By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the editor)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 46 - Grant Lays It On the Line

This is Grant.

I did as Brian told me to do and went back to the ranch. He was right it would have been difficult to explain how I had gotten to the scene of the accident. I went to check on the guys, since I had nothing else to do. Some of them were in the craft area and some of them were swimming. Chase came up to me, "Uncle Grant, when is Uncle Brian going to be back?"

I picked Chase up, "Growing boy, I'm not sure. He may have gone with your parents and his Daddy to make sure his Daddy is okay. I'm sure he is fine or he would let me know."

`Thanks Chase.' Now I was beginning to worry. I hadn't any idea where anyone was. I sent Ben a message, `Is Brian with you and your parents?'

Ben sent back a message, `The last I saw him he was getting on his horse. We are at the hospital and Dad is in the emergency area. He seems to be fine. The Littles and Mother are with him. I'll let you know when we will be returning.'

Now I was beginning to really worry about Brian. That meant he was somewhere by himself. I looked at Chase, "Chase, let's go see if Brian is at the stable. He may be there taking care of his horse."

We were almost to the stable when we saw Brian walking toward the cabin. Chase took over and jumped up into Brian's arms, "Don't worry Uncle Brian, your Daddy is going to be okay."

Brian held Chase's face, "You promise, Dude? I need to go to the bathroom. Let's go back to the cabin. I want to get my charcoals and sketch pad. I need to work out some of my frustrations. Where are Chris and the other guys?"

Chase held Brian's face, "Chris and my dopey sister Angie are walking around and Chris is taking pictures with his camera. My sister is holding on to his arm. It looks like they are playing kissy kiss. Some of the other guys are at the craft area and some are swimming. They don't want me around. They think I'm a baby."

When we got to the cabin Chase followed Brian into the bathroom. I could hear them talking but couldn't hear what they were saying. When they came out of the bathroom Brian pulled out his charcoals and two pads of paper. I had not seen Brian work with charcoal so I had no idea what he was doing.

He handed one of the pads to Chase with a holder for a charcoal stick.

I was totally unprepared for what happened next, Brian mandated, "Grant, get your butt on the sofa and we'll show you how we want you. You are going to be our first victim."

I got on the sofa and Brian and Chase rearranged my body a couple of times, and I still wasn't sure what was going on. Finally Brian was satisfied and he started to draw with his charcoals. Chase started to draw too. They had been working for about thirty minutes when Chris came in. Brian didn't stop working, "Chris, take some pictures of Grant while he is lying there. I'm just about finished with my charcoal drawing."

We had just finished when I received a message from Ben, `We're on our way back to the ranch. We should be there in thirty minutes.'

Chase came to me and showed me the drawing he had done, "Uncle Grant, you have a big dickie. Look at what Uncle Brian did to you."

I looked at the two drawings. There was no way that I could have done as well as even Chase had done. Both guys made it very clear that I was well endowed. I whispered to Brian, "Your parents and the others are on their way back. Ben says that your Dad will be fine."

Brian let out a big sigh. He took the two drawings and sprayed them and put them in a folder. I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in his mind. I decided that it would be best not to ask. Fortunately the rest of the guys came in. Brian asked them to get cleaned up for dinner.

We were walking to the Chow Hall when the ranch station wagon pulled up and Ben helped his Dad out of the wagon. Mr. Benson had a walking cast on his right leg.

We went into the Chow Hall and claimed our table but we had a visitor at the table. It seems that Angie decided to sit with Chris. Chase started to complain, "Why is my dopey sister sitting at our table? She just wants to be the center of attention like always."

I watched as Brian bent down and whispered in Chase's ear. Chase looked as if he were going to cry when Brian was finished. Chase turned to the table and apologized, "I'm sorry if I said anything that offended anyone."

We were one of the last tables called to go through the buffet line. We were still eating when Chase's parents came up to the table. Chase's Dad started, "Brian, you were extremely smart to keep your Father from trying to move. If he had tried to stand, he would need to have more than a walking cast. He probably would have needed to have major surgery. Now is our son causing you all any grief?"

From out of nowhere Chris complained, "Yeh, he's been following me and Angie all afternoon and calling us the kissing fools."

I don't think anyone was prepared for what happened next. Angie and Chase's mother asked, "Well, is he correct in his assessment?"

Everyone was laughing and both Chris and Angie turned red.

I decided that I needed to take the focus away from Chris and Angie, "Yeh, he and Brian drew pictures of me looking awful. I think I'd better go crawl into my hole and go to sleep. They made me look like a sleeping giant."

