By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 50 - I'm Not Going Home

This is Ben.

We walked back to the Cabin and the young guys were out in front playing soccer. Brian got their attention, "Okay, men, we need to pack our things before we go to the campfire."

Chase came over and threw his arms around Brian, "I'm not going home. I'm going to stay here with you."

Brian picked him up, "Chase, we have to go home so we can go to school. I'll call you on the phone and send you some notes on the email. If we don't go home and study, they will make us dig ditches and then we won't be able to come back here again.

Chase was still clinging to Brian when J.R. arrived. He handed a package to Brian. "Here you go Brian, the Dads said that I was to thank you three guys for helping me understand some important things about life."

Brian got a funny look on his face but because the young boys were still there, he wisely chose to say nothing. Instead, he called the other guys except for Chris who was obviously off with Angie somewhere. "Here you go, guys, these are your rewards for being such excellent campers this week." Brian handed the guys each a belt buckle.

Chase looked up at Brian, "But Daddy, I mean Brian, now they are just like us and we aren't special anymore. Before it was just you and me, and now we'll all look the same."

Brian looked at Grant, J.R. and me and pulled Chase close to him, "Chase, we are the only two that have inscriptions on the back of our belt buckles. Chase, you will always be very special to me."

J.R. stood and announced, "We need to go. It's almost time for the sing-a-long."

Brian was carrying Chase on his back. We took up our usual spots at the back of the crowd. Brian was sitting with Chase between his legs and Chase was leaning back again Brian. Chase looked up at Brian, "Daddy Brian, I don't want to go home. Can I go home with you, please?"

We hadn't realized it, but Chase's grandfather was standing there and heard what Chase said. He sat down beside Brian and put his arm around Brian. Brian looked to see who it was and went white.

He was almost stammering, "Mr. Little, I have done nothing wrong."

Mr. Little was almost laughing, "Oh yeah, you stole my grandson's heart; now give it back to him. Chase, your grandmother and I need you to go home with us. We're getting old and we are going to need you to take care of us. Maybe we can go see Brian sometime when he isn't too busy."

Chase looked at Brian, "You promise that we can come visit you?"

Brian put his arms around Chase, "I'll never be too busy to have you come see me. You are very special to me."

Mr. Little gave Brian a hug. After the sing-a-long Grandpa and Grandma Little were walking back to the Chow Hall with us and I heard Mr. Little quietly say to Brian, "Brian, thank you for being so patient with the grandsons. You can't imagine how much this week has done for them, especially Chase."

After dessert, Grant whispered to me, "Benji, can we go somewhere by ourselves and enjoy our last night here. This may be the last time that I ever get here. This has been a real experience."

I looked at Brian, "Bri, Grant and I are going to go for a walk. We'll see you at the cabin later."

Brian put on his best skeptical look and shrugged his shoulders.

Grant and I walked toward the swimming pool area and it was deserted. The gate was open and we walked into the pool area and found a double lounge chair and laid back in it. I put my arms around Grant, "Knock, why don't you Fly Me to the Moon tonight since this is our last night here at the nude dude ranch. I came prepared, so you just need to go slow and be gentle."

We shed the few clothes we had on and I lubricated his penis. He pushed against me, "So you want me to play Down in the Valley?"

I pushed back at him, "Please Mr. Postman."

We had a very intense session and I knew I was going to be very uncomfortable driving in the morning. We cleaned up our mess and went back to the cabin and Brian and J.R. were sitting on the porch talking. Brian looked at us, "I was beginning to get worried. Everyone else is in bed. See you in the morning, J.R."

J.R. hugged Brian and started toward his Dads' cabin. When J.R. was out of hearing range, Brian started, "Honestly guys, Fly Me to the Moon, Down in the Valley and Please Mr. Postman isn't that a little much? Heck, I was expecting Ben to start singing `Roll me over in the clover, lay me down and do it again.' Good night guys I'm going to bed."

I was feeling like I had been dealt a kick in my stomach by a horse. I looked at Grant and he seemed to be feeling the same as me. We went into the cabin and Brian was in the shower. We shed our clothes and went into the shower with him. He looked at us, "Guys, don't say anything. Chris isn't here yet. I'll visit with you in your room when you finish your shower and then you can yell at me."

When Grant and I walked out of the bathroom, Brian was sitting with his arm around Chris. "Look man, just be glad that you didn't have a condom with you tonight. You and Angie have only known each other a week. If you and she are to become an item, let it happen. Chris, we're only 14 and we probably are too young to really understand what love is. We can't ruin our lives and those of others by doing what our dicks tell us to do. Now go get your shower while I talk with Ben and Grant."

