Word of advice from the writer: This story contains some slightly kinky sex scenes between teenage boys. If you are too young to read such things, or if it's not your cup of tea, then you are at the wrong tea party. You should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque.
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Pocket-sized Love
by Winter

I guess you could call half of that day a plain, ordinary one. Mom and dad did their usual Sunday grocery shopping, and I tagged along mostly for lack of anything else to do. It was a beautiful summer day; just a few white puffs of clouds in the sky, and the sun scorching the landscape, turning the green lawns a dry shade of hay. The Water Preservation Act was on its second week. Normally, I'd be out all day mowing lawns, making a good amount of pocket money, but nothing was growing, so nothing needed mowing. My parents started panting and complaining about the heat as soon as we got out of the air-conditioned house, but I didn't really mind. I'd already tanned well, and some sweat didn't bother me much. I was worse off once the white-cold season begun. There was a flicker of movement in the top window of the next-door house, and I spotted little Sean leaning out over the sill, trying to catch some humid air. I waved at him, receiving a grin in return. I call him little only because it irks him so. He's really just a week younger than me, and only an inch or two shorter, but he was much more of a late-bloomer than me, and now at fifteen he was just through getting into puberty. We were friends, of course, growing up together, but we weren't exactly best friends. While he was more into books and computers, I was an outdoors guy, playing rough while he played intellectually. Still, he was good to hang out with, and he did help me earlier that summer when we painted both our houses.

To my delight, dad put the learner sign on the car and handed me the keys. I had only just got my permit, so I knew I wouldn't be driving all the way to town, but it was still a thrill just to get behind the wheel. We've got a big car, an old Cadillac dad practically re-built from scrap, so he and mom took the front seat. To their credit, they tried to keep their hands discreet, but I could still see them in the corner of my eye. Hitting their forties, they were still completely in love with each other, and in a way I envied them. My brief encounters with girls had been awkward, at best. They were both really good-looking, and I guess I was lucky, because I inherited the best of them both; mom's piercing blue eyes and wavy blond hair, and dad's nicely toned body and slightly darker complexion. Like him, I tanned easily, which was why I could take all those outdoors jobs all through the summers. My friends often thought I was insane, working away the lazy days, but they also knew I went stir-crazy as soon as anyone tried to make me do nothing. Starting the car, I backed out of our driveway, much more smoothly than just a couple of weeks ago, and headed towards the freeway. To my surprise, dad let me continue up on it. It was such a thrill to speed up, to feel and hear the engine push itself to match the speed limit. I soon forgot the fondling and smooching taking place right next to me. All too soon, though, we reached our turn-off, and I pulled over to let dad drive. Which was just as well, because there was quite a lot of traffic that day. If I had known it would be the last time I'd drive a car, I might have shed a tear, but right then and there, I was perfectly happy to stretch out in the back seat.

Once the shopping was done, I felt my eyelids strain a bit, so I let dad drive all the way home. We helped putting the grocery away, then I withdrew to my room with a couple of cans of pop and a bag of chips. Reading doesn't count as doing nothing, so I flopped down on my bed and grabbed my battered copy of Traitor's Moon, opening it to the bookmark. I had read the whole series half a dozen times already, but I never tired of it. Some of the guys on the soccer team got on my case for reading `fag literature', but I shrugged them off. So what if the two heroes were in love with each other? It was still a great read. About halfway through the bag of chips, there was a light tap on my window, followed by another. I tried to ignore it until it came back again, then I got up, frowning over the interruption. There was nobody on the ground below the window, but I soon saw Sean over in his window, holding a pea shooter. He waved for me to come on over, and I shrugged, nodding. After all, my reading mood was spoiled. I thought about him as I changed into some more casual clothes. Even though we didn't share many interests, apart from books, hardly a day went by when we didn't at least stop to talk to each other. He was paler than me, mostly because he would always wear a lot of sunblock whenever he did show any part of his body to the sun, and I guess you could say he was rather plain-looking. Short brown hair, brown eyes, slightly pudgy body but a slim face. But he had a nice sense of humour whenever he used it, and was an easy enough fellow to be around. He didn't care much for my sports friends, so when I was with him, it was usually only the two of us. Coming to think of it, I realised I had really no idea what he did when we weren't together. Maybe he just kept to his books or hung around on-line.

So I slipped into my sneakers, told mom I'd be back in time for lunch, then I took off. Not realising I had lied to her.

