By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B

Chapter 49 - Pay Back Time

This is Grant.

Ben and I went to take a shower and made sure each other was squeaky clean, but it was obvious that Ben's mind was elsewhere. I was beginning to think that he was losing interest. He looked at me, "Grant, I'm so going to pound Brian into the ground. I wasn't worried about Dad until Brian sent up the red flag."

I pulled Ben close, "Look Benji, worrying isn't going to help your Dad. It sounds to me as if your Uncle Drew has things under control. He must be a very good surgeon if your Dad trusts him. Now let's go to bed and make some whoopee. Let's make each other's balls to chime tonight."

"Knock it off, Knock. You're beginning to sound more and more like my Dad or Brian." He grabbed my penis and started to pulling me toward the bedroom.

Brian whispered, "Would you two be quiet? Some of us teenagers are trying to go to sleep."

When we got to our room, Ben asked, "Who's going to make whose balls chime first?"

I pretended like I was being bashful, "Oh, Benji, could we please make the balls chime in unison. They always sound so much nicer when we use our mouths to pull on the ropes at the same time. That leaves our hands free to take care of the other equipment."

Ben was laughing, "What ever you want, dearest. That sounds fine to me. That way our mouths will be so full that Brian can't complain about the noise coming from our room."

We did indeed make the balls chimes and spill out their cheer. When the song ended, Ben put his head on my shoulder, "Grant, where did the idea of making the balls chime come from. It sounds like something Brian would say."

I pulled Ben close, "Ben, I have no idea where the idea came from. It just popped into my head. Now, let's go to sleep. But first I need a goodnight kiss."

We were awakened the next morning by Brian, "Come guys, it's time to go running. Guys, I gotta know when you made the balls chime last night, was it like they were peeling The Balls of St. Mary, Jingle Balls, Silver Balls or Ring Christmas Balls."

Ben sat up in bed, "Brian, how did you know what was going on last night?"

Brian had tears in his eyes, "Look guys, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop. It was like all of a sudden I could hear everything you two were saying last night even in your bedroom. Ben, I apologize for making you worry about Dad. Guys, you'll be glad to know that transmissions stopped before you started to pull the ropes with your mouths. Now would you answer my initial question, please?"

Ben stood up, even though he was showing some morning wood. "Brian, I hope that you won't always be able to hear what we are talking about, but I know you would never deliberately do that. There must have been a reason that you were able to hear us last night. I'm sure we will find out what that reason was, eventually. Now, to answer your question, last night started out like, The Balls of St. Grant and ended like Ring Christmas Balls."

Brian thought for a short time, "Oh, I get it. It went something like this The of Balls of St. Grant were calling to you and then you found out that the Christmas Balls were ringing out for the two of you. Come on, you guys, let's go for our run or we'll be late for breakfast."

I climbed out of bed and it was the weirdest thing, the three of us were hearing a voice, "Good morning, guys. Welcome from London. This is Uncle Hank. Brian, you have just demonstrated that you have more power than anyone realized, so use it wisely and don't let anyone other Ben and Grant know what you can do. When you find out who all will be coming to London for the opening, please let us know, so we can make the travel and accommodations arrangements. Gotta go."

Brian, Ben and I were standing there unable to move. Brian finally started to speak but stopped and looked like he was going to pass out. He started to shake. He finally settled down. He looked at Ben and me. "Did you hear what Grandpa Grumpy said?"

Ben looked at me and we both shook our heads no.

Tears were streaming down Brian's face, "Guys, I don't know if I can handle this strange power. Monsieur Lafontaine said that he was going to take us to dinner when we got to London for the opening. He asked that we take a suit and tie. He has this fancy restaurant that he wants to take us to. Oh by the way, he also said that you should hide those monsters of yours. Get your running clothes on while I take Grover out to do his business."

When we got outside, Brian was talking to Jimbo. The four of us started to run and we could see Brian and James were talking as they were running. James peeled off as we passed his cabin and when we got back to our cabin, Chase had everyone up.

We went to the Chow Hall and we were the first to arrive, so everything was really warm. Brian helped Chase through the food line as usual. We were eating when Mr. and Mrs. Benson came in, "Guys, we need to leave by 9:00. We're not going to take any luggage with us except the computer. You guys will need to pack the rest in the van to bring home. We'll set the bags on the veranda and Brian can take them and put them in the other van while you two are taking us to the airport."

Brian looked at his Dad and Mother, "Sure, leave it to Brian. I'll see if I can fit it into my busy schedule."

Mr. Benson hobbled over to Brian, "Oh please Lord Brian, would you take care of that small project for us, please."

Brian started to laugh, "Yes, you lowly serf, but it will cost you some big bucks when you buy me my own computer and provide a hook up to the internet for me so I can cheat on my homework."

Ben's Dad was getting into the act, "Never mind, you spoiled brat, we'll do it ourselves. We certainly wouldn't want to disrupt your boring routine. Becca, where did we go wrong?"

