By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 45 -NO Dad NO

This is Brian.

I was really upset when Dad left. I don't know what he expects from me anymore. He took Ben and Grant outside and talked to them and they didn't say anything when they came in. The six younger guys were sleeping, so I suggested that Chris and I take Grover for a run so he could do his business while Grant and Ben took a shower.

Chris asked to be excused, so I took Grover out and started to run around the lighted camp area. Grover took care of his business and we went back to the cabin and everyone was quiet so I took a quick shower. I was still confused about why Dad was upset.

I woke up the next morning when I felt a little body crawling over me, "I gotta go to the bathroom." I watched as Chase ran to the bathroom. He came back and crawled in the bed, "Uncle Brian, will you just hold me and make me feel loved for a couple of minutes?"

I thought to myself, `What a strange request.' I wrapped my arms around Chase and pulled him on top of me. I held his face and kissed him on his cheek.

He looked at me and shook his head, "Not like that. You gotta do it like this."

He took my face and held it a gave me a kiss on the lips. I was beginning to think I couldn't do anything right. First Dad yells at me and now this six year old boy is telling me I don't know how to kiss. Why am I even here? I could be home working in the Toy Shop but Lash and Paul would probably find something to complain about too.

Ben and Grant came out of their room dressed in their running clothes. Ben asked, "Brian, do you want to go for a run or do want to stay here and baby-sit?"

Chase looked at Ben and challenged, "Who are you calling a baby, sir? I'm not a baby; I'm a growing boy.

I couldn't believe how fast Ben answered, "Okay growing boy, would it be okay if Mr. Brian went running with us or will you sit and cry?"

Chase was enjoying this attention, "Look mister, I'll sit on the porch and guard the cabin with Grover. If you aren't back in 30 minutes, I'll send out the kissing fairies and they will drive you back."

I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom and put on some running shorts. I tried to get Chris to join us but he opted out again.

While Ben, Grant and I were running, I flat out asked, "What did you and Dad talk about last night? Why is he so uptight? That's not like him at all."

Ben stopped, "Brian, I agree. What happened last night was not like Dad at all. For some reason, he is very uptight. I'm sure he'll tell us what is happening when the time comes. Now let's get back and check on the guys."

We circled back to the cabin and Chase and Grover were sitting on the porch. Chase looked at Brian, "Uncle Brian, I can't get the others up and I'm hungry. Can we please go eat?"

I looked at Ben and Grant, "Do we dare go eat like this? Dad will probably throw another fit if he sees us eating dressed like this. I'll go see if I can get the others out of bed. If they miss breakfast, it will be their fault and not ours."

I went and shook the six sleeping people and everyone just turned over. I went and slammed the door and yelled, "Okay men, we're going to the Chow Hall. If you don't get a move on you'll miss breakfast and I'm not waking you for lunch. We have better things to do than baby-sit a bunch of sleeping Snow Whites." I slammed the door again and we departed for the Chow Hall.

Ben, Grant, Chase and I were the first to arrive. We went through the line and got our food. It wasn't long before Mother and Dad arrived. They came and sat down with us.

Mother asked, "Where are Chris and the rest of the guys?"

Chase spoke up, "They're still in bed, we tried to get them up and we're not going to baby them. If they want to eat then they need to get up like the rest of us."

Dad looked at me, "I see you have Chase trained already, or should I say, he has the three of you trained already. Guys, your Mother and I would like to meet with you after the boys get into their morning activities. We'll meet you at the cabin at ten. I don't think Chris needs to hear what we have to say."

This is Grant.

I watched Ben and Beau as their Dad suggested that we meet with them at ten o'clock. I could feel Ben tense and Brian was already upset about what happened last night. He still picked up Chase and carried him on his back as we were walking back to the cabin.

As we were approaching the cabin, we met the other six guys on their way to the Chow Hall. Chase yelled, "They're going to close the Chow Hall in two minutes so you had better get a move on."

The six young people took off running. Brian turned to Chase, "Why did you say something like that?"

Chase held Brian tight, "Uncle Brian, we tried to get them up two times. If they missed breakfast it would be their own fault. They have no way of knowing how much fun they already have missed. Let's feed Grover and make sure he has everything he needs; I want to go horseback riding after the rest of the guys get back. I heard your Daddy and Mommy say they wanted to meet with you, so I'll see you at the Chow Hall at noon."

Chris took the young guys to the stable, since Tim and Tom knew their way around the ranch. Of course, they were treated like royalty because they were related to the owners.

Ben and Brian's parents arrived at almost precisely at 10:00. We took them into the cabin to the sitting room. Brian had made sure that the cabin was immaculate before they arrived. The three of us had no idea what was about to unfold.

Mr. Benson started, "Brian, I apologize for my outburst last night. I just don't want to draw attention to us. I remember when I was here for the first time and I tried to take charge. Fortunately it worked out, but times have changed. Guys, please listen to what I have to say. While you were in England meeting the Queen and Prince Harry, I had some medical tests done. Doctor Tommy found that I had a growth on my liver."

"He sent me to see Doctor Chris Bressler, Chris felt it was benign but we decided to have it removed anyway. I called your Uncle Drew and he and Kenny were out of town with the two boys."

Brian exploded, "Dad, what are we doing here if you need an operation and why aren't the girls here?"

Mrs. Benson was so calm, "Brian, your Uncle Drew is out of the country and won't be back until a week from the today. We chose not to have the girls involved at this point because they are not as emotionally mature as you and Ben."

Mr. Benson started, "Brian, we debated about whether to tell you, but your Mother prevailed. Ben and Grant will be leaving for Ithaca shortly after we get home. If something unforeseen should happen, then it is up to you to take care of your Mother and sisters."

Brian lost it, "Damn it, Dad and Mother, I swear you're trying to lay a guilt- trip on me. I'm a fourteen year old jerk. I'm not worth anything and now you want me to take charge if something happens to Dad. I don't even know what it is that the two of you do when you are on your trips."

You could almost feel the temperature in the room get ten degrees colder. Mr. Benson went and sat down beside Brian and put his arm around Brian. "Son, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't swear around your Mother or me. Brian, you aren't a jerk and I can't of think anyone who would ever call you one. You may be a little impulsive, but when you are an artist that is to be expected. Why don't the four of us guys go skinny-dipping after lunch?"

Ben spoke up immediately, "Dad, I don't think that Grant or I should be seen naked or we would be drawing attention to us that we don't want. You and Brian probably should go by yourselves this trip, and we'll stay and guard Grover and the boys."

Grover looked at Ben and growled.

Our conversation was cut short because Chase came running up, "Uncle Brian, you have to come see what we are making. Chris says that you will be proud."

Brian left with Chase who was practically pulling Brian. Mr. Benson looked at us, "I think Chris was correct. It looks like Chase has taken over your lives just like Chip did mine many years ago. Tell Brian I'll meet him after lunch."

This is Brian.

We haven't been here 24 hours and everyone is dumping on me. Hey, I'm fourteen going on fifteen and now I am going to be going skinny-dipping with my Father who is about to have surgery. I don't even feel like jacking off because I am so frustrated.

We went to lunch and we were eating as some new people came in, Chase stood and waved, "Daddy and Mommy, we're over here. Come meet our roommates."

The two couples walked over to where we were eating, Chase stood next to me and announced, "This is Brian. He and his friends are taking care of us. We are staying in their cabin. Our sisters are going to be staying with his sisters."

I stood and extended my hand, "The motor mouth told me that his parents were doctors. He said that his Mommy put people to sleep and that his Daddy cut them open. He told me that his Aunt and Uncle were teachers at some college and people called them doctors."

The Littles looked dumbfounded, Chase's Dad finally spoke, "I don't know who you are, but you must have some magic because this is the most we have ever heard Chase speak."

Dad had come over to our table hugged the two gentlemen, and when they realized who he was they returned the hugs. Chase's Dad looked at me and announced, "Another Benson to the rescue."

After lunch, Dad and I went to the stables and Dad picked out two horses. He led me to a lake and stood and took off all of his clothes. He looked at me and said, "Get with it, Son. You can't skinny-dip with clothes on."

I was embarrassed. I had never really seen my father naked before. There was no way I was as big as him. But you know what, I wasn't intimidated. I looked at Dad in all his splendor and suddenly realized that I might look like him when I got older. When I was naked we went into to the small lake. Gees, it was cold but it felt good since it was so warm.

We swam for a short time and Dad got out and laid in the sun so his body would dry since we hadn't brought any towels. I got out an lay down beside him. He looked at me, "Brian, you are a very handsome young man.
I'm sorry if you think I have been picking on you."

I leaned over and looked at Dad, "Daddy, shouldn't we be more concerned about you than me. I'm not the person with the growth. Dad, I'm concerned."

Dad pulled me close. There was nothing erotic in the embrace it was an expression of love like Chase had asked for. I looked at Dad, "Dad, I love you, but don't you think we should headed back to the ranch?"

We got dressed and we started back to the ranch. We were about half way there when Dad turned to say something to me and wasn't paying attention to what might be ahead. His horse reared up on its hind legs and Dad fell to the ground and the horse took off like a rocket. I heard the sounds of a rattlesnake moving away.

I jumped off my horse and Dad was lying motionless on the ground. I went and felt that he had a pulse and my mind went into overload. I sent a message to Ben and Grant. `Dad is hurt. One of you needs to come so the two of you can communicate since I haven't been given the power to receive messages yet."

Grant arrived almost before I finished thinking. Dad was trying to sit up and I pushed him back down, "Dad, be still until we can get help here, please."

I turned to Grant, "Please tell Ben to get Mother, and Chase's parents here as quickly as possible."

The next thing we heard was a helicopter coming. I looked at Grant, "You need to disappear. Please go back and make sure everyone is safe. I can't imagine how we could explain your being here. I love you, brother."

Chase's Dad and my Mother crawled out of the helicopter with Ben and Mother. Dad kept insisting that he was okay, but no one was willing to take a chance. Dad was placed on a gurney and put on the helicopter. Everyone was gone and I realized I was by myself.

My horse had stayed nearby and as I was going back to the ranch, I had so many mixed emotions. Why was Dad ill? Why did something like this have to happen to aggravate his problem? I needed to go pray because I was hurting so much.

I went to the small church and it was open. I put my horse in the corral and went and started to pray. When I exited the church it was like there was a rainbow filling the sky. I mounted the horse and went back to the ranch. I made sure that the horse was groomed and fed. I was headed back to the cabin when I was attacked by Chase.

"Uncle Brian, would you stop worrying me so much. Your Daddy is going to be okay."

I pulled Chase close, "Chase, I hope you are right."

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Will's comments: Our author has left us in a real pickle. Beau better get better, that's all I can say!

Darryl's notes: As you might have noticed, I often sneak things in just to liven things up. I honestly don't know why E Walk puts up with me. That was quite a chapter. It was short, but it did leave us wondering just what is going on. One thing that makes me feel a bit better is that Beau seems to have had a good reason to be a bit out of sorts. I certainly hope he will be alright. I must admit that I have always had a special fondness for Beau ever since we first met him. I actually think that Beau has a little bit of magic in him, maybe not as much as Brian, Ben and Grant, but some. I am hoping that all will be well with Beau, and that we will find out in the next chapter.

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