The dry grass was crunching beneath my feet as I walked across our lawn. The border between the two properties was just symbolic; a straight row of flowers stretching from the street's edge to the thick hedges that bordered against the forest behind our houses. Jumping across the flowers was nothing. Sean's lawn was a lot greener than ours, and for a moment I wondered if his parents were disobeying the Act. But no, the Johnson's were timid people, and wouldn't go against the law just like that. Still, their lawn looked just fine, and might even need a trimming soon. I knew I wouldn't have to volunteer; they always called me when they needed mowing, and usually paid well. Mrs Johnson greeted me as I walked in through the kitchen door. She was making cookies, and handed me a bunch to take with me upstairs. I thanked her politely, then peeled off my shoes and trotted up the stairs to Sean's room. He lived in the farthest room from the stairs, and with nothing else but storage rooms and guest rooms it was pretty solitary. He once told me his parents don't come up there very often, leaving him be as long as he kept his room relatively clean. Which he did. I've never seen a teenager's room more meticulously tidied. The bare floorboards were completely devoid of the magazines, clothes, old toys and other stuff that littered the floor of my other friends' rooms. Yes, mine as well. He had a few posters, but not of girls or cars like I did. Instead, they showed abstract patterns, beautiful fan-like or seashell-looking things he called fractal diagrams. Obviously something mathematical, but that was never my strong side. He opened the door just as I was about to reach for the handle, and quickly ushered me inside. There was some strange kind of scent to the room, musky and tangy like nothing I had smelled before. Then there was a kind of metallic, almost salty smell, almost like blood. I handed him the plate of cookies, suddenly not feeling like one, then took a look around. The place looked nothing at all like it had last time I had seen it, which was just a couple of days ago. He had brought out an old box of toys, and some of them were scattered all over his normally completely clean desk. The floor was all but covered in leaves and twigs, and I could see he had painted stuff beneath these. Circles and diagrams, of a kind I had never seen before. On his bed were a bunch of opened books, and I recognised some of them from his shelves; he loved to read about witchcraft and occult stuff, and had made me try some spells with him. None ever worked, of course, but it was fun anyway. Other books looked older, as if he had been raiding the deepest catacombs of the town library. I had worked there one summer, dusting row upon row of shelves containing the books no one ever checked out. These definitely had the right looks. He put the cookies aside and half dragged me across the littered floor, carefully steering me outside of the paintings. Smiling to myself, I began to wonder what it would be this time. Would we try to summon Satan?

"Great that you would come, Todd," he said in a hushed tone, sitting me down in front of his computer, where I could see a lot of windows opened, all showing text files. I had no time to read them, though. "Here, drink this."

He handed me a glass of what looked like iced tea, and thinking no more of it, I chugged it back. Almost at once, I gagged on the foul taste of it. My mouth began to feel like something had crawled away and died in there, and my head began to spin. I barely had time to catch a glimpse of pure triumph in those plain brown eyes before everything went black.

I was still feeling nauseous when I came to. The foul taste in my mouth was gone, but not the memory of it. Yawning, I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I was lying on a large blanket, with a thin sheet wrapped around me. To my dismay, I realised that I was naked beneath. Had Sean stripped me? What the hell was he playing at!? A wave of anger surged through me as I looked around me. He was lying on his bed, reading a book, and I wrapped the sheet around myself, thinking I'd go over there and tell him off once and for all. But as I stood up, I realised something was horribly wrong. Every perspective seemed off, and I couldn't understand why. Then it hit me; I had stood up, but my view of the room hadn't changed! It was as if I was still lying down on the floor. Head spinning, I sat down with a groan, and Sean looked up from his book, smiling.

"Ah, so you're awake at last. I was afraid I'd made that sleeping drug too strong for you."

"Sleeping drug? What the hell are you...?"

Talking made me feel uneasy again, and I got to my feet, realising to my horror that I was still looking up at him. Another pang of fear struck me as I discovered that I wasn't on the floor. I was standing on Sean's desk, but as he got up from the bed he towered above me, tall as a giant. I stood agape, beginning to tremble as he got near. I dropped the sheet, but hardly noticed that. I had to look away, but instead I found myself staring out across a vast chasm towards the floor below. It was clean now, once more, every trace of the junk and paint gone. Since I'm slightly afraid of heights I recoiled, running towards the middle of the desk, where I collided with a purple toy car as big as my bed. The wind knocked out of me, I fell back, and once more found myself looking up at the giant that had once been my friend Sean. Only, it was still him. His smile was one of reassurance, almost of pity, as he sat down next to the desk, leaning down so his head got on level with me. I was about as tall as his face, I realised, looking around at the toys that were still there. I was like a four-inch doll!