Brian stood and patted his Dad on the back, "Don't worry Daddy, I'll do it. I wouldn't want you or mother to develop a hernia from having to lift anything heavier than your bottles of bourbon."

Mr. and Mrs. Benson knew that Brian was in rare form so they gave up and went to go get their meals. Ben and I went back to the cabin to shower and get dressed.

When we came out of the shower, James was sitting there, "Guys, could you please call me J.R. I don't want to be known as Jimmy in college and I sure don't want to be known as Jimbo. What time do your parents want to leave?"

Ben looked at J.R., "J. R., they're planning to leave at nine. Come on Grant, we need to get dressed. J.R., why don't you come talk to us while we get dressed. You've already seen us in the natural so there aren't any surprises in store for you."

We walked to the Morrison's house and Mr. and Mrs. Benson were waiting. Ben went to get the van that Mr. Benson had driven from Fremont. Ben was going to drive and J.R. was going to sit in the other front seat to give Ben directions.

There was no lack of conversation and the trip went fast. Mr. and Mrs. Benson had Ben stop in front of the United Airlines gate and they exited. They told us to go ahead and leave them since they didn't have any luggage. They had made arrangements with Chris's dad to pick them up in Omaha.

On the way back to the nude dude ranch, J.R. announced, "Guys, I need your help to get even with Brian. My Dads took the drawing that Brian did of me and hung it on their bedroom wall as they said they were going to do. Dad said, `We want to keep it hanging there until you decide what you're going to do with your pecker.' Guys, do you have any idea how hard it is growing up with two gay Dads when you don't think you're gay?"

Ben answered, "J.R., look at it this way, look at me. I grew up in a happy home environment with a Mother and a Father and I turned out gay. So I guess anything is possible."

The rest of the trip back to the ranch was spent plotting a way for J.R. to get his revenge on Brian. J.R. finally asked that we take Brian to the lake and have him wear the yellow bikini suit that he had seen him in previously.

We got back just in time for lunch and J.R. sat at the table with us. He looked at the young guys, "You know that they are going to show you how to make belts in the craft center today, and you can put you own design and initials on the belts. Chase, you can even put the belt buckle you received last night on yours. We're going to take Brian swimming. If you need anything, see my Dad and yell at him"

Brian was completely baffled, "Okay, guys, what's going down? I know when I am being manipulated, but why?"

Ben put his arms around Brian, "Bri, we decided that you need some time to relax before we go home. It's been as if you have had parasites sticking to you the entire time we have been here. J.R. has arranged for the craft people to keep your charges busy in the craft building this afternoon."

I took over, "Brian, why don't you go put on the yellow bikini suit that you have and we'll meet you at the craft center after we get everyone settled."

Brian started to challenge me but J.R. stopped him, "Look, Brian, I asked the guys to help me get even with you. I'll meet you at the lake as soon as I can get my supplies. Please do as Grant asked."

Brian looked very confused but walked back to the cabin and changed into the bikini while Ben and I got the guys settled. Ben paid for their supplies and we were walking toward the cabin when Brian approached us. "Guys, what's happening? I have no idea what is going on and why does Jimbo think he needs to get even with me?"

We got our horses and rode to the lake. We decided to go swimming while we were waiting for J.R. He arrived on his horse carrying an easel and some supplies in a bag. He set up his easel and put a blank canvass on it and pulled out the rest of his supplies. He looked at Brian, "Okay Senor Brian, climb up on that rock and dive into the lake, please."

Brian had no problem with that. He made a perfect dive and when Brian was wading out of the lake, J.R. said, "Perfect! Now get up on the rock again and lean back like you're letting the sun dry your body."

Brian did as requested, but J.R. wasn't satisfied. He went to where Brian was sitting and arranged Brian so he was leaning back on his arms. His right leg was raised so his left leg was almost dangling off the rock. I don't think any of us were prepared for what happened next. J.R. put his hand inside Brian's suit and moved his penis and testicles so they made the maximum effect on the swim suit.

Brian started to complain but J.R. countered, "Look kid, pay back is hell."

Ben and I watched as J.R. made an outline of Brian's body and the rock with his oils. J.R. started to concentrate on Brian's face and his pubic region. I was amazed at how accurate his portrayal was. J.R. looked at Brian, "Okay kid, you're free to get up and move about, but don't even try to look at how ugly you are. I'll finish the gruesome details and send it to your parents. Now let's go skinny dipping."

J.R. shucked his clothes and Brian followed. I looked at Ben and we figured we had nothing to lose since both Brian and J.R. had seen us naked before and we joined them in the lake. We were playing a game of dick tag when we heard a loud voice, "Would you gentlemen care to explain what is going on?"

We looked up and J.R's dads were standing there. Before anyone else could say anything, Brian yelled, "We're playing dick tag. I need your help. These silly eighteen year olds just want me to play with their cocks."

I don't think any of us, especially J.R., were expecting what happened. Both Mr. Rick and Mr. Will shed their clothes and dove from the rock and joined us in the lake. Brian started to laugh, "So this really is the nude dude ranch?"

