Progress Ain't Always A Good Thing

Gay Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.

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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.
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I finally gave in and ordered one of the New Companion of Your Dreams androids, the Macho 5000. Yeah, they have been around for awhile, but finally they are fully covered in stuff that sure feels like human skin, AND you can get them really hairy! That I have to admit was the key selling point, big, built and hairy. Hey, when you're older, unless you want to pay for someone's service or support a leech, there isn't anything left but moaning and groaning with your fellow loners about how unfair life is. One of my 2 close friends had ordered one when they first hit the market and I had to admit, they were most impressive, even though they both had the smooth version with more like swimmers builds. Me, I wanted power, bulk, rugged and hairy! Hey, I paid for it and I can have whatever the hell I want.

Science and corporations merged mostly ages ago after a few of the big time boys figured out that it could be a marriage made in heaven. The scientists got all the lab toys and research grants they needed and the corporate boys got profits. Okay, so some of the initial products turned out not so good, but they seemed to have finally gotten their acts together. The corporate guys also figured out that high prices limited the market they appealed to and by lowering the price, their stuff became more affordable by a much, much larger piece of the population. Cha Ching! Mucho Money. The government also figured out that excessive regulation cut into the taxes they received. Twenty years ago, a major change swept the world, ending the “Government Cradle to Grave Benefits” system. Yes there was help available for the needy, but along with it came mandatory training, work assignments and rehabilitation. One of the benefits was the end of homeless people. Everyone was guaranteed a place to live with responsibility for maintenance and care. Course with the introduction world wide of closed boarders, citizenship was a requirement for all of the good stuff and deportation wasn't always pleasant. There really wasn't anything one country gave over another since corporations spread world wide and natural agricultural areas provided food in controlled, earth friendly collectives.

I had a great job with one of the big corporations as a chemist. Mixing chemicals and seeing what resulted always fascinated me and my entire education was channeled in that direction. It was really something else how early testing and genetic analysis was able to steer and direct ones education and training towards the fields they liked and seemed to be destined for. Yeah, things change and nobody stopped you from changing direction, but for the most part it worked really well.

I'm 5'11” and weigh in at 225. Okay so I'm overweight but at 50, who cares really. Suppose I could have taken some of those designer drugs that kept your metabolism burning and made your muscles develop and stay that way with exercise, but that wasn't something I was interested in. I play with chemicals all day and something inside me just didn't feel good about messing with my bodies chemistry. Funny I suppose, but that's just me. Besides, I live alone and there isn't anybody that gives me the motivation to keep up with that. Now I was waiting, not patiently, for the delivery of my Macho 5000, 6'8”, 300 lbs of hairy muscle that wouldn't care what I looked like. The 10 year payment plan made it possible for me to buy the hot thing and since I rarely purchased things I didn't need or really want, I could afford it. I decided I was going to name my new companion Hoss. Heard the name from one of the ancient series that was on what they called television and I liked it and the big guy that played the character.

Oh, did I happen to mention I was gay? Sorry, but now a days, sexual preference was no longer considered something one identified oneself by. It was mostly career, education related rather then sex, since organized religion lost its control over most things and people became extremely independent and educated, figuring out that they could make up their own minds about life and the afterlife. They still existed, but without the power they used to have. It always seemed funny to me that ancient people actually watched shows they put on and sent them money.

Just about every day, my friends John and David called to see if I got my Hoss. They teased me constantly about the name, but I didn't care. It was really hard to concentrate at work since all I kept thinking about was Hoss and when I'd have him. Finally, after about 4 weeks, I received a holographic transmission that my Macho 5000 was shipped and due to arrive within a week. I was also given a special key code that would give me a holographic presentation about the Macho and how to program its major functions and attributes. Luckily the presentation would always be there for me to follow once I had Hoss. I guess ancients would call it an owners manual. Well, I wasn't about to wait until Hoss arrived, so I called up the key code on the touch screen and settled in front of the holograph displayer. I had to admit I was really surprised that what popped up after the usual corporate infomercial was my Hoss and not some generic android. It sure made me pay attention at that point. I paused the forward and had it do a 360 slow rotation of Hoss. I was really pleased and even more excited for it to be delivered. He was magnificent. It was so amazing they could even give him a completely realistic cock and balls and even the penis head I wanted was present. He was gorgeous and hot. I noticed that there were even thick veins running through muscles. The only way you could tell that he wasn't human was the color shade of his eyes, brighter then any human green and triangular iris, traits the government insisted were necessary to make identification of androids simple. They were used in all sorts of jobs humans didn't like doing or were considered too dangerous. Everyone was so used to seeing them and being around them, no one gave it much thought.

I continued the presentation which turned out to be extremely straight forward and simple to follow. I was totally blown away when I found out that I could select and change at any time the pitch of his voice, his accent, his basic personality, his mannerisms to a point and a whole bunch of things once he arrived. All I had to do was enter in my special key code and make selections from the plug in control pad. I made sure to go over several times a night what I was supposed to do and how to do it. I laughed when I found out that I could have him sweat and actually have saliva, precum and cum just by providing him with water and salt. He could even urinate if I allowed him to drink water or any beverage of my choice. He would recharge his power source as needed and notify me if there was a need for him to have maintenance performed, fully covered in the cost of course. All I had to do was reset him into diagnostic mode and a company technician would run remote diagnostics, identify the problem and either download the solution or have someone come to my house to replace a part. Totally unreal and simple. Of course I opted for that option since I really didn't want the chore of taking him to a maintenance shop. I thought it was well worth the added expense.

I'm surprised I didn't wear out my holograph player for how often I watched the presentation and full images of Hoss. John and David even came over for a Hoss viewing party I decided to throw. Silly, I know, but it was loads of fun.

Finally I received a notice that Hoss was being delivered on Friday, before 10 a.m. I made arrangements at work to take the day off so I could have the whole day and weekend, plus the Monday and Tuesday holidays off to get Hoss fully operational and tested. I couldn't sleep much Wednesday and Thursday and was really dragging at work. My friends at work teased me all day since they knew I was getting a Macho 5000 delivered. I didn't mind really since all that mattered was Hoss. Thursday after work, John came over to help me move things around in my living room so I had plenty of room to set up Hoss. He brought his android over who made us dinner and served us drinks and snacks. I have to admit, it was really nice even though John's android didn't do much for me. He named his Jason and to me he had the build of a gymnast rather then a swimmer. He did have a gorgeous color of blond hair and a super sexy smile.

Friday morning, it seemed like the minutes were taking forever to pass. I'm surprised I didn't wear out a path in the carpeting from the study to the front window, looking to see if a delivery van was pulling up. I mean who knows, the delivery guy could be lost or looking for my house. Finally on one of the many trips I saw the van pull up. Sure enough, it was 10 a.m., just as promised. The delivery guy was pretty hot himself, tall, thick and wearing a 5 o'clock shadow already. I opened the door and went out to the sidewalk and waved like an idiot. He smiled and tipped his hat before going to the back of the van and coming back out with this really huge box with a smaller box attached to the top. He had it on a levitation dolly and steared it in the direction of my house.

Hi there. I have a delivery of a Macho 5000, for Greg Patsman,” the delivery god said with a very sexy smile. “I assume that would be you?”

Yes, I'm Greg Patsma,” I said shaking myself out of a trance. “Right this way.”

I'll need to see some form of identification if you don't mind,” the god said. “Don't want to deliver the Macho to the wrong person you know.”

Oh, of course. Makes sense to me and I'm glad that's the policy,” I stammered as I ran into the house to get my wallet.

Here you go,” I smiled stupidly as I handed him my identification card and my receipt from the corporation.

Great, that's all I needed to see. Thank you! Now, where do you want me to place him?” the god asked.

Oh, right over here please,” I blushed and pointed.

He gave up a small giggle and kept that damn sexy smile on his face. I sat down in a chair out of his way as he lowered the levitation dolly to the floor, put his paperwork down and began to open up the boxes. He took the smaller box off first and opened it. I recognized it as the control console for Hoss, along with holograph discs and some actual paper work. Then with great anticipation and nervousness, I watched him open up the big, big box. I'd swear he purposely took his sweet time after he saw me watching. Probably why that smile never left his face the whole time. When he had the outside box disconnected to the base of the box, he carefully lifted it somewhat which made a pull type thing fall out. He lowered the large box and took hold of the pull thing. It zipped up the center of one side of the box and as soon as it hit the top, pulled completely away and the box spread open. I could barely make out my Hos as he was covered in thick layers of sheeting and foam. It made me wonder if he bruised easily. Anyway, again, the god purposely I'm sure, slowly, every so slowly began removing the packaging material. He carefully placed it in a special collection like bag. I was now on the edge of my chair, probably drooling, but who cared. When I finally got to see the head of Hoss, I actually gasped out loud. The god laughed.

Sure is a handsome one you got here,” the god said. “You got good taste, that's for sure.”

Thanks. He sure looks much better then the image on the presentation or in the catalog, that's for sure,” I stammered.

When he finally had Hoss completely uncovered, I moaned. I couldn't help it. He was simply breath taking.

Yeah, real good taste,” the god said as he examined Hoss' body and equipment. “Kind of reminds me of myself in a way. Wanna see?”

I was stunned and didn't quite know what to think or say. Before I could respond sensibly, he had his coveralls unzipped and around his ankles, exposing a very close body to Hoss. I know I drooled.

If yeah want to touch or whatever, its okay,” the god said in a very sexy voice. “Might just want to make sure your 5000 is as real as it gets.”

I was in a complete trance. It was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that I just couldn't pass up. I just continued blushing as I slowly got off the chair and walked towards him. He took my hands and placed one on Hoss and one on his body.

Go ahead, see if your 5000 is as close to real as they said he'd be,” the god said.

You sure? I mean I wasn't expecting this kind of service,” I said stupidly, still beet red.

Not to worry, its something I like to do, especially when its someone who would appreciate it. Sort of like a tip,” the god said softly as he pulled me closer and moved my hand on him slowly. “Now of course he won't be as warm as me, but that will change once he's activated, so don't worry about that.”

Uh huh,” was all I could get out.

I see he has a really hot package there,” the god said. “Mine isn't as thick but we're pretty much the same size basically. Take your time and enjoy.”

I fondled and stroked his cock, which quickly became hard and began leaking precum. I also was doing the same thing with Hoss, but it didn't respond since he wasn't activated just yet. I stopped messing with Hoss and concentrated on the god himself, fully. I kissed and licked his cock and balls and let my hands roam all over his muscled, hairy body. He gently rubbed my hair and slowly moved his hips around as he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. How it got there I have no idea. Before I knew it, he had my clothes off and was driving me absolutely crazy with his embrace and kisses. This guy could make a fortune renting himself out. I could feel his hot, hard, leaking cock moving slowly up and down my stomach. Next thing I knew I was eating out his ass and moaning and groaning as he put on a muscle flexing show, the likes of which I had never seen in person. Then, again without knowing how, I found myself on his lap, just about screaming my fool head off as I was riding his cock which was deep inside me. I even bit my forearm to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Nope, it was real alright. This god was amazing to say the least. He had filled his hand with saliva and had it wrapped around my cock, easily enveloping it, in between our bodies, slowly stroking in sync with my riding his cock. It was simply amazing the way this guy worked my body and used his body to take me into another dimension. I felt his grip on me and his pecs and arms flex hard and then I felt his hot cum filling me with each jerk of his body. I was cumming too, but it all seemed like it was one big happening, our orgasm's joined somehow, each being fed by the other. When he finally settled down, he didn't lift me off of his cock, but sweetly made out with me, again using his entire upper body and arms like a massive massage machine. I know my body went completely limp from the heavenly sensations of his body, lips and tongue.

Thanks, that was really good,” the god said in that damn sexy voice. “I really enjoyed that.”

Oh My God! I can't even begin to tell you how you made me feel,” I panted. “Where have you been all my life.”

The god laughed and kissed me some more before lifting me off his cock and holding on to me as he stood, keeping me steady.

Glad you liked it too,” the god said.

Hey, I don't even know your name,” I said.

Stan,” the god laughed.

God Stan,” I whined.

No, just Stan,” Stan laughed. “No god involved, just me.”

Well to you maybe, but not for me,” I smiled. “You'll always be my god Stan.”

Stan laughed and kissed me, put his coveralls back on and went back to unpacking Hoss.

I'm pretty sure your going to enjoy your 5000,” Stan said.

His name is Hoss,” I beamed.

Hoss?” Stan said as he looked at Hoss. “That fits him for sure. Good choice.”

Thanks, I thought so,” I said. “Even more so now that I see him.”

Yeah, it fits real good,” Stan said thoughtfully.

Stan got the packaging off of Hoss and showed me where to plug in the control panel. He took out this long cord with a different looking end on one side, plugged it into the ankle of Hoss and typed something into the control panel. I heard a low humming noise and then saw Hoss' eyes glowing softly. Stan checked some other things out and put in the codes to accept my activation key and complete the initial diagnostics. He showed me how to run them myself whenever I wanted and told me that I didn't have to worry about charging Hoss as he was programmed to handle that on his own. He told me not to give any fluids to Hoss for at least 48 hours to make sure his internal components were functioning correctly. He said Hoss would ask me if I wanted him to ingest fluids when his warm up period was completed. It was a miracle I understood anything Stan said as I was still in heaven from what he and I just finished doing. He was really funny, laughing and telling me “now pay attention” whenever I must have had that dreamy, worshiping look on my face. Stan told me that if I activated the sexual-active program, Hoss was programmed to provide any and all sexual pleasures I would ever want. He saw that I had already stipulated “gay” so that was what Hoss was loaded with. There were lots of things I learned, more then the presentation showed. Stan handed me the holographic disc and told me it contained detailed instruction and information about Hoss' programming, capabilities and how to have him learn new things. All I had to do was enter in the thing I wanted to know about and the artificial intelligence would find what I wanted to know about. If what I wanted to know about wasn't on the disc, it would automatically connect to corporate and download all the needed information, along with any updates to the software for Hoss. They had thought of everything it seemed. Stan waited until I entered in my activation key before he collected all the box materials and said all I need to do was call the number on the receipt and enter in the code and he would be available to help. I kissed him goodby and thanked him, even offering him a very large tip which he declined. When he left, I had to have a drink and flop down on the couch staring at Hoss.

I was somewhat startled when I heard this strange voice say hello.

Hello, you must be my owner, Mr Peston. I'm your Macho 5000 and I'm pleased you purchased me. Whenever you are ready, you can begin my initial set up. If you wish to give me a name, please tell me whenever you are ready to do so.”

“Hello. Yes I'm Greg Patsma, and you can call me Greg,” I said happily. “I've given you the name Hoss.”

Thank you Greg,” Hoss said, “I'm very happy you have named me. If you are not comfortable with my current voice, please follow the instructions for selecting the voice you would like for me to have.”

I beamed and quickly looked up how to change his voice. I wanted it deep baritone, sexy and with a touch of a southern accent. The process was actually very simple, it even let me hear samples of tone and accent until I found one I liked. Once I set it, Hoss asked me something.

I hope this is the voice you wanted to hear, Greg,” Hoss said in the most sexy, deep voice just as I hoped. “Now you should complete some of the most important items of my setup, to include personality, sexual or non-sexual, level of independence and anything else you might deem important right now. Be aware that you can change my characteristics at any time just by plugging in the control panel and selecting the Characteristic option.”

Thank you Hoss, I will do that right now,” I said as if I were asking his permission.

I selected what I thought would be most important, especially gay sex and personality. I wanted him to be very masculine, yet tender, caring and attentive without being overbearing. There were just so many possibilities, I decided to start out with what I thought were what I wanted and knew I could adjust them whenever I saw fit. I ran my hand across his back and ass and was surprised how his body temperature was already just like a human body.

I am completing the reprogramming per your preferences now,” Hoss said. “It may take a bit of time, but I will inform you when it is completed.”

I went into the kitchen to make myself some lunch. I took my food and drink into the living room and ate while watching Hoss. I had to admit, he was indeed gorgeous and very pleasing to the eye, well at least mine. It sort of amazed me when I thought about how close Stan came to looking like Hoss. I giggled a bit when I found myself thankful that Hoss was a bit bigger all around. So selfish of me I suppose. I was eating my sandwich when suddenly Hoss turned his head and looked right at me.

The programming is completed Greg,” Hoss said, his voice giving me chills. “I cannot do much right just yet, but within 5 hours, I should be fully functional.”

Thanks for letting me know Hoss, I appreciate that,” I said happily.

You are very welcome Greg,” Hoss said. “I'd be very interested in knowing more about you Greg, if you don't mind my asking. My programming indicates that I could be more useful to you if I knew more about you and what you like and dislike.”

I let Hoss know I didn't mind at all and asked him to sit on the couch across from me as we talked. He smiled the most sexy, gorgeous smile as he moved to the couch, holding his charge cord to make certain it would not disconnect. There was plenty of slack, so he sat on the couch, his legs spread wide just like a tough guy would, keeping his cock and balls in my line of sight. I told him to ask me any questions to clarify what I was telling him at any time. I then gave him a verbal history of my life, my schooling, my job, my friends followed by my likes and dislikes. I made sure I let him know one of my biggest dislikes was being rude, violent and cold. He asked some questions to clarify cold and understood it was regarding a personality trait as opposed to temperature. It really seemed amazing he caught that needed clarification for some reason. He asked a number of questions about my job and daily routines, what I liked to do for fun and if there were any special people in my life other then my friends John and David. I asked him to clarify special and he quickly responded with lovers, boyfriends or playmates. I laughed and told him he was the only one that fit into that category. He laughed and I just loved his laugh. They really did a super job on his programming. By the time we finished our conversation and he said he didn't have any other questions, over 3 hours had gone by. That meant that there was still 2 hours left before he could disconnect himself from the charger and have me show him around. I did notice that one of the items that was in the smaller box was a sealed bag labeled “covering”. I opened it and didn't quite know what it was at first.

That is my clothing Greg. Regulation prohibits me from leaving your house without it or being out in human clothing. I can wear anything you wish while I am within the bounds of your property, however, so just let me know whenever you wish me to put on my clothing inside your property boundary,” Hoss said calmly.

Well, for right now, if you don't mind, I would like for you to stay as you are,” I told Hoss. “But should anyone come into the house, it might be best if you put on either your clothing or something I'll make available for you.”

Whatever your wish is, that's what I will do,” Hoss said. “My minding is of no importance and really does not apply.”

“Hoss, something you need to understand,” I said seriously. “I know I'm going to consider you someone special, not something special. It may seem silly or unimportant to you that I do care if you have any preference or feelings about anything. That's just how I am.”

I understand and thank you for thinking I am someone and not something. I have registered that in my data bank and will try to live up to your preference,” Hoss said with a super sexy smile.

Damn he was that for sure. I could just sit and stare at him for hours and never get tired of it. Every movement he made was just like a human. Since he was so muscled, his muscles and tendons flexed, bulged, the whole nine yards. I noticed even his veins at times seemed to throb slightly as if blood was running through them. I later found out from Hoss that there was indeed a fluid circulating through his body via the veins and arteries that kept his internal components clean and well lubricated. A serious wound would not kill him or rather inactivate him, but it would require repair for him to stay fully functional. Again I was amazed. I had gone through such an emotional day already especially after Stan that I wanted to take a nap. I told Hoss I was going to go into my bedroom to take a nap. He smiled and told me to have a good nap. I hated to leave him, but figured it wasn't like I was walking out on a friend visiting or anything. It was going to be a weird transition to be sure, trying to remember Hoss wasn't human, or a visiting hunk.

I must have really needed the nap, since as soon as I laid down, I fell sound asleep. I must have slept more then 2 hours since when I started waking up, I was startled to feel this massive muscled boy laying behind me with a gorgeous arm draped over me.

I'm sorry if I startled you Greg,” Hoss said softly.

No, no, its fine Hoss,” I said trying to fully wake up and waiting from my hard on to subside.

