By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 57 - Brian Strikes

This is Brian.

As soon as we started eating, the inquisition started. I explained what had happened and neither Dad or Mother showed any emotion. I noticed that Mother stopped eating and pushed away from the table. She announced, "I have some phone calls to make."

The rest of the meal was rather quiet and we could hear Mother talking on the phone. She returned and looked at Dad, "Beau, we need to make some more phone calls. I'm upset by what's happening."

I thought to myself, `I'm in big trouble.'

Lauren, Morgan and I were taking care of the cleanup when the Dad came into the kitchen, "Brian, your Mother would like to talk with you. She has some questions.

I walked into the den where Mother was talking on the phone, "Brian, who were some of the witnesses to what happened today?"

I had no idea where Mother was going with that question, "Chris was there along with John Waters and Lindsay Davis. Diego's last name is Garcia and I think Maria's last name is Ortega. I didn't know the other people by name."

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it and John practically fell into my arms, "Brian, please help me."

I put John's arm around me and started toward the stairs and called, "Dad, I need your help. John's been hurt."

Dad came limping toward me and took one look at John and called, "Becca, we need to get this young man to the hospital, NOW!."

I helped John to Mother's van. We took off for the Emergency Room. Dad called Uncle Tommy on his cell phone. "Tommy, we're on the way to the hospital with a young man who reminds me of how you arrived at Doctor Dad's house. Okay; see you at the hospital."

Dad was helping John get signed in and Mother was making a call on her phone when Dr. Tommy arrived. Mother turned to me, "John's mother should be arriving shortly. She said she would need to bring her two young sons with her, so you will need to take care of them while she signs the paperwork and talks to John."

A lady about mother's age arrived with two young boys who looked to be about six and seven. The two young guys were wearing soccer pads and cleats. I went up to her, "Are you Mrs. Waters?"

She nodded yes. I stuck out my hand, "Hi, I'm Brian Benson. My parents are with John. I'll take care of the boys while you finish checking John in and visit with him."

I looked at the guys, "Hi guys, my name is Brian. What are your names? Do you happen to have a soccer ball with you?"

The older of the two boys answered, "My name is Jason and he's Jeremy. We have a ball, but it's locked in the van."

I went to Mrs. Waters, "Ma'am, may I please have the key to your van so I can get the soccer ball out of it. The boys and I'll be playing soccer in the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot."

We had been playing for approximately 30 minutes when Jeremy announced that he had to go to the bathroom. There was one in the waiting room so I had the boys go in while I waited outside. I saw a snack machine and checked to see how much money I had in my wallet and I had four dollars.

When the guys came out of the bathroom, I suggested, "Guys, I'll treat you to a popsicle."

They had no objection to that. Jeremy looked at the selections. May I have one of those ice cream cone things?" I gave him the money and he put it in the machine and pushed the button to make his selection. Jason made his choice and I made mine and we went to sit outside on a bench.

We were still there when Mrs. Waters came out the door. It looked like she'd been crying. "Brian, you're parents are going to be staying with John until he is ready to go to your home. He's going to be fine. If you will direct me to your house, I'll know where to bring John's clothes after I get Jason and Jeremy in bed."

When I walked in the door, Lauren yelled, "Brian, you're to call Chris."

I dialed Chris' cell phone number. "Hey Chris, what's up? ... Oh, you're not on probation anymore. ... I guess I'm still suspended because I haven't heard any differently. My parents are at the emergency room with John Waters. I don't know what happened to him yet. I'll talk to you tomorrow after school, I guess."

I went upstairs to get the portfolios and took them into the kitchen so they would be ready when Jaime arrive at ten o'clock. I looked at the clock. It was almost nine o'clock and the parents and John still weren't back. Please don't let something else be wrong. I was starting to pace when the phone rang and I was almost afraid to answer.

"This is the Beau and Becca Benson residence. ... Oh hello, Superintendent Black. ... I'm sorry my parents aren't here right now. They took John Waters to the emergency room. ... Oh, so my suspension has been rescinded? ... Great, sure, I'll tell my parents that the school board will be meeting in my seventh hour Spanish class and that you want me there. ... Thanks for calling, sir."

I had just hung up when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and Mrs. Waters was standing there crying. She had two suitcases. "Brian, I need to go. John's father has lost it. He is like a raving maniac. Please don't let John anywhere near him."

I didn't know what else to do, so I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Ma'am I won't let the varmint near your son."

She almost smiled as she left and I was relieved to see Mother pulling in, finally.

I met them at the garage door. "It's about time. I figured you had gone to a bar and had some drinks."

Mother put a stop to any fun. "Brian, knock it off. Take John to your room so you can make sure that he is okay tonight. He is in a lot of pain and is heavily sedated so be gentle with him."

