By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 34 - Not Again

This is Ben.

As we were making our way slowly back to London, Uncle Hank leaned over my shoulder and whispered, "Ben, is Brian okay? He is so quiet."

I turned around and spoke quietly, "I think that he is just tired and recharging for what is to come next."

Grant turned around, "Yeah, that is what these Benson men do best, recharge."

The rest of us started to laugh. That brought Brian to life, "Okay, what's so funny? If the six of you are laughing, it has to do with either me or Vicky. It can't be the both of us because we have been behaving properly unlike some people we have observed."

Uncle Rod turned to Vicky and Brian who were in the back seat, "We were just talking about the Benson men needing to recharge to get ready for the next adventure,. Let's see, so far today, you caused four kidnappers to be captured and then you saved a young boy from drowning. Surely you can't get into anymore trouble, can you?"

That set Brian off, "You mean you are going to lock me in my room and chain me to the bed for the next three days that we are here. You will let me have enough chain so that I can go to the bathroom by myself, won't you? I wouldn't want to embarrass anybody."

All of us on the bus were laughing and I think everyone was beginning to realize that Brian was a very intelligent young man.

When we got to Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank's house we were met by Jaime and Matthew. Jaime handed Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank some messages and announced that we had reservations at a small bistro near the stadium, in an hour. "It is a very informal restaurant, so everyone is dressed properly. Vicky, your parents have an engagement tonight, so they are not at home and they left a key here in case you don't have yours."

Rafael finally joined us. I guess he had been talking on the phone, because he spoke to Maria, "Senorita Montoya, your parents asked that you and Miss Sandberg spend the morning with them tomorrow. They have some things that they would like for you to do."

Jaime continued, "Miss Victoria, I almost forgot. Your parents said that you were to plan to spend the day at home tomorrow."

Brian had the funniest look on his face, "Would someone tell us what's going on. It's almost like we have smallpox and no one is going to be permitted to associate with us Yanks. What did we do that was so bad?"

Brian was interrupted by the return of Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod. Uncle Rod spoke for the two of them, "Guys, after your run in the morning, you are confined to the house unless we are with you. We have some things that we need to do."

This is Brian.

I was getting hot. `Why are we being confined to the house? What did we do that was so bad?'

I didn't say anything more, but Vicky put her arm around me and assured me, "It's okay, Brian. We can get together after the quarantine is over. I am sure there is a reason that everyone is being so mysterious, but I haven't a clue what the reason is. Thaw out, and let's have a good time tonight. The bistro where we are going serves great food. I think you will be surprised and it is just across the street from the stadium. I don't understand how Jaime got us reservations there. It is always booked months ahead of time."

That caught my attention, and I looked at Ben and Grant and they were in the fog as much as I was.

We all made quick bathroom stops and we climbed back on the bus. As we neared the stadium, Rafael pulled into a parking lot and there was a big sign on a space that said, `Reserved for the Benson party.'

When I saw that sign, I almost freaked. Why would they have a reserved sign for the Benson party? No one knows we are here. I looked at Ben and he was as confused as I was. I was having weird feelings about what was going to happen.

We went into the bistro and were met a by handsome lad dressed in an 18th century British costume, "If you would follow me, I will take you to the area where your feast will be served."

We walked through a dining room where everyone was seated at tables like any other restaurant, but the young host took us to a room where there were no chairs. There was a low table and a bunch of fluffy pillows on the floor. The young man motioned for us to sit down. "The others will be joining you shortly."

I looked at everyone and no one seemed to be willing tell me who the others were, even if they knew. It was only a couple of minutes before Minister Alistair Smyth and his wife arrived with Philip and his parents from the beach. We were to find out that Philip's mother was the Smyth's daughter, so Philip was their grandson. Things are getting weirder and weirder.

I was at a loss for words, when Uncle Hank introduced everyone and Philip came and sat between Vicky and me. Now, I thought to myself, 'What am I going to do?'

Vicky touched my shoulder and let me know that it was fine with her. Dinner started and you would have thought we were kings and queens the way we were being treated. I was so overwhelmed that I can't even remember all of the food that was served to us. I had never seen so much food in my short life. Philip kept urging Vicky and me to try everything and I finally stopped eating because I was afraid I was going to throw up.

After the desert of Yorkshire pudding which was great, Uncle Hank stood and asked for the check. The head waiter indicated that it had already been taken care of, but didn't say by whom. Ben and I looked at each other and we hid a twenty pound note under our plates as did Grant.

As we were walking out of the restaurant, our lead waiter approached us, "I think some of you must have lost something in the dining area. We get adequately recompensed for the services we provide."

Grant, bless his soul, looked at the young man and said, "We came with only empty stomachs, and now we are having to waddle to our vehicle. So how could we have left anything in the dining area."

I turned and looked at everyone. "No one went to the bathroom while we were eating did they?"

The young man smiled, "Very well, my lords and ladies, I will report to the servants that what we found must have been a gift from the king."

We left the van in the parking lot and Philip practically dragged Vicky and me to the stadium. We had to wait until the others got there because we didn't have any tickets. Philip yelled, "Come on Granddad, we want to watch the teams warming up. Maybe we can talk to Uncle William before the match starts."

This is Ben.

Grant, Maria, Inga and I were looking at each other. We were still mystified as to how we got involved with these people who all seemed to be related.

Brian was as baffled as we were. I'm not even sure if Shamus and Jaime knew what was going on, and Matthew looked completely overwhelmed.

Brian looked at Philip, "Who is Uncle William?"

Philip looked at Brian as if he was daffy, "He's my uncle and he is the goalie for the United team."

Vicky whispered to Brian. "Brian, his Uncle is a hero to football fans here in England. You will be meeting one of the premier sports figures of the country, if we get to meet him."

We were shown to a box on the midfield line. We were right next to the playing field just behind the United team bench.

Philip called out, "Hey Uncle William, come meet the people who saved me from drowning today."

The goalie came over and boy I could see why he was so popular. He had to be one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He looked around the box and smiled, "Hi, Dad and Mum, I didn't know you were coming tonight."

Philip was excited, "Uncle William, this is Brian Benson. He saved me from downing at the beach today."

Uncle William shook Brian's hand, "Well done, Lad ..." He stopped in mid sentence and then started to laugh, "Aren't you one of the young men who caught the rest of the kidnappers in the park this morning? I saw your picture in the afternoon paper. It sounds like you have had a busy day. I'll meet you after the match and we can visit some more."

The match was a defensive battle but the United team finally scored a goal. It was right after the goal had been scored that Philip announced, "I need to go to the loo. Come on Brian, go with me."

The two guys disappeared before anyone had time to react. Shamus and Rafael went to look for them. As Rafael was leaving he practically ordered, "Everyone, stay here."

This is Brian.

We went to the closest loo for men and we started to go to the bathroom. I was just about finished when Philip looked at me, "Brian, you sure are beautiful. I hope I look as good as you when I get older."

We were washing our hands when I was grabbed from behind. There were three men holding me. One of them said, "Let's take this one the other is too young. This one looks like he would be a good piece of meat to use."

I yelled, "Philip, go get help. Get out of here and now." I silently called out to Ben and Grant to come help me, please!

The three thugs pushed me into a janitor's closet and locked the door. Two of them started to undress me from the waist down but they were having a difficult time, because I was putting up a good fight. They finally had my lower body exposed and the third jerk started to approach me and had his penis poised ready to use it on me when I felt the presence of Ben and Grant.

The three thugs were so startled that they froze when they felt Ben and Grant, who were still not visible, kicking them where it would do the most damage. All three of the thugs were writhing on the ground and Ben and Grant materialized. Ben looked at me, "Brian, I think you might want to get dressed before anyone else arrives."

The three goons were so shook by the sight of Ben and Grant, that they were almost babbling. As soon as I was dressed, Ben unlocked the door and told me to go get help. He and Grant were each holding a big piece of wood threatening to clobber the would-be assailants.

I didn't have to go far, because Philip, Shamus and Rafael were in the loo with three policemen. Philip was crying, "I know this is the loo where we were. What happened to Brian?"

I grabbed Philip, "Philip, I am right here and I am fine. Now, let's get back to the match, but first, let me talk to Rafael and Shamus."

I went to the two guys and whispered, "There are three thugs sprawled on the floor in that closet. They were going to try and use my body, but you know who arrived in time."

This is Ben.

As soon as we heard the door being opened, Grant and I disappeared and materialized outside the entrance to the loo. As we were entering, Brian was sending me a message, "Get Philip out of here, and now."

I looked at Philip, "Come on Philip, let's get something to drink. The ladies are thirsty."

This is Brian.

As soon as Ben and Grant had Philip in hand, I started to tell the people who were there the story of what had happened. "There are three men in that closet. They were planning to rape me but something or someone stopped them."

The flashes started going again, and I turned around to see that Lloyd Stewart person again. He looked at me and laughed, "You're everywhere aren't you, Mr. Benson. First you caught the creeps who were kidnapping young teenagers, then you save a young boy from drowning, and you single handedly captured a group of thugs that have been raping young men at different sporting events for the last year."

I wanted to tell him that I had help, but Rafael was shaking his head no.

When I finally got back to the box, everyone was looking at me like they were expecting some sort of explanation.

I looked at everyone, "Nothing happened, and I am fine."

I guess I hadn't realized how long I was gone because the match ended right after I got back with United winning 1 to zip. We were getting ready to leave, when Philip's Uncle William came over to us, "Please wait a minute. We have something for Brian."

We were all waiting when Uncle William came back and handed me the game soccer ball that the entire team had signed. "Brian, we want you to take this as a special gift to thank you for getting rid of some of the scum that mar our sporting events. We already have heard what happened to you tonight. Please accept this as a token of British hospitality."

I could hardly speak, but I was able to mutter a thank you. I went to shake his hand but he was having none of that. He hugged me and surprised me, "I hope my sons can grow up to be as brave as you."

I guess it was my nerves because I hadn't realized that Mr. Stewart was still around taking pictures of me, as I was receiving the ball from Uncle William.

As we were walking to the vehicle, Minister Smyth asked, "Would it be okay if I stop by your house in about an hour?"

Uncle Hank looked at us and nodded, "Alistair, we'll try to keep the young gentlemen awake until then."

We dropped Inga and Maria off first, and Grant and Ben walked them to the door and gave them a kiss. Next, we dropped off Vicky and I walked her to the door. I gave her a kiss on the lips for the first time, and I felt some growth in the groin region. I quickly said goodnight.

Rafael dropped the rest of us at Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod's house and announced, "I'll be back as soon as I get the bus returned and can collect some clean clothes. I should be here by the time Minister Smyth arrives."

I was getting frustrated, "Would someone please tell me what is happening... please? It's like I'm a freak in a side show."

Uncle Hank came to me and gave me a hug, "Brian, please trust us. You are not a freak. We just wish that you were about four years older and then we could show you how special you are. Until you are 18, you will need to continue to be the typical teenager, if that's possible,"

We were interrupted by the arrival of Rafael and he was accompanied by Minister Smyth.

Minister Smyth came and sat down next to me. "Brian, I want to know in minute detail, everything that happened in the loo tonight.

I told him everything that I could remember and he looked at me a little funny and then asked, "Ben and Grant, did you hear Brian telling you he needed help?"

Ben answered, "Minister Smyth, we heard Brian's pleas for help three times today. First this morning in the park, then at the beach, when he saved Philip and then tonight when the thugs were going to rape him."

Uncle Alistair looked at me, "Brian, have you ever heard Ben or Grant talking to you?"

"No sir,"

I was interrupted by Uncle Rod. "Alistair, Brian is too young to have developed those powers, yet. We are amazed that Brian even has the power to communicate by sending his brain waves or whatever. He already has more power that most of the wizards we know. Ben and Grant have far surpassed almost all of us in their power to transmit themselves through time and space, and read each others thoughts."

Mr. Smyth pulled me close, "I don't know what it is about you three young men that is so special, but you have accomplished things in the short time that you have been here that we have been trying to do for some time. I need to be going now. I'll see you tomorrow at ten."

Minister Smyth departed and I looked at Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, "What are we doing at ten in the morning. I thought I was going to be chained to my bed? Speaking of which, who is going to sleep with me tonight. I don't think I feel very safe here in London, anymore."

Matthew surprised me, "I'll tell you what Master Brian, Jaime and I will sleep with you if you promise not to molest us."

I started to laugh and then had a sudden thought, "Matthew, you are not who you pretend to be at all, are you? You have to be involved with Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod somehow, or they wouldn't have included you so readily. Have you and Jaime been friends for sometime?"

Uncle Hank nodded for Matthew to go ahead, "Okay, so I am busted, I work for Minister Smyth and I have known Rafael ever since he came to London to work. No, I did not know Jaime until you made him get his hair styled. I work in the saloon because you can't imagine how much interesting information I hear from my clients."

That sent me into hysterics, "So, you are the James Bond who poses as a hair stylist?"

Matthew came back immediately with, "No, my dear Brian, I prefer to think of myself as the next Sherlock Holmes."

I stood, "I can't take anymore surprises. I'm going to bed."

I took a shower and was lying in the bed and all of a sudden the events of the past several days got to me and started to shake. I was curled up in a ball sobbing when Jaime and Matthew entered. They both crawled on the bed. Jaime pulled me close, "Let it go, Brian, get it out of your system. It was only an matter of time before you had a reaction. Get it out of your system while we are here for you."

Matthew was stroking my face, "Brian, you have shown more bravery in the last two days than nearly all of the people in the world have ever demonstrated. You are a wonderful young man. You seem to be living a charmed life; now go to sleep. Jaime and I will not molest you or even permit anyone to get near you tonight."

I must have gone to sleep, because the next thing I remembered was that I was crawling over a body because I had to go to the bathroom.

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Once again, we have another thrilling chapter. The thing that is so sad, in ways, is that almost everyone seems to know what is going on except for the young people. It doesn't seem very fair to them, does it?

I hope they can get some answers soon, so they can cope with all that is going on.

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