By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will Barnes

Chapter 32 - Rupert To the Rescue

This is Ben.

When we got to the Rose and the Crown, Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod were sitting at a large table with the ladies and Rafael. Rafael saw us and came to get us. Brian introduced everyone to Matthew. Brian let it be known that he had invited Matthew, "I took the liberty of asking Mr. Lawlor to join us for lunch. Matthew, why don't you sit here beside Vicky and next to Jaime. Rafael, what do you think of The Leprechaun's new do?"

Both Jaime and Shamus were giving Brian the evil eye.

We had a fun time visiting over lunch, and Brian and Vicky decided that the first stop should be the British Museum. Uncle Hank cautioned, "It is already two o'clock and there is a lot to see in the Museum. It is going to be easy to get separated. Shamus and Rafael, why don't you stick with Brian and Vicky. Rod, Jaime and I will stay with and look after the four college students. Matthew, will you be accompanying us?"

Matthew was a little hesitant, "If I wouldn't be intruding. I guess there is something going on that I don't understand."

Rafael spoke for the group. "Matthew, some strange things happened yesterday and it probably would be better if you didn't know about it yet. I would like for the six of you younger people to wear these bracelets. We would appreciate it if you would wear these every time you leave your houses."

He handed us a bright orange wrist band that looked like a small watch, except there was a small blinking light in the center of the circle of the face.

He then handed the adults each a similar bracelet, except that they were blue and didn't have the blinking light.

I will brief the security people at the museum about what is happening and let them know that the six of us with the blue bracelets are your escorts. Your bracelets have small transponders in them that are sending out signals as we speak, Any questions?"

Leave it to Brian, "Yeh, how come we get the gaudy orange bracelets, and you get the neat blue ones?"

"Because yours are fluorescent and glow in the dark." Rafael was laughing.

Brian wasn't done, "So, now you're saying that we're lightening bugs and glow worms?"

Rafael threw up his hands, "Whatever, Master Brian."

When we got to the museum, Rafael disappeared into the administrative area. While he was gone, Uncle Hank suggested, "After we are finished here at the museum, which will probably be close to 4:30, I would guess, why don't we meet here at 4:45 and plan what we want to do tonight."

This is Jaime.

Poor Matt had no clue what was happening. He whispered, "What is so special about Brian, Ben and Grant and the ladies? And who is this Rafael person who is not who he seems to be?"

I looked at Matt, "Matt, please just have a good time. The three gentlemen are here from the states visiting Shamus' and my bosses. Something has happened to put them in jeopardy."

Matt looked really confused, "You mean you aren't related to Mr. Cox or Mr. Peters?"

I grinned, "Heck no; I'm the butler and Shamus is housekeeper."

Matt was shaking his head, "You aren't telling me the whole truth, are you?"

"Believe me Matt, everything I have said is true. I think that we'd better watch after our charges."

This is Grant.

Having never been to a museum, I had no idea what to expect. It looked like a bunch of old things on display. When I started to read some of literature of what was on display, I began to develop an appreciation for how old some of the things were. I guess I was slowing down what the other three wanted to do, but no one complained.

When we got to the Rosetta Stone, all of us were wowed. We spent nearly forty five minutes reading the history and looking at the display and the translation of the stone's writing. `I was impressed.'

Finally, Uncle Hank came to us, "People, there is a lot more of the museum to see and it's nearly 4:15."

I was getting angry, `These creeps who are after us are causing everyone to be paranoid. It's as if everyone is a watchdog. It is a weird sensation and I am not enjoying it very much. I guess I need to discuss it with Ben and the Uncles later tonight. Until then, I'll wear a smile and pretend like nothing is wrong.'

When we went to the administrative area, we had to go to the bathroom, Matthew decided he needed to go also. We went in and were standing at the urinals. Matthew was in the middle. He obviously snuck a peak look at Ben's and my penises and muttered, "Oh, I say! Bloody wicked tools you chaps have there, I say. I hope your friends aren't as well developed as you are."

Ben shook his head, "Sorry sir, we haven't had the opportunity to check them out."

Matthew wasn't finished, "Is young Mr. Brian as well put together as you two?"

Ben answered, "Bri has a respectable size penis for a 14 year old."

Any further conversation was cut short because Brian entered, "Come on guys, this is not the time for fun and games. Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank want to get going."

When we joined the rest, Uncle Hank had it organized. We were all going to meet at their house and make plans for the evening. They had rides for everyone arranged conveniently. Ben and I would ride with Maria and Inga in the limo with Shamus and Rafael.

Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank were going to take their car with Brian and Vicky and that left Jaime and Matthew to take the underground. I thought to myself, "What's going on?"

The truth of the matter is that Jaime and Matthew beat the rest of us back to Uncle Rod's and Uncle Hank's house, and Jaime even answered the door in his James mode. That broke Brian up, "Okay Mr. Shag Man, I'll take over the butler duties. Would you please go and sit and entertain your guest."

Everyone was laughing except Jaime.

Vicky asked, "Why did you call Jaime, Mr. Shag Man?"

Brian realized he made a boo boo. He recovered nicely, "Well, he has been chasing after the rest of us ever since we arrived. It's like they do in baseball back home. They chase after the balls that aren't hit in play. I'm sure they do the same thing in your cricket matches here. Speaking of which, could we go watch one of your football games as you call them while we are here?"

Uncle Rod responded, "Brian, I'm sure that could be arranged. I think there is a game tomorrow afternoon in Wembley Stadium. Now, how about we go on a dinner cruise of the Thames this evening? There are supposed to be fireworks around the Tower of London about dusk."

Brian in his most officious manner responded, "Sir, me and my brother get seasick just thinking about water. Now, if you would rephrase your invitation to something like, `We would like for you to join us at a restaurant that looks out on the Thames from where we could see the fireworks.' We might go."

Everyone was sitting there laughing. Aunt Bea came and announced, "Tea is being served in the dining room."

Brian was still in his butler mode, "Ladies and gentlemen, if you will permit me, I will show you to the dining area. Miss Vicky, why don't you go first since you are the prettiest one here."

Maria stuck up her hand, "I resent that statement, Brian. Are you saying the rest of us are retreads?"

Brian almost lost his composure. "That was not what I was intimating at all. What I was saying is, you need to get your slovenly escorts to take to the dining room. Now Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, would you like for us to carry you to the dining room. I know that when you get to be your age, it is difficult to maneuver."

Mrs. Proust was standing there and she couldn't hold back her laughter anymore. In fact, everyone was laughing as we adjourned to the dining room where we met with warm scones, orange marmalade and raspberry jam. There were also some sandwiches and some fresh fruit and a selection of drinks.

Ben looked at everyone, "If we eat all of this food now, we won't be hungry for dinner."

Uncle Rod stopped any further complaints. "Dinner at the restaurant that will provide the opportunity to watch the Thames flow by and the fire works won't be until 8:30. So I think you'd better eat while you can. You never know what kind of food they will be serving."

The rest of tea time went smoothly and everyone was rather caught by surprise when Ben, Brian and I got up and cleared the table and went to the kitchen to help Mrs. Proust with the cleanup. Jaime and Shamus came into the kitchen and Jaime asked, "Why are you doing our work?"

Ben looked at them, "We aren't doing any work. This is what we do at home all the time. If we used it, then we need to clean. Now go take care of the Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank and the other guests."

When we returned to the living room, Brian resumed his role as butler, Master Peters, how would you like these people to dress for this evening's soiree?"

Uncle Josh looked very serious, "I guess that everyone is suitably dressed, so I suggest that we get a move on before they resell our reservations."

This is Ben.

The assembled people went to their assigned cars and we did indeed go sailing on a dinner cruise on the Thames, and the fireworks were spectacular.

The real fireworks started when we got home. Shamus had left with Rafael to take the limo and Inga and Maria home. Jaime and Matthew had followed Brian and Vicky as he walked her home.

When they returned, we were waiting for Shamus to return and we were sitting in the parlor with Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank. We were talking and we heard a motorcycle coming close. Shamus and Rafael came in through the kitchen wearing helmets.

Brian started to laugh, "Oh no, it's the roller derby kings."

Both Rafael and Shamus looked at Brian like he was daft. Rafael wasn't going to be put down. He took off the backpack he was wearing and pointed his finger at Brian, "We're both going to sleep with you tonight to make sure that you don't get into any more trouble. Word on the street says that they are going to try to nab you in particular, because you are so sassy."

Brian was stymied for a minute, "You're kidding, aren't you?"

Rafael turned very professional, "Brian, I am very serious. The slave traders are determined to get you. They must have someone who has specifically asked for someone like you."

I looked at everyone, "Then you are saying the rest of us don't need to worry?"

Rafael shook his head, "That's not what I said. I said the word on the street says that the prime target is Brian and the rest of you are gravy as you would say."

That set Brian off, "So you are saying that I am the prime beef and the rest of the people are gravy? Well, this piece of prime beef is going to bed."

Rafael announced, "Shamus and I will accompany you."

Brian was almost bent over from laughing, "So last night Jaime probably watched as I shagged one. Now tonight you two are going to watch me. I probably won't be able to get a hard on tonight because I am worried about being the prime beef in a sandwich." Brian hugged Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank, "Thanks for everything, in case I am not here in the morning. Shamus and Rafael will probably have me incapacitated by morning."

After Brian had left with Shamus and Rafael, Uncle Hank looked at me, "Ben, is Brian handling this as well as he lets on."

I had to think about my response, "Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, I am sure that Brian has butterflies running through his stomach now. He isn't about to let anyone know. We get that trait from our Father and Mother who had to endure much suffering when they were growing up. They have made us feel very secure, but they have warned us that things might not always be so rosy."

I was surprised when Jaime spoke, "Dads, after having spent the night with Brian last night, I can truthfully say that he is a survivor and he doesn't have a gay bone in his body. He has no problem with someone holding him, but he will not reciprocate. He made that very clear to me and I did not and would not have tried to do anything with him. He is a beautiful young man as are Master Ben and Master Grant. Now, if you will excuse us I'll take Mr. Lawlor to where he will be sleeping tonight."

This is Brian.

I shucked my clothes and went to take a shower. I didn't care if Shamus and Rafael were watching me. When I came out of the shower I had nothing on and casually walked to my clothes and pulled out a pair of briefs and pulled them on.

I climbed on the bed and looked at Shamus and Rafael, "Okay guys, time for show and tell."

Shamus challenged me, "You just want to perve on our bodies."

I shook my head, "Guys, you forget that I have seen Grant and Ben up close and personal and I am positive that you aren't packing what they are. Besides, I saw Jaime last night and he didn't get embarrassed. Now get your butts undressed and take your shower or we'll never be ready to meet Mr. Smyth and Rupert in the morning."

I was lying on the bed and I watched as Rafael shed his clothes and then watched Shamus do likewise. I looked at them, "Don't wake me when you finally get done playing around in the shower. I need my beauty sleep."

I guess I must have fallen asleep before they returned. When I awoke in the morning, I was surrounded by arms and legs. I had a difficult time getting out of the entangled bodies, but finally was able to go the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, Rafael was spooned behind Shamus and his hand was inside Shamus' briefs. Both Shamus and Rafael were sporting major tents.

I quietly got dressed and went to make sure that Ben and Grant were up. After they had relieved themselves, I briefed them on what I wanted to do. We quietly went back to the suite where I was sleeping and opened the door and yelled, "Happy New Year."

Both Shamus and Rafael bolted straight up and I started to laugh, "Oh lookee, they are trying to create Baby 2009."

Rafael glared at me, "Just wait, Mr. Benson, you think the Irish are bad about getting even, we Spaniards are even worse."

We went up the stairs and I slowly opened the door and Jaime and Matthew were cuddled together without any clothes. I yelled, "Somebody call the doctor. It looks like someone is going to be pregnant."

Ben and Grant were standing there giggling and Jaime threw up his hands, "Que Sera Sera."

Matthew turned a bright red color. I turned to leave, "Just make sure you name you new arrival after me. After all, if I hadn't asked Jaime to arrange for a hair styling, this would never have happened. We'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes."

When we got to the kitchen, I turned to Ben and Grant, "Guys, I don't feel very good about running this morning. If I hadn't told Mr. Smyth and Rupert that I would be there, I wouldn't go."

Ben surprised me. He came and put his arms around me, "Bri, I am apprehensive too. I still cannot believe that we got involved in this mess."

This is Grant.

Our conversation was interrupted because Jaime and Matthew arrived. Matthew was still looking a little sheepish. Jaime announced, "I need to take the Dads their morning coffee before we go."

