By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 52 - Brian Sticks His Foot In His Mouth

This is Grant.

When Ben and I got up to go running, we went to the bathroom and when we got downstairs there was a big sign that said, `Hey, They're Cheating'. It was hanging over the portrait of Ben and me playing checkers. I was amazed at how much Ben looked like Ben. I looked at Ben, "I think our brother embellished the likeness of me."

Brian was standing there listening. He started to laugh, "Embellish, nothing. I had to tone it down so the viewers wouldn't drool on the painting when they inspected your private areas. You both look anemic and it appears to this innocent teenager that you need to get some exercise. Let's go run before the skies open up."

We went to run and were joined by Father Wanamaker and Doctor Crane. As we were leaving the lake area Brian yelled, "I'll see you at 10 o'clock Father, even if I have to call Noah and his Ark to come pick me up."

We had just gone into the house when the skies opened up and you could hardly see the house across the street and the wind was blowing so hard that branches on the maple tree in the Benson's front yard were almost parallel to the ground. You could hear the wind pounding the rain against the windows. Brian turned the television on and the weather forecaster was showing all sorts of tornado warnings. The forecaster was saying, "It looks like the worst of the storms have passed us by again and the rest of the day should be good for outdoor activities."

Brian, Ben and I were fixing breakfast or should I say Brian and Ben were fixing breakfast and I was doing what I was told when Mr. and Mrs. Benson arrived. It was amazing to see Brian go into his Mother Hen posture. "Dad, go sit down. How are you feeling? You do remember what the doctors said I hope, or do I have to call the Alzheimer's patrol. You gotta be ready to help us patrol when Lauren's friend gets here."

A projectile came flying through the air at Brian. Lauren was standing there and threw a hot pad at him. "Brian, I'm so going to get even with you. Everyone at school will think you are contagious."

"Go ahead, and I'll tell them I caught the disease from you. What time is Derek going to be arriving anyway, and what would you like me to fix for dinner? Okay people, breakfast is ready. Where's Morgan?"

A voice piped up, "I'm here, you creep."

We were sitting eating our waffles and bacon and Lauren started, "In answer to your question, Motor Mouth, Derek has a dentist appointment at eleven. He's going to have lunch with his parents and he said he would be here about two. How about we have something simple that Dad can eat?"

Brian looked at his father, "Daddy, dearest, what would you like to have for dinner?"

Mr. Benson thought for a short time, "Brian, I have this craving for liver and onions with mashed potatoes and some of those frozen salad things."

Morgan stood, "How disgusting, I won't be here for dinner."

Mrs. Benson looked at her daughter, "Cat, you will be here and you will at least try the food. You can always get something else later."

Mrs. Benson turned to Lauren, "Why don't you call Derek and ask him to spend the night? He can sleep with Brian and J.R."

That got a reaction from Brian, "But Mom."

Mrs. Benson shook her finger at Brian, "Don't but Mom me. I started talking to Derek's mother one day and she seems very nice. Derek is an only child and he was adopted when he was older. His parents are both lawyers so it might be good for him to experience what a normal family does. I think that is also why it's good that J.R. is going to be spending the night with us."

I looked at Mrs. Benson, "What about me, Mrs. Benson?"

She turned and looked at me, "You don't count, you're already part of our family and don't forget it. Now, let's get this mess cleaned up before anyone comes. Oh by the way Brian, that painting of the two guys cheating at Checkers is one of the best that you have ever done."

Brian looked at his Mother with a smile, "Thanks, Mother, I worked on it until about two this morning."

Brian went to take a shower since we had taken so long to eat breakfast. When he came into the kitchen, he looked at us, "Thanks everyone, I'm going to ride my bicycle to the church. Dad, remember, don't lift anything more than a pound. I should be back before lunch."

We finished cleaning the kitchen and Ben and I went to take a shower. When we were in the shower, Ben pushed me against the shower wall, "You heard what my mother said, `We are family so I can do anything I want to you.' Now get ready for your injection."

I must admit Ben injected me good. I'll probably be waddling the rest of the day. He surprised me and turned around with hands against the back of the shower. He whispered, "Oh Daddy, I need to have you take my temperature. I think I may coming down with something."

I started to giggle, "Don't you mean that you're waiting for something to come calling?"

Ben turned to look at me, "You're even more evil than Brian."

I leaned against him and started to penetrate the opening that he had offered to me, "For that comment, Mister, you'll pay. You will be spending the next nine months in bed after my spermatozoa find their way to their intended target."

I fell limp on Ben's back. He turned around, "Those spermy things are well on their way. Let's clean up our mess since we will be sharing the shower with half the world tonight."

We cleaned the shower and went to talk to Ben's parents. Ben asked them if they wanted us to do anything for them. Mr. Benson handed Ben a check, "Ben, go deposit this check. This is your mad money for the first term. Don't come asking for more. You need to learn to budget your resources."

Ben hugged his parents and we went to the bank. Ben finally looked at the check as he was endorsing it and thought I was going to have to pick him up. He handed me the check to look at and I thought I was going to go to the floor. How is Ben going to be able to spend $15,000.00?

This is Brian.

As I got closer to the church I began to get more and more nervous. I was about to bare my soul to an outsider, but I needed to talk to someone. When I went into the church office, the Office Manager, Cyndi, stood and greeted me. "I believe that you're young Master Brian Benson. Father Wanamaker is expecting you. Go on in."

I walked to Father Dale's office door and knocked. He looked up, "Come on in and shut the door, Brian." I did as I was told and he had me sit on the sofa and he came and joined me.

He looked at me, "Brian, I would like to say a short prayer before we discuss what is bothering you if that's okay with you."

I had no objection and Father Wanamaker started to pray, "Dear God, we come to you with problems that we don't fully understand. We ask that you listen to what Brian has to say and send him some guidance as to how to handle the problems that are bothering him. I am a mortal and know not what these problems are, but they are probably serving your purposes so make it clear to the young man that everything has a purpose. Amen."

Father Dale looked at me, "Brian, please tell me whatever you want me to know and I promise I won't say a word until you want me to. My schedule is free this morning so we have as much time as you want."

I moved closer to Father Dale. I told him everything that had happened since Grant had arrived. I told him about our trip to London and what had happened at the dude ranch. He didn't even react when I told him about being able to read Ben and Grant's mind and even hearing the voices from London and Paris. I finished by saying, "God, gave me some artistic talents, but I'm not sure that he meant for me to be able to do these other things."

Father Wanamaker pulled me close and put his arms around me, "Brian, all of these gifts come from God and your parents. You need to accept them gracefully and make sure that you don't abuse them. God will show you the best way to use your talents if you let him. I'm sure that you will lose those talents if you abuse them. Now, why don't I call Doctor Icky, as you call him, and see if he would like to join us for lunch? I'll even treat. We can go to Jimmy John's and get a sandwich and eat outside since it has cooled off."

I looked at him, "Sounds good to me, Father Dale. While you're calling Dr. Crane, I'll see if I can get through to Ben and Grant."

I sent a message, `I won't be home for lunch. Will be having lunch with the Father and the Doctor at Jimmy John's. Over.'

Ben came back immediately, `Transmission received, will inform parents.'

Father Dale and I walked to the restaurant. Dr. Crane was already there waiting for us. We went into the restaurant and looked at the menu board. I decided to have a Vito Sandwich and Father Dale and Doctor Icky decided to split a J. J. Gargantuan Sandwich. We all had Iced Tea to drink. We took our food outside.

Father Wanamaker started to give me a difficult time, "This is a little different than having lunch with The Queen of England isn't it?"

Doctor Crane had a funny look on his face, "Dale, what are you talking about."

Father Dale laughed, "Lord Brian, tell the good Doctor how you met Her Majesty."

When I finished, Doctor Crane added, "Only a Benson could have something like that happen to them. How's your Dad doing?"

I laughed, "When I left this morning, he was fine. He's having a problem with the restriction that he isn't supposed to lift more than a pound, especially when he goes to the bathroom."

Both gentlemen were laughing. Father Wanamaker asked, "So you've been checking your Dad out?"

I shook my head, "No, not exactly. But the day he had his accident and fractured his leg, we'd been skinny dipping at the nude dude ranch. It's hard not to observe the scenery when it is so readily available for viewing."

Doctor Crane snickered, "So you really were nude at the dude ranch. I don't remember our sons telling us about being nude when they were there thirty years ago."

I giggled, "That was the first of the two times I swam nude at the ranch last week. The second time, four of us were playing dick tag in the lake when the camp director and his partner caught us and joined us."

Doctor Crane stood, "On that note, I have to leave or I'll be late for my appointment. Guys, thanks for inviting me. This has been very entertaining. Brian, you certainly are a chip off the old block."

I stood and hugged him, "It was fun Doctor, but Chip is at the bank and Grant, who came from a block of wood, is at home with Benji."

As we were walking back to the church, Father Wanamaker looked at me, "Brian, perhaps you might care to elaborate on what you meant by that last remark that you made about Grant."

I put my hand to my head, "Father Dale, I screwed up again. It is not my prerogative to talk about Ben and Grant anymore than I already have today. Why don't I have Ben and Grant call you when I get home? Thanks for listening and talking today, and thank you for lunch."

I rode my bicycle back to the house and the guys were unloading the groceries they had bought. "Guys, I screwed up again. I said something I shouldn't have today. Ben, please call Father Wanamaker and see if he has time to visit with you today."

I told the guys about what had happened and I could feel them both tense up but Ben went to make the call. When he returned, he announced, "Grant, Father Dale will see us as soon as we can get there. Let's go as we are." He turned to me, "Brian, you had better be prepared to suffer when we get home."