Without me saying a word, I felt Hoss' lips gently kissing my shoulder and neck and his hand slowly moving up and down my body, brushing gently over my cock held in by my underwear. At first I didn't know how to react, but then realized that was exactly what I hoped he would do rather then waiting for me to give him a command. When I moved my head to give him more neck to explore and gave out a few soft moans, I felt his tongue getting into the act and even a few gentle nibbles. My eyes opened wide when I felt what I knew was his cock, hardening and growing up my backside as his lips and tongue began teasing my ear. His hand began massaging my chest and abs, with his thumb and index finger gently tweaking my nipples. It was heavenly. It seemed he knew just when to increase his playing based on the sounds I was making and my movements. He gently moved me on to my back and partially covered my body with his, kissing me gently with his lips and his hand playing with my ass cheeks, his other arm under my neck and partially on my shoulder. I was being caressed and kissed in the most gentle of ways by this hugely muscled, hairy bear. The only odd thing was that his tongue was somewhat dry, which made sense since he didn't ingest any fluids to build up saliva and stuff. I ran my hands over his pecs and shoulder and arms, and was treated to him slowly flexing his muscles under the touch of my hands. It was absolutely thrilling. My tongue pushed passed his lips and I moved it gently over his tongue and lips. He even let out a soft moan. I didn't really notice but he was taking in some of my saliva to keep his tongue moist as all he had on it was a thin layer of lubricant. Obviously the factory knew if the androids were going to be used for sex, then waiting 48 hours would not do. The pressure of his hand on my ass cheeks increased and then he easily pulled down my underwear and with his hand pushed my legs apart. He gave me the most sensual, gentle touches and rubs on my balls and cock and even up to my rosebud. I had to get my mouth and tongue exploring this dream come true, so I pushed against his shoulder and he moved from his side to his back. I kissed him and began exploring his entire body with my hands, lips and tongue. It wasn't like I was messing around with some sex doll at all. His muscles flexed, he even got goose bumps and his breathing changed. The moans of pleasure blew me away, something I just didn't expect at all. When I finished at his toes and worked my way back up to his balls, he bent his legs and spread them wide to give me full, unrestricted access to his crotch. I worshiped his balls and cock, which even flexed and jumped and moved just as if he was human. When I began licking and nibbling between his balls and ass, he moved his legs way up as if he were holding them with his arms, his hands on each ass cheeks, spreading them wide so I had full access to his rosebud. I looked it over and touched here and there and it puckered. Wow, that was amazing by itself. I gently brushed my tongue over it and he actually groaned. I must have played with his ass for at least a half hour before I pushed down on his thighs and he lowered his legs. I then worked on his cock for at least an hour, slowly, trying everything I ever wanted to do with my mouth, tongue and hands. It was amazing.

Hoss surprised the heck out of me when he reached down and without any effort at all, pulled me up along his body, wrapped his arms around me and started the hottest make out session ever. Then he lifted up my upper body and began working on my pecs and nipples with his lips, teeth and tongue. I was wiggling like a worm out of the dirt. Then without warning, he turned over still holding me by my armpits, moved himself around and had his cock at my mouth as he devoured my cock and balls all at once. I can't even begin to describe what it felt like. I did my best to devour his cock which was just a bit too wide and long for me to deep throat it, but I sure did my best. I tried to get free of Hoss' grip but he wouldn't have it. He held my body down and wouldn't let up working my cock until I came in his mouth while his monster cock was fucking my face, purposely so I wouldn't choke or gag, but just enough to let me know what he was doing. He didn't stop after I finished shooting my cum and I couldn't do anything but mumble and make stupid noises since his cock was not leaving my mouth for anything. I couldn't help it at all and I started to piss. I felt awful until I remembered Hoss wasn't a human. Then I started to worry if by pissing in him I might void the warranty since he wasn't supposed to ingest fluids for 48 hours, dumb I know. When I finally had no more piss to give him, he released my cock and balls, pulled my hips up and began to ravage my ass. It was completely mind blowing what he was doing to my rosebud and inside my ass. His cock never left my mouth so there wasn't anything I could say or do to stop him. Finally, I just decided to go for the ride and enjoy it, as fighting him seemed completely useless. Funny, I thought he already knew how to shut me up.

It never happened before, not to me at least. Here I'm 50 and he managed to get me hard again just by ravaging my ass. He obviously knew when he found my pleasure button since he concentrated on that once it was discovered. His skin was dry but I was drenched in sweat. Then, again without warning, he moved around, had my legs up in the air and his cock head pushed inside of me. I couldn't even utter a sound as my eyes and mouth opened as wide as they could go and he bent down and filled it with his tongue. All I thought of after coming back to my senses was I had to send a letter to whoever programmed Hoss for sex; he should receive a medal of honor and get a huge bonus it was that amazing. As his cock moved further in it did something amazing. It actually began vibrating and pulsing. I lost my mind at that point. It seemed that when Hoss felt I was in a maddening pleasure state, he attacked my neck, pecs, nips and arms, which were wildly moving my hands over as much of his body as I could reach and then I latched on to his pecs and hard massaged them while he flexed them, even making them jump up and down. I panted and then screamed as I had a mind blowing orgasm. When he felt me begin my orgasm, his cock seemed to get even fatter, the vibrations went wild and he actually shot cum inside me as he body jerked, his muscles contracted and relaxed wildly and he shouted out the loudest pleasure sounds I ever heard. It was truly amazing. He sort of collapsed on top of me, but just enough not to squash me. I didn't want to let go of my grip on him. Then, he pulled his cock out of me, held me down by my shoulders and proceeded to lick all the sweat off of my body. I had no choice in the matter as my entire body turned to jello and I thought I was actually going to turn into a liquid and leak right off the bed. Hoss rolled over taking me with him and held me gently on his body as his hands began a soft, sensual massage on me. I was soon sound asleep again. I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke, I was still on top of Hoss' body and he was still massaging me.

I hope you found that pleasing Greg,” Hoss said in a very sexy voice.

I have no words to describe how wonderful you made me feel and how pleasing it was Hoss,” I moaned. “I just felt bad that I urinated in your mouth after cumming. They said you weren't supposed to ingest fluids for 24 hours.”

No reason for you to feel bad, Greg. I wanted to ingest your cum and piss so that I could give you my cum, produce some saliva and give you the maximum amount of pleasure I could,” Hoss said gently. “You needn't worry, the 48 hours is just a guideline and my programming would not have allowed me to ingest any type of fluid if it would cause me any harm. I'm sure they had some experience with a customer that over did the fluids and that's why the warning.”

Oh, good. I would have hated to void the warranty or cause you any damage,” I said with relief.

Thank you Greg for your consideration,” Hoss said with a series of gentle kisses all over my face. “It is very kind of you and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

That did it. I was hooked. If Hoss said he wanted some exotic oil or something, I'd search the world for whatever it was he wanted. Even if a flaw turned up, I wasn't about to let him go.

Where is your shower?” Hoss asked.

Through that door there,” I somehow managed to lift my arm and point.

Hoss moved so smoothly and without any sign of effort off the bed, scooped me up in his arms like a baby and took me into the bathroom. He moved his arm and pulled me up against his body while with the other arm he turned on the shower and held his hand under the water until he felt the temperature was just right. He walked into the shower, turned me around in his arms and let me slowly slide down his body with my backside against him. My head flopped backwards and I felt his hands gently rubbing soap over my body. He turned me around and lifted me up his body with one arm and soaped up my entire backside and legs. He then held me by my underarms and rinsed me off completely. He asked me if I wanted to wash him and I wasn't about to miss a chance at rubbing every inch of him with my fingers. He stooped down so I could wash his hair, face, shoulders and arms, then he lifted himself just so I could wash his underarms, chest and abs, then stood up so I could wash his cock and balls. He repeated the movements after turning around and I washed his backside. I just loved the look of his matted hair as the water ran over his body and the feel of my hands rubbing the soap through the thick hair and over the insane muscles he had. His ass fascinated me and he let me play with it for as long as I wanted. I moved in front of him to rinse off the soap that now recovered my body. He waited until I was rinsed off, he reached down and turned off the water, stretched out his arm and took a towel and proceeded to dry me off. I returned the favor. What an amazing day this has turned out to be.

The phone rang and it was David wondering if Hoss arrived. I turned into a little 16 year old and babbled on and on about Hoss who decided to rub lotion all over my body while I talked on the voice module. David wouldn't take no for an answer and said he and John were going to come over for dinner to see Hoss in person and hear all the dirty details of how my day went.

Hoss could have lifted me and thrown me out the window for all I cared. I was complete putty in his hands. I told him we were going to have company for dinner. He said he heard my conversation and said he was glad he could meet my best friends. All I could do was bat my eyes and smile. Hoss said he could make dinner for us and tidy up the house. I was curious so I agreed. While Hoss went to the kitchen and inspected every cabinet and appliance, I went into the study and started up the detailed instruction disc. I wanted to find out about him having independent thinking and actions. He definitely controlled our sex session and the subsequent pampering since I never told him one thing I wanted him to do. As I watched and listened to the presenter explain Hoss' capabilities when it came to sex and my pleasure, I found out that he quickly planned and adjusted his pleasuring and pampering based on my body reactions and my sounds. I was surprised to find out that the cum he produced was infused with all sorts of goodies to make me relaxed, sensual, and even improved my body in a number of ways. As a chemist, I was fascinated. It seemed that from ingesting my saliva, cum and piss, his internal mechanism would do a quick analysis of just about every bodily function I had, including an analysis of my genes and DNA. Besides being a sexual dynamo, he had a full bio-chemical lab inside of him. The more of my fluids he ingested, the more able he would be to adjust the contents of his cum to give me the maximum benefit possible. I sort of remembered hearing something about that in the sales pitch, but never was told how it was done.

I picked out a very comfy outfit for the evening and went into the kitchen to see how Hoss was doing. The smells were unbelievable. It amazed me what he was doing with what he found in my refrigerator and pantry. I sat on a bar stool and watched in amazement as Hoss cooked what looked like an amazing meal. I knew John and David were going to be blown away by Hoss, especially after dinner. He even was making a dessert. In our circle, if it wasn't store bought, it wasn't in the house, unless someone's mother or grandmother came for a visit. I had neither, so this was going to be a real treat.

Hoss started up a pleasant conversation and managed to come over to me and kiss me in between his cooking. Yep, I was dreaming and would soon be woken up. This was just too far out to be believable. I told Hoss I'd prefer he wore his tunic until I could find some clothes that I liked on him. He smiled at me and just said “okay.” I melted, again. We talked some more and I watched him set the dinning room table perfectly once he discovered where everything was located. The doorbell rang and I went to open it. Sure enough, it was John and David who pushed past me looking for Hoss.

So, where is this hot stud you got?” John bubbled. “I know you broke the rules and probably raped the poor thing.”

Stop it,” David laughed. “From what we saw of Greg's Hoss, I doubt anyone we knew could rape him.”

You'll see,” I laughed. “All I can say is that since he was delivered and the delivery guy Stan sent me to sex heaven, it hasn't stopped.”

WHAT?” the both yelled.

Get me a drink and spill the beans,” John said excitedly.

David helped me get us drinks and we sat in the living room, with John and David bug eyed with mouths open as I told them of my day.

You didn't. No way. Bitch. Shut up,” all repeated words as I went on with my story.

Excuse me, but would you gentlemen care to have your soup in the living room or dining room,” Hoss said in that to die for sexy voice.

John and David both just about choked on their drinks when they turned around and there was Hoss with his company tunic on that did nothing to hide his massively muscled and hairy body. Neither one of them could answer Hoss.

In the dinning room would be just fine, thank you Hoss,” I said dying to laugh out loud.

As you wish, Greg,” Hoss said. “It is a great pleasure to meet Greg's best friends. I hope I will be able to make your visit as pleasant as possible.”

Uh huh,” was all both of them said.

I stood up, walked over to them and guided them off the couch into the dinning room. Neither one of them could take their eyes off of Hoss. When we sat down, Hoss came in with 3 bowls of a deliciously smelling tomato soup.

Close your mouths, you're going to catch a draft,” I finally laughed. “I told you he was amazing didn't I?”

Amazing isn't a word I'd use to describe that god,” David said.

Oh, and by the way, dinner is courtesy of Hoss,” I said calmly. “All of it from scratch.”

Get out!,” John said loudly. “No way.”

Yes way,” I said happily.

Oh My GOD!,” David said all excited. “Not only is he a god, but a superb cook. Did you taste this soup? It's absolutely divine.”

Greg, I absolutely hate you right now,” John said after he finally had some of his soup.

We laughed and finished our soup as we talked and talked. None of us could believe what Stan did and that I actually went along with it. Almost on cue, Hoss brought in a platter with fabulous smelling chicken Alfredo, a bowl of perfectly done angel pasta and a basket of garlic bread. He placed it all on the table, opened a bottle of wine and poured each of us a glass. Again, John and David sat with their mouths wide open and their eyes about to pop out of their heads.

I couldn't help but to laugh and told them to fill their mouths with food before a fly entered them.

We all tasted the food and were blown away at how wonderful it was. As usual, when something exciting happened, we all talked on and on, sometimes all at once. It was amazing that any of us made sense out of the conversations, but somehow we always did. It was turning out to be a wonderful evening. Hoss came in after awhile and asked if we wanted dessert in the living room or dinning room.

Dessert?” John and David both said at the same time. “Did you have time to do shopping?”

Nope, I said all courtesy of Hoss,” I said with a smile. “He even made dessert, from scratch.”

Well, that did it. Both John and David insisted Hoss join us in the living room. He put on that oh so to die for sexy smile which melted all three of us. Hoss proceeded to clean off the table and we all went into the living room where Hoss had already poured us sniffers of Fra-Angelica.

That's it, I'm going to see if I can trade in Jason for Hoss' twin,” John said with a pout.

Oh stop it,” David said. “You know damn well you love Jason to death. Don't be a bitch and get jealous on us, it doesn't suite you at all.”

Yeah, John, there's nothing at all wrong with Jason,” I piped in. “He's what you always wanted and talked about. Somehow it just doesn't seem right to toss him aside and replace him like an old holographic unit.”

I know, my bad,” John said. “Its just he is so damn impressive. You just about want to cum in your pants just seeing him, let alone hear that damn sexy voice of his. That accent is a real nice touch. I'm going to have to adjust Jason for one. I really think that sexy now.”

There you go,” David said. “That's the way to deal with it. I've heard you can have them alter their body shapes any way you wish.”

Yes you can,” I said. “However I don't think you can change them from smooth to hairy without a makeover at the factory.

Well, actually it is possible with the ingestion of certain chemicals,” Hoss said as he entered the living room and sat on the loveseat next to me with his arm across the seat back behind my head. “It is available from the company for a very minimal charge. Once it is ingested, your android can develop any amount of hair you wish and loose it when desired and regenerate it, over and over again.”

Wow, I didn't know that,” John said again with his buggy eyes and open mouth.

See, I told you it was a good thing to spend the time to go through the detailed manual,” David lectured.

You didn't go through it yet?” I asked John.

No, don't know why, but didn't seem to be any reason to,” John confessed. “They said it was in case I had a problem with Jason and I haven't, so I thought why bother. You can bet I will now.”

You can also have Jason assist you if you don't wish to search the detailed instruction manual,” Hoss said. “All of us are capable of finding the answers to your questions since the detailed instruction manual is part of our data bank.”

There you go John,” David laughed. “Saved by Hoss!”

We all laughed, including Hoss who even had a sexy laugh. It seemed everything about him sent chills throughout my body. I just got him and already I was falling in love. I didn't say anything since I know I'd never hear the end of it from John or David. David was a bit unsure of the whole android thing. He wasn't all that comfortable with then being all around and even more so living in the house. I could see that Hoss was slowly making him have second thoughts, but knew not to push it with David. There was a lot of fun conversation and laughing and David was the one to ask about dessert. Hoss apologized and went into the kitchen. He returned with a beautiful cake, in at least 4 layers with a custard filling and light frosting. It made my mouth water just looking at it. He put the cake on the coffee table and came back with a carafe of fresh ground coffee that smelled heavenly. We all helped ourselves to a slice of cake and Hoss poured us coffee. I think we all took a fork full of the cake at the same time and all three of us actually gasped. It was the absolute best cake I've ever tasted and I could tell the others thought so too.

