Plan of the Shusheen

Shifter Worlds

By Vic James

Copyright 2012 by Vic James


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I woke up early Saturday morning, about 6:30. That's what going to sleep at 8:30 will do to you.

Mike was sound asleep. I decided to get up, since I wasn't sleepy. I left Mike sleeping and got dressed.

Mrs. Lawry was already up and was reading the newspaper.

"Good morning, Mrs. Lawry."

"Good morning, Ben. You're up early. Are you ready for breakfast?"

"No, I thought I'd have a cup of coffee on the veranda."

I sat on the veranda and sipped my coffee.

I decided to ask Ar-Tan-Bey for answers about some of the things I'd been wondering about.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, how are we going to try to locate the Shusheen?"

"I can build devices that will let us do that."

"Do you have any idea of the number of my species alive right now?"

"No. Once I have detectors built, I can tell you."

"I know the Shusheen didn't travel here with machines. How was the beacon built?"

"The beacon was brought with us. After all, it was essential to returning home. We brought a few things with us."

"Forty eight thousand years is a very long time. Do Shusheen ever die of old age?"

"A body can die of old age, but the Shusheen moves to a new body."

"Could the stranded Shusheen's bodies have died of old age by now?"

"Probably not. It's much more likely they succumbed to violence."

"Can you locate them if they are in animal bodies?"

"It will be very difficult, but yes."

"Do you expect to be able to locate them?"

"Not, really. But one of them is my mate, or was my original's mate. I...I can't keep from worrying about him."

"I understand."

"Why can the Vin-Ta only change into wolves? I know you said you used wolf DNA in the organelle, but the DNA in your own organelle doesn't limit you."

"I don't know. If we had been working on Shilleen, we probably would have been able to determine why. We were too limited in equipment and personnel to identify the reason."

"I am very concerned about Mike only being able to shift into a wolf. As he said, we could end up being separated. I can't bear the thought of that.

"Now that the Vin-Ta have the implant shifting instructions, is it possible they could be instructed how to shift into other forms by modifying the process they use?"

"It's worth trying, Ben. We can start with something simple like hair color."

I felt a lot better.

I decided to go see my gorgeous mate. He was still asleep, so I got undressed and carefully slipped into bed. When I looked over at him, his eyes were open.

"Good morning, you handsome stud!"

He smiled at me and pulled me to him.

"Morning, baby."

"I was just outside. It's a beautiful day! Let's stay indoors and have sex!" Mike chuckled.

I leaned forward and kissed Mike. Then I sighed contentedly.

"You are in a very good mood today, baby."

"It's all because of you."

Mike climbed on top of me. His hard cock was pressed against me.

I ran my hands over him. He sighed.

He began licking my face.

"Damn, Ben! You taste so fucking good!"

"Let me see that pretty cock of yours, Mike."

Mike lifted himself up and got on his knees.

"What do you want, Ben? How do you want me?"

"I want to suck you, Mike."

Mike straddled me and pushed his cock into my mouth. It tasted of my mate and was delicious. After sucking for a couple of minutes, I pulled back and said "Lie on your back, will you?" Once he'd done that, I got between his legs and took him back in my mouth. I rubbed one hand over his chest and belly while I tugged on his balls with my other hand. His scent was growing stronger and I became desperate for his come. My saliva was running down his balls.

"I'm close, baby."

I tugged hard on his balls at the same time I twisted one of his nipples.

"Ben! Baby!"

Mike exploded into my mouth. I gulped at his cream, swallowing all of it. Mike was still hard, so I climbed over him and sat on his cock.

Mike stroked my cock while I bounced on his.

"So good, baby!" he said.

Mike pinched one of my nipples, and I came. My come sprayed all over Mike. I fell onto him and kissed him. He took over the fucking, thrusting up into my body. He kissed me again and bit my bottom lip. I came again.

"Fuck, Mike! Aah!"

My hole began spasming and Mike howled as he came again too. His cock pulsed inside me and I could feel his come spreading in me. My spasms slowed. Then I felt his cock swell and the spasms in my hole intensified again.