"I can't believe it worked," Sean said, his voice tingling with an excitement I didn't share. "I can't believe it actually worked!"

"What worked!?" I cried, not sure if my voice could reach him. "What the hell have you done to me?"

"Oh, just a little spell," he laughed. "Don't worry, I practised using it long before I tried it on you."

"Why?" was all I could say. I felt close to tears. "Why me?"

"You wouldn't know, of course." This time, there was sadness in his voice. "I've been in love with you for years, but you never looked twice at me. There was no way I could ever have you, unless I made you mine. My very own."


"Don't bother. I can hardly understand it myself. It's part magic, part maths. I had to prepare for hours."

"All that stuff on the floor, was that just to make me... to turn me into this?"


"When will you turn me back?" I asked, dreading the answer.

"I won't. I can't. There's no such spell."

I was taken aback. There were too many shocks at once, and I just sank down to the ground. The desk, a part of my mind corrected me, and it was all I could do to keep from breaking into a hysterical fit of laughter. So Sean was in love with me. That was a surprise, but not really a shock. I had nothing against gay people, and if he had just asked me to my face I felt sure I could have rejected him kindly. I was trapped being a decimetre tall. That was harder to digest.

"My parents..." I begun, but my voice failed me. "They'll..."

"They won't find out." Again, he had a look of pity on his face. "That was the hardest part of the spell, to erase all traces of you. No one but me will even remember that you've ever existed. They'll clean out your room, then forget all about you."

My jaw dropped, and I just sat there, shaking my head. A tear fell down Sean's cheek, and some small part of my mind that was still rational realised that it hurt him badly to see me so upset. My parents no longer remembered me! I collapsed into a sobbing, helplessly crying heap, feeling hot tears burn my palms as I covered my face. Before I fainted, I felt a soft touch on my back, stroking me gently as if to comfort.

Next time I woke up, it was in a real bed, and I sighed to myself. So it had been a dream. A weird one, and strangely realistic, but still a dream. Then I realised that I didn't recognise the bed, and I sat up, groaning as I looked out over the cluttered desk. It was real! I was lying in a doll's bed, just large enough for me, and the blanket carefully folded over me to keep me warm, was not a blanket but a handkerchief. I got to my feet, stretching my arms above my head. The nausea was gone, but I still felt a little weak after the shock I had received. No wonder! Mom and dad... All my friends... School... All right, so it wasn't all bad. My teachers would have forgotten all about my summer assignments. And my dentist appointment was probably nullified, as well. Focusing on those thoughts, I looked around the room. Sean was asleep in his bed, breathing softly, and I had to stifle a giggle as I suddenly pictured myself setting out on a two-mile trek to his bed in order to strangle him in his sleep. Keeping well away from the edges of the desk, I walked around among his old toys. There were plenty of cars of varying sizes, most of them dismantled to some degree. That's Sean for you; always taking things apart just to see if they worked, or if they would work when he put them back together again. I recognised one of his old favourites; a small copy of the Volvo P1800 Roger Moore used to drive in old episodes of The Saint. Only now it wasn't small anymore. It was almost as long as I was tall. A grin spread across my face as I, with an effort, picked up a paper clip and scratched the paint on the side of the car. Payback for my Tonka truck he wrecked when we were six! Petty-minded, I know, but I vowed to avenge myself even further as soon as the opportunity arose. Dropping the paper clip with a clang, I went back to my exploring. There were dolls and action figures, plastic monsters, airplane models, a couple of fragmented Transformers and what seemed to be tons of Lego blocks. In a way, it was an old dream come true; I mean, what kid never dreamt of being small enough to climb into his toy cars? I know I did. And now that dream had come true. I recognised a tractor we had often played with in the sandbox, and I climbed into its cabin. Somehow, I felt cheated when I discovered it had no steering wheel, no pedals and no gear stick. Just a plastic bench that clung to my bare rump as I sat down on it.

"Having fun?"

"Shit!!" I got up so fast I hit my head on the cabin ceiling. Luckily that, too, was made out of soft plastic. My heartbeat slowly returned to normal as I got out of the tractor, coming face-to-face with Sean's wide grin. "Damn, don't do that! You nearly scared me to death!"


"How can you move that monster of a body without a sound?"

"You were miles away, Todd." He giggled. "Guess you won't call me `little Sean' again, eh?"

"Maybe not. So, are you gonna call me little Todd now? Getting back at me?"

"No, Todd, I won't do that." He sat down on his desk chair. "Don't you realise? This isn't a revenge thing. I love you!"

"Than turn me back to normal again!"

"You know I can't. But don't worry, I'll take care of you. From now on, I'll care for you with all of my love."

"Sean, I'm not gay, I can't love you back."

"Don't say that. Once you get to know me..."

"You can't change what I am!"

"Once you get to know me, once you get to know how much I love you, you might change your mind." He reached out and touched me with a finger nearly as thick as my head. "Either way, I can promise you you'll get a good life."

"Sean, this is... this isn't possible!" I sat down, my head racing. "I'm not a brain-case like you, I don't know all about physics or biology, but I'm not stupid either. You can't shrink a person."

"I just did."

"But..." I struggled to understand it all, or at least to form the questions I wanted to ask. "My body... Either you've reduced the number of cells in my body, which is impossible since it wouldn't function then, or you've shrunk them all, but they can't function when they're this much smaller, can they?"

"You're still alive, aren't you? All your cells are there, don't worry about them. I assure you, everything works, you're just a bit compressed."

"Then where's my mass? I ought to have my normal weight, right?"

"Right, if this was all about physics. But it isn't. Todd, magic is meant to bypass science. That's what it's for. Just accept it, you're here, you're small and you'll stay small."

"But why?"

"I already told you. I love you. I want you to spend your life with me, and I finally found a way."

"I'll run away."

"And become what? A side-show freak? Or dissected in some science lab? By now, I'm the only one who'll recognise you."

"Damn it, why didn't you tell me you loved me!?" I beat my fist against the tractor's wheel. "We could have worked it all out!"

"Would you have rejected me?"

"I... I don't know..."

"You would. I know you would." Tears began to roll down his cheeks. "I also know I couldn't take that. Not from you. I had to do this."

"Sean, don't cry..." Despite what he'd done to me, I couldn't help feeling sorry for him. This was a side I'd never seen in him before. He was suddenly so vulnerable, so fragile. "I won't run away, I promise, just don't cry. You're my friend, Sean, I hate to see you down."

I walked over to him and leaned against his elbow, which was resting against the desktop. He smiled at me through his tears, and I found myself smiling back. With his other hand, he stroked my back, while I patted his arm. After a little while, his tears abated, and we seemed to come to some kind of mutual, silent agreement. I ought to hate him, but at the same thing he was the closest thing I'd ever had to a brother. In a fraternal way, I did love him. And above all else, I hated to see him cry.

I didn't even realise I had been crying, too, until I wiped my puffy eyes on Sean's sleeve. It took us a while to regain our composure, but once we had, he had a surprise for me. A chocolate chip cookie big enough to go sledding on! My stomach immediately started growling, and the sound threw us both into a fit of laughter. Sean added to that a thimbleful of soda, and I have to say I forgot all my troubles as I sat down to eat. He joined me, finishing off most of the plate his mom had given me while I only managed about a quarter of my cookie. After that, I had chocolate up to my elbows and my stomach was so full I thought I'd burst.

"So what happens now?" I asked, letting out a tiny burp that made Sean giggle. "Am I gonna be your customised Action Man doll or what?"

"Yeah, only cuter," he replied, blushing. "And anatomically correct."

"Oh shit!" I had totally managed to forget that I was still naked, and now I hurried to cover up my private parts. A part of my mind did a quick calculation, arriving at the disheartening answer that my once-proud manhood was now reduced to less than a third of an inch. I groaned. "Erh, do you have anything I could wear? Apart from Barbie's wedding dress, I mean."

"Actually, I think you'd probably look good in it." He laughed. "There are some other action figure clothes somewhere, I'll see what I can find. Otherwise, I'll sew you something."

"You mean you actually failed to prepare, for once?" I couldn't resist an evil grin.

"Not really. I kind of like to see you naked."


My entire upper body was blushing, but this only made him laugh all the more. After a little while, I joined in. Something about the situation suddenly seemed awfully comical, and we had us a good laugh. Once I had calmed down, though, I returned to my bed and wrapped myself in the handkerchief. I wasn't about to give him his own private peep show. Eating had made me tired, and I yawned widely.