Chris was now laughing, "Don't believe Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Little. I saw the pictures and they are great. There is only one part of Grant's body that looks like a giant."

Chase started to say something but Brian motioned `no.' Chase continued anyway, "Yeh, Daddy and Mommy. You should see Uncle Grant's big toes."

That sent Brian into hysterics, "I'll tell you what Doctor and Doctor Little, your son and I will show the drawings that we did today after we finish eating. Thanks for taking care of my Dad today."

Mr. Little looked at Brian, "Brian, I am just amazed that you reacted to the situation so rapidly. How were you able to get us there so fast?"

Mr. and Mrs. Benson were standing there and those of us who knew what had happened held our breaths. Brian was so nonchalant, "Mr. Little, even those of us from the backwoods of Nebraska and Fremont know how to use a cell phone."

That seemed to satisfy everyone and they left, but Mr. Benson leaned down, "But Brian, you don't have a cell phone."

Brian looked at his Dad, "Why do I need one Dad? All I have to do is send a message to Ben and Grant if I'm experiencing difficulties and they will be right there."

This is Ben.

I sure didn't feel like going to a dumb old movie under the stars, but again I felt that Dad would be upset if we didn't go. The ten of us guys in the cabin plus Chase's sister went to the campfire area. It was a great night and Brian had suggested that we take blankets so we would be more comfortable. The movie was some dumb old movie but it was hilarious. Brian and Chase brought us all drinks and popcorn at the intermission.

After the movie was finished, we walked back to the cabin and were quickly joined by Dad and Mother and the Chase's parents. Some of the young guys were taking a shower when they arrived.

Chase's mother started, "We would like to see the drawings that Chase was talking about."

Grant started to squirm. Brian went and got the two drawings that he and Chase had done. He handed them to the Littles. Mrs. Little observed, "Grant's toes seem to be proportioned to the rest of his body. It's another appendage that I'm concerned about. I hope you haven't been flaunting it in front of my son."

Brian took over, "Ma'am, Grant and Ben have been very careful to keep their weapons concealed from the boys. Chase and I were in the bathroom together today and he was more interested in my pubic hair than my penis. He told me that he looked at men all the time when he went to the pool at the club. He asked me how big he would be when got older?"

Mr. Little cut Brian off, "Brian, we were beginning to think that Chase might be mentally challenged. Why has he opened up to you?"

Brian took a deep breath, "I'm not sure why Chase opened up to me. I just know it started this morning when he came out of the bathroom and asked me to hold him and kiss him and make him feel loved. I guess that you two have been so busy with your careers that you forgot that the Chase and his dopey sister Angie, as Chase would say, still need to know that you love them. Chase is a very intelligent young man. He is not only intelligent but talented as well."

Mrs. Little challenged again, "Brian, why aren't you chasing after the skirts in camp like your friend Chris?"

Brian was getting frustrated, "Mrs. Little, Ben, Grant and I spent last week in London. While we were there, I met a young lady whom I became very fond of. The three of us are just now coming down from the high of that visit. I figured that I would be coming here and relaxing, but no, your son has wormed his way into my heart and my Dad suffered a fractured leg. Do you want to check my head for gray hairs?"

Brian pulled away from the group, "I'm going to check on the boys and make sure they're okay. I'll see you tomorrow. The adults left and Ben and I went into the sitting area. Everyone was in bed except Brian. He was sitting there crying. Grant and I sat down on either side of him.

"Brian, what is wrong?"

He looked at me, "Why does everyone try to make things dirty? Why can't they accept the fact that we young people aren't evil and we have talents. Thank goodness that Dad and Mother nurtured the few talents I have. Chase almost broke my heart when he asked me to hold and love him this morning. Let's take our shower together tonight and then you can go play games after you lock the door and no loud noises."

We took our showers and Grant did have his way with me. He reminded me that I had deserted him and he needed to take revenge and indeed he did.

This is Brian.

I woke the next morning and made a visit to the bathroom and I was joined by Chase who asked, "Can I go run with you?"

I carried him back to the bunk room, "I think you need to stay here with Grover and make sure everyone is safe." Now let's go see if Ben and Grant want to go for a run.

I knocked on the door and the guys came out walking a little funny. Ben asked, "Chase, are you going to stay and take care of the cabin while we're gone?"

"Yes Mr. Ben. Me and Grover are going to protect everyone."

We started the run and as we were returning to the cabin, we passed the Morrison's house. Dad and Mother were sitting on the veranda and Dad motioned for us to come over, "Guys, we would like to talk to you about some things."

Grant surprised everyone, "Brian, why don't you go back to the cabin and make sure the guys are awake and Ben and I will meet you and Chase at the Chow Hall. Chase will be worried if you don't show up shortly."

This is Ben.

Brian got the funniest look on his face, he started to bow his head and put his hands together like he was obeying his master. He started to back away, "Yes Mastah anything you say Mastah." He turned as he was leaving, "Great, now even my brother-in-law is bossing me around telling what to do."

Grant turned to me, "Ben, let me do the talking please."

Grant started, "Mr. and Mrs. Benson, I think you are being entirely too hard on your sons, especially Brian. If he hadn't used his limited special powers, Mr. Benson might still be out there in the middle of the ranch or having worse injuries than he has. Brian reacted immediately and how do you think I got there so fast and Ben was able to get the people assembled here at the ranch so quickly."

"Do you realize you haven't complimented your sons on all of the honors that they had bestowed on them in London? I think maybe you should visit with Ben and me after breakfast and you will realize just how exceptional Brian is. Come on, Ben, or Grover will be tracking us down."

I looked at my parents and they didn't know what to say.

As we were walking to the Chow Hall, Grant looked at me, "Ben, please act as if nothing strange happened. I know your parents are probably upset with me but that doesn't matter. I just think that everyone is being too hard on Brian. Good grief, he's only 14 going on 40."

I couldn't help myself, "So now you're in love with my brother and not me? I think I'll go cry myself to sleep."

Grant punched me on the shoulder, "Well have a good nap and don't get the bed too wet."

We were laughing as we entered the Chow Hall and Brian and Chase were sitting at our table. We went through the buffet line and got our food and went and sat with them. Brian looked at us, "So what did Dad and Mother want to talk about?"

I let Grant do the talking, "They wanted to know who was going to be in charge of you and Chase today now that your Dad can't keep up with you. We told your parents that we would do the best we could but not to expect miracles."

We were interrupted when the other six guys came in with Chase's sister. The table was full and everyone was talking when Dad and Mother came in. They stopped at the table, Dad spoke for them, "Good morning guys, it looks like it is going to be a nice day. Ben and Grant, would you have time to meet with us after breakfast? We have some errands that we would like you to do for us."

Brian looked up, "What about me. Why can't I help?"

Mother shook her head, "Look Brian, you aren't old enough to drive, so I don't think you would be able to do what we need to have done."

As Dad and Mother were leaving, Brian looked at me, "Benji, may I please use your laptop and hook it up to the internet to see if I can talk to with Lady Victoria?"

Dad and Mother heard Brian's question. They stopped and looked around but they didn't say anything.

I looked at Brian, "The computer is on top of the night stand in our bedroom."

Brian stood, "Thanks brother, come on Chase, let's go see if we can talk to Vicky."

This was working out great. Grant and I waited for Dad and Mother to finish their breakfast and we walked them back to the house. Dad suggested, "I think it might be good if we went elsewhere to talk. Knowing Brian, he'll be everywhere on the ranch. Ben, you drive and I'll direct you to a place where I don't think Brian can find us."

Dad had me drive to a small town and we sat down in a covered pavilion in the small park. As soon as we were seated, Dad started, "Grant, you made some remarks that hurt today. You two need to tell us what happened on the trip and we want to know everything."

Grant and I alternated telling everything that happened for the next two and half hours. I was surprised when neither Dad nor Mother interrupted us. Dad finally said, "Why don't we finish this conversation over lunch?"

I had to say something, "Dad and Mother, Brian will be frantic thinking something bad happened if we don't show up for lunch."

Dad was thinking, "Guys, if you can hear Brian, when he's speaking to you like yesterday, why can't he hear you?"

I shook my head, "Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod said that because Brian was only fourteen, his powers were limited."

Dad thought for a short time, "Guys, let's try something. Both of you try sending a message to Brian at the same time. Tell him we're having lunch in town and will be back about two o'clock. When I count three, try it and see if it works."

On the count of three Grant and I sent the message. It was almost immediate, "Transmission received. Benson party has been hijacked by Martians. Will send out the Brian Squad to attempt recovery. See you when we get you back."

Both Grant and I were giggling. When Grant told the parents what Brian had said, they began laughing.

Okay, so we know that Brian can both send and received. What else can happen?

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Will's Comments: I think Mr. and Mrs. Benson (Beau and Becca) will start to appreciate Brian a little more. I hope Chase and Angie's parents will be able to spend more time with them. I, for one, don't think that Chase is mentally challenged.

Darryl's Notes: Talk about a loaded question, What else can happen indeed? It looks to me as if Brian is more talented than anyone realized. There are still a lot of questions to be answered and I for one can hardly wait to see what will happen next.

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