We both screamed as we came at the same time. Finally, as we both softened, I collapsed on him. He wrapped his arms tightly around me.

"Let's do that again. And again. And again!"

Mike chuckled.

I ran my hands over my mate's sweaty body. He pressed his mouth to mine and we kissed again.

"How about a shower, baby? And then breakfast."


Mike got up and held out his hand for me. We walked into the bathroom.

"What do you want to do today, Mike?" Mike wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"I meant between sex acts."

"How about a tour of the estate?"

"Yeah! That sounds good.

We washed each other Mike pushed his cock in me and thrust a while, but he didn't come.

While we were drying each other I said "I've been meaning to ask; what's your last name?"

"It's Chuffawa."

"I may change mine to Smith."


"Don't you think Ben Smith sounds better than Ben Benjamin?"

"You could always change it to Ben Chuffawa."

"Would you like that, Mike?"

Mike paused to think before saying "Yeah, Ben. I would like it a lot. But only if the idea appeals to you."

"Why do you think I brought it up? Do you think people will think we're brothers?"

"Do you care?"


We got dressed and had breakfast. Afterwards we walked outside.

"Do you want to walk or drive, Ben?"

"Let's walk."

Mike showed me a lot of the estate. There was a large swimming pool and two tennis courts. He showed me his brother's house.

"He may be sleeping late. We'll see him this evening though at dinner, before the run."

"What's your brother's name?"


"So there's Michael, Mike, and Jack."


"Your parents are still young. Do they want more kids?"

"They would love to have them. After I was born, they tried for almost forty years before Jack was born."


"That's pretty common with the Vin-Ta. It's hard for Vin-Ta women to get pregnant."

"I got the impression we can have a child every four months. That's three a year!"

"Do you have any idea how many kids you would like to have?

"If we have too many, I may not remember their names!" I laughed.

"Good point. I think I need to find out how much I like one before having twenty more.

"We haven't talked about money, but is it an issue?"

"No. We have about three billion dollars."

"Was that a 'b'?"

Mike laughed and said "Yeah."

I said "I'm so rich! So very, very rich! I may even buy another eight hundred dollar shirt again some time."

"You only get one shirt a year. I plan to keep you in the bedroom!"

"Hey, that's not a bad plan!"

"Mike, when we do have kids, do you think your parents would help raise them?"

"Are you kidding? We'll have to drag them away from their grandparents."

We walked by a pond on the estate. Mike pointed to it and said "I had that stocked, if you ever want to go fishing."

"I thought I would be in the bedroom."

"I'll get you a long pole."

"I was hoping this pole would be there." I said grabbing at his crotch.

"Good point. I don't want to spoil you by giving you too many poles."

"Wow! I can't get over the money! No wonder David didn't want to move! I can see how a greedy person would want to do anything not to lose it."

"Let's not talk about the jerk."

"Fine with me!

We headed back to the house.

"I was talking to Ar-Tan-Bey this morning before you woke up. She thinks it's worth trying to see if we can get you to shift into other things besides your wolf."

"Really? She thought it was possible?"

"She said it was a possibility. I really hope so. I don't like the idea of us becoming separated if there's trouble."

Mike pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

"Me either, Ben."

"When can we start?"

"Ar-Tan-Bey, are you busy right now?"

"Very funny, Ben. I'm ready when you two are."

"She says she's ready. Do you want to try it now?"

"Let's have lunch, then we'll do it."

After lunch, we went to our bedroom.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, please speak directly to Mike.

"Mike," she said. "I want to try something simple like changing your hair color. That way in the event there is a problem shifting back, it won't be a serious problem."

"That sounds good."

"Mike, the visualization for other shapes should work the same way as your wolf. You picture your wolf before shifting, correct?"


"This time I want you to visualize your hair as the same color as Ben's. Imagine the hair color on you and try to flip the image head first towards you."

"Should I visualize entire body, or just my hair?"

"Visualize your whole body. It may help if you stare at your reflection in a mirror before closing your eyes."

Mike tried it. Every time he tried to visualize himself, he saw his wolf. He told us the problem.

"That's not surprising, Mike," she told him. "You've been visualizing him for decades. It's natural that he would pop into your mind. Keep trying."

While Mike alternated staring in a mirror and trying to picture himself, I picked up my phone. I saw Jason had called. I thought about calling him to tell him about Mike, but decided I wasn't ready to do that. If Jason found out I moved in with Mike the day I met him, he would freak out. And I couldn't tell him why.

I thought about going to get a drink, but Ar-Tan-Bey wouldn't be able to speak to Mike if I was away. Then I remembered I could order them on Mike's computer.

I ordered a pitcher of bloody marys, to be different and some mixed nuts.

Mike shouted "Fuck!" I was sure it was frustrating to him.

A woman came in the room with the drinks and nuts.

"Are you Evie?" I asked her.

"Yes. And you're Ben. I'm thrilled for you both, finding your mates. Maybe it's my turn next!"

"I hope so, Evie!"

She put the drinks down on the table in front of the sofa and left.

Mike was cursing again. I poured a drink for him and took it to him. He thanked me and hugged me. Then he looked at it and said "Is this plain tomato juice?"

"Can people actually drink it that way?" I asked. He laughed.

I will do this, Ben. I promise you."

"I believe you. But you know it's probably going to take a long time, right? If it was easy, other Vin-Ta would be able to do it."

Mike took his drink and drank it in one gulp. I took the glass, filled it again, and put it on the bathroom counter.

I was getting a little bored, but I didn't want to distract Mike by turning on the TV. I decided to browse the internet on his computer. I thought about googling 'Vin-Ta' to see what came up. I decided I didn't want to draw attention to us though. So I went shopping. I ordered a Kindle, since I'd been wanting one for ages. Mike's PC automatically logged into his account. I thought about asking Mike if I could order it, but decided he wouldn't care. I thought he probably wouldn't have cared if I ordered ten. I put a lot of stuff in my wish list, though.

Mike came out of the bathroom very frustrated. He poured himself another drink and sat on the sofa. I sat next to him.

"Can you visualize anything but the wolf? You can still visualize the red ball, right?"

"I haven't tried that in decades." He closed his eyes. I guessed he was trying to do that.

I ate some nuts.

"Maybe I should spend some more money!" I told him.

"Did you buy another shirt, Ben?"


"Did you buy a fishing pole?"

"Already got a pole!" I said rubbing his crotch. My mate's cock hardened instantly.

"How about a sex break?" I asked.

Mike's eyes were closed, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I unfastened his pants and pulled out his pretty prick. I pulled his foreskin back and licked the head. Mike moaned.

I pulled back and said "I thought you might think a little more clearly if that awful pressure in your balls was relieved." Mike chuckled with his eyes still closed.

I continued to suck. "Damn, I love your cock!"

"Well, I just visualized you, Ben. That's something!" It was!

"Please don't visualize your cock any larger. I can barely take it all now." Mike chuckled again.

I continued sucking Mike. He moaned and spurted into my mouth. After I swallowed it all and put his prick back in his pants, I realized his eyes were still closed. He was a very determined guy to not let that distract him. I wondered what he visualized during his orgasm.

I went back to the PC and wasted some time. Then I explored his closets. I noticed there were full length mirrors on the closet doors. I decided to see what my wolf looked like, since I would be going on the run. I got undressed and asked Ar-Tan-Bey to change me. I noticed I could still see colors after the shift. I knew dogs were color blind. I assumed wolves were too.

"Do the Vin-Ta see in color when they are shifted?" I asked Ar-Tan-Bey.

"Probably. They aren't really wolves. You can always ask Mike."

"My wolf is very attractive."

"You don't have a wolf, Ben. You are not a Vin-Ta. You can look any way you want. I remember seeing a real one that looked like this. I thought it was attractive, so that's what I did. You can make any changes you like, however."

"No. I like it."

I had a mirror and time.

"Will you shift me to look like Mike?"

Mike appeared in the mirror. I touched Mike's dick and felt it. That was eerie. I pulled on my new foreskin. It certainly felt real. I ran my hand over my new beautiful body. It was very strange pinching Mike's nipples and feeling it.

