By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B

Chapter 44 - History Repeats Itself

This is Brian.

On Sunday morning Dad had all of us up before dawn. He and Mother had decided that we would take the two vans. The four girls were going to ride with them and we four guys would be in the second van with all of the luggage and food.

Dad was driving the lead van and Ben was driving the second van. We had a quick restroom break as soon as we got on Interstate 80 and we didn't stop until we got to the rest area at Ogallala except to fill up the gas tanks at some small gas station.

When we got to Ogallala, the rest area was packed but we found a table in the pet area so we went and sat down next to an older couple with four young boys and a German shepherd. We were eating and the four young guys started to run and play Frisbee with the dog. Chris and I finished eating and we decided to join the guys. We were playing keep away from the four boys and the dog, whose name, we found out later, was Grover.

The smallest of the four boys tripped and fell. I went to help him up. He stood and tried to walk but it seemed like it was hurting him to walk. I carried the boy to the older couple. I suggested, "I think he may have sprained an ankle; you might want to check."

The older man looked at me, "I know who you are. You have to be Beau's son. We've been sitting here trying to figure out why you looked so familiar. You and your brother look just like he did when he was 14."

"Sir, I wouldn't tell my brother that, but why don't you go talk to my parents. We'll take care of the boys while you visit."

This is Ben.

Leave it to Brian, he'll talk to anyone. The older couple approached Dad and the gentleman started, "Beau, it's so good to see you again. It's been nearly thirty five years since we've seen you."

Dad was looking confused for one of the few times I ever witnessed that occurrence, "Excuse me sir, do I know you?"

The gentleman started to frown, "I came to complain because your son and his friend were making so much noise that they were bothering us."

The look on Dad's face was priceless. Dad stood and hugged the couple, "Don't tell me, these have to be your grandsons. Where are your sons?"

Dad turned to us and introduced the couple. "Everyone, this is Mr. and Mrs. Little. We met at this very rest stop over thirty years ago."

Dad introduced the rest of us and then Mr. Little explained, "The two boys and their wives are going to be traveling tomorrow with the granddaughters. We thought we would get a head start today. The boys have been chomping at the bit to get to the nude dude ranch. We're celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary. This is the first time we've been back since you and your friends stole our sons' hearts."

Dad did one of his patented whistles and everyone gathered around. "We need to leave now, but first you need to make sure the area is cleaner than when we arrived. We'll be seeing each other at the nude dude ranch."

We cleaned the area and loaded the things in the van. We were now a three vehicle convoy as we made our way to the ranch. It was just after five o'clock when we arrived and Dad led us to the reception center. We were met by two handsome gentlemen who were a little older than Dad. Dad hugged them both and called them by name. Uncle Clay came in and hugged Dad and Mother, "It's so good to see you Beau and Becca."

Clay looked Brian and me, "Guys, we need your help. We have somehow managed to overbook the ranch this week. Could our two sons and Littles' four grandsons stay with you? Their granddaughters hopefully will be able to stay with your sisters. They're about the same ages."

Brian amazed me, "Don't worry about us Uncle Clay, we'll take care of the boys and make sure they are on their way to being men. We're good at giving spankings. We're not going to clean up after them. They are old enough to take care themselves. I suppose we are to take care of Grover, too."

Mr. Little started to laugh, "Brian, it's easy to see that you are a chip off the block."

Brian started to say something but stopped, "Come on guys, let's get settled. Timmy and Tommy, go get your things and bring them to the cabin and we'll figure what we are going to do. By the way where are we staying?"

The Rick person answered, "You guys will be in Cabin 1. The Littles will be in Cabin 2 and your sisters and the Littles' granddaughters will be in Cabin 3. Your parents will be staying in the main house with the Morrisons."

We unloaded the van and got our things and took them to our cabin. The cabins had been remodeled and there were two beds in a separate room. Brian looked around, "Ben and Grant, you sleep in there."

There were six bunk beds, I could almost see Brian's mind working. He pointed at the six boys and said, "Identify yourselves, men." He pointed to the oldest of the Littles' grandsons.

I think even Brian was surprised by the response. The young boy stepped forward smartly, "Alexander James Little reporting, sir." He stepped back and Brian pointed to Uncle Clay's oldest son.