"Seems like you're still tired from the transfiguration."

"The what?" I asked automatically, but I managed to stop him before he launched into an explanation. "Never mind. Thanks for the cookie and all, but I really need a nap."

"Don't think you'll only eat sweets, my love." He smiled warmly. "I'll make sure you get a healthy diet."

"Yes, mother. Just leave out the peas, okay?" I shuddered. "Basketball-sized peas! I'd rather have you take me out the back and stomp me to death."

"Don't say that, please! I'm not gonna hurt you! Never!"

"Okay!" I hurried over to touch his hand before he'd start crying again. "I believe you, I really do! I was just kidding, okay? I know you won't hurt me. Okay?"

"Okay." He grinned weakly. "You'd better go to bed before you fall asleep right here. I'll keep watch over you."

"Right. Don't let the cat in."

"I don't have a cat. Neither do you."

"Oh." I grinned at him. "Are you sure? I could've sworn I had a cat."

He laughed, then picked me up. For a brief second, I was a little scared, but I hadn't needed to worry. His grip was soft, yet firm enough so I didn't have to be afraid of him dropping me. Before I could even manage a protest, he had pulled the hanky off of me, then laid me down on my bed and tucked me in. I didn't even have time to get embarrassed about being naked in front of him. I had a couple of smart remarks on the tip of my tongue, but I swallowed them down. Instead, I closed my eyes and began to drowse away.

Next time I woke up it was dark outside. I felt totally refreshed, so I got out of the bed and wrapped the hanky around myself like a Roman toga. I was a bit hungry again, so I kicked loose a couple of crumbs of cookie, then sat down to eat them. It was only then that I noticed a strange, grunting noise. I looked around, then spotted Sean. He was lying on his bed, completely naked, and he was jerking off! A towel on the floor next to the bed indicated that he'd just come out of the shower. I could see that he was biting his lip, probably to keep from making too much noise and waking me up. I watched as he kept stroking himself, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the head, much the way I did. The tip was wet, and some pre-cum was running down the shaft, across his fingers. Every now and then, he'd let out a soft grunt or moan, followed by my whispered name. In a way, I found the sight quite arousing, and I felt myself starting to get hard. Sean's cock looked like it was about five inches long; half an inch shorter than mine had been, but quite a bit thicker to even things out. I guess I couldn't have called him little Sean because of that. Then another thought struck me. Five inches... That meant it was longer than I was tall! An image appeared inside my mind, of me standing knee-deep in his pubic hair, leaning against his erection and stretching my arms to reach the opening of his foreskin. To my surprise, my own cock immediately went rigid, and started leaking right away. Why was that? I had never fantasised about Sean before; hell, I'd never thought about another guy, period! Yet, now I slowly slipped a hand in beneath my hanky-toga and started rubbing myself in time with him. Maybe, deep down, I had realised that he was all I had now, and that the only sex I was ever likely to have would be with him. Or maybe it was something else, something deeper. Some feelings I'd always had, but never allowed myself to notice. Whatever it was, I pushed those thoughts from my mind, and focused instead on the orgasm that was building up inside me. I backed up until I could sit down on my bed, then pulled off the toga. As Sean increased the pace of his stroking, so did I, and I lay down so I could pretend to be asleep in case he should see me. We came almost exactly at the same time, covering our stomachs in white, sticky semen. Neither of us could withhold a cry as we reached our peaks, and of course we both heard one another. Our eyes met just as we pumped the last drops out of our spent cocks, but strangely enough I didn't feel embarrassed at all. Apparently, neither did he, so we just grinned at each other, then turned away. I heard from the rustling of his sheets that he got ready for sleep just as I pulled the hanky over myself. I was asleep before long.

Several days passed, when neither of us mentioned our little session. I guess Sean was being considerate, or just afraid I'd freak out. Me? I was still afraid I'd freak out. I had jerked off watching a naked boy doing the same, and not only that, I'd had one of the best orgasms of my life. It was a little too much to put down as frustration and letting off steam. Our lives seemed to settle into some kind of rhythm. Since it was summer, there was no school, so Sean spent almost all his time with me. He kept his promises; not only did he make sure I got good food, he actually sewed me some clothes. I'd tried to wear Action Man pants, but the fabric was too stiff and too rough. So I settled for my hanky-toga while I waited. There were some awkward moments when he took my measurements, and I had to strip in front of him, but it was worth the wait. He made me some shirts and pants from thin, soft cotton, and to my delight they fit better and were more comfortable than my real clothes had. I told him so, and I could see his chest swell with pride. He blushed quite a bit, too.

After that first night, Sean brought out more doll's furniture. He had nicked them from his uncle's attic, he explained, thinking nobody would notice, or care to notice, since his cousins had long ago outgrown playing with dolls. So I had like a little apartment of my own, right there on his desk, with a bed, a couch, a table and some chairs. I even had a potty that he put inside a toy garage to protect my modesty, then emptied without ever complaining. He brought me a little bowl to use as a washbasin, a chip of soap and a couple of shreds of terry cloth to use as towels. Everything fit my new size pretty well, even though the chairs were too thin-legged to support my weight. Sean fixed them with some glue and a couple of toothpicks, though. He even built me a chest of drawers out of Lego blocks, to put my new clothes in. The setting was made complete with a ten-inch TV set, which of course was like a cinema screen to me, giving me something to do when he was away.

I had never spent this much time together with Sean, and as the days passed, I discovered new sides of him I hadn't even known existed. There were times during these first days of my new life, when I threw tantrums, cursing his ancestry all the way back to the first slimy thing that crept out of the sea, and times when I just broke down and cried, but whenever that happened, he showed such tenderness and such compassion I soon all but forgot that he was the one who had shrunk me. Days turned to weeks, and I missed my old life less and less; weeks turned to months and I grew not only accustomed to living with Sean, but actually happy with it. It was a care-free life, and I really relished in his company. We talked all the time, and we played a lot. There's actually much fun to be had when you're four inches tall. Believe it or not, but being given a ride in a toy car is a hell of a lot of fun, especially when both you and the guy pushing you around are laughing like maniacs. The game of hide-and-seek gets a bit more interesting, too, even though I often lost because I'd start giggling when I was supposed to be hiding.

Not a day passed when Sean didn't tell me how much he loved me, and how glad he was that I enjoyed staying with him. Slowly but surely, all that love wore me down, and I began to discover that I really did love him back. I was too stubborn to admit it, at first, even to myself. The façade of straightness I had put up had become almost a reflex, and I fought against my feeling as best I could. at that time, I was glad that he was in school half the day, because I had long and agitated debates with myself until I finally caved in and faced the fact: I was in love with Sean. All I needed now was the perfect opportunity to tell him.

The perfect opportunity presented itself a couple of days later. Sean sometimes brought me with him out on the lawn, keeping a careful lookout for cats, hawks and other dangers. This day, he brought us some snacks and lemonade, thinking to make it the year's last picnic. It was slowly getting colder, and the leaves had begun to fall off the trees. Even though it wasn't that late an hour, it was almost dark when we sat down, and he handed me half a potato chip. I couldn't really reach the dip bowl, so he dipped it for me, then fed me, laughing at how cute he thought I was. He lay there on a blanket, propped up on his elbows while I sat beside him, and we talked about a bunch of nothings as the evening turned to night. It was getting really cold, so I got up from where I was sitting and sat down on Sean's arm, leaning my head against his biceps. He seemed a bit surprised at first, but then he put his other hand over my legs, covering me from the night chill. I just sighed with content and snuggled closer to him, something that brought a sparkling smile to his lips.

"I love you, Todd," he whispered. "You know that, right?"

"Yeah, I know." I stroked his thumb, smiling back at him. "It feels good to know. Sean?"


"I want you to know something." I felt myself blushing. "Something I've been thinking about for a while now, and that I know for sure now."

"W-what?" Suddenly, he seemed nervous, and he licked at his dry lips. "What is it?"

"I love you, too."

"R-really?" As if on cue, tears began to form in his eyes, and in mine as well. "Please, Todd, don't tease me, not about this. A-are you sure...?"

"Yeah." I pushed his hand aside and climbed up so I could reach to kiss his chin. "I love you, Sean."

For a moment, I thought he was going to lose it, but he swallowed hard, fighting to keep back the tears that were already streaming down his cheeks. He leaned down and kissed me ever so gently, just brushing his lips against my face. I took the opportunity to kiss him back, then hugged his face, nuzzling his cheek. It felt good, a lot better than I had thought. A finger ran up and down my back, pulling us even closer together. That night, I slept in Sean's bed for the first time. Since he drops dead when he closes his eyes, not moving a muscle until his alarm clock rings, there was no danger of me being accidentally rolled over or crushed. No, once we had undressed, he lay down on his back and placed me gently on his chest. We cuddled for a while, as best we could. It was a great feeling, being touched all over by Sean's huge, gentle hands. I could feel his heart beating beneath the soft, warm skin, and his rhythmic breathing worked like cradle, rocking me to sleep. During the night, he woke me up once when he had to use the bathroom, and I sat patiently on his bedside table, waiting for him to come back. After we had laid down again, I made him giggle by fluffing up one of his nipples and using it as a pillow.

The next morning was a Sunday, so the alarm clock was off. I woke up as a sunbeam reached my face and tickled my nose. It was half past eight, and the house was all but completely quiet. I yawned and stretched, rubbing my entire body against Sean's warm chest. A perfect morning for sleeping in, but my morning wood called for attention, telling me it only barely held my bladder in check. Like that, it was impossible to go back to sleep. I stood up. It was like standing on the deck of a boat; his breathing felt just like soft waves beneath my feet. I knew I'd have to wake him up before long, or else risk wetting the bed, so to speak, but I didn't really have the heart to do it. He looked so peaceful, so absolutely beautiful where he lay with a half-smile on his lips. His greatest dream had come true last night, and I knew he was still in a state of bliss. Then something else caught my attention. There was a considerate bulge in the comforter. Ever since that first night when I saw Sean masturbating, I had half wondered what it'd be like to touch a cock larger than myself, and as my love for him deepened, so did that desire. The comforter was pulled up to his navel, and it took some hard labour to push it down enough to free his morning erection. As I had thought, I only reached up to where the head made a bulge of the foreskin, and try as I might, I couldn't make my hands meet around it. The attempt made him stir in his sleep, moaning softly as a bead of pre-cum appeared at the opening of his skin. I reached up as far as I could, then grabbed as much of his cock as I could, and pulled downwards. The skin slid back, revealing a glistening head almost twice as thick as my own, real head. A drop of pre dribbled down from his slit, and as it reached the rim of his head, I couldn't resist the urge to lick at it. It had a slimy texture, but tasted mostly sweet, with a hint of salt and another, very arousing taste that must have been that of the cock itself. I licked up all of the drop, then hugged his penis, squeezing it for more. My own hard-on rubbed against the giant shaft I was embracing, and I was so lost in my own feelings that I forgot about everything else. It wasn't until I breathed in liquid and started gagging that I realised that me entire head was covered in his clear, tasty pre-cum. What the hell, I thought once I had my breath back, and I started rubbing it all over me. As he got even harder, Sean's cock began to angle upwards, until it stuck out from his body at about forty-five degrees. By then, I could climb up and lie on top of it, grinding my crotch against it as I finally reached high enough to lick directly at the slit. There was a steady flow of pre now, dribbling down to form a puddle in his navel. I felt him shift slightly in bed, and when I looked up from what I was doing, I met with his soft brown eyes and radiant smile.

"I thought I was dreaming," he said. "Keeping busy?"

"Just a little snack before breakfast, I sniggered. "You like?"

"I like a lot."

He leaned back, supporting his head on his arms as he kept watching what I was doing. I hugged his throbbing cock tightly, milking it for pre-cum while I licked off as much of it as I could. After a little while, his sighs and moans changed into whimpers and whispered obscenities, and he freed a hand to help me rub him. I got off his cock and gave him free reins, while I rubbed and licked at the head. He wasn't far, now, and I could see his testicles begin to pull up against the base of his cock. Just as he was about to shoot, I took a couple of steps back, almost as if I was on the soccer field and was taking a free kick. Which was what I did. My foot made a hard impact into his left nut the second before his orgasm struck, and he screamed as he started shooting his juices. I watched jet after jet rise up into the air, then splash down onto his belly. As it began to abate, I grabbed his now almost limp cock and milked it for the last drops, licking them away just like I had with his pre-cum. It was a lot saltier, but still as sweet, and I could almost imagine feeling his little sperms wriggling around inside my stomach. One last spurt of it took me by surprise, coating my entire upper body with his semen, and since I got blinded by it, I took a step back and tripped as my foot went into his navel. I twisted around as I fell, and landed face down in a pool of cum. Sputtering, I tried to get up, but by then I was covered in it from head to toe, and I just couldn't get any leverage. Just about then, Sean began to come down from his peak of pleasure and pain, and as he spotted me he started laughing. I had no choice but to laugh with him.

"You... look like... hehe... a four-inch... snowman!" he managed in between bouts of laughter. "I so wish I'd... hehe... had my... camera on!"

"You laugh!" I sputtered. "Help me out before I drown!"

"What a death, drenched in cum! Hehe, I wish I'll go like that!"

"Sean, seriously, I can't move! I'm too slick."

He finally calmed down enough to pick me up, lifting me out of the ocean of cum an putting me down on top of the comforter. I thought he was going to use a tissue or something to wipe me clean, but instead he started licking me all over. It was, to say the least, a weird sensation to feel his wet, smooth tongue against my body, but at the same time it was terribly arousing. By the time he had cleaned me of his cum, I was squirming, horny as hell. He must have realised that, because he held me down, spread my legs and started to lick at my crotch. The touch of his tongue against my cock, balls and crack at the same time became too much for me, and I fired what little I had to give. It all went onto his tongue, though, and as he sat back up he closed his eyes and moaned.

"Mmm, that tasted soo good, just like I knew it would."

"Can you really taste it after eating so much of your own?"

"Sure." He blushed. "I mean, I know what my own cum tastes like. That flavour that's a thousand times sweeter must be yours."

"Flatterer." I joined him in the blush. "How's your nut?"

"Hurts like hell. Why did you kick me?"

"See it as my revenge for shrinking me. We're even now." I giggled. "Looked to me like you actually came harder because I kicked you."

"I think I did. Damn, that was the best one of my entire life. I love you, Todd."

"Love you too, big Sean, but you've gotta get me out of your bed right now, or I'll wet it."

"Shit, me too! Come on!"

He picked me up, then made a run for the bathroom. Throwing the lid of the toilet open, he aimed his prick into it and let forth what seemed to me like a waterfall. Then he held me up so I could pee as well. Blushing as I felt his eyes on me, I did what I had to do, but unlike him, I emptied my bladder in just a couple of seconds. Smiling blissfully, I looked up at my giant lover, but I failed to notice the devilish grin that had appeared on his face.

"I think you need a shower," he said. "You're still quite sticky."

"Yeah, sure." I still didn't catch the change of tone in his voice, and I thought the boyish giggle he let out was from the thought of me covered in jism. "But can't I have a bath in the washbasin, like we did that time before?"

"Sure. After your shower."

The emphasis on shower made me aware that something was afoot, but I had only just realised what he was up to when he held me down, into his steady stream of piss. I opened my mouth to protest, but as it filled up immediately with hot, strongly smelling and horribly tasting liquid, I had no choice but clamping it shut, holding my breath. He made sure to shower me from head to toe, until he ran out of ammunition, so to speak. I coughed and sputtered as he held me up again, and from his laughter, I can imagine I must have looked like a drenched cat. Not a far-fetched metaphor. I cursed him with every bit of foul language I knew, and I even think I invented some new before he got me into the washbasin and turned on the tap. I screamed as cold water hit me, then started to wash myself clean once it got warmer. Sean was still laughing as he wrapped me in a strip of terry and put me down by the tap, as he started washing his own hands. I pushed against the tap, turning it to full heat before he could react, and this time it was his turn to let out a yelp. We were still bickering when we finally got back to his room.

This became routine stuff as time passed. No, not the... ahem... kinky shower bit, I actually got him to promise never to do that again, at the risk of being castrated in his sleep. But the mutual masturbation became a regular thing, up to and including the bit where I get drenched in cum. I consider Sean my lover now, and I have to admit I've never been happier. When he finally went to college, he brought me with him, and he even sewed a special pocket into his shirt, so I could follow him to class if I wanted to. After his graduation, he made sure to get a well-paid job where he could work most of the time from home, and somehow his superiors agreed like there was nothing to it. I'd like to think it was because of his excellent grades, but I couldn't help seeing that he had packed some brushes and paint when he went for his job interview. Anyway, we spend most of our time together, and we're both perfectly happy. Right now, he's out grocery shopping. Tonight, we'll celebrate our seventh anniversary, and my giant love has promised to cook us something really extra. I'm practically bouncing as I write these last few lines. There'll most likely be some really hot love-making tonight, as well. Well, I really have to go now, because I can hear keys rustling in the door to our apartment. Before I finish, let me just share with you the one truth I have discovered during my years with Sean:

Size doesn't matter.