By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 43 - Mile High Club

This is Ben.

The steward came back with two blankets, "If you gentlemen don't need anything further, I'll go help the people in the back placate the pushy press corp and the free loaders. I'll be back to check on you in an hour. Let me know if you need a certificate for the MHC."

The steward covered Brian with a blanket and disappeared. Grant looked at me, "What did he mean by MHC?"

I looked at Grant, "I don't know what MHC means. Let just enjoy our time alone. Brian is asleep so we can do almost anything we want since we have an hour." I reached down and unzipped Grant's jeans and fished around until I had his penis in my hand.

All of a sudden it dawned on me what the MHC stood for. I reached over and kissed Grant, "We are about to enter the MHC."

I leaned over to take Grant's not so little weapon in my mouth. He pushed me away, "Ben, what if someone should witness what you are doing? Your Uncle Mickey and Aunt Georgia could be politically damaged."

I looked at Grant, "Uncle Mickey already knows about us and I am sure that he instructed the steward to leave us alone. I figured out that the MHC stood for Mile High Club. Now I am going to make sure that you get your MHC certificate."

I put my head under the blanket and began to caress Grant's lovely appendage. He was so excited that he didn't last long and my mouth was flooded. He reciprocated and the two of us were sound asleep for most of the rest of the trip. The steward woke the three of us and suggested, "Gentlemen, I suggest that you get respectable, there are a number of television stations at the base waiting for us. The President wants you to be ready to deplane as soon as he and his wife do. The helicopter is waiting to take you to Fremont. How many certificates do you need?"

I held up two fingers and Brian was getting curious, "What are the certificates for?"

The steward answered, "Your brother and his friend joined the MHC while you were asleep."

Brian was irritated, "What is the MHC and why didn't I get to join?"

Fortunately Uncle Mickey came into the cabin, "Okay guys, get everything together so we can make a fast exit. Please don't answer any questions. The Press people in the back are very curious about the three of you. Please let me handle the questions."

We landed and there was an honor guard awaiting Uncle Mickey's deplaning. When we exited the front of the plane after Uncle Mickey and Aunt Georgia, I heard someone ask, "Mr. President are those your children?'

Uncle Mickey answered, "No, but Brian is my godson. Now if you will excuse us we have a copter ride ahead of us."

Uncle Mickey waved as we crawled into the helicopter with two gentlemen who were obviously Secret Service persons. Brazen Brian asked, "Uncle Mickey is it always like this? When do you find time to be alone with Aunt Georgia and the kids?"

Uncle Mickey said, "It's difficult to find enough hours of the day some days to talk to Georgia and the children. But I have made it clear to all of my colleagues that they come first. I did not aspire to be President of the United States. I never even wanted to be a Congressman. Your Uncle Jeff and Grams Tillison had other plans for me and here I am. I can hardly wait for this second term to be over. I hate this job. All I ever wanted to be was a good father and being President doesn't allow me much opportunity to let the children know that."

This is Grant.

What a downer? I thought everyone wanted to the President. This was my first encounter with the President so I had no idea what had transpired prior to Ben bringing me to life with his hand.

We have just had the most exciting week in London and Paris and now we're going to be going to the nude dude ranch as Brian refers to it. I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen there. I think we need to get back to Ithaca and start classes so we can relax.

Riding in the helicopter was almost like riding in the carriage when we went to Paris. We took off and it was as if we were immediately landing. We landed in an area that had been cordoned off. Why I don't know because there were only three vehicles around. One was the limousine for the President and Mrs. Smith, the second was Mr. Benson's van and the third was a car for the security people.

President Smith and Aunt Georgia started talking to Mr. Benson and the three of us guys collected our luggage and put it in Mr. Benson's van. We went to thank the Smiths for the ride home. Brian and Ben kissed them but I just shook their hands. Brian yelled to them as we were leaving, "Tell Jack and Julie I'll call them later."

When we got to the Bensons' house, Brian took the few dirty clothes that we had so he could wash them before we repacked for the morning. He was like a stick of dynamite about ready to explode. He called Chris, "Hey Chris, I hope you're packed. Why don't you come spend the night with me? That way we won't need to waste time in the morning. Don't forget to bring your cameras. I'm sure there will be some great photo ops. I'll take my charcoals. I am going to need some new pastels. I used them a lot this week. I'll tell you about it when you get here."

Brian made another call, "Hi Mrs. Smith, this is Brian Benson, may I speak to Jack please? ... Hey Jack, do you want to go to the nude dude ranch with Chris and me? ... Oh, so you're going to go to the ranch in Texas. Your Grandparents are celebrating the 50th anniversary. ... I need to send them a card. ... Tell Uncle Spencer we said hello. ... Okay, talk to you later."

Brian had been working in the laundry and talking on a mobile phone. He brought our clean clothes and put them on the bed. "Hey guys, let's swing by the Toy Shoppe and see how things are going. I'm sure Mr. Garrison would like to hear what's happening. We need to make sure that Timmy hasn't hijacked Poker. Guys, did you know that Ithaca is home to the second largest gay community in the State of New York? Too bad you aren't playing the field; you could have a blast."

Ben had been reading one of his textbooks and threw it at Brian, "Get out of here, creep. We'll be down as soon as we're packed and then we can go make sure that Timmy hasn't taken control of the shop away from Lash and Paul."

When we got to the shop, Timmy was indeed there. He hugged the three of us. He was excited, "Guess what, I get paid for helping Grandpa Lash and Grandpa Paul. I even get to do the displays in the windows. Look at Poker, I think he is growing down there and is as big as Pinochle was. Come look at all the new railroad cars."

The shop was busy so we didn't really get a chance to talk to Lash and Paul. We waved as we were leaving, but suddenly Brian stopped, "Guys, why don't we buy that rocking horse for Uncle Clay's youngest son. He's almost two so it would be perfect for him until he can ride the real thing."

Brian picked up the horse and went to Mr. Lasher who was at the cash register and handed him a card. Brian returned with the horse and the receipt, "Okay guys, let's go home. I'm sure that Dad and Mother have some things that we need to do before we leave in the morning."

This is Ben.

When we got back to the house, Dad and Mother met us. Dad started, "Guys, we're going to have dinner with the Smiths. You need to fix your own dinner. The girls have already gone to some party and will be home later."

As soon as the parents were gone, Brian took over, "Okay, you guys, go buy some steaks and I'll bake some potatoes and make a salad. I'll see what else I can find to fix in the freezer. We don't want to buy too much since we are going to be gone for a week. I'll see what we can have later tonight for a snack if we get hungry."

Grant and I went to the store and bought three large filet mignons. I picked up a cantaloupe some of the snacks potato skin things that I liked and some dip for later. Grant asked if we could get some fresh raspberries to go with the cantaloupe. Who was I to argue? Grant had a brain storm, "Why don't we buy some things to eat on the trip tomorrow? We can save time and money if we eat at the rest stops as we travel instead of going to a restaurant."

I looked at Grant, "You're beginning to sound like my Dad."

Grant threw up his hands, "Forget it. I'm sorry you didn't like my idea."

I sucked in my breath, "Grant, I wasn't ridiculing you. I was merely suggesting, that you were being frugal like my parents. They didn't make their money by being extravagant." I was thinking to myself, `Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut?'

We got the things to make sandwiches and snacks for the trip and when we got home Brian was unloading the sacks of things that we bought. He pulled out the things, "Good thinking guys, we can make a nice picnic lunch and save time and money tomorrow. Now how do you want your steaks? The fire is ready and the potatoes are almost done since you pussyfooted at the store so long."

This is Brian.

I felt like there was something wrong between Grant and Ben but I decided to not get involved. If they wanted to talk to me, they would. We were eating dinner and the air was so tense that you could almost cut it with a fork.

The three of us had just about finished our meals and I couldn't handle it anymore, "Okay guys, spill what happened to have you upset?"

Grant spoke first, "Your brother said I was beginning to sound like your Dad. All I did was suggest that we save money by packing something to eat while we were traveling tomorrow."

I shook my head, "Grant, Benji must have thought it was a good idea and besides you could have a lot worse role model than our father. He didn't become a multi millionaire by splurging. He is frugal. Most people don't have any idea of how much money our parents have. In fact I don't really have any idea how much money they have. Trust me Grant, Ben was complimenting you on being frugal. Now, both of you get over your funk. By the way, what does MHC stand for anyway?"

Grant and Ben started to laugh. I had just taken my last bite of steak when Grant told me that MHC stood for Mile High Club. I was about to ask a question but it suddenly dawned on me why I didn't get a certificate. I started to laugh and the steak I had been chewing went down the wrong pipe.

When I recovered, I shook my head. "Come on guys, you're kidding me aren't you? You didn't really have sex on Air Force One did you?"

As we were doing the dishes, I had a sudden thought and started to laugh, "Guys, it's a good thing that we didn't hit air pockets or turbulence or you both might have been suffocated."

That caused the two guys to laugh. Chris arrived and we went to make sure that I had everything that I needed for the trip. Chris assured me that he had his three cameras with him and lots of batteries, film as well as extra photo cards for his digital camera. Chris was a brilliant photographer.

I fixed one of the frozen pizzas for a snack and it sucked, if you will pardon my vernacular. We should have ordered from Pizza Hut or Godfathers.

We were eating the stupid pizza that tasted like cardboard when Grant and Brian joined us. They chowed down and the pizza had disappeared. We had just finished when Dad and Mother came in.

I looked at them, "Grant decided that we should pack some food and eat along the way to save time and money. I'm sure there will be more than we will ever need, but I have it ready to be packed in the morning. Chris and I are going to bed. I have no idea where our sisters are."

Chris and I never had any secrets from each other. After our shower I told him about what happened in London and all he could say was "You're kidding?"

I assured him that everything I had said was true and I was in dreamland before there could be too much more dialogue.

This is Grant.

After our showers, Ben and I were lying on the bed. I propped myself up on one elbow and looked at Ben in all of his glory. "Ben, I was hurt at first today when you accused me of being frugal like your father. You forget that this is all new to me and I'm not used to spending money. Do you realize that I have never actually spent any of my own money? Everyone has been paying for the things I've gotten."

Ben pulled me down on top of him and hugged me, "My dear man, that is because we all love you. Just make sure you don't let anyone else love you too much. You belong to me and me alone."

I rolled off of Ben and we started to cuddle. I looked at him, "I guess this is the last night for a while that we'll be able to sleep nude."

Ben scrunched his nose, "I'm sure that we will only have Brian and Chris in the cabin with us. We probably could sleep naked, but we will have to find some private time during the day to do anything else. We can't let ourselves get out of practice can we? Speaking of which, I think I am in need of some practice right now. Just go slow. The lube is in the stand, we are going to need to buy some more soon."

When we were finished, Ben looked at me, "I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow. I'll probably squish when I walk."

I kissed him on the nose, "Better that you squish than swish when you walk."

After we cleaned up the mess, the sandman visited us as we cuddled.

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Will comments: I'm glad Brian helped make peace between Ben and Knock. And that line, `better to squish than swish' is priceless, Another great chapter, but who can expect anything else from our esteemed Ed?

Darryl's notes:

When I received the chapter, E Walk said it was short. I think I have to agree with him on that one. Of course that doesn't make it bad, it just makes me want more and very soon. This story is very interesting and I am always ready for more. Once again I want to thank Will B for giving Uncle Ed the inspiration to write this wonderful and strange tale, which, by the way spawned another wonderful story written by Arli J. and called

'The Second Time Around.' It concerns Harley Gordon and Gregg Garrison, for the most part, and brings us information as to how their lives progress in Ithaca and what happens to them. I recommend it highly. I can hardly wait for the next chapter of this wonderful story, so please hurry.

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