I loved Mike's cock and now I had two of them!

"Change me back, will you." I was back to normal.

"Can you make my dick bigger?" Wow! I stroked my new and improved penis. It felt the same as the real one.

"If you can think of anything else really important for me to do, let me know." Ar-Tan-Bey said, laughing.

I pictured Jason and shifted to him. I started to touch his dick, but got queasy.

I shifted into Mrs. Lawry, Evie, Mirabelle, and Michael.

"Shift me back to Mike, please." Mike appeared.

I walked into the bedroom and sat next to Mike. I put my arm around him. He frowned and then opened his eyes. He almost fell off the sofa.

"Damn, you scared me, Ben."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm beautiful now! Did you notice?"

"You were way better looking before!"

"I disagree! I'm now the handsomest man on the planet!"

"That's...disturbing. I feel like I'm bragging about myself."

"Look at my dick! It's beautiful!"

Mike said sorrowfully "I miss yours."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, will you shift me back?" My beautiful body disappeared.

"Can you give me foreskin on my own dick?" I watched as I became uncircumcised.

"Wee! Look at my wee wee!" Mike laughed.

"Having fun are we?" he asked.

"I am! I had so much fun playing with your cock in the other room."

"Hmm. I think I'm jealous of...myself."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, is the foreskin stable? I mean can I keep it?"

"Yes. It's not stable, but you can keep it."

"When you shift back to your original form, after tonight, for example; you'll revert back to your original penis, but I can shift the foreskin back for you without you requesting it."

"That is too cool!"

"Will you shift me back to Mike with my hair color?"

"Are you thinking it may help him visualize it?"

"It can't hurt!"

I saw my arms were hairy again.

"Mike, would it help to see this while you are trying to visualize?"

Mike looked at me.

"Mostly it gives me the creeps."

"Will you kiss me, Mike? I sucked you off, won't you suck me?"

"I hope you never plan to have sex with me like that, because it won't happen. I've never wanted to have sex with myself and I'm getting queasy just thinking of having sex with someone who isn't my mate."

Well, I could understand that. I certainly didn't want him to change into me before we had sex. I had no desire to suck my own cock. It was so boring. But that gave me an idea.

"You said you were able to visualize me, right?"

"Yeah, I was."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, do you think Mike should try shifting into me, since he can visualize me?"

"It's an interesting idea."

"If he shifted to his wolf afterwards, he would automatically revert to his true form, wouldn't he."

"Yes, Ben. He would. Let's try it."

"Mike, do you want to try visualizing me and shifting into me?"

"What if something went wrong?"

Ar-Ten-Bey said "Mike, if you can't shift back to your true form, you should still be able to shift to your wolf. When you unshift you will return to your true form."

Mike got a big smile on his face. "Let's try it! I can play with Ben's dick even when he isn't around!"

"Hey!" I said.

Mike closed his eyes. After a couple of minutes he said "Shit. The wolf is back."

I remembered he said he visualized me while I was blowing him. I reached over and undid his pants again. I pulled his cock out and began sucking on it. After a couple of minutes, it changed shape in my mouth. I pulled back and looked at it. It looked like my cock, but not exactly like it. Then I looked at Mike. He looked a little like each of us. I guess we were going to have very attractive kids.

"Mike, open your eyes and look down."

He did. "Holy shit! I did it. I shifted into something that isn't my wolf! He walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Ar-Tan-Bey said "Mike, congratulations! You did it. If you can do this, you'll be able to do other shapes eventually. It may take a long time until it is effortless, but I think you'll be able to do it. If Ar-Ta-Bon was still alive, he would be so proud of you."

Mike had tears in his eyes. He grabbed me and hugged me.

"I can't believe it, Ben! This is such a relief! I was starting to convince myself that I was going to lose you."

"You can't lose me. I will always come looking for you, Mike."

He started to kiss me.

"Mike, will you shift back. I don't think I can kiss you like that."

"See! I told you! Part of your mind thinks you are being unfaithful."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, do I try to shift back differently?" he asked her.

"No. Try the way you shift back from your wolf first."

Mike closed his eyes. Nothing happened. I watched him. After a couple of minutes he said "Shit!"

He kept trying.

After a few minutes he changed into his wolf for a few seconds and then he returned to normal.

I grabbed him and kissed him.

"I'm so happy, Mike! I love you!"

"Oh, baby! I love you too. And I am just as happy, believe me! I kept picturing you doing things like changing to a fish and swimming away while I bark from the shore!"

"Oh, god! It's five o'clock. The family will be here soon for the cookout.

"But first..."

Mike unzipped my pants and gave me a wonderful blow job.

Afterwards I changed clothes and put on shorts and a t-shirt.

"Mike, we need to go clothes shopping again. I'd like to get some sandals and maybe some flip-flops."

"Sure thing. We can get those around here. Or we can drive into town. We'll go tomorrow."

Mike was bubbling and he had a good reason.

We walked into the kitchen. Mrs. Lawry had a tray with raw hamburger patties.

"Ben, do you want anything else besides hamburgers or hot dogs? We'll have chips, cole slaw, and potato salad to go with them. We can grill some chicken or salmon, if you'd prefer."

"No, that sounds great. I love hamburgers and hot dogs. People would think I was a snob if I ate grilled salmon at a cookout!" I laughed.

Mrs. Lawry glared at Mike. Then she started taking drinks outside.

"What was with Mrs. Lawry? Did she think what I said was stupid?"

"No, she likes you. She was remembering someone who insisted on grilled salmon and then complained about it being dry. Every time!"

"Is there a D in the name?" I asked.

"There are two Ds."

"I bet you miss him. If you ever shift into him, I'll cut of your cock with a butter knife. A rusty one. With poop on it." Mike laughed.

"Ooh. Ben, remind me not to visualize him. Even when you and I are having sex!"

I threw a package of hamburger buns at him. Then I hugged him.

"You are excessively wonderful, I've decided."

"Do you want me to be less wonderful?"

"I don't think it's even possible.

"It just occurred to me that your parents may think we are still fighting. You want to smooch in front of them?" I wiggled my eyebrows.

"I think smooching with you is always a good idea."

I whispered "Are you going to tell anyone what you did?"

"I'm thinking of telling my parents. I'm wondering if I should wait until I'm better at it. What do you think?"

"It's fine with me. Maybe it will prepare them for the shock when they find out I'm pregnant with their grandchild."

"Both of those things are going to turn their world upside down. The idea that the Vin-Ta can shift into other things than wolves is enormous! Even the name Vin-Ta refers to wolves."

Mike's parents joined us and I met Jack for the first time. He was very attractive and friendly. He had been out of town on business and that's why he hadn't been by to meet me. He was sixty two years old and looked twenty. It was still difficult for me to reconcile Vin-Ta ages with their appearance.

The food was wonderful and I enjoyed talking to everyone. I was starving and I mentioned that to Mike. He told me shifting burns a lot of calories.

No one seemed the slightest bit concerned that I had been poor. If they had been human, I'm sure pre-nups would have been discussed.

Mike had his arm around me most of the evening and that was nice. Every once in a while, I would see Mirabelle or Jack smiling at us.

After the sun went down, they started talking about about the run. I wondered if we would be stripping in the bathroom. Or behind a bush!

I whispered to Mike "Do we strip in front of each other before we shift, or do we go behind a bush, or what?"

"I don't want you stripping in front of Jack, Ben." I wondered if he was jealous, but I didn't mind if he was! "You can undress inside and then join us."

"OK." I smiled at him and he leaned over and kissed me.

I went into the house, undressed in our bedroom and asked Ar-Tan-Bey to change me.

My eyes were much closer to the carpet and I walked outside.

"Ben, do you want to have your normal senses: eyesight, hearing, and smell; or do you want me to try to give you wolf equivalents?"

"Normal, I think for now."

I saw a dark wolf that I knew was Mike. I could smell my mate. I walked over to him and tried to say something, but a whine came out. He started licking my muzzle and I leaned my body against his.

Then Mike took off running. He turned and looked at me and barked. I started running. I didn't have too much trouble, considering I was running for the first time on four legs. I ran the way I normally did and the wolf did it with four feet. One thing I did have trouble with was when my front legs were not on the same surface as my back legs. I had a feeling it would be difficult for me to climb stairs without practice.

Mike barked at me and play growled. I took off running and he chased me. I decided to run to the pond. I could run much faster as a wolf than as a man. When I got to the pond, I realized Mike wasn't behind me. I looked around but didn't see him. I didn't like that.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, can you improve my sense of smell?"

I could smell him. I was pretty sure he was hiding behind a bush waiting to jump out at me. I took off running in the opposite direction. I looked back and he was chasing me again. He caught me and jumped on me. I laughed and made a whining noise.

I rolled over on my back and he stood over me. He began licking my cock. That was very strange. I wondered if it was bestiality if we were both animals. My wolf dick was definitely responding. Mike stopped and laid on his belly and watched me. I laid down next to him and rested my head on him. It was a very nice moment. Then he headed back towards back of the house and I followed him. We saw two wolves chasing each other and I had a feeling that was Mirabelle and Michael. I wondered where Jack was when he jumped on top of Mike. The play wrestled for a while and then Jack took off running. Mike took off after him and I followed Mike.

We ran around for a couple of hours. Mike walked up to the veranda and shifted back. I started to shift there too, but I decided to shift in the bedroom. I did and got dressed. Mike walked in and got a pair of shorts out of a drawer. He put them on and said "Did you have a good time"

"Yeah, I did. It's hard to believe it's actually good for you."

"What do you mean?" he asked me.

"Well, the shifting makes you live longer, right?"

"Yeah, it does."

"So, it's the most fun I ever had, medically!" I said. Mike chuckled.

He pulled me into his arms and said "I love you, Ben."

"I love you, too."

"Hey, I just realized I didn't see Mrs. Lawry or Evie running around."

"They go running off on their own. I've invited them to run with us, but I think since I'm their employer, they feel inhibited around me. They've told me several times that they enjoy chasing each other and play fighting."

"And the two of them can do that without having to worry about their employer get pissed off," I speculated.

"I think it's mostly because I run with my family, and even though they live with us, they feel they aren't family. But as long as they're happy, I'm not going to pressure them into doing something they aren't comfortable doing." That made sense to me.

"Mike, I felt funny when you were licking me in wolf form. Do Vin-Ta often have sex in wolf form?"

"Some do, some don't. It makes some very uncomfortable."

"I might get used to it, if you want to try sometime."

"To be honest, I would enjoy it more when we have two legs. Talking a wolf cock up your dry wolfie hole can be unpleasant. And you can't exactly use lube!" I laughed.

"Are we going back outside?"

"If you want. My parents were heading home. We can go sit under the stars, if you want."

"That would be wonderful, as long as Jack is still here."

Mike growled at me and I kissed him.

"You are everything I need and want, Mike."

"Let's go see how many stars we can see," he said.

We sat out there and enjoyed the evening for an hour or so. Then we went inside.

"Are you hungry?" Mike asked me.

"No, I'm fine."

We headed for our bedroom.

"I want to try shifting into you again, Ben."

He closed his eyes and worked at it.

He tried for a few minutes with no success.

"Give me your hand and try it, Mike."

After a few minutes, he began to change. He looked a little more like me than he had the first time he shifted.

"You did it, Mike."

Mike got up and went into the bathroom. I followed him.

"I look more like you this time."

"Yeah. You do."

"What made you think holding my hand would help?"

"Both times you said you were able to visualize me before, I was blowing you. I thought maybe touching you helped you visualize me. Or maybe you can smell me because I'm close, and that helped."

"Ben, I really want to keep working on this until I can do it easily. Will that bother you?"

"No. Being with you is where I want to be. Do you want to keep doing it this evening?"

"No. But I want to work on it tomorrow most of the day, if you are agreeable."

"That's fine, Mike. I want this as much as you do."

Mike spent a few minutes trying to revert. He didn't have any success, so he shifted to his wolf and then back to normal.

I started getting undressed. Once I was naked, I got in bed. Mike joined me and we made love.

We were both exhausted and we went to sleep.