Okay, Mr. Alistair, why don't Mr. Rocker and I take Rupert for a run?"

The gentleman seemed a little hesitant but that didn't stop me. "Sir, I am from the United States and I don't think that they will permit me to take a dog on the airplane with me. We'll stay in open area where you can watch us."

I could tell the gentleman was reluctant, but he handed me the leash. I looked at Rupert, "Heel." Rupert stood behind me and Jaime and I started to run at a brisk pace. Rupert stayed right behind us. We circled the park and found Mr. Alistair sitting on a park bench. I guess he decided that nothing was going to happen to Rupert.

I handed Rupert's leash to the gentleman. "We'll see you and Rupert again tomorrow morning if the weather is nice, Mr. Alistair."

The gentleman laughed, "Please call me Alistair, not Mr. Alistair."

"Sir, my father would kick me so hard that I would be unable to sit down if addressed you by your first name. Do you have a last name?"

"Yes, my name is Alistair Smyth."

Jaime and I turned, "Okay Mr. Smyth, see you tomorrow morning."

As Jaime and I were walking to the townhouse, I looked at him, "Jaime, do you know where I can get my hair trimmed? I had an appointment for the afternoon we were to leave, but had to cancel it because of the earlier flight."

Jaime shook his head, "The barber I go to is on vacation for this week, but I'm sure I can arrange something."

When we entered the back door, it was like everyone was ready to pounce us.

Rafael didn't waste any time, "Where have you been?"

This is Ben.

Brian was looking confused, but wasn't about to back down, "What's it look like we were doing? We went for a run in the park?"

Uncle Rod quietly started to speak, "I thought we agreed that you weren't to go anywhere where you might put yourself in jeopardy of meeting the other four culprits, without having someone with you."

Brian held out his hands and shrugged, "Jaime was with me, and he alerted the police as to what we were doing. The only person we talked to was Mr. Smyth and Rupert."

Uncle Hank asked, "Who is Rupert and what did you talk about?"

Brian looked at Jaime, "Rupert is a Doberman Pincher, and we took him for a run; we really didn't talk much to him. I asked Mr. Smyth if I could take Rupert for a run and I told him that my father would kick my bottom, if I called him Alistair as he suggested."

Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank started to laugh. "Jaime, didn't you recognize Mr. Smyth?"

Jaime shook his head no, "He looked familiar, but I couldn't place why I would know him."

I was surprised at Uncle Hank's reaction, "Brian and Jaime, I apologize for getting upset. After Jaime notified the police what you were going to do, they must have alerted their office. Mr. Smyth is the Deputy Prime Minister for Security."

I looked at Rafael who was laughing. "I guess I should have called the office and then I would have known what was happening."

Brian reacted immediately, "Okay Rafael, it's time to level with us. Who do you really work for? Do you work for the Spanish Government or do you work for the British Government?"

Rafael took a deep breath, "Okay, I work for the Spanish Government, as Chief of Security at the Ambassador's residence and some other responsibilities, one of which is being the liaison person to work with Mr. Smyth's office."

I couldn't help myself, "So, what you are saying then, Rafael, is that you are a member of the Spanish CIA?"

That broke Brian and everyone else up. Brian, as usual had to get the last word, "Hey Shamus, just think, you can sell your story to BBC and make a mint. Just title your story `I Slept with a Spanish CIA Agent'. Come on Jaime; let's take our showers before we are accused of anything else."

Shamus and Rafael were fixing breakfast when the phone rang. It was for Uncle Hank. He took it in the study.

This is Brian.

Jaime and I went to my suite and I was surprised when Jaime started to undress. He looked at me, "Get with it, Brian. You heard everyone say that I was not to let you out of my sight. I promise that I won't try to do anything."

We took our shower and Jaime stepped out, "Brian, I'll leave now, so you can shag one."

I yelled, "What does shag one mean?"

Jaime snickered, "Honestly, you Yanks don't understand anything, do you? It means like jerk off, or as you probably would say jack off. I guess knowing you a little, you would probably say something like relieve your pent up emotions."

Jaime left before I could retort so I did as he suggested. I guess I needed that.

Jaime returned to the suite as I was finishing getting dressed. I stood and hugged him, "Thanks for being a friend, Jaime."

When Jaime and I got downstairs, everyone was waiting for us. We sat down and started to eat and the phone rang again. Uncle Hank left to take it in the study. When he returned, he announced, "There is a crisis so Rod and I need to go to the office this morning. Jaime and Shamus, why don't you take the gentlemen to Pembroke's Store and get them outfitted for formal wear for Friday evening? Rafael, why don't you bring the three young ladies to meet us at the Rose and Crown at 1:00; and we can have lunch together. Then we can spend the afternoon touring the museums or whatever the guys want to do."

This is Grant.

Since I have never been to a circus, I can't comment about the events of the morning being like a circus. I was beginning to appreciate how strong Brian was. My head was whirling with everything that was going on. After Rafael, Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod had departed, Brian started, "Jaime is going to make an appointment for me to get my hair trimmed. Would you like for him to make you an appointment also?"

Ben answered for the two of us, "Why not? That way we won't look like shaggy dogs for the party on Friday night."

We were helping Shamus clean up the kitchen while Jaime was on the phone. He returned to the kitchen, "Okay, here is what we are going to do. You are scheduled for your fittings at Pembroke's at 9:30 and I have scheduled you for an appointment with a hair stylist who was recommended, by the name of Matthew Lawlor. He can take you starting at 10:00. We should be done in plenty of time to meet our Dads."

Ben had, had it, "Okay, you two, would you please tell us why you keep alluding to Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank as you Dads?"

Shamus looked at Jaime, "Jaime, why don't you tell the story of why we are here."

Jaime started, "I was 17 and Shamus was 15 when our parents died during an epidemic of influenza. We were sent to live with an uncle who we didn't really know, but he was our Father's brother. We had been there only two weeks when he started to bring his friends home, and they would come to our rooms and use our bodies anyway they wanted."

Shamus took over, "This had been going on for about two months. We were practically prisoners. One night Mr. Cox and Mr. Peters appeared and the next thing we knew, we were here in London. They made sure that we finished school. They have offered us opportunities to go into business, but we have chosen to stay here with them. There has been nothing sexual between us. They have given us every advantage and even pay us a stipend for the work that we do. Gentlemen, please believe this when we say they are two first-class gentlemen."

Brian wasn't finished yet, "Okay, I agree Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank are wonderful people, but how does Aunt Bea fit into the equation?"

Jaime answered, "Brian, we shouldn't probably be saying this, but Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod saved Mom Bea from being killed by her drunken husband. When he was unsuccessful in his attempts to kill her, he took his own life. Mom Bea is the most gentle person you would ever want to meet."

The conversation was interrupted by the phone. Jaime went to answer. "This is James, how may I direct your call? ... Oh hi, Miss Vicky, I'm sorry Master Brian isn't here. He found some floozy in the park this morning and we haven't seen him since."

Brian grabbed the phone, "Vicky, don't believe a word that the creep said. We did meet Mr. Smyth and Rupert, but that is all. Are you going to be joining us at lunchtime? ... Great, so Rafael will be picking you up and driving you? ... Yes, I'll tell the two college studs. See you about one."

Brian turned to us, "The ladies will be joining us at the pub or restaurant at 1:00. It's time to go get fitted or manhandled as the case may be. Shamus, you are going with us aren't you? We know how to make our own beds and clean our bathrooms. We wouldn't want Rafael to feel left out would we?"

This is Ben.

Gee whiz, it's only nine o'clock in the morning and it is like an entire day has swept by me. We left to get fitted but quite frankly, both Grant and I were probably manhandled as Brian had predicted. The gentleman who measured me had a couple of extra feels of what was inside my athletic supporter. Grant told me that he had the same experience.

Brian had gone first and he and Jaime walked to the hair salon where we were to get our hair trimmed. I guess I had better turn this over to Brian since I wasn't there.

This is Brian again.

When Jaime and I walked into this swanky hair salon, Jaime asked if Matthew was there. This hunk appeared and I thought I had lost Jaime. I began to wonder if I was going to get my hair done today. Finally Jaime collected himself, "Mr. Lawlor, this is my young friend Brian. He would like for you to trim his hair."

Matthew led me to his station and I have to tell you I have never had such attention paid to my hair. He shampooed my hair and then used scissors and a comb to trim. Heck, he even cut the hairs on my ears and trimmed my eyebrows. I was almost afraid that he was going to want to trim the hair in my arm pits and my pubic hair. When he finished, he pronounced, "Master Brian, you look fit to dine with a king."

I walked back to Jaime and asked how much I was to pay and tip. Jaime held up his hands, "Remember, the Dads said you were not to be permitted to pay for anything."

Matthew looked at Jaime and asked, "Are you next? I don't see anyone else."

I couldn't help myself, "Go ahead, Mr. O'Rourke, I think Benji and Knock are too busy being manhandled. We don't want to waste Mr. Lawlor's time."

Jaime went to Mr. Lawlor's booth and I watched as Mr. Lawlor seemed to be paying special attention to all of Jaime's body. I swear that Jaime moved his arm so he could touch Mr. Lawlor's crotch and Mr. Lawlor seemed to move closer. The ritual was interrupted by the arrival of Ben, Grant and Shamus who were still laughing about what had happened in the haberdashery.

Matthew quickly finished with Jaime and he took care of Ben and Grant without any strange happenings. By the time he finished with Grant, it was noon. He looked at Shamus and asked, "You look like you could stand to have your hair styled also."

I looked at Shamus and pulled up the hair over his ears, "Mr. O'Rourke, I think that Mr. Ortiz would find you ever so much more attractive if you had a styling."

That caused Ben, Grant and Jaime to burst out in laughter. Shamus turned to me, "Just wait, Master Brian, when the Irish get even we get even good. You may wind up being one of the little people before you leave for home."

Shamus went into Matthew's stall and when he came out, he was absolutely gorgeous.

Jaime paid the bill and I noticed that his and Matthew's hands touched for an extremely long time. I took matters into my own hands, "Mr. Lawlor, we are meeting some friends for lunch, why don't you join us."

I was surprised when Mr. Lawlor accepted the invitation, "I don't have any more appointments today. Mondays are always slow. I hope you don't mind if I join you. I get very tired of eating alone."

We started walking to meet Uncle Hank, Uncle Rod, the young ladies and Rafael at the Rose and the Crown. Ben and Grant started to walk with me, "Okay, Bri, what's going down?"

I shrugged my shoulders and went to walk with Shamus.

This is Ben.

What does Brian know that I don't know?

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Well Ben, I would have to say, you should read the story, and you would find out, or maybe you should ask Brian. Finally, it seems, we know a bit more about Shamus and Jaime. They are both fine young men, and of course they are very loyal. I really love this story.

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