Uncle Rick swam over to where Brian was standing, "Brian, you don't know how great it is when we can do this. There are some weeks when the guests are so demanding that we hardly have time to breathe, This week has been a piece of cake except for your Dad's accident and Jimmy getting rid of his pent up emotions in front of some guests. You and your friends must have had a soothing effect on the guests."

Brian was laughing, "But Uncle Will and Uncle Rick, your son was manipulating my cock and balls earlier this afternoon. I think he was trying to see what a real man looked like."

Brian disappeared and came up behind J.R., and groped his sexual apparatus, "Hey, Uncle Will, are you sure that Jimbo is a boy. I can't find anything that would indicated that that might be so."

Brian quickly swam to the shore and pulled on his jeans and boots and took off. He yelled back, "Don't have too much fun or you'll turn into prunes."

The five of us headed to the bank of the lake and when Mr. Champion saw Ben's and my sexual equipment, he muttered, "What happened to you two. Those things could do some major damage. Jimmy, have you seen them naked before?"

J.R. looked at his Dad, "Look Dad, we had an encounter the other day and I accused them of being queers. I thought maybe Brian was gay too, but I don't think that is remotely possible. Dads, please listen to me. You don't realize how difficult it has been for me growing up in a small community like this and having two gay dads. There have been times I wanted to run away."

"I loved you both too much to do that. Dads, I'm sure that I'm not gay. I would like to just be myself and that's why I chose to go so far away to school. If I meet someone who is important to me, I will bring her home. Dads, please don't hate me, but Brian and his antics have proved to me that we can all be our own people. Dads, please just love me unconditionally."

Ben and I looked at each other and were out of there faster than greased lightening. We figured that what happened between J.R. and his dads was none of our business.

When we got back to the cabin, Brian was there with the other young guys. "Hey guys, you all did a great job, but we need to get you a belt buckle like Chase has. I'll get my brothers to go get some after dinner. Chase, let me show you how to put your buckle on your belt."

On the way to dinner that night, Chase was almost swaggering because he was wearing his new belt with his horse belt buckle. The last night was a cookout and we had ribs and chicken with all the trimmings. Everything smelled wonderful. Everyone was almost through the line when J.R. arrived with his dads. They all looked like they might have been crying."

Brian realized that the situation was not really good. He went to the head of the dining room and took charge, "Hey ladies and gentlemen, it's me the obnoxious one from Cabin One. After dinner, we'll be meeting in the campfire area where Uncle Rick will be leading us in some songs. We hope that you have enjoyed your week with us at the nude dude ranch. We'll look forward to seeing you here again. Cookie has made some treats that will make your hair grow."

When everyone had exited the dining room except J.R and his two Dads, Uncle Rick came up to us, "Guys, thanks for covering for us tonight. We have been needing to have a family discussion for some time. We needed to clear the air before Jimmy left for college."

Brian looked around, "Are you talking about J.R. or who? Now sirs, J.R. says that you have his picture hanging in the your bedroom. I really would like to put it on exhibit with some of my other drawings and label it Jimbo From the Nude Dude Ranch."

J.R. started to moan, "This has been the worst day of my life and now you want to make me the laughing stock of the entire world. Brian, what did I do to you?"

Brian stood, "You fondled my cock a little too long and then when you squeezed my nuts so hard that it hurt. I'll be reporting you to the police department in Ithaca. Maybe they can make a man out of you. Your poor Dads need all of the help they can get."

As only Brian can do, he directed the discussion to a totally unrelated topic. "Uncle Rick and Uncle Will, where can I buy belt buckles like mine and Chase's for the other guys in the cabin? I'd like to give them to the guys for being so well behaved this week."

Uncle Rick nodded, "Brian, those were a special order. They were especially made for the ranch. I'll tell you what, you can't buy them, but we'll dip into our cache and give you some of the supply that we have on hand. How many more would you like?"

Brian got a silly grin on his face, "Well sir, if you could spare seven, then I could give Little Ben and Little Knock one also."

Uncle Will started to laugh, "Brian, you must need glasses. From what I saw earlier, I don't think anyone would ever accuse Ben and Grant of being little. We'll have Jimmy, I mean J.R., bring the buckles to your cabin on his way to the campfire."

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Will's Comments: I don't know what brought this to my poor demented mind, but there one more poem about balls (Do I mean bells?). I forget what it's called, but the last line of each verse is: "Cum-few shall not ring tonight!"

On a more serious note, I hope things have been worked out between J.R. and his two dads, because there may come a day when J.R. may wish things

had worked out better.


Darryl's Notes: I hope that J.R. and his dads have made peace with each other and settled their feelings. Brian is a lot like Beau, with the difference being that he never had to go through the heartbreak and abuse that Beau suffered when he was a child. It seems to me that Brian shows us just how wonderful Beau would have turned out had he had a good childhood to begin with, although I must say that once he got together with Jeff and his family, things certainly brightened up in his life. Let's also hope that all goes well for Beau.

Oh and one other thing; say a prayer for E Walk. I have a feeling that he could use one, and, hey, it couldn't hurt.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher