Plan of the Shusheen

Shifter Worlds

By Vic James

Copyright 2012 by Vic James


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When I woke up, Mike was sitting on the sofa talking on the phone. He looked over and smiled when he saw me. I smiled back.

He hung up and said, "I've hired more security guards."

"Mike! I don't know what's happening to me, but I still want you! I can barely control myself."

"I know, Ben. And believe me, we'll be having a lot more sex! But right now, you need to eat. The changes in your body seem to be making you skinnier. You seem thinner now than when you woke up this morning."

"I guess that makes sense. If my body is growing a uterus and the rest, I probably need to eat more than usual."

"I've ordered lunch for us. Are you ready?"


We got dressed and headed again to the veranda. The cook was putting food on the table.

"Mrs. Lowry? This is my mate, Ben."

"Oh, my! What wonderful news! I'm very happy to meet you, Ben!" Mrs. Lowry seemed to be in her fifties. Since she was a Vin-Ta, I had no idea what age that would make her.

"So that's why you went flying out of here yesterday, Mike!"

"Yup. I started picking up Ben's scent when I flew back in town. Ben was in town on business."

"What kind of business are you in, Ben?"

"Insurance. Or I was. I quit this morning."

"Mike is loaded. Make him buy you stuff. Expensive stuff." We all laughed. "Threaten to withhold sex if he says no."

"Now that's sexual blackmail, Mrs. Lowry," Mike said.

"Hey! It's legal!" We all laughed again.

"Boy, I never thought you would settle down, Mike."

"Ben, I could tell you stories about his last wife that would make the wallpaper curl! What a bitch!"

"I hope you didn't say that too often to her face."

"I didn't have to. She knew exactly what I thought of her."

"Ben, she was the kind of person who would request something complicated to eat and then change her mind after it was made. Then she would request something else and complain about having to wait for it. Then she'd hate it! Nothing was ever good enough! Nothing! Not even Mike!"

"I can't believe that! Mike is absolute perfection!" I smiled at him.

"If you'll let me know what you like to eat, I'll be sure we've got plenty of everything on hand."

"I'm not a gourmet or anything. I mean, I like hot dogs! What I've had so far has been fabulous. I like steak and potatoes and chicken and fish. And vegetables. All the usual stuff. I've never eaten fancy food, so there's no reason to try to make anything exotic for me."

"We should have a cookout before the run tomorrow!" she said.

She turned around and walked back in the house.

"I hope I didn't hurt her feelings, Mike."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, after I said it I wondered if maybe she liked cooking fancy food. I mean I would be happy to try it."

"I'm sure she was glad you were honest. Why would she want to cook something you didn't like? Besides, I like the same things you do. It makes her job simpler if we're both eating the same thing. Not that we always have to do that."

"Why would you eat before a run? Why not after?"

"I keep forgetting you aren't Vin-Ta! Tomorrow is the full moon and we always change and run around chasing each other like crazy. It's a party, basically."

Ar-Tan-Bey said "Ben, I don't think you or Mike should tell anyone you aren't Vin-Ta. He said some Vin-Ta think the Shusheen are evil. Those Vin-Ta might think you are possessed by a Shusheen."

Hmm. Mike, Ar-Tan-Bey thinks we should keep the fact that I'm not Vin-Ta a secret for now."

"That's a good idea. Can she teach you to shift into a wolf by tomorrow evening?"

"Yes," she said.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, can you speak to Mike directly?"

"Yes, if I have your permission."

"It may be that you need to tell him something urgently. There's no point in you telling me something and me repeating it to him."

"Hi, Mike," Ar-Tan-Bey said with her voice from my mouth.

Mike stared at me. "Are you Ar-Tan-Bey?"

"More or less. I'm a copy of her. Ben told me he wants me to be able to speak to you directly. Is that all right with you?"

"If it's OK with Ben."

"Because of my peculiar situation within Ben's body, there's really no need for Ben to learn how to shift. He can tell me and I can shift for us. Or you can tell me directly."

"So you are really in there with him all the time?"

"Yes. I ought to automatically deactivate when he isn't invoking me. But for some reason, that has never worked. I was activated when he was born. I could investigate to find out why, but it would be difficult. Investigating something with the thing you are trying to turn off, if you understand my meaning."

"I suppose. Something like trying to investigate a light bulb in a room with the bulb as the only light. You can't turn it off and still investigate it.

"That's exactly it."

"Is there anything you need to tell me, Ar-Tan-Bey?"

"Not right now."

"How much are you influencing his actions? Especially concerning me?"

"Right now, not at all."

"And before 'right now'?"

I said "She's not influencing me at all. I love you, Mike. Me, Ben! I would have wanted you without a mating bond!" Mike smiled at me.

"How do I make love to Ben without you participating?"

She answered "That's easy. I have a great deal of experience tuning out what Ben is doing. I have my own thoughts. I can relive memories. Ben's life has been...repetitive. It has always been necessary."

Mike sighed. Then he said "You told Ben he can shape shift into any form. I'm really uncomfortable about the fact that he might shift into something I can't follow. If he takes off into the air or the sea, I will be completely unable to follow and protect him. Knowing I might be unable to follow him is hurting me inside."

This time Ar-Ten-Bey sighed. "I should have thought of that. It's because of your mating bond compulsion."

"Mike, I already agreed that we would work on cellular rejuvenation for you. At the same time, we can try to enhance your shifting capabilities. You do understand that I can't promise anything?"

"Yes, I can understand that. It helps knowing that it is a possibility."

"Mike, it is possible for me to loosen your mating bond to Ben. I can change the way he smells."

"No!" Mike and I said simultaneously.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, will you change me into a wolf?"

I felt myself shrinking and my eyesight changed. I looked up at Mike. He seemed very happy. Tall, but happy. I tried to talk, but a bark came out. I looked down. I saw two front paws. I seemed to have grey fur. Mostly I could see my clothes. I looked at Mike again and saw a large dark grey wolf also in clothes! He nuzzled me and I laughed. I came out as a whine. He nudged my shirt out of the way and pushed his nose against my belly. He started licking my belly. It felt wonderful. I rolled over onto my back but got tangled up in my clothes. He walked over to me and started licking my face.

"Will you change me back?"

My clothes split open as my body enlarged.

I was still on my back but I had hands again. Mike was still a wolf. I wrapped my arms around him and told him I loved him. He changed back and his clothes split too. He took my hand. We walked to the bedroom.

We got in bed. He laughed and said "For some reason I thought we were leaving Ar-Tan-Bey on the veranda. I wanted to talk to you without her."

"Did you know that I love you, Mike? Even when you're an animal."

"Oh, do you? Then why did you change back before I could fuck you?"

"You wanted to fuck me as a wolf?"

"There isn't any way I don't want to fuck you Ben!" I laughed.

I pulled the remains of my clothes off.

I looked at Mike and got on my hands and knees. "What are you waiting for, Wolf?"

"You want to fuck again?" Mike pulled the rest of his clothes off.

"I want your cock, Mike. I want you."

Mike grinned at me and said "I never thought I'd meet anyone who wanted to have sex as often as I do."

"Will you lie on your back, Mike?"

Mike got on the bed. I pushed his legs up and looked at his hole. I pushed my face in his crack and got his concentrated scent. Mike grabbed his legs and pulled them back. The scent had me delirious. I began lapping and stabbing at his hole.

Mike shouted "Oh, fuck!" I kept working his hole until my tongue slipped inside him. He yelled. I kept lapping at his hole. Then I moved to the area between his balls and his hole. I rubbed my face in there and moaned. His scent had me almost mindless. I had to have him! I pulled his legs down, got over him, pulled his cock into position, and dropped onto him. We both screamed as he was forced into my body. I looked at him. His mouth was open and his eyes were darkened by lust. I put my hands on his chest and began fucking myself on his cock. He began thrusting up into me also. Our bodies slapped together. We both began sweating after a few minutes. I leaned down to kiss him. He pulled my face to his. He moaned into my mouth as he came. The pulsing of his cock made me come, and then it was my turn to moan. We continued our kiss as he unloaded inside me. Finally his cock softened. I pulled back.

I looked at him and said "You are so beautiful, Mike!"

He smiled at me. I ran my fingers though the damp hair on his chest and shoulders. It seemed a miracle that he was mine. His beautiful body was mine!

I leaned forward and kissed him as my hole began spasming.

"Aah, fuck, Mike" I said as I came.

Mike thrust into me twice and came again as well.

I pulled off of him and fell over on to my side. I laid my head on his chest. I could feel his heart pounding under my ear. Through the hair on his belly, I could see his half-hard cock. As I thought about how much I wanted it, it started growing in front of my eyes. When it was fully hard it was pointed at me and was inches from my face.

"I know what you're thinking!" Mike said.

I laughed "You know me so well, so soon."

"It's funny, but I can feel your eyes on my dick!"

"That's nothing. It commands my complete attention every time it's near."

Mike laughed. "I want more, too! But I didn't feed you yet."

"This is what I want to eat." I swallowed him and began sucking him. He moaned and thrust up into my mouth. I began stroking the shaft while he ran his hands over me. He groaned loudly and ejaculated into my mouth.

I lay down panting next to him.

"We left all the food to have sex again. I'm not a very good mate."

I looked up at him and said "You're a fantastic mate! And I am so lucky!" I kissed him.

"I suppose I should eat. I am really hungry! It's just that I'm hungry for sex, too."

"Let's get dressed, Ben. More sex later. I promise!"

I laughed and unpacked some clothes. "I suppose I really ought to unpack my clothes."

Mike laughed and said "I feel guilty. I didn't even tell you where you could put them."

"You did show me where your penis belongs. And that is much more important, don't you think?" I asked as I got dressed.

Mike laughed and said "Let's eat. Then talk, and then unpack, and then sex."

"Are you going to eat like that?" He was still naked on the bed.

"I was hoping you were going to ignore what I said. He waved his dick at me." I laughed.

He got out of bed and put on a pair of shorts. "Let's go."

"Mike, unless you want me to start masturbating at lunch while I look at your bare chest, you better put a shirt on."

"My chest really does that much for you?"

"Oh, yeah! I love how hairy you are. And those shoulders and biceps of yours! My dick is already hard again." He grinned at me and pulled a shirt on.

"Isn't being a mate wonderful?" he asked me.

"It's fantastic! And I am the luckiest whatever on the planet."

"Is that the name of your race?"

"Yes. One of the Shusheen asked, 'What is that?' and the other one said, 'Whatever'." We laughed. I could even hear Ar-Tan-Bey laughing!

We walked back outside. The food was gone. Mrs. Lawry came out with a plate of food. I was so embarrassed.

Mike looked at me and laughed. "You look so guilty, Ben!" I couldn't speak. "Your face is the color of those tomatoes.

Mrs. Lawry looked at me. "Are you coming down with something?"


"I think Ben is embarrassed about why we missed lunch."

Mrs. Lawry laughed and said "Don't worry about it. Were you raised human?"

"Yes, my parents adopted me. I didn't find out until I met Mike."

"Well, believe me, every Vin-Ta who finds their mate goes through the same thing. I couldn't walk for a week!" She waked back in the house.

"I told you, Ben. It's a mate thing. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Every Vin-Ta who doesn't have one, wants one. People will either be jealous or they will understand completely."

"It's all new to me. You are the first guy I ever had sex with right after meeting him."

"Yes, but they weren't your mate. You didn't have hormones screaming, 'He's the one! Grab him!'."

I laughed. "True.

"Mike, how am I going to explain knowing nothing about the Vin-Ta?"

"You already did! Not all Vin-Ta are raised by Vin-Ta. Also, some Vin-Ta pretend they aren't. Trying to be normal."

"Are they the ones who think it's a curse?"


Mrs. Lawry brought more food and asked "Can you gentlemen think of anything else you need for lunch?"


"No, everything looks great, Mrs. Lawry."

She walked away.

I dug into the food. It was delicious. There was marinated flank steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and parsnips cooked with dill, plus there were baked potatoes, au gratin potatoes, and French fries! I thought maybe I shouldn't have mentioned liking potatoes! The steak practically melted in my mouth. I ate more than I'd ever eaten before. I noticed Mike was keeping up with me. Well, we'd burned a lot of calories!

"Everything is wonderful, Mike!"

"Don't tell me, tell Mrs. Lawry."

"I will!"

She walked back out. "Everything was wonderful, Mrs. Lawry!"

"I like him, Mike. He has good taste." We laughed.

"We have apple pie and cherry cobbler for dessert."

"I'll have the cherry cobbler!" I almost said I love cherry cobbler, but I didn't want to be inundated with it!

"Me, too," Mike said.

"Do you want ice cream on it?"

We both said yes.

"I like being rich, Mike."

He laughed and said "I was hoping I could find someone who loved my money as much as they loved me!"

"Your money and..." I wiggled my eye brows and looked at his crotch.

He laughed and said "I told you I could feel your eyes on me!"

I just looked at him and smiled. "You are so cute, Mike!"

"I'm not cute. I am exceptionally manly."

"Well, you are that! But you are also cute!"

"So is the fence to keep people out when we're running?"


"It has nothing to do with Harriet?"

"No. She thinks the fence is ugly." I laughed.

"How do you keep people from shooting at us from outside the fence?"

"There are actually two fences, with security between them. We'll be behind the inner fence."

"How many people will be coming for the run?"

"Just family and Mrs. Lawry and Mrs. Curtis. We know some other Vin-Ta that sometimes join us, but they haven't recently."

"Is she the housekeeper?"

"Yes. She's also a relative, a second cousin. She actually asked for the job after she split up with her husband. He wasn't her mate. He was abusive and she knew he wouldn't look for her here. Even if he did, he can't get anywhere near her. She's safe here." I smiled at him.

"What family will be coming?"

"My parents and my brother."

"Where do they live?"

"Here. They each have houses on the estate."

"That's handy. And I'm sure they'll hate me."

Mike laughed and said "You never know! They may just dislike you!" I stared at him. "I'm kidding, Ben."

"Maybe they'll think I'm after your money or that I'm too young for you."

"You're still thinking like a human."

"Oh. I've had a lot of practice at it." Mike laughed.

I was still nervous. What would I do if they didn't like me? Are any of them homophobic?"

"No. I told you I'd had male lovers, and they weren't my mate! If they put up with them, they'll love you."

"Lovers?" I said angrily. Oops. I told myself to calm down. Mike was smiling at me.


"It's all right. It's another mate thing. Everyone mated goes through it."

"Are homosexual mates common?"

"No. Actually, I don't know of any others, but that doesn't mean much. I don't know that many Vin-Ta. I am delighted that you are my mate, though. If you were a human and I saw you in a bar, I would try to pick you up." I smiled at him. "I think I hit the mate jackpot."

"When will I meet your family?"

"When do you want to meet them?" Never, I thought. Mike laughed. I guess it showed on my face.

"I don't know."


"Yes, Ben."

"I don't suppose you can whip up telepathy for Mike and me, can you?"

"The Shusheen aren't telepathic, Ben. I have no idea if it is even possible."

"Oh, well. It was just a thought."

Mrs. Lawry brought out the cherry cobbler with ice cream. It was wonderful.

After we finished, I asked Mike, "Do you think I should meet them before the run? Will they think it's strange that I haven't been introduced when they live here? Do they even know you found your mate?"

"Nope. It's going to be a big surprise!"

I thought, 'No the big surprise will be when they find out I'm pregnant!'

"Well, you decide when I'll suffer, Mike." Mike laughed.

"They will hate you, won't they?" Then he laughed again. He squatted down in front of me and said "I love you. And you are the most important person in the world to me. You believe that, right?" I nodded. "Well, they are my family and I promise they will like you."

"I'm full," I said to Mike. "Next I believe we have talking, followed by unpacking, followed by sex."

Mike pulled his shirt off and grinned at me.

I said "I believe Mrs. Lawry said you should buy me something expensive."

Mike grabbed his crotch and said "What's this worth?"

"A ninety seven year old penis? Not much."

He laughed. "OK, if I can't tempt you with sex, let's go buy you some clothes."


"Yeah. Most of your clothes are in San Antonio.

"I think six jock straps should do it. They won't get in the way of important things."

I laughed and said "She said expensive. They better be silk."

"OK, but you have to drop them off at the dry cleaners." I laughed.

"Come on, baby! Let's go shopping."

"Wait a minute! Ah. I see! We'll be in the limo. On a long drive with nothing to do."

"No, I've thought of something we can do!"

"How about we skip the limo and go straight to bed, if you'll forgive the expression."

"No, let's unpack and go shopping. We can kiss and cuddle all the way to the mall. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes. It sounds great!"

We walked to the bedroom.

"Do you need your stuff from San Antonio immediately?"


"Photos are the only really important things." I thought of all my pictures of Jason. I started to get nauseous at the thought that we'd been lovers. I guessed I would throw those away. Part of me really liked that idea, but part of me was sad. Still, Jason had a new man and I much more!

"Photos of my parents are the only things there that I care about. Maybe my CDs and movies. I have a feeling you and I won't be watching many movies."

"We can, between the sex!"

"It would take weeks just to finish one movie!" I said. We both laughed.

Mike walked behind me and nuzzled my ear. I realized my ears weren't sore. Considering how hard he bit them during sex, I was surprised. Not that I wanted him to stop! Every time he bit me he made me come.

"Which drawers can I put my stuff in?" Oh, who gives a fuck, I thought. The most handsome man in the world was nuzzling my ear!

I turned around, wrapped my arms around him and said "Mike, I want you." Then I pulled my clothes off and jumped into bed. Mike pulled his shorts off and jumped on top of me. We bounced and laughed.

"You're spry for a 97 year old."

"In human years, I'm about ten."

"How do you feel about older men, little boy?"

"You're three."

"Oh, yeah."

Mike held my face in his hands and kissed me. It started tenderly and turned steamy.

"Damn, you taste good, Ben!"

I leaned up and licked his shoulder. "You, too, you gorgeous stud."

"I hope our kids look like you," he said. That hadn't occurred to me. They would look like Mike or me, or both.

"Now, why would you wish that on an innocent child?"

He laughed. "Maybe you'd prefer a girl who is hairy like her father."

"Oh, lord. You're right. The girls better take after me. The boys can be studs like their father. I mean their other father." I laughed. "That will get confusing. If someone tells them to go ask their father, they'll be so confused!"

"Maybe I shouldn't say this..." Mike said. I thought about what he might be talking about.

"Do you mean that I'll be their mother?"


"How do you feel about that, Mike?"

He laughed. "I'm fine, but I won't be the one giving birth!"

"You're right! if I have to birth a baby through my butt, you're going to have to buy me a hell of a lot more than six jock straps!" We laughed.

"Seriously, Ben. How do you feel about it? It would freak me out completely."

"Well...I like the idea, but I'm scared. We can't call a doctor."

"Oh, shit! That's right! Then that's that. I'm not letting you get pregnant without any medical care."

"You don't need a doctor, Ben." Ar-Tan-Bey said. "You'll have painless, trouble free pregnancies. Your reproductive system was designed. It didn't originate through random evolution. I mean you can even pick your species!"

"You tell him, please."

Ar-Tan-Bey said "You don't need to worry. Either of you. Ben's reproductive system was designed to be simple, quick, and error free. There won't even be pain during child birth. You are a shape-shifter. Your hole will expand large enough for the baby to come out with no pain at all. Shifting isn't painful. Believe me, there would be nothing for a doctor to do, except possibly write a book." Mike and I laughed.

I said "I'm not going to worry about it. Ar-Tan-Bey, please close your eyes. I want to make love to my mate."

"I like this plan of yours, Ben!" Mike said. I ran my hands over him.

We made love and it was as wonderful as the last time.

After we were done, we got a quick shower and then went shopping. In the limo, I sucked him off twice and he sucked me. Then he fucked me before sucking me again. I loved his limo!

Mike bought me a lot of clothes. I couldn't see how I'd need them, since I planned to spend all my time with him at his, I mean our, house. But the clothes were very nice. One shirt he liked cost more than practically my whole closet in San Antonio. I didn't even know they made eight hundred dollar shirts. The best part, by far, was heading home. We had about a fifty minute drive and had sex the entire time.