By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 48 - And The Winner Is

This is Ben.

We had all sorts of people stopping by the table to talk to Chris, Brian and Chase. Everyone was surprised at how young Chase was. We were finally able to finish our meal and we did the usual clean up and started to leave.

Rick stood, "Don't forget the Talent Show at the campfire site and then cookie has a special treat for us in the dining hall where there will be a special presentation."

Brian and Chase went to get their charcoals and Chris went to get his camera. We went to the campfire site with Grover and were sitting on the back row because none of us from our cabin had chosen to enter the Talent Show.

The acts that performed included our sisters and their new friends. Some of the acts were very respectable. Probably the best performer was a young man playing the guitar and signing some western songs which he had everyone sing with him.

Everyone thought the show was over but Rick came out and announced, "We have a late entry. The owner of the ranch, Mr. Clay Morrison, and Mr. Beau Benson have a song to help you digest your special dessert tonight."

When Dad and Uncle Clay started to sing `A Spoonful of Sugar', I almost split a gut. They were like puppets who were attached to each other: one would go down and the other would stand up. The audience was laughing at their antics. The guys who were with us were laughing so hard I thought someone might pee their pants.

When Dad and Uncle Clay finished, Rick came out and announced, "Here is our head judge for the night, Mr. Howard Little. He will announce the winners of the talent competition."

Mr. Little went to the platform and Chase looked up at Brian, "That's my Granddaddy."

Brian put his arm around Chase, "Yeh, I know."

Mr. Little introduced the other judges and then started, "The third place ribbons go to the young ladies from cabin three who sang the medley from `The Sound of Music.'"

The girls responded in their normal giggly way. Mr. Little and Rick presented them with their ribbons and had them stand to the side. Mr. Little took the microphone again, "The winner of the second place medal is Mr. Derek Cannon and his guitar."

Grant leaned over to me, "Do you think your Dad and Mr. Morrison were the first place winners? I can't imagine anyone else winning."

I leaned over and put my hand up the leg of Grant's shorts, "I'm saving the first place prize for you and I'll present it to you tonight after we go to bed."

Our fun was interrupted by Mr. Little. "The first place winners in the talent competition by a unanimous vote of the judges are Chris Jameson, Chase Little and Brian Benson."

I looked at Brian and he looked like he was in a state of shock. I leaned over and punched him indicating that he should go to the platform. Chase was practically pulling Brian.

Mr. Little continued, "These three young men have put on an awesome display of their artistic talent this week. Let's give them a big round of applause."

Everyone stood and applauded as Uncle Clay put their blue ribbons with their medals around their neck and shook their hands. The three guys waved to other campers. Uncle Clay took microphone, "We ask that you all please join us for a special treat in the Chow Hall in fifteen minutes."

We went to the Chow Hall and everyone was directed to their tables. When everyone was seated, Uncle Clay stood, "Ladies and gentlemen, ordinarily we would make this presentation on Saturday evening. We changed it to tonight because some of our guests will be leaving us in the morning. Since we thought it would be appropriate for one of the guests who will be leaving in the morning to make the presentation, we decided to do it tonight. I would like to present Mr. Beau Benson."

Brian looked at me, "Ben, are we leaving tomorrow? How come Mom and Dad didn't tell us? There is no way I can be ready."

I shrugged me, "Brian, I have no idea what's happening."

Dad started. "I'm honored that I have been asked to present the Outstanding Camper Award for the week. I received the first such award 31 years ago. I have been informed by Rick and Mr. Morrison that tonight will be another first. The award this week goes to two people: Mr. Chase Little and Mr. Brian Benson."

The color drained from Brian's tanned face. I was sure that he was going pass out. The other campers were standing and applauding. Uncle Clay took the microphone, "While Rick is hanging the plaque with the picture of the young men that Chris Jameson took on it, we have a small token to remind you of this week at nude dude ranch as you call it, Brian."

Brian put Chase on his back and carried him piggyback to the front of the dining room and Uncle Clay presented them each with neat silver belt buckles in the shape of a horse that was engraved with `Camper of the Week, August 15, 2008.'

When everyone was seated, the lights were dimmed and the staff came out of both side of the kitchen singing, `Happy Trails To You' carrying a baked Alaska with a lit sparkler. It seemed that they had been assigned to a specific table so the last person out of the kitchen came to our table.

Grant punched me and whispered, "Looks like we lucked out and got the nude dude from the lake."

Brian started to laugh, "Now I won't have to track you down, Jimbo, to remind that you are due at our cabin as soon as we get the young guys settled for the night. If you don't show, I give the drawing to your Dads."

We had realized that Dad, Will and Rick were standing there. Rick asked, "What drawing are you talking about Brian?"

Brian giggled, "It's a secret. No one has seen it except me because it is XXX rated. Dad, are we leaving tomorrow?"

Dad looked at us, "Your Mother and I are leaving tomorrow. You guys will be leaving on Sunday as planned. We'll meet you in your cabin after you get the guys settled and explain.

Uncle Will looked at Brian, "Brian, we'll accompany Jimmy to your cabin when you get the boys settled. This smacks of something that happened 31 years ago. I hope I'm wrong."

As we were leaving the Chow Hall after eating the baked Alaska, Grant and I went for a walk and were lying on the grass looking at the stars. It was such a clear night, that we seemed to be able to see a million stars. I pulled Grant into my arms, "I guess we will refer to this as the night of many mysteries in the future. First, why are Dad and Mother leaving tomorrow? Second, what happened 31 years ago? And thirdly, what drawing is Brian talking about?"

Grant leaned over and kissed me. "Oh don't forget the fourth mystery. What is going to happen when I have my evil way with you after everyone leaves the cabin tonight. We better get back so we don't miss any of the fun."

We arrived at the cabin and Brian was sitting in the seating area typing on the computer. He looked up, "Thanks a lot guys. Chris takes off with Angie and you two disappear leaving me to slave away getting the five guys ready for bed. My fingers will be absolutely worn out by the time we get home."

Grant bent over from laughing, "So how many times did you jack off while we were all gone. I'd better go check the shower drain."

Brian countered, "At least mine isn't all worn out like your's and Ben's. Guys, I'm still confused about what is happening."

Our banter was stopped because Dad arrived with Uncle Will, Uncle Rick and James.

Brian looked around, "Dad, where's Mother? She's not having problems too is she?

Dad laughed, "She stayed at the house because she was afraid that there might be some things talked about tonight that she shouldn't hear. She's packing our bags so we can leave first thing in the morning."

I looked at Dad, "Why are you and Mother all of a sudden leaving tomorrow and how are you going to go?"

Dad started, "We had a call from your Uncle Drew and he wants me to check into the hospital first thing on Sunday morning so I can have some tests done before he goes in and does the biopsy on Monday morning. I need to take some medicine before hand that will require me to be near a bathroom."

"Your Mother and I decided that it would be best to fly home early tomorrow and that you people were responsible enough to be able to get back home by yourselves. Grant and Ben can suffer being apart that long surely so they can drive the vans since none of the rest of you have a driver's license."

Dad continued, "Grant and Ben will be taking us to the Denver airport in the morning. We'll be leaving right after breakfast. Jimmy is going to go with us to make sure we don't get lost."

Brian smirked, "So you're saying that you are going to have another colonoscopy?"

Dad laughed, "Yes, and an endoscopy as well as an ultra sound and a MRI. Guys, everything will be fine. Your Uncle Drew just wants to have as much information as he can before he does the biopsy."

Uncle Will tried to relieve the tension, "Okay Brian, where is this XXX drawing that you say is too hot to be seen by the rest of the campers?"

Brian looked at Jimbo. Jimbo shrugged, "Go ahead, since I don't know what the drawing is of. My Dads won't be happy until they see it."

Brian went to get his portfolio and pulled out a charcoal drawing. He showed the drawing to us. Uncle Will started to laugh, "Brian, where was this pose done?"

Brian looked at Uncle Will, "Sir, Jimbo didn't know I was doing it. The day that Dad and Mother took Ben and Grant to wherever, I sent everyone else to the craft area and went riding. I went to the lake where Dad and I had gone and was about to go skinning dipping when I saw Jimbo sitting on a rock manipulating his penis. He must have been having some good thoughts because the liquid started to fly."

Uncle Will surprised everyone, "Brian, you are certainly very talented. There is no question that it is Jimmy and you sure didn't leave much to the imagination. Anyone who would see this would start salivating. I'll give you a thousand bucks for it now and we'll hang in our bedroom so we can get jumped started at night and remember what Jimmy looks like when he goes to college."

I was watching Dad. He was enjoying what was happening as much as we all were. Brian handed the drawing to Jimbo, "Okay, here you go, Jimbo, you can give this to your Dads so they won't forget who you are when you call home for money. Where are you going to college, anyway?"

Jim handed the drawing to his Dad, "I'm going to be attending Cornell University in the fall. In fact I'm leaving next Tuesday to look for a place to live. I have a scholarship to attend there. I had some other offers, but I decided to go East."

Brian grabbed his throat like he was hyperventilating, "Okay Dad, we're surrounded by Cornies. This is too much." Brian switched topics as only Brian can, "Okay, what happened 31 years ago that you don't want to tell us about?"

Uncle Will looked at Dad and Dad nodded yes. "Well guys, I tried to make your Dad do some things he didn't want to do. He threw my jeans and shorts out the front door and Rick's Dad arrived and before I knew what was happening my parents were here to take me home and they read me the riot act. It's getting late. I suggest that everyone gets a good night's sleep. Brian, you remind me so much of your Dad when he was your age. You're not quite as obnoxious he was, but almost."

Brian was hurt by that remark. You could see the hurt on his face, "Uncle Will, do you really think I am obnoxious?"

Uncle Will and Uncle Rick sat down beside Brian and hugged him. Uncle Rick answered, "Brian, what Will meant to say was precocious. One thing that you and Chase have not been this week is obnoxious. You two have always asked your victims if it would be permissible for you to draw them. Heck, the campers were almost all standing in line to have you do drawings of them. Now I suggest we all go to bed, but first we have to hang this $1000.00 drawing of the sex fiend on our bedroom wall."

Jimmy yelled out, "But Dad."

Will looked at Jimbo, "Come on son, we need to get you home before you get in any more trouble today."

Dad stood and came to Grant, Brian and me, "Guys, you're the greatest. I'm going to be fine, trust me."

Brian hugged Dad, "Dad, you've got to be fine. Neither Benji nor I are equipped to handle your business. I feel as if I should crawl into a cocoon and wait for the world to go by. Dad, I love you."

Grant and I hugged Dad and he had tears in his eyes as he left. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Right after Dad left, Brian went to take a shower. He was in the shower when Chris came. Chris looked at us, "I guess the meetings are all over. I stayed away as long as I could, but I have to go to the bathroom."

Grant looked at Chris, "Why did you think that you had to stay away? Nothing happened that would have shocked you."

Chris looked at us, "Look guys, I wasn't invited and besides I would rather spend time with Angie than a bunch crusty old men. I really need to go to the bathroom."

Brian was walking out of the bathroom as Chris was walking in. "Well Christopher, did you score one for the good guys tonight?"

Chris walked by Brian, "Up yours, Benson, you're the last person on Earth I would tell if I got a perfect ten. You would just blab it to the world. My parents would probably ground me forever."

Brian didn't back down, "You just admitted that you didn't score and are going to take care of your pent-up anxieties. I'll keep Benji and Knock out of the bathroom until you finish."

Brian put on his briefs and came and sat down with Grant and me. "Guys, do you think Dad is telling us the truth. Why is it so urgent that he have the biopsy now? It seems to me like he and Mother might be hiding something."

I looked at Brian, "Dude, you just made my life miserable. Grant and I won't be doing anything tonight because you have planted some seeds of doubt in my mind. I hadn't even doubted that Dad would be okay, but no, you have to look at everything negatively."

Brian hugged me, "Ben, I'm scared. I'm fourteen and can't imagine what it would be like if something should happen to either Mother or Dad. Grandma Gleason isn't going to be with us much longer."

Grant hugged both of us, "Guys, your father laid a lot on you today. Let's go to bed and things will seem better in the morning. Come on Ben, let's take our shower."

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Will's Comments: I don't know and don't want to know if Chris scored a `perfect ten,' but I know our author has scored a `perfect ten' with this chapter, mixing in love, humor, and some tension. Keep it up, Ed!

Darryl's Notes: Well, let's all hope and pray that Beau will be alright. This trip to the Nude Dude Ranch was a very wonderful experience for the boys, and adults as well.

I wonder if Jimbo will be staying with Ben and Grant? It seems to me that he would get along well with them. Things are bound to get interesting once they get there and start school. I guess we will just have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

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