By E Walk

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Edited by Will B.

Chapter 51 - Sigh of Relief

This is Ben.

I was awakened the next morning by the sound of Brian in the bathroom taking a shower. He took a short shower and I heard him going down the stairs. I pulled Grant against me and started to play with his not so little endowment.

He pushed back against me as close as he could get and asked, "Am I about to be raped again?"

I hugged him, "That depends on how you do on the run this morning. Let's go see if anyone else is moving about. I'm sure Mother and Brian have already left for the hospital. When we get back, I'll take care of all of the itches you might have."

We went downstairs and no one was there. We met some other people on the run but we just waved. When we got back to the house, I started to fix an omelet. Grant looked at me, "Do you realize, this is the first time we have had to cook for two weeks? We'll probably die of malnutrition."

I started to laugh, "We'll just have to make sure that we get our protein supplement daily. I guess we'll get the same effects if we take it orally or internally. Let's get this mess cleaned up and then go take care of the lawn. It's looking a little shabby and we wouldn't want our neighbors to complain."

Grant and I spent three hours working in the yard. We had just crawled into the shower when we heard, "Hi guys, Dad is in the recovery room. The pathologist is examining the biopsy sample now and we should have the results shortly. Mother is with Dad, I'm not allowed to go in because I'm too young. I guess they're afraid that I'll see something that would shock me, little do they know. Please bring me my pastels and pad and a double cheeseburger. We forgot to eat breakfast."

So much for Grant and I having any playtime. We dressed in some casual clothes and went to find Brian's pastels. I hadn't been in his room for some time and figured we would have to look through the mess to find the things he wanted. The room was spotless and everything was in a logical place. Grant looked at me, "Ben, your brother has to be ill. Fourteen-year-old guys don't keep their bedrooms like this. We need to go straighten your room."

We stopped and bought four double cheeseburgers, French fries and chocolate shakes. When we got to the waiting room with our purchases, Mother and Brian were sitting there. Brian looked at us, "Hi guys, we got kicked out of Dad's room. The doctors are with him now. Uncle Drew said that he would come out and talk to us as soon as they did some more tests and checked Dad's vitals. Thanks for bringing us some food."

The four of us were sitting at a table eating when Uncle Drew and Uncle Kenny and a doctor I didn't know came into the room. Uncle Drew started, "I don't suppose you brought any food for us starving doctors?"

Brian got a gleam in his eyes, "Since you have probably already eaten a T-bone steak with all the trimmings, we'll share our French fries with you, but only after you wash your hands. Now, is Dad going to okay?"

Uncle Drew looked at Brian, "Brian, your Dad will be just fine. Dr. Patton here has determined that the growth was benign. Your Dad will be able to go home later this afternoon when we are sure that all of his body functions have been stabilized. You need to keep him from getting too excited or trying to do things that might cause his sutures to be pulled out. If I have to come back to fix them, I'll personally hunt you down."

Uncle Drew looked at the rest of us. "Beau is going to be fine. Kenny and I are going to head home, and Tommy will check on Beau this afternoon and release him. Beau doesn't need a surgeon, pathologist or pediatrician anymore. Brian maybe, but not his Dad."

Brian hugged the three guys as they left.

We went in to see Dad and he was still in the twilight zone. He tried to wave as we entered the room but it was like he was totally spaced out. Brian looked at us, "Guys, take Mother home and I'll stay with Dad. Mother, please go home and rest for an hour. I'm sure it will be at least that long before Dad is fully alert. I'll call you if there is any change."

I was surprised when Mother didn't resist. We took her home with us and left her van for when Dad would come home. She thanked us and went right to her bedroom.

Grant and I started to pack our things. Since Grant had so few things, I guess I should say my things. I kept waiting for the phone to ring but no Brian decided to be frugal. It was almost four o'clock when both Grant and I heard a message, "Hi guys, Dad's ready to go home he is chomping at the bit to get out of here. We'll meet you at the entrance is 30 minutes. His release papers have already been signed and Uncle Tommy and Grandpa Jack are here with him."

I went to Mother and Dad's room and she quickly got ready and we took her to the parking lot to get her van. Brian was standing there with Dad, in a wheel chair, Uncle Tommy and Grandpa Jack. When we pulled up at the entrance and Brian started on us. "See, Grandpa Jack, I told them to be here in 30 minutes and what do they do. They show up a minute and a half late."

Brian helped Dad into Mother's van and took the wheel chair back to the reception area and returned with his art supplies. He crawled into my car after he hugged Grandpa Jack and Uncle Tommy. He slumped in the seat, "Guys, I'm exhausted. I need to go back to the Nude Dude Ranch to relax."

When we got home, Brian helped Dad into the house. He was like a mother hen. He made Dad sit down and went to get him a glass of water. "Daddy, listen to me. Uncle Drew said that you were not to try to do too much for several days. He said that he didn't want you to lift anything over a pound and that you shouldn't go up or down the stairs more than once a day for the next two days. He wants you to have a light meal tonight so you don't upset your stomach."

Brian wasn't finished, "I'm going to fix dinner while you sit and relax. Mother, you stay with Dad and make sure he doesn't over exert himself.

Come on Benji and Grant; let's see what horrible hospital food we can find to feed the grouchy old man."

When we got to the kitchen, Brian started in on us, "Where are the sisters? Don't they care about Dad? They're upsetting me. It seems as if all they think about is themselves."

I was totally unprepared for that outburst, "Brian, why don't you go chill out. Go for a bike ride or something. Do anything that will make it seem like you are a 14/15 year old? I have no idea where Lauren and Morgan are."

As Brian was leaving the kitchen, Lauren and Morgan came through the back door, Lauren called, "Okay Grandma, I'll tell Mother to call you and tell you how Dad is."

The girls were dressed in their jeans and had obviously been doing some sort of work. Brian had cooled down, but still asked, "What were you two doing?"

Lauren answered for the two of them, "Grandma Gleason called this morning while Ben and Grant were working in the yard and asked us to come to the condo and help her. She is thinking about selling the condo. I'm pooped; we've been working six hours. I'm ready to go back to the Nude Dude Ranch and relax. I'm going to go take a shower and send Derek a note and then I'll come help fix dinner. I take it that Dad is home. I understand that he is going to be fine and you have been told to make sure he doesn't over exert himself."

The two girls left and Brian turned to Ben and Grant, "From now on, tell me to stop thinking the worst of everyone. I'm going to go change and send Vicky a note. Who is Derek anyway? Guys, see what you can find out about the dude."

Grant spoke up, "I'm thinking it might be the Derek that came in second at the talent show at the ranch. I noticed that he and Lauren seemed to be around each other a lot while we were at the ranch."

I started to go through the freezer and refrigerator to see what I could find that what was available to fix for dinner that would not upset Dad's stomach. I decided on baked fish and decided to make some twice baked potatoes.

I had Grant scrub and dry the potatoes while I cut up some melon. I cooked the potatoes in the microwave so they would have time to cool and we could hollow the skins out and mash the pulp and refill the skins with the mixture and bake them at the same time we did the fish. Lauren was helping so it was easy.

Lauren asked, "Where is Brian anyway. Why isn't he helping?"

Grant looked at Lauren, "Brian is unwinding. He was at the hospital all day with your Dad. He went to the hospital with your Mother this morning and didn't come home until your Dad did. I think he is probably recharging somewhere."

Little did Grant know how good his guess was. Brian was sitting beside the lake skimming stones across the water. Father Wanamaker, who had been running, went and sat down beside Brian, "Brian, would you like to talk about anything with me? You seem to be a little troubled."

Brian leaned against Father Wanamaker, "Father, I'm so confused by some things that have happened. They are so wild that no one, not even you, would believe them. Father Dale, do I look like a freak?"

Father Wanamaker was at a loss as to what Brian might be talking about. "Brian, why don't you come and visit with me in my office at ten o'clock in the morning and you can tell me everything and I can not and will not repeat any of what you tell me to anyone."

Brian looked at the priest, "Father Wanamaker, I would like that very much. I'll see at ten." Brian hugged the Father and jumped on his bike.

When he entered the kitchen, it was very evident that he had been rejuvenated. He started on Grant, "Okay Knock, after dinner you are going to pose for me, since everyone else in the house has done it so many times that they will send me to the gallows if I make them pose one more time. What are we having for dinner? It smells a little fishy in here."

I looked at Brian, "What wound you up? Go find out what everyone wants to drink and tell the parents that dinner will be ready in ten minutes."

Brian was still wound at dinner, "I guess this is like the Last Supper. We'll have company here for dinner tomorrow night and Ben and Grant will be leaving on Wednesday for Podunk U."

Lauren stopped Brian for a while when she asked, "Dad and Mother is it okay if I ask Derek to come to dinner tomorrow night? He is off tomorrow and Wednesday."

Brian couldn't handle that, "Which Derek are we talking about and where did you meet him?"

Dad looked at Brian, "Son, if you don't mind, your Mother and I will ask the questions. Now, Lauren, answer the questions that Brian asked."

Lauren threw up her hands, "Okay, he's Derek Cannon from the ranch who won second place in the talent show. He lives in Omaha. He's 17 and is going to be a senior at Westside High and is the Quarterback of the Football Team."

Brian started to laugh, "Oh so he's a dumb jock?"

Lauren threw a roll at Brian, "He can't be too dumb, he's going to be the Senior Class President."

Brian was on a roll now, "Dad and Mother, I'll tell you what we're going to do. Grant, Ben and I will set up a roving patrol to make sure that Lauren doesn't take advantage of this Derek person."

That merited a three roll attack on Brian. One from each of the parents and one from Lauren.

That didn't stop Brian, "Sis, why don't you ask him to come up about two and we can take him swimming and check out what he looks like? We'll give you a detailed report."

Dad looked at Brian, "Brian, that's enough. There are ladies present and that kind of talk is not appropriate at the dinner table."

Brian stood, "Everyone, I apologize. I think I am just overwhelmed by what has been happening for the last two weeks. By the way, I have a meeting with Father Wanamaker tomorrow at ten. I'll take care of the cleanup tonight since the others fixed dinner while I was skimming rocks."

Brian cleared the table. Everyone seemed to sense that Brian needed to be alone for now. The girls asked to be excused and called some friends. Mother, Dad, Grant and I went into the living room. Dad looked at us, "Guys, what's going on with Brian?"

Grant answered, "Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Brian has stronger wizard powers than either of us. He kept sending us updates about how Mr. Benson was doing and we didn't have to talk on the phone. In fact, he can hear some voices that we can't hear. Uncle Hank contacted the three of us, but then Brian heard from Monsieur Lafontaine. I'm having a difficult time trying to understand everything that has happened. So, I can only imagine how Brian must feel since he is only fourteen going on forty?"

Our discussion was interrupted by Brian. "Okay, Knock and Ben, get a game that the two of you can play while I get my art supplies."

I started to object but Grant sent me a message saying, `Let's do what he wants.' We went and decided to play checkers since we had an oversized floor set.

When Brian came in with easel and oils, I moaned. Brian looked at me, "Ben, relax or I'll make you play strip poker. Now lay on the floor and start to play the game. Wait a minute, guys, lie so you heads are almost touching. Ben put your left leg so it is supporting you body as you turn to the checker board, Grant you do the same thing with your right leg."

Brian started to work, "Guys, that's not what I want. Here I'll show what I want you to do." He came arranged our bodies as he wanted us. "Grant, look at Ben like you're asking are you sure that's legal?"

Brian was frantically sketching and drawing as the parents were watching. One thing for sure, Dad wasn't over exerting himself as he watched us. In fact both he and Mother were smiling.

Brian finally said, "Okay, guys I'll finish this later. Thanks for posing. Now I need to go see if I have any mail from Vicky and call Chase."

We could hear Brian talking on the phone to Chase. He came in with the phone. "Dad, Doctor Little would like to speak to you."

Dad started to talk, "Hi, Tim, this is Beau. ... I don't see why not. ... Yep, everything turned out fine. ... Okay, we'll see you Sunday about four o'clock."

Dad handed the phone to Brian, "The Littles want us to come to Lincoln for Chase's birthday party. Brian, they specifically asked if you could come and want us to ask Chris to go. Why don't you call Chris and make the arrangements. Tell him we'll leave here about 2:30."

Brian left with the phone and we heard him talking to Chris. He came back and announced, "Chris's parents said he could go. Now if everyone will excuse me, I'm going to my room. I'll see everyone in the morning."

Dad stood, "I'm going to bed too. I'm feeling a little bit tired. Thanks for taking care of the lawn today, guys. I hugged Dad and Mother carefully as did Grant."

Grant and I were watching television until Lauren and Morgan got home. We locked up and went to my/our room. Grant, looked at me, "Ben, is it always going to be this crazy?"

I shook my head, "Grant, I really don't know anymore. I guess as long as the two of us are together, we need to be prepared for anything. I'm sure things will get even more complicated when we get to college. Why don't we take a quick shower and take care of our protein deficiencies." That we did, and as I was cleaning the mess, I noticed that Brian's light was still on but I decided against knocking in case he was asleep. I was to find out in the morning that he wasn't asleep at all.

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Darryl's Notes: Brian is a very special young man. I hope his visit with the Priest will be helpful for him. He has a wonderful gift, and his magic goes far beyond any hocus pocus, and encompasses his love and caring for others. I am sure that he got a lot of that from his father. Beau may not manifest his magic in the spectacular ways that Ben, Grant and Brian do, but he has always been able to know just what to do or say to make situations better all around. Maybe had he been given a loving childhood in the beginning, he would have been able to be as capable as Brian, Ben and Grant. I think love is the greatest magic of all.

As Malvina Reynolds once said:

"Love is like a magic penny.

Hold it tight and you won't have any.

But lend it, spend it, and you'll have so many, they'll roll all over the floor.

Love is something if you give it away, give it away give it away, love is something if you give it away, you'll end up having more."

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher