By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Will B.

Chapter 54 - College Bound

This is Ben.

Grant and I were lying in bed listening to the laughter that was coming from the bathroom. It has been a wild couple of weeks. I looked at Grant, "I guess life is going to be dull without Brian to entertain us. He seems so much more mature than most teenagers most of the time. I think he matured so much during the weeks that we were in England and at the ranch. I swear he's grown two inches."

Grant held me, "Ben, please don't take me wrong, but Brian seems more like your father than you do. I don't know why I'm saying that and I don't want you to change. It's as if he goes for jugular vein and makes you think it was your idea. You, on the other hand, are all business, more like your mother, but that is about the only thing you have in common with her. You have the good looks of your dad and a combination of their brains and work ethics. Now let's go to sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow and I'm sure that Brian will have us running at some unheard of hour in the morning."

This is Brian.

Poor Derek didn't know what to think when J.R. and I crawled into bed in our briefs, I was going to go naked, but that would probably have blown his mind.

I was surprised at how easily he relented. Both he and J.R. were sent into shock when I kissed them on the lips and wished them sweet dreams. I added, "Just make sure those dreams don't include me."

I was surprised that neither of them gave me any flak. I was in the middle and they each put an arm around me and tried to pull me closer. I was beginning to feel like a hotdog in a bun. They were lying so close to me and I was beginning to think that they were trying to suffocate me. They both finally relaxed and I was able to maneuver away from them. I crawled out of bed and went to get my art supplies. They were both quietly snoring when I returned. I turned on a small light and started to draw with my oils. They were both fine looking specimens of manhood. There was nothing erotic about the painting and it was almost three o'clock when I finished it. I entitled it `Sweet Dreams.'

I got a pillow and lay down on the sofa in my room and covered my almost naked body with the throw that was on the sofa. I was awakened by the alarm and quickly shut it off. I whispered to the guys, "Guys, I'm going running. Do you want to join me?"

Derek sat up and looked around until he realized where he was. "Brian, what time is it? Why are we getting up this early?"

I started putting on my running clothes, "Look Derek, if you are going to be my sister's friend, then you are going to keep your body in shape. We're going to go for a run. Now get you fat bottom out of bed and go wake Ben and Grant while I bring Jimbo to life."

I poked J.R., and he moaned, "Go away."

I leaned down and whispered, "If you don't get out of bed now, I'll scream `rape`."

J.R. sat up, "Go ahead, no one in their right mind would believe that I would want to rape a scrawny little kid like you."

Our discussion was interrupted by Derek coming in, "Are your brother and Grant always this difficult to get up?"

I started to laugh, "Derek, it depends on how much physical activity they have had during the night. Now get those running clothes on. We have to get these college freshmen on their way to college or they'll stay here and free load forever."

Dad still wasn't up to running, so the five of us took off.

As the five of us were running, we met Father Wanamaker and Dr. Crane. We stopped to introduce the two visitors and I think Derek and J.R. were really impressed that that they hugged us and wished Ben and Grant success at Cornell. We met some more people we knew and Derek was amazed. He finally stopped, "Look, it's as if you know everybody in town. You people aren't normal."

I sent Ben a message, "I think we need to teach Derek a lesson. He just said we weren't normal. Let's depants him and make him find his way back to the house."

Ben sent me a message, "Let's just pretend that's what we're going to do. Maybe he'll be a fast learner."

Ben and I moved beside Derek. Ben took the lead, "Okay kid, you just threw down the gauntlet when you said we weren't normal. Brian and I are going to take clothes off the bottom half of your body and see if you can make your way back to the house and be exposed to half of Fremont. We'll hide the keys to your car and you'll never be able to go home. You'll have to run the streets of Fremont forever and never return."

Ben and I started to pull on the shorts that Derek was wearing and he broke away without too much difficulty. He started to run away. He realized that we weren't serious and he stopped and looked back, "Like I said last night, you're all weird."

With that, the four of us chased him back to the house. When we got into the house I suggested, "We high school students will fix breakfast while the rest of you take a shower and get everyone else's attention. Breakfast will be in forty-five minutes."

Poor Derek had no idea what was going on but he did everything I asked and he began to play the role of head server. When Mother and Dad came into the kitchen, he flipped a towel as if wiping the dust away from their chairs as he helped them to their seats. Lauren just about lost it when he did the same for her. She looked at Derek, "You've been around my brothers too much."

It was a different story when Ben, Grant and J.R. came into the kitchen, He threw the tea towel at them, "Find yourselves a seat, I'm busy. I have to go to the bathroom."

I looked at Dad and Mother and they were laughing so I knew everything was okay. I think they had taken a liking to the Jock Quarterback.

Everyone was eating when Morgan finally arrived. Derek jumped out of his chair and went to greet her, "Mademoiselle, let me help you to your seat and serve you."

Morgan looked at Derek like he was bonkers, "I'll just have a bowl of Lucky Charms and a glass of milk and some toast."

Derek wasn't done, "Oh mademoiselle, I'm afraid that the Lucky Charms are so old that they have worms in them and the milk has turned sour because the power was off and the bread is moldy. I'm afraid that you will have eat like the rest of us poor people."

Morgan looked at the rest of us, "Derek has been here less than a day and he is already acting like Brian. Please make them be nice."

This is Ben.

I'm going to miss this banter. We have always been a very close family. Somehow Brian, Grant and I have been become closer over the last several weeks. I'm just beginning to appreciate how special Brian is and he brings out the best in people. Derek has been here less than twenty four hours and he fits right in.

I was watching J.R. and he had tears in his eyes, but I couldn't tell what he was thinking. He probably thought we were just a bunch of jerks. As we were finishing breakfast the phone rang. Brian was the closest so he got up and answered.

"Hi, this is the Beau and Becca Benson residence, Brian speaking. How may I help you? ... Oh hi Mr. Garrison. ... We're just finishing breakfast. ... Okay, I'll tell them to stop by. ... Mr. Garrison, if you and Mr. Gordon need any help, call me and I'll do what I can. ... Are you sure you don't want to talk to Grant? ... Okay, sir, I'll get my cattle prod out. He and Ben will probably have J. R. with them if they can ever get the dishes done. ... Please call me if you need any help. I'm good at maneuvering my bike and can be there in ten minutes."

Dad looked at Brian, "What was that about,?"

Brian threw up his hands, "Dad, I have no idea. Mr. Garrison wants the guys to stop at the house before they leave town. He didn't tell me what it was about. Come on Derek, let's get our shower while the others clean up the mess we made. Guys, I'll be back to help you load the car as soon as I get my shower."

This is Beau.

I was still a little upset that Ben and Grant didn't look at going to another university or college. When I made the suggestion, I had no idea of what had happened in London. They have the perfect covers for them in the narrow minded town of Ithaca. Brian really liked Maria and Inga and that was good enough for me. Maybe they can get the townspeople to join the twenty-first century. I'm not sure how J.R. is going to play into the equation, but I'll let the guys figure that out."

Becca and I had talked and she convinced me that I was way out of line when I said I would get them to go elsewhere. In reality, the set up in Ithaca was perfect for them. They already had a network in place to support them. I don't know how Gregg and Harley felt, but they haven't been around the guys that long.

Brian is beginning to scare me. I know that he is not gay but with the things that have been happening, it's as if he is inside people's minds. We need to get him tested to see what his I.Q. is. Everything he does, he does so well, I can't imagine what he would be like in an athletic endeavor. He has always turned his thumbs down on competitive sports activities and has concentrated on his art. There is no question that he is talented but will anyone appreciate it?

Becca and I were ready to go to the office and I handed the guys a trip tick from AAA and a package with the prepaid motel reservations along with some tickets to local events. J.R. was blown away when there were tickets for him too. I looked at the guys, "Guys, we're not trying to tell you what to do, but we figured that by making the reservations for you, you would stop and not try to drive until you were dead tired. I think it would be good if you spelled each other so the J.R. doesn't have to drive the entire way by himself. Ben, make sure you have your cell phone so you can report in, each night. You can always get in touch with Brian if we aren't home."

This is Ben.

Dad hugged the three of us and Mother gave the three of us a kiss and whispered, "Don't get into too much trouble. We'll see you soon."

Mother and Dad left for the office and I looked at Grant, "Grant, I guess we should start loading our things into the car."

We started to load the car and even Derek was helping us. Brian helped for a little while but then disappeared. He finally came out carrying a cooler. "Guys, I fixed you some sandwiches for today and put the remainder of the things in the bottom. You are going to need to fill the bags with ice when you stop at night to keep the things cold. I put in some extra things so that you could snack as you went. Now what else can I do to help you?"

I looked at him, "Thanks Brian, I think we're ready to leave now. Be talking to you."

Tears were streaming down Brian's cheeks and he just walked into the house. J.R. asked, "What's wrong with Brian?"

Derek was standing there with Lauren. "People, Brian has a difficult time saying goodbye to people. He'll be fine in a few minutes and then watch out. J.R. follow us to Mr. Garrison and Mr. Gordon's place."

We pulled up at Mr. Garrison's and he and Mr. Gordon were waiting for us. Grant introduced J.R. and they made him feel at home. Mr. Garrison spoke, "Guys, we thought we would be living in Ithaca, but we have decided that this is where we want to live."

He handed Grant an envelope, "Son, here is some money to pay your expenses on the trip and the first couple of weeks. If you need anything else, call me. The phone is already reconnected and is the same number as before."

Mr. Gordon spoke, "Guys, many people of Ithaca think they are living in the 19th century, so be careful of what you do in public. There is another element of the population that is gay. Just be forewarned that life in Ithaca could have some bumps if you aren't discreet. I guess I shouldn't have said that in front of a stranger, and I don't know what Beau told you."

J.R. was laughing, "Mr. Gordon, I know that Ben and Grant are shacking up and it doesn't bother me, because I grew up in an environment where there were two loving men. As long as they don't try to include me, they can do anything they want. Besides, Brian tells me that Maria and Inga will provide Ben and Grant the perfect cover since they are going to be living in the house with them."

Grant hugged his Dad, "Ben and I were talking last night when we were in bed, and we were thinking that we might ask J.R. to be the resident manager of the Bed and Breakfast and he could live in the downstairs with us in the second bedroom. We'll have to see if we can arrange the five schedules to make sure the house is covered at all times."

J.R. was sitting with his mouth open, "Thanks for telling me, guys."

I shook my head, "We were going to talk about it on the trip, but no, Knock here had to let the cat out of the bag. We need to be going if we are going meet the itinerary that Dad and Mother set for us. We'll see you at Christmas, if not before."

Grant hugged his Dad and Mr. Gordon. J.R. and I shook their hands and we were on our way to college.

This is Brian.

I just about lost it as the guys were leaving. I knew they would be leaving but it was happening and we had become so close during the weeks in England and at the ranch. I guess I am just a selfish brat. I need to send an email to Mr. Johnson and see if he would put Chris', Chase's and J.R.'s artworks on display too. He'll probably never understand what I'm asking. I better go check on Derek and Lauren and see what's on the agenda. I'm bored. I'm so glad school starts tomorrow.

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Editor's Comments: Brian never ceases to amaze me. Of course our esteemed author never ceases to amaze me either. And it's great that Ben and Grant have found a place for J.R. Will B.

Darryl's ponderings: Brian is often too hard on himself. He is brilliant like his father, and has a similar emotional make up. He is easily disturbed by things that go on around him, but he bounces back quickly, just like Beau does.

It is going to be very interesting to see just what will be happening in Fremont after Ben and Grant are gone. I am sure things will still be jumping in Fremont and that Brian and his family will be in the thick of things there.

Grant and Ben are going to be fine at Cornell and J.R. will have to learn to accept the way the other two guys act. He is very bright as well, and he will most likely find that life with Ben and Grant will be very interesting. I think if anyone can bring Ithaca into the twenty first century it will be Ben and Grant.

Both Gregg Garrison and Harley Gordon will most likely enjoy life in Fremont, at least for a while. I think they kinda burned out on the way the people of the Business Owners' Committee in Ithaca were acting. I know it really bothered Beau, and that certainly made things difficult for both Gregg and Harley.

Of course all this is pure speculation and I would never think of trying to push my ideas on anyone else, so I guess we will just have to wait and see if any or all of my predictions come true. I will be waiting for the next installment of this wonderful story, or will it become two or more separate stories? Only time will tell.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher