By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 38 - Rogue's Gallery

This is Grant.

I was awakened by something wet and rough like sand paper around my penis. Ben was having his way with the tree that was standing straight up from my body. Ben started humming as he moved up and down. I forcefully removed his face from my pelvic area before I let loose what he had caused to happen. My penis began to spout out like a fountain shooting water in the air. The only problem was that this wasn't water.

Ben started to make circles with his pointer finger, "Hmm, this is nice and sticky today. This will help keep the freckles away."

I scowled, "But I don't have any freckles, unlike you and Brian."

Ben started to laugh, "Gee, I guess Brian and I need to make sure we use the semen treatment. Do you suppose someone else's semen would work as well?"

Ben went into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth and a towel. He carefully made sure my body was clean. It was really weird when he made sure that my belly button was doubly clean. He leaned down and kissed me, "Now get your fat butt out of bed before Brian comes looking for us."

When we got down stairs, no one seemed to be moving. I looked at the clock and it said 6:15. I looked at Ben, "Where is everyone? Usually by this time everyone's already hurrying and scurrying."

We went into the kitchen and it was apparent that someone had been there because something was already cooking. Ben looked at me and shrugged, "I guess I had better go check on Brian."

He was ready to leave when Brian, Shamus, Jaime, Rafael and Aunt Bea came in from the porch carrying Brian's paintings. Brian looked at us, "We'll be ready in a sec, guys."

The paintings were spread on nearly every piece of furniture in the sitting room. Brian was meticulous in making sure that they were all laying flat. When he was satisfied, he turned, "Okay guys, let's go run."

Brian picked up his pad and backpack and we left for the park. Philip was waiting there with Minister Smyth and Rupert. Brian left his art things with Minister Smyth and we started to run. It seemed odd that Matthew wasn't with us this morning.

After the run, Brian looked at us, "I'm going to do a painting of Minister Smyth, David and Rupert. Why don't the rest of you go back to the house, I'll be there shortly. Ben and Grant, don't take a shower until I get there."

Ben and I looked at each other wondering, `What's he plotting now?'

This is Brian.

I had Philip lean against his grandfather and had Minister Smyth put his arm around Philip and had Rupert put his head on Philip's lap. Jaime had decided that he would stay with me just in case. He was sitting on the grass behind me watching as I drew. He hadn't seen me doing my art work last night.

When I was satisfied with my painting of Philip, Mr. Smyth and Rupert, Jaime started to clap. I turned to him, "Don't you dare move, Mr. O'Rourke, you're next."

I showed my painting to Philip and his granddad. Mr. Smyth immediately spoke, "Brian, I would like to pay you for the painting."

I shook my head, "Sir, you can't buy it. It already belongs to Philip, but before he can claim it, it will be in an exhibit at a gallery in Knightsbridge. Jaime will make sure that it's delivered to you after the showing."

I turned to Jaime, "Just lean back on your arms like you were before when I was drawing Philip and his Grandfather, and cross your legs."

I looked at Jaime and had him take off his shirt and started to paint. Philip was practically breathing down my back as I was working. When I was just about finished, I turned to Philip, "What do you think, Sir Philip?"

Philip looked at the painting and then looked at Jaime, "Nice package you're hiding, Mr. Jaime."

I thought Minister Smyth was going to flip out, but instead he looked at the painting, "Yep, I believe Brian did the package justice."

Jaime had turned crimson, "Okay, Master Brian, I want to see the painting and I want to see it now."

I showed the painting to Jaime and he went white. "Brian, you aren't really going to let anyone see that are you?"

I was having a ball, "Heck, Jaime, this painting will probably be the highlight of the show. Everyone will be trying to undress you in their minds thinking they'd like to get hands on the hidden merchandise."

I hugged Philip, Minister Smyth and Rupert, "See you tomorrow at the same time. Have a great day."

When Jaime and I were walking to the house, Jaime almost implored me, "Brian, you really aren't going to let anyone else see that picture?"

