By E Walk

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Edited by Will B.

Chapter 47 - You Gotta Think Positive

This is Ben.

When we got back to the ranch after lunch, Dad and Mother asked us to find Brian for them and ask him to please come talk to them.

We finally found Brian and Chase at the pool and Brian was teaching Chase how to do flip turns. I called the two boys over to the side, "Brian, Dad and Mother would like to speak with you."

"Okay, we'll go as soon as we do one more turn. By the way, Mr. Johnson wants us to go to London for the grand opening of the art exhibit on September first. Come on Chase, let's go see what my parents want to yell at me about this time."

Grant stepped in, "Brian, I think it might be best if you talked to your parents alone. Ben and I can help Chase with his swimming lessons while you are gone."

This is Brian.

This must be serious if I am to go talk to my parents alone. I turned to Chase, "Make sure these two bozos don't drown. I'll be back shortly."

As I was walking to the Morrison's house, I had an empty feeling in my stomach. I was confused, `What did I do now? It must have been really bad for the parents to want to see me in the middle of the afternoon.'

Dad and Mother were sitting on the veranda on a glider. I sat down on a bench opposite them since I was still in my wet swimming trunks. Dad motioned for me to come and sit between them. I did and now I knew I was in for some big time reprimands, but why?

They both hugged me. Dad started to speak, "Brian, why didn't you tell us what all happened to you while you were in England?"

I looked at my parents, "Dad and Mother, when did we have a chance to tell you anything. Dad picked us up and we had to get packed for the trip here. The two of you went to dinner with Uncle Mickey and Aunt Georgia. While we were traveling here, you were in the van with the girls. When we got here Uncle Clay put us in charge of six extra boys without really asking us. I guess they think we are like Dad and will adopt any strays."

Dad made a statement rather than ask a question, "Brian, you seemed to have formed a special relationship with Chase."

"I have fallen in love with Chase and I don't mean in a sexual way. I see him as being like me. He needs a lot of love."

Mother abruptly changed subjects, "Okay, but who is this Lady Victoria that you were talking about?"

I told them the story of how I met Vicky and what had happened while we were together.

Dad was really crude, "So were you able to control the little head in your pants while you with her?"

I thought for a minute, "Yeh, I decided that you and Mother weren't ready to be grandparents yet. Now, for the important things; Mr. Johnson asked if there was any way that we could come to London for the grand opening of my show on September 1st. He would like to have a reception the night before the opening to introduce me to the critics."

"I told him that it would all depend on what happened to you when you had your biopsy or operation. Oh, by the way, when you had the two guys send the message to me today, I almost went to the bathroom in my shorts and don't mean wet them. I'm out of here. I'm sure that Chase is driving Ben and Grant bananas."

I leaned against both parents and kissed them, "I love you both, but could you please not always be upset with me?"

This is Beau.

I looked at Becca, "This has been a hell of a couple of days. We have managed to upset both of our sons and now I have a fracture of my right leg and can't drive. We need to figure out a way to reassure Brian that we love him. I still don't understand why it took until today for us to find out about their meetings with the Queen of England and their awards."

"Most everyone else I know would come home gloating about those events. Now Brian announces that his artworks are going to be put on display the first of September. He is more concerned about me than he is about the art show."

"I still don't understand why Brian and Chase seem to be so close."

Becca hit me on the chest, "Beau, think about your relationship with Chip and Clay. The same thing is happening with Brian and Chase. Now would you stop worrying? I think our boys have their heads screwed on straight. I'm so proud that our son-in-law had the guts to stand up to us and tell us that we needed to get our thinking straight."

This is Brian.

I'm so confused. I don't know what to expect from anyone anymore. Why did Dad have to get ill now. I want to go to London but I'll wait and see what is happening to Dad. That scares me.

I got to the pool and Chase was doing flip turns with Ben and Grant and he was getting good. I called to him, "Come on Chase, we still have a bunch more drawings to do. Let's go find Chris and Angie."

The rest of the day went rather the same except no one yelled at me and it was as if whatever Chase and I wanted to do, everyone cooperated. We had drawn just about everyone at the camp except my parents. We had been able to set up a dark room for Chris and he and Angie worked there (well I guess they were working there) developing the prints of the photographs that Chris had taken.

This is Grant.

Dinner on Wednesday was a unique experience for me. I am not sure whether Chase or I enjoyed it the most. We went on a hayride to the church where we had an old fashioned chuck wagon meal. It looked like everyone in the area was there and there was food enough to feed a small army. Everyone pitched in and did some touch up work around the church. Once the local people realized who Mr. Benson was, it was as if they all wanted to visit with him.

Thursday night was family swim night. After dinner all of us went to the pool and the head lifeguard took the microphone. "Tonight, we are going to have the race of the century. In lane one is Chase Little, in lane two is Brian Benson. Swimming in lane three is Tim Morrison; in lane four is Chris Jameson and in lane five is Miss Angela Little. Mr. Beau Benson was scheduled to be in lane six but he was scratched because of his cast. The contestants will be doing 25 meters of back stroke, breast, butterfly and then freestyle. Everyone into the pool and wait until I blow my whistle before you start."

This is Ben.

I heard Doctor Little tell Dad, "Chase shouldn't be in the race. He doesn't know how to swim."

The five people jumped into the pool and were poised for the start. The whistle blew. Brian and Chase were so smooth that they were pulling ahead of the others and they both had perfect turns. Chase was a natural at doing the breast stroke. He struggled when it came to the butterfly stroke but Brian made sure that he didn't get too far ahead of Chase. The other three contestants were starting to struggle too.

Brian and Chase had perfect turns and they were like an aquatic team moving through the water as they did the freestyle lap of the race. Everyone was standing cheering around the pool. Brian slowed down and let Chase touch first.

The head lifeguard announced, "The winner is Chase Little."

Chase climbed out of the pool, "But Brian let me win."

Brian climbed out of the pool and started to hobble around, "I did not let you win. I had a charley horse in my leg and my leg wouldn't move."

The head lifeguard took the microphone. "Now it's time for the diving competition. The first contestant is Brian Benson."

Brian dove off of the board and made a perfect entry into the pool when he did a swan dive. The head lifeguard came on the microphone and announced, "So much for Brian's charley horse. The next contestant is Mr. Chase Little."

Chase's parents were concerned, but Chase made a dive nearly as good as Brian's.

The head lifeguard came on and announced, "All the other contestants have withdrawn from the competition after watching our first two divers. Next, each of the divers will do a backward somersault into the water."

Both dives were nearly perfect but the kicker was about to come. The head lifeguard announced, "Now our two contestants will be doing a jack knife dive with a twist. They did not know that this was coming."

Brian went first and did a nearly perfect dive. Chase climbed the ladder and moved to the end of the board and I could almost feel Brian holding his breath.

Chase yelled out, "This isn't fair. No one has taught me how to do that dive yet." Everyone was watching as Chase did a cannonball dive into the pool and landed next to where Brian had been waiting for him.

Chase looked at Brian, "Okay, you win the diving competition because you cheat. Let's go change so we can get our dessert."

Brian was carrying Chase on his back as Grover followed them back to the bunk house. They took a shower and went to the Chow Hall for the brownies and ice cream. They were eating their desserts when Chase's parents came in. They got their dessert and sat down at our table next to Brian and Chase.

They both looked a little concerned, "When did Chase learn to swim? He flunked out of swim classes and he sure never had any diving lessons."

Brian looked at them, "Mr. and Mrs. Little, he must have had some bad instructors. He is a natural and his best stroke is definitely breast. He is a little weak on the butterfly. As far as diving, I was surprise at how fast he picked up doing the basic dives. Now, if you will excuse us, we need to go send an email to someone special in England."

On Friday morning Rick, the camp director, was making his announcements, "Tonight after dinner, there will be a talent show. Will any persons interested in entering, please see either Will or me before lunch."

The is Beau.

After breakfast I saw Brian, Chris, Angie and Chase talking to Will and Rick. `Oh no, what are they plotting now.' I saw Will and Rick nodded yes and Brian came to Becca and me. "Don't move! We'll be right back."

With that the three boys left, leaving Angela with us. Becca asked, "Angela, what are the boys planning now?"

Angie looked at us, "I refuse to answer for fear of bodily harm if I tell you what is on their evil minds. They would probably make me clean the stables. Mr. and Mrs. Benson, I think your son is a rather remarkable person. My brother has seemed to have matured by several years while he has been around Brian this week. I would really like to meet this Vicky person Brian keeps talking about."

That conversation ended when the three guys returned. Brian already knew what he wanted to have happen. He had Becca and me go to the piano. He had his mother sit down like she was going to play the player piano. He had me leaning on the edge. "Okay Mother, look at Dad like you are asking, `What would you like to hear, dear?'"

When he had us posed like he wanted, he and Chase started drawing and Chris took a series of snap shots. Chase finished first and watched as Brian put the finishing touches on his artwork. Brian looked at what he had done and held it up so he could look at it and Becca and me at the same time. "Okay, Dad and Mom that's a wrap. Thanks. Gotta go, see you later."

This is Ben.

It was so strange but after breakfast no one was around so Grant and I decided to go for horseback ride to the lake. We did take our swim suits along but hopefully we wouldn't need them. Dad had brought Brian and me here on one of our earlier visits, but we didn't go skinny-dipping. I guess he felt Brian and I weren't ready for that then.

When we got to the lake we looked around and there didn't seem to be anyone around for miles. I looked at Grant, "Dare we? Shall we?"

Grant answered by standing and taking off all of his clothes so I did the same. When we got into the lake, I had forgotten how cold the water was.

Grant and I started messing around and I grabbed him and kissed him. Our penises started to respond and we decided to get out of the lake and take care of the problem.

As we approached the shore line, we were confronted by a good looking guy about our age who was also nude, "Well, well, if it isn't the queers of Cabin 1. Where is the other queer that runs around with that young kid? I guess he must like fresh meat, huh?"

I clinched my fist but Grant grabbed my arm, "Cool down, Ben. Let me handle this."

We got out of the water and the jerk looked at our endowments and started to back away, "Holy Moly, those have to be implants. No one can be that big."

Grant signaled to me and I moved behind the anonymous visitor. Grant looked the young guy up and down. "Ben, why don't one of us start at the top and the other at the bottom and maybe can meet in the middle."

The young guy went white and pleaded, "Guys, please don't put those monsters in me. There is no way I can accommodate them."

Grant sent me another message and we picked the guy up and put him on the ground. Grant moved forward, "Ben you start at the top and I'll go from the bottom and see how much the mouth can take."

The guy was fighting trying to get away when we started to tickle him. The intruder was squirming and laughing and finally yelled, "Please stop, or I am going to give you a water bath."

Grant got off, "We can't have you polluting the lake. Let's get our clothes on and we can discuss what's going to happen. Whoever you are, don't even think about getting away because Ben and I have ways of finding you."

Grant and I got dressed and the intruder came back. Grant stood, "I'm Grant and this is my partner, Ben. Now do you suppose you might identify yourself, so we don't have to call you hey you?"

The young man was still not looking too good, "Just call me James. Guys, I apologize for my actions. Please don't tell my Dads or they will ground me forever."

I looked at the young man, "How can we tell your Dads since we don't even know who they are?"

Just call me James blushed, "You know both of them. Perhaps I had better explain so you don't accuse me of lying. My birth Dad is Will the assistant camp director. He and Dad Rick are partners as I'm sure you figured out.

Dad is a year older than Dad Rick, when he got to college and he couldn't control his dick. He got my birth mother pregnant, but she didn't want anything to do with me. I have been raised my Dads for 17 years."

"I was so pissed off at your brother Brian when he told me I wasn't needed to take care of your cabin that first day. He informed me that all I needed to do was to bring fresh linens when the old ones were on the floor beside the door. I was sure that there was something illegal going on in your cabin. I started watching your cabin like a hawk."

Grant looked at Just call me James, "Well, have you detected anything illegal?"

Just call me James laughed, "No, unfortunately all I saw was a whole lot of friendship going on. I was so envious of you all because I have never had any really close friends."

Just call me James looked at his watch, "I need to get back so I can help with serving dinner tonight."

The three of us went back to ranch and found out that Just call me James had his own horse and it was housed in a separate stable. After the horses were groomed, we went our separate ways.

When we got to the cabin all of the other guys were there watching a video and Brian was on the computer IMing with Vicky. We walked to the Chow Hall and we were some of the last people to arrive. Everyone was walking around looking at the pictures on the walls.

Grant and I looked at the pictures and there were in groupings of three for the most part. A charcoal by Brian, another by Chase and a photograph by Chris. Everyone was oohing and aahing over the works. Uncle Rick stood with a microphone, "Would everyone please be seated, Brian Benson has an announcement."

This is Beau.

Brian was so professional, "Good evening fellow guests. We want to thank you for your cooperation. After dinner tonight, before you go to the talent show, we would ask that you would look for your picture and the drawing that Chris, Chase and I did of most of you, and please label the ones that you would like to have sent to you. I have to tell you that I would like to send them to a friend in England first and see if he might be interested in displaying any of them. He is hosting a showing of some of my artworks in September."

"Please take one of the labels that are on the table by the piano. Place your name and address on it and we will send them to you free of charge. Now enjoy your dinner and have a great evening as you listen to the talented performers."

Rick stood, "Ladies and gentlemen, we'll let Brian and his table start us through the buffet tonight since I'm sure that some of you will have some questions to direct to him and his cohorts."

Becca and I were watching as Brian and Chase went through the line. The last server was someone I didn't know. I heard Brian say, "Jimbo, you better be thankful that I didn't put the drawing I did of you on display or there would be a bidding war. I understand, you had an encounter today with my brother and brother-in-law. Why don't you visit the cabin tonight after the young guys are asleep and I'll give the drawing to you, even though it is one of the best that I have done."

I felt so sorry for the young guy because it looked like he was going to pass out, but I still had no idea what was Brian's artwork depicted or what had happened between Jimbo and Grant and Ben.

`Okay, what is going on?'

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Will's comments: I think Brian is showing the same spirit of concern for budding swimmers that Maryland's Michael Phelps has been showing, and I am glad that Beau and Becca are coming to realize that Brian needs to be told how much they love him.

Well, as often happens, the chapter ended just when something very important is about to happen. We as readers need to take a firm stand and let these guys know how sad we are that there isn't another chapter sitting here waiting for us. The good part is that I'm sure it won't be long before there is one.

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