I helped John upstairs and practically had to undress him. His entire rib cage was purple and his face was turning black and blue. He looked at me and almost pleaded, "Brian, please take my briefs off and throw them away. They have the blood and the stains caused by that man on them. I know this is a big request, but could you please wash my pubic region and my backside? He added, I turned 18 today. This is some birthday present."

I did as he requested and put a pair of my briefs on him since we hadn't unpacked the clothes that his mother had brought. It's a good thing I had a strong stomach."

Have you ever tried to stuff someone else's penis into a pair of briefs when they are almost asleep? Especially someone who has obviously been physically abused and in a lot of pain.

By the time I had finished what John requested, he was zonked. I looked at the clock and it was almost 10:00 o'clock, so I went downstairs to wait for Jaime. Mother heard me, "Brian, we need to talk."

I stuck my head into the living room where they were sitting, "Dad and Mother, I'll be with you as soon as Jaime arrives for the paintings and photographs."

As I was walking into the kitchen, the chariot and the white horses arrived in the backyard. I went to greet Jaime and asked him to come in. I took him to the living room. Mother and Dad, this Jaime O'Rourke, Uncle Hank and Uncle Rod's oldest son."

They shook hands and I asked, "Jaime, do you know what the sleeping arrangements are yet when we get to London? What would happen if I added one more to the group?"

Jaime was laughing, "The only things set in concrete so far is that your parents and Angela will be staying at the Mason's house, Monsieur Lafontaine has made it clear that you are staying with him. Ben and Grant are scheduled to have their old room. Mr. Johnson and Minister Smyth had offered rooms also. Everyone will be taken care of when you arrive. It is up to you to decide who is going to stay where, since you are the only person who knows everyone."

Jaime reached into his backpack, "You need to give this to anyone who shouldn't see the chariot and horses. It has no harmful affects and will wear off as soon as we are on the way to the houses in London. They will think they are suffering from jet lag. We are sending some of this to Ben and Grant to give to Maria, Ingrid and this J.R. person. Now, I really need to be going. Mr. and Mrs. Benson, it was a pleasure meeting you. You have two wonderful sons."

I walked Jaime to the kitchen and we picked up the portfolios and took them to the awaiting chariot. As Jaime started to enter, I hugged him and gave him a kiss. "Please tell everyone I said hi."

As Jaime was sitting down, he turned, "Brian, you're even more handsome than when you were in London. We'll have to put a twenty-four hour guard on you."

I waved as Jaime took off and went to my parents who were watching, "Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Mother threw up her hands, "Brian, I can't remember. Go take care of John. He's hurting badly right now, both physically and emotionally."

I was frustrated, "Would someone please tell me what happened to John? It is obviously from his rectal bleeding that someone penetrated him. I also know that today was his eighteenth birthday. What a birthday present!"

This is Beau.

Brian started up the stairs, "Mom and Dad, I'm not a little child you know. I think I am smarter than the average student and have a rather good understanding of what it means to be gay and straight. Would you please stop treating me like a baby?"

Becca was getting frustrated, "Brian, we have not treated you like a baby at all. It is not our prerogative to tell you what happened to John. I am sure that he will tell you when he feels he can trust you. He must like you or else why would he have come to our door out of all of the houses in Fremont. Now, go make sure he is okay. We'll talk more tomorrow after the meeting during Spanish. Do you suppose you could try not to get in trouble again tomorrow?"

I could tell that Brian wanted to make a smart remark, but to his credit, he must have thought better of it. He stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to look at Becca and me. "Dad and Mother, I love you. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Becca was looking at me and we both started to laugh and closed up the house. We went to our bedroom and heard Brian's shower running. It was hypnotic because I think both Becca and I fell asleep almost immediately.

This is Brian.

I guess I was trying to act like an adult when I am still a young teenager. I think I aged 10 years today. I should see if I can contact Ben or Grant and find out how the Cub game was.

I concentrated and sent my thought waves. Grant answered, "Hey Brian, good to hear from you. The Cubs game was a blast. You were right, it was a good thing that when one of us needed to go to the bathroom, the three of us went. J.R. is sitting on his bed drawing sketches and Ben is in the shower singing some weird song. What's happening with you?"

"I was suspended from school already, but I've been reinstated. The coach wants me to play football, and tell Ben that John Waters is asleep on my bed. Other than that, Jaime just left, and you and Ben will be receiving a package so that J.R., Inga and Maria can make the trip to London without realizing what is happening. Talk to you later."

I crawled into bed with the moaning John. He was tossing and turning and it had to hurt him because he would cry out.

I tried to calm him and he finally settled down again. I was almost asleep when I could hear Ben talking to me. "Brian, why is Jon in your bed with you? Are you turning gay on us?"

I shot back, "Benji, that isn't going to happen. I don't know what happened to John today. When he came home from the hospital he asked me to remove his briefs because he was bleeding rectally. So I can only guess. I need to go to sleep. I'm not going to play all day like the three of you. Over and out."

I was awakened at three-forty five by someone hitting me on the chest and yelling, "Take it out. It hurts too much. I don't want this for my eighteenth birthday present. You're nothing but a sex fiend. I hope you rot in hell."

I put my arms around John trying to calm him down. He finally woke up and looked at me, "Brian, I'm so sorry. I was having a dream about what Reverend Waite did to me today. I told my Father what happened and he started to knock me around and told me that I was liar and that Reverend Waite was a man of God."

I hugged John. "John, go to sleep. It's going to time to go to school soon. You are going, because I'm going to need your support. We'll just tell everyone that you were in an accident and we won't say anymore."

I reached over and kissed him on the lips, "Good night Johnny. I'll see you in the morning."

This is John.

Brian just kissed me on the lips like it was an everyday occurrence and I just knew there was nothing sexually intended. I realized that he was just showing his love and concern for me. He called me Johnny and I haven't been called that since the third grade.

I raised up on my elbow and looked at the brat in his almost naked state of dress. He was a beautiful young man. I swear he looked better than me and he was four years younger than me. I had known Ben but not very well, but I was beginning to get the feeling that this was a special family to take me in as they did even though I'm soiled merchandise.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being awakened by Brian. "John, get your fat little bottom out of bed so I can help you get dressed for school. Don't give me any lip. If we let you stay in bed, you'll just lay there and feel sorry for yourself. Besides, I'm going to need all the support I can get today."

I started to argue, "But Brian, what are people going to think when they see my black and blue face?"

Brian was ready for me, "Hey, we'll just tell everyone that you were in skateboarding accident and they'll never know the difference. Now get into the bathroom so I can apply some more ointment."

He helped me remove my briefs and Brian was really concerned, "John, there are still traces of blood on your briefs. If they're there again this afternoon, I'm calling Doctor Tommy. Now let's get you dressed so we can go fix breakfast."

I was having trouble going down the steps. Brian looked at me, "Johnny, is that too painful? The school is almost all on one level. If you begin to feel ill, go to the nurse and have her call my parents."

We made it through breakfast and Brian was very blunt, "John, do you think you can drive to school?"

I had to be honest, "Brian, I can probably navigate my way there, but I don't think I have enough gasoline to make it there and back and I don't have any money."

I was wowed big time when Mr. Benson pulled out his wallet and handed me two twenty dollar bills. He looked at Brian, "Brian, how much do you need?"

Brian looked at his Dad, "Dad, I have all the money I need upstairs in my stash that I've hidden. I'm fine. I'll go get some. Just make sure that you keep everyone else down here."

Brian returned, "Okay, John and I fixed breakfast so the rest of you can clean the mess while we get some gasoline for his little gas hog."

When we got to the car, Brian was really concerned. "John, are you going to be okay?"

I started to get tears in my eyes, "Brian, I'll be fine. I practically had to beg my Dad for money to buy gas. He thinks that everything extra needs to go to Reverend Waite's church. My brothers and I would never have had anything if my mother didn't work. When I turned sixteen I got a job and that is how I bought the jalopy.

This is Brian.

It's not even 8:15 and this has already turned into a terrible, no good day. John and I went to our first period classes. Mr. Peters announced, "I have arranged for us to use the computer lab this morning and you can start your stories."

We gathered our things and went to the computer lab. I was so absorbed in writing my story "The Puppet Who Came To Life" that I didn't realize that Mr. Peters was standing behind me. The words were flowing and I pounded out more than 5000 words in half an hour. Mr. Peters sat down next to me and pushed some buttons without my approval. I turned to him and challenged, "Sir, you had no right to do that."

Mr. Peters looked at me, "Brian, that was one of the most compelling gay stories that I have ever read. I sent it to Mr. Cox for his reaction. I'm afraid that you won't be able to use it to talk to the class though, because of the content. It is my opinion that you should submit the story to Nifty or the Tickie site. There may be a problem, because of your age, but we can get around that. You have already gotten your A, so anything that you submit from here on in is gravy. Are you sure you are only a freshman?"

"Mr. Peters, I'm a freshman. When I left the building last night, I was suspended and then I wasn't. I'm a fourteen year old who wants to be an artist."

I quickly sent a copy to my home email address and put the story in the trash and emptied the trash. I sure didn't want anyone to accidentally find it on the school computer.

To be continued.

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Will B. here: I am awe-struck by how Ed keeps turning out these stories of family love, concern for others, and just enough sadness to keep us reading.

Darryl's notes: That makes sense.

I sure am glad that John went to the Benson's house when he was hurt so badly. Beau, Becca and Brian will do all they can to make sure that John is healed both physically and mentally, after that ordeal, I also hope that the evidence was taken by the hospital personnel and preserved for evidence, to prove that The Reverent, and I use that word very loosely, took advantage of John, and that the creep will be charged and convicted of Rape.

I need another chapter quickly, please!