"Jaime, after what I am planning to do to Ben and Grant, your painting will look like it is G rated. Please trust me. I'm really proud of how well your picture came out."

As soon as we entered the house, it was like everyone was ready to pounce. Ben started the verbal assault, "Brian, what's going on? What took you so long?"

Before I could answer, Uncle Hank started, "What are those paintings in the sitting room? We could recognize everyone except the person who looks he appears to be half angel and half demon."

Shamus answered before I could, "Dads, that's a self portrait of Brian and he has already sold it for 1000 pounds. He had the cheque made out to the Abused and Battered Children's Fund." Shamus handed the cheque to Uncle Hank. "In addition, a young man in the crowd, who had been watching Brian do his mastery, collected this money for the fund."

Shamus continued, "All the art works that Brian has done are going to be on display at a gallery in Knightsbridge."

This is Ben.

Uncle Hank, Uncle Rod, Jaime and Aunt Bea looked like they had been hit with a stun gun.

Uncle Rod recovered first, "Brian, wasn't that rather presumptuous to say that the paintings could be displayed without the people who posed permission?"

Brian was getting a little hot, "Excuse me, Uncle Rod, but everyone in the pictures knew they were posing. I painted the pictures and so they are mine until I formally present them to you or anyone else."

Brian's response caught everyone's attention and it became almost ghostly quiet.

Uncle Rod broke the eerie silence, "Brian, I apologize. I'm just concerned that our privacy will be invaded."

Brian was almost crying, "I haven't identified anybody by name in the paintings titles. If someone were to think they recognized you or anyone else, you can always plead ignorance. I don't think Mr. Johnson will try to exploit anyone. He seems to be very reasonable. Why else would he write a check to the Abused and Battered Children's Fund?"

It was as if everyone was walking on eggs until Uncle Hank spoke, "Enough about painting, Brian, you're right. They are yours so you can do what you think best. Now after the meal, Rod and I would like to speak with you in private in the den on another matter. It shouldn't take long, so we'll meet back here in fifteen minutes to decide what we are going to do today."

My mind was beginning to conjure up all sorts of weird scenarios. We finished eating and Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod escorted Brian into the study.

This is Brian.

I had no idea what to expect. I was thinking that Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank were going to confine me to the house because they were upset with me. We went into the study, where I had not been previously, and Uncle Hank started, "Brian, sit down and relax. We are not upset with you; in fact quite the opposite."

Uncle Rod took over, "Brian, I apologize for upsetting you. Mr. Johnson is one of us, and he called us last night after he left you young people at the deli. He wanted to know if you were to be inducted into the Wizard Society tonight. We told him that you were only fourteen, and thus didn't meet all the requirements needed, namely age, to be inducted."

Now I was really frustrated, "Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank, can we cut through the mish mash? You have something to say, so say it and clear the air."

Both Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank were taken back by my brusqueness, I think. Uncle Hank took a deep breath, "Brian, Ben and Grant are going to be inducted into the Wizard Society tonight. The level at which they will be inducted depends on what skills they can demonstrate. We know that you possess some of the skills, and as Rod said, we can't even grant you an apprenticeship level until you would reach the age of 16. Jaime and Shamus are still at the apprenticeship level and will probably remain there for life."

Uncle Hank came and sat down beside me. "Brian, you don't need to be gay to be a wizard. In fact we are about equally split. Mr. Johnson and Minister Smyth are so straight that it's hard for them to sit down."

I looked at Uncle Hank and started to laugh, "So you are saying that the Wizards have been looking over us since we arrived in your country. Did you think we Yanks couldn't take care of ourselves?"

Uncle Hank was getting frustrated now, "Brian, that's not what I said at all. Some of our members just happened to be in the right place at the same time you were."

Uncle Rod came and sat on the other side of me, "Brian, you are a beautiful person. I can not imagine another fourteen year being like you. I hope that you can always retain the free spirit that you have and attract people to you, but please do not let them take advantage of you. Now let's go decide what we are going to do today. Brian, I would like to say one more thing, if I may. I would be proud if you were our son."

That caught me by surprise, "Thank you Dads, if I already didn't have a wonderful set of parents, I would take you up on that. Me thinks you have two sons already who need your full and undivided attention. Let's get back I have another painting that I need to do of the young lovers."

Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank both hugged me before we went to join the others.

I wasn't about to let anyone know what happened in the study. I yelled out shower time. I want to see Grant and Ben in their shower immediately. Shamus I'll check on you shortly.

I think I caught Grant and Ben totally off guard when I followed them to their room. "Okay you two, shed the clothes and get into the shower and I'll show you how I want you to pose."

I had already seen them both naked so they did as I asked. When they were in the shower, I had them stand close and put their outside hand on their partner's butt. I put the hands where I wanted them. "Okay, guys, the other hand is free to jack off your lover. I want you to turn just enough so I can watch your faces as you relieve each other's tensions."

This is Ben.

Grant and I did as we were directed and we both began to spray the shower wall.

Brian said, "Perfect, now clean the shower and go see what we're going to do today. Tell Shamus, I need to see him in my room immediately."

Grant and I got out of the shower at least a pound lighter. We quickly dressed and went to find Shamus and tell him the directions that Brian had given us. It seems to that Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod had been called to a meeting at the ministry. They left word that they would be back at lunch time.

This is Brian again,

I took a shower and put on some clean underwear and noticed a full-length mirror on two of my closet doors. I shut them and sat on the bed with just my briefs on. I started to think about Vicky and arranged myself so it would make an interesting picture. I was almost done when Shamus arrived. I motioned for him to sit down and he watched me finish my self-portrait.

I held it up for him to see, "Not too bad for a fourteen year old, huh?"

Shamus started to laugh, "If only I could look that good."

I looked at Shamus, "You will my friend. Now get naked and lay back on my bed and I'll show you how I want you to pose."

Shamus looked like he was going to argue at first, but I think he realized he couldn't win. I covered his lower body to his belly button with a sheet. "Okay, lay back and pretend that Rafael is manhandling your penis. Why don't you put you left hand under the sheet and manipulate your tool?"

That caused what I wanted to happen and I quickly did the painting so that Shamus's face was not really identifiable. There was no question in my mind who he was. When I was finished, I motioned for him to come see.

He looked at the painting, "You aren't going to show this painting to anyone are you?"

I smiled at Shamus, "Of course, I am going to put it on display for the world to see and it's going to titled Shamus O'Rourke." Shamus was looking rather sick, "Shamus, I would never do anything to embarrass you, and even if I do say so myself, you look good enough to eat. I'm sure that Rafael would pay a pretty penny for this painting."

Shamus glared at me, "Brian, you are evil personified."

I hugged Shamus even though he was naked. "Shamus, I'm just an over- sexed teenage who wants to be an artist. Now let's go see what's happening.

When I got to the first floor, Jaime informed me that Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank had been called to the ministry for an important meeting. They planned to be home in time for lunch and then they would take us to see some of the sites we hadn't visited in London yet.

I had no problem with that, so I went and got my pad and pastels and practically demanded that Aunt Bea sit at the bar in the kitchen like she was thinking about what Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank would like for dinner. I had her put her elbow on the counter, and she was looking off into space with a look that was easy to capture. As I was finishing, I hadn't realized how many people were watching, I took one last look at the painting and turned it so Mrs. Proust could see it.

Mrs. Proust started to cry, "I never thought that I would have a portrait drawn of me. Brian, I look beautiful. I wish I really looked that good."

I turned the portrait around, "Aunt Bea, this does not even begin to do you justice. I wish I could have made it show your inner strength."

We were interrupted by the arrival of Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod. Uncle Hank spoke for the two of them "Listen up, after lunch we're going to see some more of the sites of London. Mrs. Proust, none of us will be here for dinner tonight, so after lunch you are free to go spend some time with your children and grandchildren.

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