Plan of the Shusheen

Shifter Worlds

By Vic James

Copyright 2012 by Vic James


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That night, I dreamed of the Fithar again. This time they were on Earth. In the dream I saw them flying around killing people and animals. Some they ate, but most they just killed and left. I saw three Fithar attack and eat another one. They bit and ate from its arms and legs first while it screeched at them. Then they disemboweled it and ate from its belly. It died then. The three attackers fought over the victim's organs.

The next morning, I asked Ar-Tan-Bey about my dream.

"I dreamed the Fithar were on Earth. Do they have space travel?"

"Yes. They frequently attack us on Shilleen."

"They don't seem intelligent enough or get along well enough to develop any technology. They seem to enjoy killing other Fithar as much as anything else. Why haven't they killed each other off?"

"They are intelligent. And the Fithar do not die, either."

"Oh. I wish you hadn't told me that."

Later, I asked her "Do you have any idea why the Shusheen and Fithar do not die, but all life on Earth does?"

"One of our oldest religions taught that both the Shusheen and the Fithar were created. The maker was displeased with the Fithar and banished them to another planet in our system. Only a fixed number of Fithar were created, around six hundred and fifty and their numbers never increase. Every one of their young is a replacement for a Fithar in need of a body. Unlike the Shusheen, every offspring is a Null. The planet the Fithar inhabit is very unpleasant. The planet is considerably larger than Shilleen and closer to the sun. It is hotter the gravity is about thirty percent higher than Shilleen. It has a very large moon which is almost as large as Shilleen. Gravitational forces keep the planet active geologically with many active volcanoes. The volcanoes produce a lot of toxic gasses which periodically wipe out groups of Fithar. There is also an enormous amount of atmospheric electricity due to volcanic ash and winds, and Fithar are frequently struck by lightning. Because of their own violence and conditions on their home world, they spend a great deal of their time bearing offspring to supply the waiting Fithar with bodies."

"Do we need to worry about them attacking us?"

"Humans could wipe all of them out in a few minutes with their current technology. The Fithar would be reborn on Fithome, their home planet. So, unless they are bored, they wouldn't even try."

The next few weeks were wonderful. I began to feel like a member of Mike's family. They all seemed to genuinely like me and each of them frequently commented on what an improvement I was on the people Mike had been involved with previously.

Mike spent a lot of time working on shifting while I read on my Kindle. He could shift into an exact replica of me, but he still wasn't able to visualize anything but the wolf and me. After a week or so, he was able to transform into me without touching me, so he was making progress. He was very frustrated, however by his inability to visualize anything else.

Finally, I had an idea.

"Ar-Tan-Bey, do you think that if I was to transform into another shape, that Mike might be able to visualize me in that shape?"

"It's a possibility. I do wish that Mike was not so impatient. He's accomplished something extraordinary, but he is still disappointed."

"I'm sure that is because the whole reason he wants to shift is so he can change shape to follow me if he needs to. Shifting into my shape is completely useless, even if it is extraordinary."

"Mike, there's something I want to try. Since you can visualize me easily, I want to try to shift into something else and have you try to visualize that."

Mike rubbed his face and said "OK."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, will you change me into some kind of cat?"

I shifted and looked up at Mike.

He smiled at me and said "I love my pussy." I started laughing and it came out as a kind of squeal/roar.

I sat in front of him and he stared at me. Then he closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he looked at me again. He kept trying, but it was getting late. We stopped and got ready for bed.

"Mike, I know you are frustrated, but I really believe you'll be able to shift into other forms, eventually. It might take years though."

"I know, Ben. It's just that I want this more than anything I've ever wanted."

We continued the exact same thing the next two days. It was really boring for me to sit there in front of him. Finally on the third day, I'd had enough. I got up and put my paws on his shoulders and licked him. Mike laughed, but then he closed his eyes and he shifted! He turned into a wolf/cat hybrid. Mike had a mirror placed a mirror on the wall in front of the sofa. He stared at himself.

I started jumping and yelling, I was so excited. Mike shifted directly into his normal shape without transforming to his wolf first. That was the first time he had done that.

"Mike! You did it! Not only that, you shifted directly from the cat into your own shape."

"I did? I didn't even think about shifting back. I just wanted to do it and I shifted!"

"Do you know what this means? If I need to shift, you can visualize yourself into the same shape. Even if you can only match my shape, we'll be able to stay together!"

Over the next few weeks, Mike perfected his cat. Once again, he was eventually able to assume the identical shape.

"Ben, we are making progress, slowly. I have an idea. Why don't we concentrate on forms that might help us both get out of danger, like something that can swim and something that can run very fast? Can you shift to something capable of flight?"

"I know the Shusheen can. I saw them flying."

"Ar-Tan-Bey, will you change me?"

"Ben, we are indoors. Don't flap your wings suddenly."


I felt myself getting shorter and saw feathers sprout on my arms while they lengthened. Then new arms sprouted from my shoulders. When I was fully shifted, my wings were stretched out. I let my arms down and the wings folded up to my sides.

Mike was staring at me. He didn't say anything.

"Mike, are you OK?"

"You're an angel!"

"Thanks, baby! I love you, too."

"No. I mean you are an Angel! Look in the mirror!"

I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself. My body had shrunk, but otherwise looked the same. I had two large wings which sprouted from my shoulders. I extended them out. I supposed I sort of did look like an angel, but I thought mostly I looked like myself with wings.

"Ar-Tan-Bey," I said aloud. "How do we keep from being easy targets in the sky with this shape?"

She said "I can change your color to match the sky. Mike, I don't know if you will be able to do that. Why don't you try shifting to the cat, but make the color black. If you can do that, then you should be able to match Ben's coloring in flight."

I shifted back and waited while Mike attempted a black cat. After about an hour, he was able to do it.

Mike grabbed me and swung me around. He was ecstatic and I was too."

"Baby, let's celebrate!

"How would you feel about getting away? Just the two of us somewhere remote. I have a lodge in the mountains in Colorado that's not close to anything. We can enjoy the solitude and if we get bored, we can practice flying far away from anyone."

"That sounds wonderful, Mike. As long as we don't spend the whole time practicing shifting. When we are working here, if I get bored, I can wheedle Mrs. Lawry into making something fabulous."

"There's no reason we can't take her, if you want. If we do any shifted flying, there's no reason we have to do it around her."

"That sounds nice. I've got to admit, I want to fly!"

"Do you have anywhere around the sea where we could practice swimming forms?"

"No, but I could buy an island."

"I love it when you say things like that!" I laughed. "Do you realize no one ever said that to me before?" Mike laughed.

"I feel like celebrating, Mike. With your cock. Do you think he still likes me?"

"Well, he did this morning. And right after lunch. Still, that has been hours!"

I began unbuttoning my mate's shirt, exposing his chest. I leaned forward and sucked on a nipple. While I was doing that, I placed my hand on his crotch. He was hard; just the way I liked him.

Mike pulled my clothes off of me, and then pulled the rest of his clothes off.

"Get on your hands and knees, Ben."

I did. Mike got behind me and pulled my cheeks apart. He buried his face in my crack and moaned. "Fuck, you smell good, Ben!" Mike began lapping at my hole. It relaxed automatically for Mike. That was one of the changes in my body. Mike pulled back and rubbed his cock along my crack. Then he pushed slowly into me. I pushed back at the same time.

"Feels wonderful, Mike."

Mike began thrusting slowly. He stroked my cock at the same time. His thrusts became harder and faster. My hole began its spasms which had now had become full orgasms. This was another change that had occurred in my body. Mike stopped thrusting and allowed the spasms to massage his prick. He began moaning and then resumed his thrusts. He placed both hands on my shoulders and began pummeling me. He shouted as he came for the first time. He didn't stop pounding me. I had an orgasm and my come began shooting out of my cock.

My orgasm triggered another in Mike. He pulled my hips tightly against him and filled me with more of his come. His cock began to swell in me and that caused more spasms. He pushed hard into me and I came again. Mike caught my come in his hand. I assumed he was going to eat it, but I couldn't see.

He collapsed onto me and I collapsed onto the bed.

Mike laughed and said "Not bad for our seventh and eight orgasms of the day!" He pulled slowly out of me.

"You said it, babe. Before I met you, that was just plain not possible for me."

Mike rolled onto his side and pulled me against him and we took a nap.

When I woke up, Ar-Ten-Bey said "Ben, before you and Mike work on flying, I would like to start work on some detection devices. If we are going to be travelling, it makes sense to have the devices so we can run scans at the places we'll be. It will be expensive, however."

"I'll arrange it with Mike. How are you going to have it done? Are you going to assemble them yourself, or send out specs to have them manufactured?"

"We will do it all ourselves. If the specs leaked, there would be danger to the Shusheen if they are still here. It would also endanger the three shifter races."

When Mike woke up, I explained what A-Ten-Bey wanted to do.

"How expensive will it be, Ar-Ten-Bey?" he asked her.

"It could end up costing as much as a million dollars but hopefully will be closer to five hundred thousand."

"Ben, how do you feel about it?" Mike asked me.

"I think we owe it to her to help, if we can."

"OK, then. When do you want to start?"

"Right away," she said.

"Do we do it here or elsewhere?" Mike asked her.

"Somewhere with tight security. If we do it here, we should probably have the equipment delivered elsewhere and bring it here ourselves."

"I still have a lab in town. We can have it delivered there."

"That should work fine."

I allowed Ar-Ta-Bey to take over my body to identify the things we'd need. She showed Mike each item, along with the price."

"Ar-Ten-Bey," he told her. "Just let me know about the things that cost more than a quarter of a million."

"OK, Mike."

Over the next week or so, she ordered equipment. As it got delivered to the Mike's lab, we would drive into town and pick it up to bring home. One of Mike's many unused bedrooms was converted into a lab.

When most of what she needed had been brought to the house, she said "Mike and Ben, I can work on developing and assembling the devices during the day or at night, while Ben sleeps. Obviously he has to be physically present for me to do anything. Do you have a preference?"

Mike asked "If you work in the day, will I have anytime with Ben?"

"Of course! I wouldn't ask either of you to devote your entire lives to this. I thought eight to ten hours a day would be enough time."

I asked "If you assembled it at night, would my body suffer from lack of sleep?"

"No, Ben. Your body never has suffered from that."

"I think I would prefer that you do it at night. That way I can spend my days with Mike."

Mike smiled at me. "That's my preference as well. Although I will miss sleeping with Ben."

"I'm hopeful this will take no longer than a month."

The next day Evie came to us to say that Harriet had died.

Mike and I were both sad, Mike more than me.

"Mike, she had a really long, pleasant life. The world really doesn't need an immortal rodent." Mike laughed.

"I know, but it's like the end of an era. You have no idea of the amount of work I put into her. I don't suppose you are a Gerbil Ghost Whisperer?"

"No. I concentrate on the living. Dead gerbils are a completely different matter. Or ectoplasm.

"Do you want to bury her or cremate her? Do you know how to get in touch with her family?"

We buried her. Mike actually cried. I felt bad for him. To be honest, with Mike around I'd only been in to see her a couple of times. She really couldn't compete with him!