Brian followed Grant and me into our bedroom. "Guys, I'm sorry for my smart-assed comments. I am really uncomfortable about being able to hear your conversations. I promise I will never embarrass you intentionally. Quite frankly guys, I am very confused by what is going on. Here I am about to become a freshman in high school and I feel like I could teach sex education class."

I pulled Brian to me, "Bro, after listening to your conversation with Chris just now, I realized that you are even more special than anyone realizes."

Brian hugged me, "Oh by the way guys, I invited Jimbo to spend Tuesday night with us in Fremont and then you can caravan to Ithaca when you leave."

I looked at Brian, "Brian, where is he going to sleep?"

Brian looked at me like I had lost it. "I guess he'll have to sleep with me. Don't worry, I told him to bring his steel jock strap. Guys, when we were sitting waiting for you to return from your tryst, he told me that he looked at me as if I am the brother he never had. So from now on just call me Brother Brian. Good night guys. Love you both."

Brian hugged us and was gone. Grant looked at me, "Are you sure he is only 14?"

I threw up my hands, "Now you're coveting my brother."

Grant pushed me down on the bed, "Don't you mean our brother. Let get some sleep. Remember I'm not used to driving 500 miles in a day.

The next morning we were awakened by two voices. The first voice said, "See, I told you they were spring loaded."

The second voice answered, "Yeh, they look ready to release their pellets at any time. It's a good thing we're not into men."

Grant and I both sat up and Brian and J.R. were standing there laughing. I gave them the finger. Brian wasn't about to be deterred, "Get your fat whatever you want to call them out of bed. It's a beautiful morning."

Grant and I crawled out of bed and J.R. and Brian left and were waiting for us. I was surprised to see Chase sitting with them. Chase looked at Brian, "Daddy Brian, may I please go run with you. I don't want to go home. I want to go home with you."

We started running slowly so Chase could keep up with us. Chase stopped all of a sudden, "I gotta go to the bathroom bad. I have to pee."

J.R. pointed to a clump of trees. "Chase, go over there in the trees and we'll make sure no girls see you go to the bathroom."

When Chase returned, he looked at Brian, "Daddy Brian, can we go get something to eat, please? I'm hungry."

Brian was so patient, "Chase, you must never let anyone hear you call me Daddy Brian. I'm too young to be your Daddy. You can call us Uncles. Your real parents and grandparents would be very offended if you called me Daddy. Chase, you are very special. Like I said, we can talk on the phone but you need to go to school so you can learn how to talk to me on the computer. Now let's go make sure everyone is up so we can have breakfast before we go to church."

We walked back to the cabin and it was very apparent that Chase had a severe case of idol worship. The rest of the guys were up when we go back to the cabin. Brian and Chase took a shower and left to meet the other guys in the Chow Hall. Grant and I took a quick shower and were almost the last people to go through the food line.

We left for church and I was surprised how full the church was. J.R. came up to us as we were entering the church, "I was afraid, that you weren't going to come to the service before you left." He disappeared and Uncle Rick started to play the electric piano and J.R. led the choir down the center aisle singing How Great Thou Art.

When it was time for the special music, the young pastor came forward, "Members of the congregation and guests, this is the last time for a while that you will hear this this tremendous talent. He will be leaving for college this week. Here is Mr. J.R. Champion singing a medley of spiritual hymns."

J.R was fantastic. Chase was sitting on Brian's lap. He looked up at Brian, "Uncle J.R. is good, isn't he?"

Brian leaned down and whispered, "Yes little one, he is very talented."

After the service we made our way back to the ranch and we were packing the rest of our things when the cook brought us our cooler with food. "Your Dad asked that we give you this so everyone could get out and stretch."

We hugged everyone and started to get into the vans. No one, and I mean no one, was prepared for what happened as we got into the vans. Chase came running to the van that Grant was driving and Brian was riding in. "I'm going home with Uncle Brian."

Brian climbed out of the van. He held Chase, "Look man, we discussed this already. We need to go to school and your grandparents need you to take care of them."

Brian turned to the Littles, "Why don't you permit Chase to ride with us to the rest stop at Ogallala and we can talk about why he needs to go home?"

The Littles agreed and Brian and Chase climbed into the second seat of the van that Grant was driving along with Grover. Chris was sitting in the front with Grant. The trip was really boring except that Grant and I kept sending each other messages between vans.

When we got to the rest stop at Ogallala, we were able to find two tables in close proximity in the pet area. We ate our lunches and as we were finishing, Chase looked at Brian, "Uncle Brian, please can I go home with you?"

Brian was so good, "Chase, please take your Daddy and Mother and your grandparents home and make sure they are okay. I already gave you my phone number. You can call me anytime you want. You make sure that your Daddy and Mommy get you into some art classes." Brian pulled Chase close and hugged him and just went and crawled into the van.

It was almost seven o'clock when we got back to Fremont and we dropped Chris and the girls' friends at their houses. When we got home there was no one there so I decided to order pizza and Brian made a salad. We were eating when the phone rang. I answered. "This Ben Benson, how may I help you? ... Yes Doctor Little, Brian is right here."

I punched the button to turn the speaker on before I handed the phone to Brian. Brian looked at me but answered, "Hi, Dr. Little, is there a problem?"

The voice came back, "Brian, our son thinks you are a god or something. The entire way from Ogallala, he kept telling us that we needed to get him some art lessons. I think Angie is about to strangle him if he doesn't stop talking about you,. She's on the internet talking to Chris. Would you please tell Chase that it's time to go to bed?"

Brian turned the speaker off and we could hear Brian telling Chase that he needed to take care of Grover. We heard Brian say, "Okay, Little One, I'll call you tomorrow."

Morgan our 12 year old sister was giggling and having a field day, "So now you have a son, do you Brian?"

You could almost feel Brian's mind working. He smirked, "Pretty amazing isn't it, since my girl friend is in London and I've only know her for two weeks?"

Brian now had both Lauren and Morgan's attention. Lauren asked, "Does this mysterious girlfriend have a name and how did you meet her?"

Brian told the girls how he met Vicky and then how she had become a Lady Victoria when The Queen made her a Dame of the Order of Bath.

Morgan looked at Grant and me, "Brian's blowing smoke isn't he?"

Grant answered, "Ladies, everything Brian said was true. There is some more that he didn't tell you. You need to ask him to tell you about everything that happened on the trip. Before he's half way through with the story, you'll be calling for the medics to bring a straight jacket for him and take him away."

Lauren looked at Grant and me, "Well, did you two meet any interesting girls on the trip."

Brian started to giggle, "Actually, they met the Ambassador's and the Supreme Court Justice's daughters the week before in Ithaca and the two ladies followed them to Europe."

Lauren threw her piece of crust at Brian, "Ben, Brian's lying isn't he?"

I shook my head no, "Nope, now let's get this mess cleaned up and finish unloading the vans."

Mother came in just as we got the last of the things unloaded. Brian looked at her, "Anything new to report?"

Mother shook her head, "Nope, your Dad is complaining because he's bored and all the tests have come back negative. Drew and Kenny are staying at Grandpa Jack's house. Your Dad will be going to the operating room at six in the morning, so I'll go back to the hospital then. They have given him some medication to help him sleep. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go to bed."

Lauren and Morgan demanded that we tell them everything that had happened the previous two weeks.

Grant and I told them about the trip to Ithaca and how we met Inga and Maria. Brian took over and described our trip to London leaving out any references to anything magically happening."

When we finished, Lauren looked at us, "Guys, it sounds like you are drunk. Your story's so wild that it has to be true. So you're saying that we need to call you Lord Brian, Lord Benjamin and Lord Grant?"

We were all laughing but Brian had to have the last word, "No, but when we snap our fingers you'd better respond. I'm going to bed so I can go to the hospital with Mother in the morning to keep her company. First, I'm going to send an email to Vicky."

Grant and I went to my room and took a shower and had crawled into bed. Grant was lying on my shoulder playing with my nipples. He looked at me, "Benji, it's going to seem funny not having Brian around. I'm going to miss him."

Both Grant and I were shocked, "That's all right. I'll miss you two too, but we can still send each other messages. Goodnight guys."

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Editor's Comments:

I hope if Ben and Grant go to Ithaca, we will still keep in touch with Lord Brian, wise beyond his years, and not the least bit we behind the ears!

(Now where did that come from?)

And how about a variation of on the old pirate song, "Fifteen men on a ready man's chest and pecs, and nips--- Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum."

I said Rum, Rum!

Whatever were you thinking?

Will, the demented editor.

Darryl's Notes: That certainly was an interesting set of chapters. That seems to bring to a close the events of the Summer, doesn't it? I wonder what the school year will bring and what is going to happen to Brian and the rest of the family while Ben and Grant and J.R. go to college.

I can hardly wait to see what will happen next.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher