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Author's note: As this story gets ready to end, I want to thank Will B. again for permitting me to use some of his characters from his Wizards story. This story started as a dare and has grown from there. There will be some more chapters forthcoming, but school is going to be starting soon for our heroes. E Walk

Chapter 39 - The Initiation

This is Brian again.

After lunch, we did indeed see some sites in London that I didn't even know existed. We visited several more museums and the last stop was Mr. Johnson's gallery. He was gracious and showed us around and showed me where he would like to display my works. He even took me into the work area and showed what options I had for the mattings and the framings.

As we were leaving the gallery, Rafael had a call. When he came back he announced, "Miss Ingrid, your parents have arrived. I'll drop you and Miss Maria at the embassy first and then take the other people home."

We were the last to be left off and I insisted, no I guess I demanded, that Rafael pose for a painting. I had him sitting on the limousine and I arranged his body parts so that everything was suggestive. The entire time I was doing the pastel painting, he was complaining. "Brian, this isn't right. What is the Ambassador going to think when he sees it?"

I looked at Rafael and noticed that Shamus had been watching. Shamus was almost in hysterics, "Hey Rafey, you got off easy. At least Brian had you pose with your clothes on. Wait until you see how he had me pose."

Rafael had left and Shamus and I went into the house, Jaime met me, "Master Brian, Lady Victoria called and asked that you bring your pastels and pad tonight. She would like for you to draw a picture of her family. She says that her parents can't believe that you are so talented."

This is Ben.

I was watching Brian; that last comment was like putting a red flag in front of a bull. He immediately went to change and came down the stairs dressed the same type clothes that we had worn for our lunch with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

He picked up his pad and his backpack and started to walk to the Masons' house. Everyone was a little unsettled by his behavior. Jaime went to follow him to Vicky's house, but I pulled his arm and indicated that Brian would be offended if he followed him.

This is Brian.

I was really pissed off. Everyone had been treating me like a child all day. I can take care of myself. Not only that but now people are telling me I am a novice and too young to be included in the boy games. Well I guess I am a novice painter, but I am a very good novice. I guess I am too young to join into the Wizard Games. I almost wish I hadn't asked to come on this trip.

I arrived at the Masons' house and Vicky met me at the door, "Bri, I thought I told you dinner was going to be informal. Look at me, I have on shorts and tee shirt. Come talk to my parents while I get appropriately dressed, but could you please take off the jacket and the tie?"

I can't win. I haven't been able to please anyone today. I was visiting with Vicky's parents while Vicky went to change clothes. The Masons made me feel comfortable and even offered me a glass of sherry which I refused. Vicky reappeared dressed in a nice skirt and blouse.

The maid, or whoever she was, came in and announced that dinner was ready, and Vicky led me to the dining room. I must say the Masons were very gracious. They had me talking the entire time we were eating about what I did in the states and about my family and by the time dessert arrived I realized that they had told me nothing about their family.

After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Mason stood. Minister Mason suggested, "Why don't we adjourn to the parlor? Brian, perhaps you would be willing to do a drawing of the our family. Victoria has been raving about your work. It must be good if Mr. Johnson was impressed. I have known him for a number of years and he has started some young artists on their way to becoming famous."

We moved to the parlor and Mrs. Mason asked, "Brian, how would you like us to pose?"

I looked at them, "I would rather you not think that you are posing. Do you have a newspaper or something that you could be looking at?"

Minister Mason picked up a newspaper and I had the Minister and Mrs. Mason sit on a settee. I positioned Vicky behind them as if she was looking over their shoulders as if her dad was pointing to something in the paper.

The outcome of this endeavor was one of the best paintings that I had achieved thus far on this trip. When I was satisfied, I showed what I had done to the Masons.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason were surprised and pleased at the result. Vicky however, looked at me, "Why did you change the color of my blouse?"

I was beginning to feel as if I was losing another battle, "Vicky, I changed the color because it would make your eyes standout. It would also create a contrast between your Father's white shirt and your mother's beige blouse. You should wear green more often."

Mr. and Mrs. Mason were laughing and I was becoming a little more than annoyed. Mrs. Mason spoke first, "Brian, I have been trying to convince Victoria that she should wear more light green clothes, but she has been fighting me saying she didn't look good in that color. Maybe now she will listen to me."

Minister Mason asked, "Brian, how much do we owe for the painting?"

"Sir, after the picture appears in showing at Mr. Johnson's gallery, the painting is yours as well as the one of Vicky in Trafalgar Square. I promised Mr. Johnson that he could put my works on display; he is going to matte and frame them. He also understands that the people in the pictures are the owners of the artworks. Shamus or Jaime will deliver the works to you when the showing is over."

Minister Mason stood, "Brian, you are extremely talented. I would very much like to meet your parents someday. They have done a wonderful job rearing you."

I broke out laughing, "Sir, I'm not sure that my parents would exactly agree with you. They have called me incorrigible."

Mr. and Mrs. Mason excused themselves and left Vicky and me alone. I guess they figured I was harmless.

This is Ben.

What a weird evening!

First, Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank took us to this posh building and we had the strangest dinner. I honestly had no idea what it was that we were eating. I asked what it was and all Uncle Hank would say was that it was brain food. It was okay but it really didn't have much taste and I was to find out that it was a meat pie. As we were eating I looked around and saw that Jaime, Shamus, Rafael and Matthew were there. Okay, Jaime and Shamus are here because they work for Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank. I guess they invited Rafael and Matthew as their guests.

The more I looked around, the more confused I got. Minister Smyth was sitting next to Mr. Johnson. There were also some ladies in the assembled people so I had no idea what was happening. I looked at Grant and he had the same confused look on his face as I felt.

Uncle Hank stood, "My fellow members of the Order of Wizardry, we are pleased that we are here tonight to initiate our two newest members. They have proven that they are worthy of the title. They have several more tests to pass to determine at what level they should be welcomed. Wizard Smyth and Wizard Johnson will you please accompany Mr. Garrison to another location?"

Before Grant could leave, Uncle Hank warned, "Ben will be sending you a message that has not been composed yet. We would like for you to write what you hear him saying to you. Do you understand?"

Grant looked at me like he was asking for help but I shrugged my shoulders because I had no idea what was happening.

About twenty minutes later, the television screen came on and Grant was sitting talking to Minister Smyth and Mr. Johnson. Uncle Hank took over again, "Ms. Jenson, would you please come and write a message for Ben to send to Grant. I don't think you have ever met either to the two young men before."

Ms. Jensen answered, "Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to meet either of the gentleman."

Uncle Hank smiled, "Ms. Jenson, please write the first words that come into your head and we'll see if Ben can transmit those words to Grant."

Ms. Jenson started to write, If I were 20 years younger, I would throw both of these young men on the ground and have my way with them.

Uncle Hank looked at the message and laughed, "Ben, please send that message to Grant and see if he can receive it."

Minister Smyth held up what Grant had written so it was visible on the television screen. Grant not only had every word correct, but he had even written in the same distinct style that Ms. Jenson had written it.

Uncle Hank looked at Ms. Jenson, "Madeline, is that what you wrote?"

Ms. Jenson was blushing, "Yes, and it even looks like my handwriting."

Uncle Hank was laughing. He looked at into the camera, "Grant, do you have any idea where Minister Smyth and Mr. Johnson have taken you?"

Grant was a little perplexed by that question, "How could I know that Uncle Hank? They had me blindfolded and we went somewhere in a car. I have absolutely no idea where I am."

Uncle Hank handed me a card that said, `Please think these thoughts so only Grant can hear you asking for help.' I started to silently read the note. "Grant, these three thugs are trying to take off my clothes. The one guy says he is going to show me what they think of Yanks."

I had hardly finished reading when Grant appeared in front of me, "Where are the perverts?"

Everyone in the audience gasped and then stood and applauded. I looked at Grant and I could tell that he was upset. He turned to me, "I'm sorry but I don't find this the least bit funny. I don't understand what is happening."

We were joined shortly by Minister Smyth and Mr. Johnson. Minister Smyth spoke for the two of them as he addressed the people who were assembled, "Mr. Chief Wizard Peters and Members of the Order of Wizardry, I move that Mr. Benson and Mr. Garrison be accepted into our Order as Master Wizards. They have demonstrated that they have far greater powers than most of us."

Uncle Rod followed, "I second Alistair's motion."

Uncle Hank banged a gavel, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have heard the motion; will all of the members of the Council of Wizards who are in favor of the motion please stand?"

Approximately 20 ladies and gentlemen stood. Uncle Hank counted, "Thank you. Will any members of the Council who oppose the motion please stand?"

No one stood and Uncle Hank banged his gavel, "Motion is approved. Wizard Cox, will you please escort Mr. Benson and Mr. Garrison to the waiting area while we prepare for their initiation and installation."

Uncle Rod took us to a small room, "Guys, wait here. I will be back to get you when everything is ready."

Grant was looking around and looked confused. "This looks like the room where Minister Smyth and Mr. Johnson had me, but we drove around in a car."

He no more than said that when Uncle Rod and Mr. Johnson arrived and put purple robes on us like the ones they were wearing. They gave us a hat that looked like something a Mongol warrior might have worn. It was trimmed with fur and had a small point on the top.

I started to laugh, "I feel like I'm going to a costume party,"

Uncle Rod suggested, "I guess you could think of it that way, except almost everyone will be dressed the same as you two wizards are."

Mr. Johnson added, "Ben and Grant, there are only about twenty five of us in the world who are authorized to wear an outfit like this, and that will include you two once you have been initiated."

They took us back to the main hall that had been completely rearranged. They showed us to two chairs that had been placed to the side of the stage area. I looked around and there was some sort of distinction in the outfits that people had on. There were about twenty people in purple robes. The rest had on blue robes and hats.

Uncle Rod appeared in gold robe. Everyone else stood, so Grant and I stood. Uncle Rod then began, "Wizards and Apprentices, please sit down. Wizard Smyth, would you please bring the two persons that you have submitted to be commissioned as Apprentice Wizards?"

Grant looked at me with a funny look when Matthew and Rafael followed Minister Smyth to the front of the room. Minister Smyth nodded his head, "Grand Wizard, I am pleased to present Mr. Rafael Ortiz and Mr. Matthew Lawlor. They have demonstrated that they should be welcomed as Apprentice Wizards for the services they have provided."

Uncle Hank spoke, "Apprentices, kneel and repeat after me,"

Uncle Hank read something and Matt and Rafael repeated what Uncle Hank had said. Uncle Hank, took a scepter and touched their heads and it was like little glitters of light started sparkling. Uncle Hank started, "Apprentices, please rise and greet the members of the order. Your mentor Wizard Smyth will explain in detail what is expected of you."

Matthew and Rafael had finally taken their seats and Uncle Rod came to Grant and me. Uncle Hank asked, "Wizard Cox, will you escort our two new Master Wizards, who are to be initiated, forward?"

Uncle Hank motioned for us to kneel. We did so and he told what to do, "Repeat after me. I, state your name, do hereby solemnly use the special powers given to me ... to protect human life. ... I will not use the special powers I possess for my own advantage. ... I understand that if I misuse the powers I have been granted ... that I will become a mere mortal. ... I will uphold the dignity of the Council of Wizards to the best of my ability."

Grant and I had repeated the words and Uncle Hank raised a different scepter. "I proclaim that you are Wizards of the Highest Order. Whenever you are present, you have all the rights to vote and help guide this Council. From this time on you will be known as Wizard Benson and Wizard Garrison."

Uncle Hank touched our heads with the scepter and it was as if someone set off fireworks. There were flashes of light and smoke rising in the air.

Uncle Hank told us to rise, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Order, it is my pleasure to introduce our two newest Master Wizards, Wizard Benjamin Benson and Wizard Grant Garrison. I searched the records and believe that they are the two youngest people to ever be awarded this honor. I regret that we were unable to bring Wizard Benson's brother into the society yet because of our age restrictions. I will be monitoring him and if he continues as he has been doing, he will be a shoo in when he reaches the age of sixteen."

The assembled people applauded and people began taking off their robes. Uncle Rod showed us were to put them. Someone had brought some punch and cookies while we were changing. As everyone was standing around visiting, Uncle Hank remembered something, "I almost forgot the symbol that you who are apprentices and master wizards are to be awarded. He handed Rafael and Matthew each a gold lapel pin that looked like a scepter.

He turned to Grant and me and handed us a similar pin except that ours had a diamond on the tip.

The meeting wound down and everyone congratulated Grant and me as they left. Nearly everyone was gone and Uncle Rod suggested that we get home to check on Brian. He looked at me and asked, "Why was Brian so up tight this afternoon?"

"Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, put yourselves in Brian's position. It's like everyone wants more more more. He can only do so much, and I'm sure that you might have said something about him being too young to be included in the festivities tonight. That alone would have upset him. Brian is very resilient, so he will be fine in the morning, hopefully. When he assumes his artistic mode, we are never quite sure what to expect. He is too talented for his own good."

Rafael had his motorcycle so Shamus rode on the back with him, and the rest of us followed in Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod's limousine. Jaime was driving and Matthew was sitting in the front with him.

When we got to the house Brian was sitting in the parlor. He had his art supplies with him. He didn't even look up as we entered but let us know he was concerned, "Do you realize it is already 11:30? I was beginning to get concerned. I'm almost finished and then I want a full report on what happened tonight. Matthew, I'm glad that you are here. You are the one person I don't have at least one painting of yet."

Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod went and sat on the sofa with Brian. Uncle Hank was shaking his head, "Brian, do you think you could put any more ideas in one breath? What is this drawing of?"

Brian smirked, "I have a few more questions, and this is a picture of what I envisioned might be happening tonight. See this person in gold is you, Uncle Hank. I figured that since you were the Grand Wizard, you would have something that made you stand out."

"You told us that Minister Smyth and Mr. Johnson were part of your gang so I dressed them as Master Wizards along with Uncle Rod. I figured that Ben and Grant would be joining that elite crowd so I dressed them in purple. I had a difficult time trying to come up with a hat for you all."

"When you told me that Jaime and Shamus were already apprentice members that they would be there. I figured that royal blue would be a good color for them to wear. I thought about everything that has been happening and guessed that Rafael and Matthew might be made apprentice members of the Wizard Society so I included them."

Everyone started to laugh and Brian was getting frustrated again, "Why is everyone always laughing at me?"

Uncle Rod put his arms around Brian, "Brian, you can't even imagine how closely you depicted what happened tonight. The colors are right on, but could we ask a small favor? Would you please put masks on our faces to preclude us from being so easily identified. It would be better for the everyone if people couldn't tell who we were."

Brian faked a pout, "No one appreciates my work. What color do you want the masks to be? How about like a rainbow? I can play the game as well as the next person." He moved away from everyone so no one could see what he was doing.

He looked at painting, "I've got it. Since Uncle Hank is the Chief Wizard, I'll make his mask look like a lion. Uncle Rod, you can be the tiger since you are his right, or is it left, hand man. Ben and Grant are easy, Ben can be the elephant and Grant can be the rhinoceros."

Brian stopped and looked at the painting and then started again. "Jaime, since you are a runner, I think I'll make you a cheetah. Shamus, after what I saw this morning, I think you would make good water buffalo. Rafael, since you think you are James Bond, I decided to make you like a chameleon. And finally Matthew, since you flit around listening to what people say, I'll make you a butterfly mask."

Both Rafael and Matthew started to complain, "Wait a minute how come everyone else gets to a mean and vicious animal and we get to be cute little harmless creatures?"

Brian didn't skip a beat, "Because you creatures are the most vicious and because you look so innocent."

Brian got up pretended like he was going to throw the painting at Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank, "Here! I hope you're satisfied!"

We went to look at it. He had put masks like The Lone Ranger wore on each face. Instead of being black they were gold like the stars and moons on the robes. They did conceal people's identities unless you looked at the eyes closely, and then people could still tell who each of us was.

Brian said, "I had considered putting masks on you when I started, but I wasn't sure just how secret the society was about who were members. I thought maybe the membership was common knowledge since Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank were so open with me today."

Uncle Hank surprised us with his openness toward Brian, "Thank you for the masks. They will make it much more difficult for any of us to be recognized. You knew more about what was going to happen tonight than anyone one else in this room except Rod and me. Thank you for not sharing with anyone. Now I suggest that we get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

Brian hugged Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, "Okay, with whom do I get the pleasure of sharing my bed tonight since the gang is all here?" He made the decision, "Jaime, why don't you and Matthew sleep with me tonight?"

Brian put pastels and pad on the stand and left to get ready for bed. After Brian left, Uncle Rod started to laugh, "I don't think anyone can ever say that Brian is shy? We're going to bed. Good night."

Jaime locked up and we went to the rooms where we would be sleeping. I just held Grant after we had our showers and all I could say was, "I don't know what else can happen, but we'd better be ready for tomorrow. I kissed him good night and it was quiet in our room. I'm guessing it was probably just as quiet in the other bedrooms as well.

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Darryl's notes:

Well that was certainly an action packed chapter. I still think that Brian is going to be a force to be reckoned with. This is a fabulous story. I too want to thank Will B for contributing the basis for this story. I know that this story is getting near its end, but I hope we will be able to follow the lives of the people we have met here, especially those of Ben, Grant and of course Brian.

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