Brian held up his hand, "I'll take it. I want to see if they sleep in the nude like at least one of their sons does."

Rafael came in and alerted the security forces that we were getting ready to run.

When Brian returned, Ben asked, "Well?"

Brian laughed, "I'll never tell. Let's go."

When we got to the park, Brian introduced Mr. Smyth and Rupert. He and Rupert started to run and Jaime and Matthew started to follow him. Ben and I decided to follow their lead and were being closely followed by Rafael and Shamus.

We hadn't gone very far when an old lady with a bicycle approached Brian, "Honey, could you help me? I can't get this chain back on."

Brian leaned down to see what he could do when the lady yelled out, "Come and get him. I want to use him first before we ship him out."

Two men came from the sides, and Rupert started for the supposed lady and had her on the ground and growling. Ben and I could hear Brian pleading for help, even though we were some distance behind. Ben sent me a message and we transported ourselves through the air so we could help Brian. We didn't realize that we were being approached by two very large men. Ben and I disappeared and went to help Brian who was being held by two men. They couldn't see us so they had no idea what to do. I followed Ben's lead and kicked the man I was holding in the testicles so hard that he fell to the ground writhing. The other man that Ben had kicked was also doubled over and the security forces had them surrounded.

Shamus and Rafael had immobilized the two thugs who were coming after Ben and me, and relinquished control of them to the security forces.

Ben and I materialized and Brian hugged us. "Thanks guys, I thought I was a goner."

Mr. Smyth walked up to us, "Gentleman, that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. All we saw was two orange bracelets flying through the air. All I can say is, good work. Now Master Brian, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Uncle Alistair. But that lady that Rupert tackled isn't a lady. Here let me show you." Brian lifted his assailant's dress and started to laugh, "And he isn't much of a man either. Come on Rupert, let's finish our run."

With that, Brian and Rupert took off and it was like Brian didn't care what was happening any more. When they returned to where the rest of us were standing, he asked, "So, what do we do for excitement the rest of the week?"

He turned to Mr. Smyth, "Sir, I'll meet you and Rupert tomorrow, but say about 6:30. I don't want to wake the rest of these ninnies up."

When we got to the house, Brian hugged Mrs. Proust, "I'm going to go take a shower while my room is free."

Rafael took off on his motorcycle. As we were eating breakfast, Matthew was explaining his perception of what happened. "First we saw this presumably old lady approach Brian, then Rupert had her/him spread eagled on the ground and two men had grabbed Brian. The next thing I saw was these two orange bracelets sailing by and the two assailants were on the ground writhing in pain."

"I looked back to see what Shamus and Rafael were doing. Now would someone tell me what is going on? I feel like I have been caught up in the middle of a spy novel."

Jaime spoke up, "Matthew, I'll explain tonight. It is too complicated for now, and you said you had a full day of appointments. Give me a call when you are done and we can make plans for tonight."

Brian picked up on that, "Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, I guess we'd better not make any plans for tonight. We will need to be here to supervise the extracurricular activities of your two sons. Sorry Aunt Bea, that was not appropriate in front of a lady. Let's you and me get these dishes sorted out before Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod kick my behind clean across the Atlantic Ocean. They will probably give me a short boot and I'll wind up in the ocean in the middle of a pool of sharks."

Everyone was laughing as Ben and I went to help Aunt Bea and Brian. Surely nothing else can happen while we are in London. Can it?

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Editor's comments: What a gripping story! Or do I mean groping? Whatever! I am certainly not griping about anything in this chapter. I look forward to whatever else Ed has up his sleeve or down his down his ... oh, well, never mind. Will B.

Editor's Notes:

Now let me see, what could happen? Well someone could attack Buckingham Palace and try to kidnap one or more of the Royals. Or Elton John could pop in unannounced and perform a concert for the boys, who would join in and out sing him. Miss Marple could be taking a vacation nearby and, of course she would find a dead body under a tree as she was walking by. She would, of course know who the killer was, as well as recognizing the victim, but she wouldn't tell anyone else, because she likes surprising everyone at the very end, you know. Mary Poppins could drop by and sing Supercalafragilisticexbalidocias, in four part harmony with some friendly penguins and Dick Van Dyke. I don't think anything out of the ordinary would happen though.

Great chapter!

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