I was putting the groceries away when Dad came into the kitchen, "Brian, how was your meeting with Father Dale?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "It was great until at the very end of lunch I said something stupid to Doctor Crane that I shouldn't have said." I told Dad what had happened.

I was expecting him to reprimand me, but instead he just nodded, "Good come back Brian. It's just too bad you didn't think before you said what you did, and maybe you could have said something like puppets come from blocks of wood. Brian, where are the guys anyway?"

"Dad, I suggested that they make an appointment to go see Father Dale and he was available now, so that's where they are. Can I do something for you?"

Dad nodded, "I wanted to tell you guys that we really don't necessarily have to have liver for dinner since we're having two visitors. Just fix something you think everyone might like. Your Mother and I are going to the office to see what happened while we were gone for ten days. We'll be back by five. Lauren is waiting on Derek and Morgan is swimming with some friends."

I started going through what the guys had bought. It was obvious that liver was something they planned for dinner, and then I looked at everything else in the refrigerator and was contemplating what I could make that everyone might like?

The doorbell rang. I went to answer it, but Lauren beat me to it. Derek was standing there with an overnight bag; I went and took his bag, "Well kiss my sister, Jock boy. Show her how much you missed her."

He gave her a half assed kiss, "I shook his hand, I'm the butler, Brian. If you will follow me I'll show you where you will be spending the night when you finally decide to come to bed. I hope you don't snore. Come on Lauren, let's get Jock boy settled and then you can take him and show your trophy to all of your friends."

When we entered the room, I bowed, "Jock boy, I'm afraid you will be sharing my room with me and another friend tonight. You can put your things in the closet and the bathroom is through that door. There should be clean towels on the rack in the bathroom for you."

Derek looked at me, "Brian, are you telling me that this is your room. If so you aren't normal. No fourteen year old guy keeps his room this neat. You have to be weird."

Lauren laughed, "Yep, he's an obsessive/compulsive type person."

I glared at Lauren, "Watch it Sis, I'll poison your piece of liver and onions tonight."

Derek laughed, "How did you know that I liked liver and onions?"

I looked at Lauren, "You explain why we're having liver and onions for dinner tonight. I need to go get started. Dinner is served at six and then we are scheduled to swim tonight at Granddad's house. You can swim, can't you Derek?"

Derek looked as if he wanted to say something back but decided not to. I was going down the stairs when the doorbell rang. I looked at my watch. `Who can that be? It's only three o'clock.'

I opened the door and J.R. was standing there. I hugged him, "You're earlier than I thought you would be. I figured that you'd be here about five. Come in and I'll introduce you to our roommate for the night."

Lauren and Derek were coming down the stairs as we started up. J.R. got a funny look on his face, "I don't think your sister is going to be our roommate, and I thought Derek lived in Omaha."

Lauren started to giggle, "Derek is here to make sure that Brian doesn't make you do anything you don't want him to do. We'll see you later we're going to go meet some of my friends."

I had J.R. pull his car into the garage so he wouldn't need to unload anything except what he would need for the night. After he did so, I showed him to the room and went to finally start dinner.

This is Ben.

I was a little uptight about going to see Father Dale. On the way to the church Grant asked why we were going if I was uptight, I wanted to look at Grant, but I was driving, "Grant, I'm not sure. It sounded like a good idea when Brian suggested it and I made the call so here we are."

We walked into the church and Cyndi stood, "Hey, this must be the day for the Benson boys. I don't think I know the good looking young man with the black hair." She put out her hand and said, "I'm Cyndi Herrin."

Grant responded, "Hi Ms. Herrin, I'm Grant Garrison. I'm going to be Ben's roommate in college."

After the formalities were over Cyndi directed us to Father Wanamaker's office. I don't know why we were so uptight because Father Dale made us feel safe and we told him everything about how we met. Finally he put up his hand, "Guys, Brian rather told me most of the things that have happened since he met Grant. He truly loves Grant like a brother and he is angry at himself for saying what he did when we were leaving the restaurant."

Father Dale stood, "Let's join hands while I pray. Our heavenly father, protect these two young men who you have brought together. Help them to use the special powers that you have given them to serve your purpose. This we ask in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen"

As Father Wanamaker finished the prayer, it was like a sudden bolt of energy was flowing through our bodies. We hugged Father Wanamaker and thanked him and made the quiet trip to the house. I think we were both stunned by what had happened and the uncertainty of what awaited us at home.

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Editor's comments, Maybe Brian shouldn't have told about Ben and Grant but Father Wanamaker is a very accepting person. I am Will B and I approve of this story.

Darryl's Comments: Well, it does look like Brian had quite a slip of the tongue, but I think in this case, the people who heard him will not cause any trouble.

It is nice to know that Brian can make a mistake like everyone else. He always seems that much more precious after something like that cause we can see that he is not quite perfect. Thank you Brian for taking the responsibility to let the others know what you did and make sure that the people that need to know find out from the source.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher