Chapter 10

"This is all my fault."

It's dark. Most of the witchdoctors have gone to sleep. I'm tied to a post waiting for the next day when Gavin would come back and attempt to use me again. On a post next to me is Bello.

"Shut up."

"They are going to sacrifice you," I tell him.

It's clear. Bello has marks all around his body. They are marks that let me know that they are preparing to sacrifice him to God knows what. This wasn't home like I thought it was. These witchdoctors were monsters who were willing to trade in anything for power. They were dangerous and I felt like I was dumb enough to trust them.

It's no wonder Bello can barely even look at me now.

"Be quiet..."

There is a strain in his voice. I fucked up. I remember the little moment we did share where he dropped his guard. I remembered how perfect that felt. Now the Sea Wolf's guard was back up. Now he was back to himself.

"Are you that angry with me that you don't even want to talk?" I ask.

"I'm concentrating."

I'm not sure on what but after a few seconds of struggle I realize that somehow the Sea wolf has released himself from his ropes! He squirms through the ropes. Not too far from us is a witch doctor who is half asleep after drinking rum. The Sea Wolf goes behind the savage, wrestles him into submission and then knocks him out on a rock nearby.

"Thank God," I state.

That's when I see his back.

Bello is walking away from me.

Bello was leaving me.

"Good luck with your home," Bello tells me.

"You wouldn't..."

My heart sinks in my chest. I can't believe this is happening right now. I look at Bello's back and realize he is thinking about moving. He's thinking about leaving me here with these people.

But there is a hesitation.

Bello turns, "Why shouldn't I leave you?"

He almost growls the words when he says them. There is so much anger in the way he says it.

"I'll die..."

"I don't care."

"Yes you do," I respond.

It's the only way that I know how to explain it. Bello may want to pretend like he didn't have a heart and nothing could effect him but I knew better. Under that shell there was most definitely something else to him. There was something deeper.

And I was willing to find it.

"You have a spell on me."

"If I have a spell on you then you have a spell on me too," I tell him, "I don't know why you feel the way you do about me. I don't know what kind of magic is involved, but I know how I feel about you Bello. No matter who looks at me there is only one person I care about."

"You mean nothing to me..."

He turns and starts walking away. I've said something to piss him off. Before I know it Bello is completely out of sight.

He's left me.


It's morning when the witchdoctors come out to see that Bello has escaped. What's even more embarrassing is the idea that he has left me behind. I look over at Fatima. My mother has a coldness to her when she sees me. She doesn't have those eyes that I had seen before. Her eyes look like the eyes of someone who just wants to get something done and that's all.

"He escaped..."

"Should we go after him mistress?" one of the witchdoctors asks.

The respect that they showed my mother was definitely clear. My mother looks at me and looks into the distance. There is a strong disinterest there.

"No. He was just a blood sacrifice. We have Lafayette," my mother states, "Start undressing him."

The boys begin to undress me. I'm not as comfortable as Gavin with all those stares. I'm not comfortable fucking a boy in front of my own mother. I can't help but to look at her with the most angry stare in the world. I feel so betrayed.

Within a few minutes I'm completely naked. My dick is swinging. I have no where to hide. The chanting has already begun.

"Are you ready for your second round?" she asks me.

I look over at Gavin. He's already started to undress. In other circumstances I would have thoroughly enjoyed this. Gavin was attractive. He has no flaws to his body or his perfectly muscular ass. He is completely naked in front of me and lays in the sacrificial circle ready to take me in again.

"Fuck off," I tell my mother, "Who does this to their own son? You're a monster."

My mother nods.

"Am I the monster? Not the boy who left you?"

"You don't know shit about Bello."

I don't know why this is pissing me off. She was mocking me. She was mocking the fact that Bello just up and left me in the way he did. I feel embarrassed. A few of the witchdoctors laugh mocking the idea that I trusted a pirate in the first place.

"He's handsome. I can see why he blinded you. Beauty is a curse on this world. It prevents us from seeing who the real monsters are."

"And you aren't the real monster?" I ask my mother.

She shrugs.

"Yes. Isn't that what the humans call us? Your pirate lover. He thinks I'm a monster. But if I am a monster then so are you, Lafayette. I've done what I had to do. Blood magic is sacrifice. I sacrificed my relationship with you because we have to be prepared."


"There's something coming...not today. Not tomorrow. Not in many of our lifetimes but there will be a threat to all monsters and only a Bah witch will be able to fend it off. Only a Bah can open the Colorless Gate. We must create the new wave of our family line."

There she was being prophetic. What did I care about family lines or the future of their fucking coven? I wanted off this island.

She wouldn't understand and I was done trying to explain it to her.

"Let's get this over with," I change the subject.

I walk past my mother and lay in a circle. I hate to admit it but with Gavin close by it's not hard to get hard. I lay down on my ass, with my dick to the sky. The wood is underneath my back and it's not the least bit comfortable but I doubt they have me here to be comfortable.

Gavin begins to climb up on me. His ass cheeks lower on mine but all of a sudden I hear some sort of ruckus and I hear someone scream.

"What the hell?" Gavin asks.

Someone rushes past a few of the witchdoctors, fast as lightning and grabs Gavin from behind. The person pulls Gavin hard off of me.

At first I am unsure of what is happening but then I see Bello.

The Sea Wolf came back.

"You came back for me!"

Bello ignores me and presses a knife to Gavin's throat.

"Don't," Fatima states.

Strange. The look in my mother's eyes shows that she really is concerned about the welfare of Gavin. She cares more about the future of the coven then she did about her own son. I realize that this is the same way that my father cared more about his family name than he did a relationship with me.

Neither of my parents were better than the other.

"We want a boat."

"I'll give you it. I'll give you whatever you need...just don't harm Gavin."

There is silence. I manage to get dressed but Bello doesn't let up on Gavin. He keeps the knife pressed onto his throat. They walk us to the ends of the Moreen Island pier. The natives built a small pier out of wood.

Bello starts to prepare the boat and I look back over at my mother. Our eyes connect.

"You can convince him to stop," she asks me.

"Why would I do that?"

"You can stay here. We can find a way to break the curse. I can make you more powerful than you could ever imagine..."

Power wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for something else. I was looking for a future with someone who actually cared about me. I look back on the boat. The Sea Wolf was a pirate. He was just as savage as these people sacrificing pigs and sheep. In his own way, he was even cruel and more unusual.

And for some reason.

I would follow him back into his danger. I'd follow him back into the rough seas.

"I don't need your love," I tell my mother, "I'll be fine."

"He's the real monster," my mother warns me, "He'll devour you."

I look back over at Bello.

He kicks Gavin off the boat and pulls me on before we take off.

I look at my mother from the beach. I am unsure if I succeeded opening the sacrificial gate that would make Gavin pregnant. I'm unsure if I will even see my mother again but I knew one thing was for sure.

My mother was right.

I Bello was a monster. He'd devour me but maybe I was a sucker for punishment.


"Thank God you're OK."

We find the Screaming Dagger at a close port. From the moment we walk up to the ship I can see Holystone grab Bello. Bello knew just where to go to get in contact with Holystone. He also knew that Holystone wouldn't have moved that ship without him. Holystone barely even sees me. He just seems so happy at the fact that his lover is back on the ship.

All of a sudden I feel all this jealousy growing in my soul. The connection that Holystone and Bello has is ridiculous. I watch how Holystone holds him, completely forgetting he's a pirate captain. He owns Bello as he seems to be so ready to take him back to his cabin room.

I have no doubt he's going to have Bello fuck him senseless.

As they walk away Bello's eyes turns back to me. Our eyes connect. We haven't spoken since Moreen Island but there was this tension between us. That shit was real.

"Where have you guys been?" a voice says.

I turn and see Ashton and my friends. They have gathered around me. I was so interested in Bello's stare that I didn't even realize it.

"How the hell did you survive?" Skyrat asks.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you..." I explain to them.

How would I explain to them that my mother was a voodoo witch and she had kept us prisoner on an island? How would I explain the sacrifices and all that? They wouldn't understand it. Maybe it was better they didn't know about that side of the story. I doubt anyone was going to get it out of Bello, so I do think my secret was somewhat safe.

"You were lost at sea with the Sea Wolf?" Black Jack asks seeming confused, "You made it back in one peace?"

"Sort of," I state.

I'm being nonchalant.

"Did he hurt you?" Ashton asks.

"Of course not."

"You're saying like it's so obvious," Ashton explains.

I shrug, "I have a feeling things are different between us."

The fact that Bello came back to save me means a lot. Me saying that seems to confuse the group even more. I guess it does sound crazy that me and Bello are cool now. They just didn't get it. Hell, I didn't really get it with Bello. I knew he was having some sort of internal conflict and I was just hoping he is able to resolve that now that he showed me that my life actually mattered to him. He had let down his guard completely. He had opened up in a way that I didn't expect.

"The guy hates you. You do remember you were in the middle of fighting him when we were attacked right?"

"Oh god...we were attacked," I state coming to my realization, "Is everyone OK?"

A few of the guys look at one another. It's a real suspicious look.

"A few people didn't make it. We got away from the Baptiste attack," O'Malley states.


There is a silence.

"What's the issue?" I ask.

Everyone has a long face. It's almost as though things didn't go as smoothly as it looked.

"The issue is Holystone," O'Malley states.

"Something happened..."

"When Bello went overboard he completely lost it," O'Malley states, "He was willing to sacrifice all of us. He wanted us to just sit and be target practice until he was able to retrieve Bello."

I'm shocked. I knew that the Captain really liked Bello but the fact that he was ready to lose his ship and his entire crew because of his emotions for Bello made it clear just where Holystone's priorities were.

"Love will do that to you."

"You making excuses for him?" Black Jack asks me almost getting angry, "Holystone wasn't a captain anymore. He was a boy in love."

" excuses. What he did was wrong, but I get it. I get that love can make you do stupid things."

"A coward is a coward," Black Jack argues.

It's clear that there is some real tension since I've left. The guys are going through it with Holystone. I'm shocked that he acted like that but who was I to judge? I had done dumb things for Bello as well. And now Bello was with him...making love to him probably.

I shake my head. I don't want to talk about this anymore, "Guys...let's get back on the ship. We will probably be headed out soon."


We return to the boat and it is clear we are taking off before I know it. The crew definitely had tension. It's also the fact that no one knows where we are going. I have an idea. Holystone was sure he would take me to hell itself in order to break this curse.

Everyone is quiet on the ship. Usually, there is a lot of sex going on and fooling around. Usually, Billy Blue Balls is chasing Skyrat or O'Malley is flirting with me openly to Ashton's dismay. Usually, Ashton is shyly flirting with me. None of that happens though.

Everything just feels so heavy.

"We're all going to die with this captain," I hear Black Jack whisper.

I wonder how long the morale has been like this and how it's possible that Holystone didn't see the crew was getting heavy. I wonder just how many people are feeling this way and how many people are still loyal to Holystone.

"Be quiet," Ashton warns him, "He's coming..."

Ashton isn't talking about Holystone but he is talking about the closest thing on the ship to Holystone. We both turn and see the Sea Wolf coming.

He never comes into the crew cabins and everyone is very on edge when he does. I literally see Ashton stand up when he walks into the crew cabins. It's clear everyone is very uncomfortable.

I know why they are uncomfortable.

He has the Judas chair dragging behind him.

"You...with me," he says.

I stare at the Judas chair. The thick spear still brings me nightmares.

What was this? Was this some sort of punishment for something? Had Bello said something to Holystone that would make him want to hurt me? My mind is going with a thousand thoughts and sweat is dripping down my forehead.

I'm beyond scared.

"No fuck NO!" Ashton tries to defend me.

Bello answers Ashton with a solid punch to his chest. I can almost hear Ashton's chest collapse. He attempts to keep his stance for a few seconds but then I watch him topple forward and fall to a knee. He gasps for breath at the heaviness of Bello's punch.

"Don't," I tell Bello, "I'll go with you."

I look at my other friends. They are all feeling some type of way. I had seen them do this before but at this point it was different. Ashton actually getting up and taking a stance like that was different.

Bello drags me out of the room by the back of my collar.

He doesn't say anything as we walk and he takes me to the lower ends of the ship. It's night time and the water is smooth. He grabs me and pulls me into a room. He throws me hard to the wooden floors. My heart is beating. I'm so scared. I watch as he posts the Judas chair up. My heart skips a beat. I almost want to cry.

"Please don't..." I start off.

He reaches forward and grabs me by my collar lifting me up. That's when he does something strange.


His lips press up against mine as soon as we are alone. I'm beyond shocked that Bello is doing this to me.

"What the hell?" I ask, pushing off.

I thought he had brought me here to torture me and possibly even kill me. I had no idea he brought me here to kiss me.

"I had to see you. I can't get you out of my head..."

"The Judas chair?"

"I had to make it look realistic," he explains, "If I asked to see you in private, people might get suspicious. I had to make it seem as though I wanted to see you for punishment for something. But honestly, I just wanted to do this."

He starts kissing me hard. His tongue enters my mouth. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe Bello has opened up this much to me. There is a tenderness to the way he touches me. He is showing every bit of his vulnerabilities and I am seeing him in a different light.

I stop him again, "This wasn't a good time for you to pull that stunt."

People were on edge.

"I need to stay on the Captain's good side."

"Because you love him."

"Because I love you..." he argues.

My mouth drops.


Bello nods, "I don't think it's a spell. It's not just physical attraction. There is something about you that makes me want to be a better person. There is something about you that doesn't make me angry all the time. It makes me want to be normal. It makes me want to be calm. You do that."

"You were just with Holystone...did you fuck him?"

Bello grunts.


"Did you fuck him?" I ask.

"Yes," he responds, "But only to save you. He is going to sacrifice you. That's where we are headed now. That is the next stop. I am the only one who can convince him not to. But if he thinks that it's because I love you he'd never do it..."

Bello was trying to save me now?

It's crazy how the tables have turned.

"You are serious?" I ask, "You really love me."

"I follow Holystone because I always felt like only the strong survive. Maybe it's how my parents died. Maybe it's how hard I lived. When I found him he told me that he was strong and he told me if I stuck with him nothing would be able to hurt me. I never loved Holystone. I loved the idea of not being weak. But then I find you and you're so weak. And it just threw out everything I ever thought. There is beauty in vulnerabilities. I don't always have to be strong. You make me want to show you the weakest side of me. The frailness of a heart. And I want to give it to you even though it is tattered, bruised and easily broken. I want to give you this fragile thing..."

He kisses me and all of a sudden I could imagine him pulling this heart out of his chest and handing me this treasure of his.

I imagine him giving me this booty and telling me that it is the most fragile thing in the world to him.

And even if I was on my way to my death bed I knew that I would cherish it until the day I died.

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