The pattern had been set and Timmy answered "Timothy Benjamin Morrison reporting, sir."

Grant and I were having a difficult time trying to keep from laughing. The other four boys introduced themselves as the other four boys themselves as Marcus Andrew Little, sir; Charles Vincent Little, sir; Thomas John Morrison, sir. The last little guy stepped forward and saluted, "Chase McKinley Little, boss. Can we please go get something to eat? I'm starving."

Brian looked at the clock, "Okay men, go to the bathroom and wash your hands while I feed the horse."

It soon became apparent that the Littles' grandsons weren't going to take any guff. Chase looked at Brian, "Grover isn't a horse, he's our body guard. Now be nice to him or I'll tell him to bite you."

As we were going to the chow hall, Brian was carrying Chase on his shoulders. Grover kept moving back and forth watching us all. When we got to the chow hall we were told that we could sit wherever we wanted. The tables were set for ten people and so we took the first empty table that we could find.

After the Rick person welcomed everyone. "We will be circling around directing the traffic to the serving line. Tonight, we'll start with that table back there that has the ten good looking gentlemen sitting at it. Ben, would you start the line."

Rick explained, "The Bensons' sons and their friends opened their cabin to four of our guests and the owners' sons. We were overbooked. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Benson boys' father over thirty years ago. If you will look above the piano which he donated to the ranch, you will see that he was the first person to receive the camper of the week award."

This is Beau.

Talk about being embarrassed, I felt like crawling into a hole. We've been here less than an hour and my family has been pointed out. I watched as Ben, Brian, Grant and Chris were helping the younger guys. Brian carried the Littles' youngest grandson's food back to the table because he was still having difficulty walking.

Brian was very polite and didn't push in as he got the food that he wanted and went to sit down. I saw Chase, as I was to find out, looking up at Brian like he thought Brian was some sort of deity.

Rick, who was now the camp director stood, "Tonight is going to be an early evening since many of you have been traveling most of the day. There are still a few more campers to join us tomorrow. There will be a campfire at dusk and then we will share some scary stories. I still remember the story that Mr. Benson told when he was here the first time. Please join us; you will have a good time and Cookie has a special treat for us."

This is Grant.

I am just overwhelmed by everything and everyone. I almost feel like an outsider on the outside looking in. I guess there is so much about Ben and his family that I don't know. I know that Brian has a heart of gold, but does he have to solve the problems of the world?

When we finished eating, we got up and took our plates and utensils and put them in the containers. Ben grabbed a wet cloth and wiped off the table so it would be ready for the morning.

We went back to the cabin and Brian assigned the bunks to the guys. "The fat kid Chase will sleep with me, Tim and Tom will sleep above us, Chris will sleep here. The other three of you can choose your own bunk."

Chase looked at Brian, "Why am I going to sleep with you. You probably snore."

Brian held Chase, "I don't snore and I need to be able to change your diapers when you go to the bathroom in them."

Chase was a rather sharp young boy, "But what if Tim or Tom wet the bed and it drips down on us.?"

Brian was undaunted, "If that happens, we'll make them sleep in the stables. Now why doesn't everyone get their clothes put away. Tim and Tom, you'd better go get some clean clothes for tomorrow."

Tim and Tom returned quickly with a their backpacks. Tim spoke for them, "Dad, says that we don't need many clean clothes since there is a free washer and dryer in the closet. Dad says we need to go to the campfire."

I don't think either Ben or I really wanted to go to the campfire but we did, so that our absence wouldn't be noted. The ten of us sat in the back and the six boys were surrounding us. It was like Timmy attached himself to me and Tommy attached himself to Ben. There was no question that Chase adored Brian and T. J. was leaning against Brian. Chris had Mark on one side of him and Alex on the other side. The stories began. Rick told the first story which was fun and the Mr. Benson went next and told the story of Ichabod Crane and pretended to throw a pumpkin. All six boys jumped when he pretended to throw a pumpkin. The Littles' Grandfather told a story and everyone laughed.

There were several other stories and Rick announced, "Our last storyteller for tonight is Mr. Brian Benson. He doesn't know that he was volunteered to do this so you had better be prepared to boo."

Brian put Chase on my lap and went forward. He looked at Rick, "Sir, you'd better watch your backside this week or you might be walking funny. Brian was so dramatic that everyone was into his story. He was ending, "To make sure nothing bad happens to me again, I'm going to turn you all into frogs." He pulled something out of his pocket that sparkled and he raised his hands to the sky. There was a wicked flash of lightening and a horrendous clap of thunder crash."

Everyone jumped. Chase turned his head and pleaded, "Please don't let him to turn me into a frog."

Rick diffused the situation, "People, I have been working here for more than thirty years and that story was one of the scariest stories that I have ever heard. I don't know how Brian manipulated nature to get the visual and sound effects, but you gotta' admit it was effective."

Everyone was applauding as Brian went back to receive the accolades. "Rick says, that we are to adjourn to the chow hall for our dessert since it is threatening to rain."

When we got to the chow hall, there was a table with samores and hot chocolate. We quickly got what we needed and we went back to the cabin. We had just sent the six young boys to take a shower when there was a knock on the door.

Ben went to answer the door, Mr. Benson was standing there. He came in and sat down, "Guys, I wish that you would keep your special powers under wraps while we are here. Chris, I know you don't understand what is happening, but please, guys, can you control the energy?"

Brian was almost crying, "But Dad, I don't have any special powers. Mother Nature provided the fireworks tonight. Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod made it clear that I need to be 16 before I would have any special powers. What do you want me to do, Dad? If you want, I'll stay in the cabin so I don't embarrass you and Mother."

I was feeling sorry for Mr. Benson, I had never seen him at a loss for words before. He finally regained his composure, "Brian, I'm sorry. But what happened tonight was an awesome display. Please don't keep calling attention to yourself and the guys."

Brian was confused, "Dad, I didn't volunteer to tell a story. I have no idea why Rick called me forward. I did the best I could do without warning."

The conversation was interrupted by a dripping Chase, "Brian, we need some towels. We can't go to bed all wet."

Ben went to get the towels for the guys. Brian turned to his Dad, "Dad, what do you want me to do? I'm so confused."

Mr. Benson hugged Brian, "Brian, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. Just continue to be the wild man of Fremont that you are. Chris, it is your job to keep him under control while we're here."

Chris surprised us all, "Uncle Beau, haven't you noticed that we have all been downgraded and that Chase is now in charge?"

This point was proven when Chase came out of the bathroom area, "Brian, do we gotta' wear pajamas or can we just sleep in under pants?"

Brian looked at Chase, "I didn't bring any pajamas so I guess we can sleep in briefs, but you need to brush your teeth really good if you're going to sleep with me."

This is Ben.

Dad motioned for me and Grant to go outside. "Ben, what is happening? Why is Chase sleeping with Brian?"

Grant spoke before I could, "Mr. Benson, Brian is so straight he won't bend. Our cabin has a private room which Brian assigned to us to keep our endowments out of the sight of the younger guys. I don't know much about Chris but there were only six other bunks for the other eight guys. Brian assigned one to the two Morrison boys and that left one extra person so he figured that he would sleep with Chase. It's apparent to me that Chase loves Brian and I don't mean in a physical sense."

Mr. Benson shook his head, "Guys, I apologize, I guess I'm getting old and paranoid. I keep seeing visions of when I was here the first time and I don't want anything to happen to any of you. Now get ready for bed and tell Brian, I'll talk to him in the morning."

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Will's comments: How does Ed do it? Another chapter filled with love, humor, some suspense, and still more love! I am so glad our esteemed author is letting me edit this story, because that means I get to see it before it gets posted!

Darryl's Notes:

I remember well what happened when Beau was there the last time. He was quite the precocious young fellow. It is somewhat sad to see that now he became an adult, he has somehow seemingly lost some of his spontaneity, and has taken on some of the trappings of the stayed stuffy adult. I never thought that would happen to him. I have to wonder if someone will at least try to put a little of his old snappy self back in the forefront. Beau has always been one of my favorite people, so it seems to me that he needs a little attitude adjustment. I don't think I have ever felt so annoyed at him before. When he lit into Brian, it nearly broke my heart.

Uncle Ed, would you please have a nice long talk with Beau and let him know that we still love him, but that he needs to be more gentle with Brian in particular and even to Ben and Grant?

Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher