By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Chapter 40 - Grumpy Nappy

This is Brian.

This is the big day of the formal shindig at the Spanish Embassy. We knew that Uncle Michael and Aunt Georgia were going to be there, but we had no idea who else would be except us. I crawled out of bed and went to take care of what nature was telling me to do. When I returned from the bathroom I could vaguely see Jaime laying there with his arm wrapped around Matthew.

I quietly went downstairs and got my pad and supplies and opened the bathroom door so that there was enough light for me to do a quick drawing of the two of them looking so peaceful. It was impossible for someone who didn't know them to tell who they were because of how I had drawn their heads. I was rather pleased with my effort.

After I finished the drawing, I got dressed to go running. I couldn't help myself, I had to taunt the two guys. It seemed to me as if they were older brothers. I dive bombed the bed, "Get with it you grunts, we need to do our exercises." I yanked the sheet off of them and said in my best drill sergeant voice, "So you two grunts have been playing games behind my back? You better get those little things under control before you get in trouble."

Jaime had the audacity to ask, "So what are you going to do about it, Sergeant?"

"I'll show the evidence that you two have been cavorting to Commanders Peters and Cox. They will take care of the two of you. You will probably be launched into the universe forever."

I was totally unprepared for what happened next, both Jaime and Matthew jumped out of bed and shucked their shorts. Jaime spoke for the two of them, "Oh please, Lord Brian, we'll do anything to not be lost in space forever."

I knew I had been had. "Well then, get your tightest running clothes on and we will go running to see if we can't get the evil thoughts out of your minds."

I went downstairs and Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod were drinking coffee. It seemed odd that they were already dressed. Ben, Grant, Shamus and Rafael were already there also. Uncle Hank looked at me, "Where are your bed companions?

Being a smart assed teenager, I answered, "They're trying to work their way back from outer space where I sent them because they were taunting me."

Jaime came in and challenged, "Don't believe him, Dads, he is threatening to expose us to the world."

Uncle Hank looked up from the paper, "Well whatever, our flight to Paris leaves at nine. We'll be back by five. This is a guys only event. So make sure you're ready. I suggest you go meet the Minister and his grandson. Wouldn't want to keep them waiting would we?"

This is Grant.

I can't believe what is happening. This fourteen year old has taken over everyone's lives. I thought Benji was good but Brian is better. When we got to the park, he handed his pad and supplies to Minister Smyth, "Good morning Uncle Alistair, we're going for a short run; then I have a couple of drawings I want to do."

Brian cut the run short and went back to get his art supplies and set them up. He started giving orders, "Okay Matthew, lay down on the ground."

Matthew did as he was told, then Brian had Rupert stand over him like he had him pinned to the ground. We all watched as Brian drew the picture. It was as if Rupert was going to start biting Matthew. Rupert's mouth was drawn into a snarl. When Brian finally released Rupert, it was like a big sigh came out of Matthew.

Matthew looked at Brian, "I owe you one, Mister. I thought Rupert was going to tear me apart."

Brian wasn't finished. He had Philip standing with his foot on the park bench next to Rupert. When Brian finished the painting, Philip was wearing a tuxedo with his medals and Rupert had his medals around his neck looking very majestic.

Brian packed up, "I hope to see you tomorrow before we leave." He hugged Philip, Rupert and Minister Smyth.

"Come on guys, you heard our uncles say we were going to Paris today. Let's get with it." Brian led us back to Uncle Hank and Rod's house.

We entered by the back door and we were greeted by Mrs. Proust, "Breakfast is ready, Masters Rod and Hank are waiting for you in the dining room. They said you should shower and change after you ate."

As we were finishing breakfast, Uncle Hank announced, "Guys, it is just going to be the five of us going to Paris today. The rest of the guys have things to do and the ladies are going to get beautiful for tonight. Brian, Mr. Johnson asked that you call him when we get back from Paris today he has to be in Edinburgh for most of the day."

This is Brian.

My mind was in a whirl, `Why are we going to Paris when we haven't even seen all the British Isles? We hadn't been to Wales, Scotland or Ireland. I guess there must be a reason Uncle Rod and Uncle Hank are taking us to Paris.'

We got up from the table and Uncle Rod announced, "Our ride will be in the park in thirty minutes. Brian, why don't you take your art supplies just in case. It will only take a short time to get to Paris."

I looked at Ben and Grant and they were just as confused as I was.

I went and took a quick shower and gathered my supplies. As soon as we were all ready, we walked to the park. There was a grove of tall trees that I had not noticed before. We walked into the trees and there stood the carriage with the white horses with the golden wings. Uncle Hank directed us to get in and the next thing I remember was that we were landing in the backyard of a big estate somewhere. We climbed out of the carriage, and we were met by any older gentleman who looked like he was going to fall over at any minute.

The carriage disappeared and Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod led us to the gentleman. Uncle Hank started, "We would like to present our two newest Master Wizards." He introduced Grant and Ben. Uncle Hank continued, "The other young gentleman, whose name is Brian, is going to be placed under your tutelage until he becomes sixteen."

I went to the gentleman to shake his hand. He looked at me, "Nobody touches me unless I know and trust them. Now why should I be your mentor?"

I stepped back, "Sir, I have no idea why you should be my mentor and I don't take kindly to being under anyone's tutelage."

This is Ben.

Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod both moved toward Brian, but the other gentleman shook his head. "I like his spunk. Me thinks he will make a good wizard someday. It's just too bad that he acts like a spoiled brat."

That was all Brian could handle, "Excuse me sir, isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black?"

The older man almost bent over laughing, but he manage to utter, "Monsieurs, we must be going. I have made arrangements for us to visit The Louvre this morning and we are expected at the VIP entrance in twenty minutes. I hope the spoiled brat brought his art supplies."

We went to a waiting limousine and the chauffeur, who just happened to be a lady, held the door for us as we entered. She looked at the gentlemen, "Where would you like go to, Monsieur Lafontaine?"

Monsieur Lafontaine looked at the young woman, "Rochelle, we are due at the VIP entrance to The Louvre in twenty minutes."

The lady climbed into the limo, "No sweat, Boss."

I think we all had our eyes closed as we dodged the traffic on the way to The Louvre. We were met at the VIP entrance by the director. He welcomed us and motioned for a young guide, "Henri will be your escort today. He will take you to see the painting of the Mona Lisa before the hordes of tourists invade. After that he will take you to wherever you would like to go."

We went to see the portrait of the Mona Lisa. Brian looked at the painting and muttered, "What's so great about that? It looks like a man dressed as a woman."

Monsieur Lafontaine reacted immediately, "My young man, that is one of the most famous paintings in the world."

Brian was not about to be intimidated, "So, I still am not impressed by it. I would rather see things that tell more about life and the human body. She looks like she's in mourning."

We went to look at the some of the other exhibits and Monsieur Lafontaine announced, "Rochelle is waiting for us. We need to go so we won't be late for our lunch reservation."

Everyone gathered and we went to the VIP entrance. I noticed that Uncle Hank slipped Henri something which Henri quickly stuck into his pocket.

When we got into the limo, Monsieur Lafontaine smiled, "Okay guys, just call me Nappy like all of my friends. I have arranged for a nice quiet luncheon at Maxim's. We can enjoy some wine and have a nice leisurely lunch before we go to see the Eiffel Tower."

Grant and I almost started to burst out laughing when Brian started, "Okay old man, it appears that you are feeling a little neglected today. We Yanks will take care of you. By the time we leave, you will feel thirty years younger."

Grant and I were watching Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod. We were surprised by what Uncle Hank said, "Nappy, do you understand now, why we need your help? This young'un needs someone like you to tame him."

Monsieur Lafontaine looked at Brian, "I think I am going to need the help of the Wicked Witch of the North to tame this one. Never fear, Nappy hasn't failed yet."

Brian had finished eating his lunch and he moved away from the table with his supplies. He positioned himself so that Nappy Lafontaine was sitting with the Eiffel tower in the background. Brian didn't realize that there were a number of people watching over his shoulder as he did his work. He leaned back and looked at what he had done and made some adjustments.

A gentleman who had been watching Brian do his work offered, "Young man, I'll pay you 100 euros for that painting."

Brian looked at the gentleman as if he were a lunatic, "Sir, this painting is the property of the mean old coot over there who is going to be my mentor. He is going to need all the help he can get."

Brian brought his painting over to the table, "You can look, but don't touch. Grandpa Nappy, this is going to be yours after the exhibit. I'll have Shamus or Jaime send it to you after the exhibit closes the day after it opens."

Monsieur Lafontaine glared, "Here, I'll set it on fire so no one will see my ugly face ever again." He looked at the painting that Brian had done and laughed, "Here, I give you a wooden nickel for it."

When that exchange was finished, we walked to the Eiffel Tower. When Brian looked at it; he stopped and I knew he was plotting something. "Benji and Grant, I want you to stand and pretend that you are pushing this side here. Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod you take the other side. Grump Nappy, you stand in the middle and look up as if the tower is about to topple over."

He positioned us as he wanted us and moved away and started to do his painting. By the time he had finished, there was a big crowd around Brian watching him as he worked. Brian held the painting up and some one threw some money in the top of the box for his pastels. It was like a chain reaction. Brian was so stunned that he was speechless for one of the few times in his life.

When the people dispersed, Brian motioned for us to come look at the painting. Monsieur Lafontaine looked Brian, "That does it. You are going to be taking a course in how to be nice to elders and show respect."

Brian snickered, "When I find any elders worthy of my respect, I'll take you up on it. Now if you would watch my things, I'm going to the top of this ugly tower to see what I can see. Come on Benji and Grant, let's go and leave these older men here so they can sip some wine."

We did indeed go to the top of the tower and Brian made us walk the steps from the middle landing to the top of the tower. Brian couldn't just walk he had to almost jog.

When we got back down to where Uncle Hank, Uncle Rod and Monsieur Lafontaine were, both Grant and I were exhausted. Brian was ready to go. He looked at his watch, "Uncles, we need to get back. We have to go to the reception at Ambassador's house. It's too bad the Grump wasn't invited."

Monsieur Lafontaine wasn't about to be outdone. "I'm lucky I wasn't invited. I see now that I am going to need to pull in the wicked witches of the east, west and south to help me also."

Brian fell into Monsieur Lafontaine's arms, "Oh Grumpy, you say the nicest things."

We arrived at the Lafontaine estate and the carriage was waiting for us. We said our quick goodbyes after Uncle Nappy and Brian exchanged email addresses and phone numbers.

As we were starting to climb into the air Brian, yelled back, "Grandpa Nappy, you be a good boy."

We were watching as Monsieur Lafontaine shook his fist at Brian and laughed.

When we got back to the house, Jaime reminded Brian that he was to ring up Mr. Johnson. Brian went to the phone and made the call. We could hear his side of the conversation. "Hi Mr. Johnson, this is Brian. You wanted me to call you? ... I'll tell you what Mr. Johnson, we have a reception to go to tonight and we are to be at the airport early tomorrow. I'll have Jaime or Shamus drop them off at the gallery tomorrow. ... Okay sir, I'm sure one of them can be there about nine. ... Thank you sir. ... You have a good day."

Brian hung up and turned to Uncle Hank. "I guess we had better get dressed, how much time do we have before we need to leave?"

Uncle Hank looked at the clock, "The dinner is at seven and the reception starts at six, so we should leave here in about an hour. I'll call the Masons and make arrangements to pick them up."

This is Grant.

Brian turned to Ben and me. "You hear that guys, don't mess around too long. We can't have Grant being too tired when he meets Inga's parents."

Brian started to leave but suddenly he turned around, "Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod, who is Monsieur Lafontaine and why did you want us to meet him anyway?"

Uncle Hank answered for them, "Nappy is the Chief Wizard of the United European Council of Wizards. He contacted us and asked that we bring you to Paris so he could meet you. It seems that Minister Smyth had told him of your exploits."

Brian smacked his head with his hand, "Me and my big mouth. Why didn't you warn us ahead of time?"

Uncle Rod shook his head, "Nappy asked us to not tell you who he was ahead of time. He didn't want you to think that you had to impress him."

Brian frowned, "Well I'm sure I left him with a terrible impression."

Uncle Hank started to laugh, "Quite the opposite, Brian; while you three were climbing the tower, he told us how impressed he was with the three of you. He is eager to be your mentor, Brian."

As Brian started up the stairs. He yelled back, "He just wants to get me under tutelage so he can check out my body. I'm going to wash my cares down the drain."

When Ben and I were in the shower, Ben started to cause my body to become excited so I reciprocated and it's a good thing we didn't clog the drain.

As we were drying off, I pulled Ben to me, "Ben, hold me, I'm nervous about tonight. I don't know why I'm nervous. Why should I be apprehensive about meeting Inga's parents? After all we only met the Queen of England and Chief Wizard of European Council. I am not even apprehensive about meeting President Smith.

Ben pulled me close, "Grant, it will be fine. Just be your normal wonderful self and they'll love you. But don't let them love you to much, you belong to me now."

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Editor's Notes:

This was a wonderful chapter. I have enjoyed this wonderful story, and I can hardly wait to see what will happen next. I want to once again thank Will B. for writing his great story that inspired E Walk to start this story. I will always be thankful to you for what you have written. Both of you guys have inspired Arli to write his companion story, which I also highly recommend. It is called Second Time around.

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