Hoss, this is heavenly,” David said. “I have to have your recipe.”

Me too,” John said excitedly. “I have to have Jason make this for my next dinner party.”

I'm pleased you like it,” Hoss said graciously. “I will certainly provide you both with the recipe. If you'd like, you can have Jason visit and I will make sure his data bank is updated.”

Thank you Hoss,” I smiled. “That is so very kind of you. The meal and dessert are stupendous and I think I can speak for John and David, we are totally blown away at how wonderful your meal was.”

No need Greg, I'm just pleased you enjoyed it,” Hoss said with even a hint of blush.

David somehow got the nerve and John followed, asking if they could feel Hoss' muscles.

Hoss, if its okay with you, maybe you could put on a posing show for John and David and allow them to feel your magnificent muscles?” I asked.

It would be my pleasure,” Hoss said with that damn sexy smile.

Hoss put on a great song and proceeded to put on the most sensual posing routine ever. After going through a display several times of just about every muscle, he pulled David up by his hands, stretched out his arms with David inside them and began to pump and flex his muscles. I could see David start to sweat, his eyes not knowing where to look. Hoss took David's hand and moved it over his arm and pecs and in his very sexy voice whispered his body was David's for full exploration. David slowly at first began touching Hoss' arms and then his chest. It didn't take long before David's hands were groping, kneading, feeling just about every muscle on Hoss. I thought David was going to pass out when Hoss closed his arms around David's head and pumped his biceps up and down. David stopped breathing for a second, like his mind went into sensory overload.

Hey, my turn,” John jumped up.

Hoss went through the same routine with John as he did with David. John didn't waste any time like David and immediately went on an exploratory mission. He even kissed and licked Hoss' biceps and forearms. Hoss looked at me and I smiled and for some reason nodded my head. He smiled and pulled off his tunic, which made David and John both moan out loud. Hoss pulled David on to his body on one side and John on the other, holding them tight against his body as he slowly slid them up and down. I really thought David was going to faint. John got right into it and kissed, bit and hard kneaded Hoss' chest and shoulders. Hoss lowered them and then did a massive double bicep pose which forced both David and John to hold on to the biceps and worship them. John played with Hoss' cock and balls, his thighs and calves. Suddenly, he kissed Hoss on the lips and then grabbed me in a hug and gave me a kiss.

I have to go home,” John said with a pant. “There are a number of adjustments I need to make on Jason. Thank you for a wonderful evening and mean Greg. Hoss, I am SO pleased to meet you.”

Pleasure is all mine,” Hoss said graciously.

John left in somewhat of a hurry and I could see by the tenting in his pants that Jason was in for a full evening of sex. David was almost in a trance, not even responding to John's hug or kiss.

David, are you alright?” I asked concerned.

Uh huh,” was all that David could manage.

I noticed the front of his pants were wet, obviously from the heavy flow of precum coming from his cock as a result of Hoss' show. I felt like I owed David some fun and walked up behind him, reached around and began taking his clothes off. I whispered in his ear that it was perfectly alright and that Hoss would give him more pleasure then he ever had before in his entire life. I gently pushed him closer to Hoss and Hoss smiled at me and then took the back of David's neck in his hand and gently pulled him up to his body and began gently kissing him. I could see David's knees giving out but it didn't matter since Hoss had him with his hand on the small of his back and his leg in between David's. Slowly, David wrapped his arms around Hoss' neck and got into making out and feeling Hoss' body. Hoss moved his hands so that he held each of David's ass cheeks in his hands and lifted David up slowly against his body, flexing gently as David moved up higher and higher. I couldn't help myself and I took my clothes off and sat on the chair, watching in awe as Hoss took David to the highest level of pleasure any of us had ever experienced. David screamed out when Hoss lifted him up into the air and devoured his cock and balls. Davids fingers held on tight to Hoss' head and he soon begged Hoss to stop. Hoss lifted him a bit higher and moved David so that his ass was directly over Hoss' mouth. His tongue worked over David until David couldn't catch his breath. >From where I was watching, I could see Hoss' tongue get very wide and thick as it snaked in and out and around David's ass. Hoss lowered David and held him tight against his pecs as he flexed them, bouncing them slowly up and down, surrounding David's face with their mass. Hoss moved his cock head to David's ass and slowly let him slide down his cock. David gasped, panted and went wild on Hoss' chest, biting, hard kneading, pulling his hair and going totally bonkers as Hoss' monster cock filled him. When Hoss' cock started the pulsing, vibrating thing, David actually passed out. When he came to, he shot cum all over Hoss' abs. Hoss let his cock expand and he shot hot loads of cum into David, which made David cum again. He lifted David up, licked the cum from his abs and chest and again devoured David's cock and balls. I don't know how he managed it, but very soon David actually had another orgasm. Hoss drained him and kept it up until David let fly a very long stream of piss. His entire body was jerking and it looked like he was having convulsions. Hoss lowered David back on his cock and moved David up and down with his arms wrapped tight around David's body, driving David insane with sensation as Hoss flexed and pumped as he moved David tightly up and down his abs and chest. When I saw David's head fall back, I knew Hoss' cock was pulsing and expanding, about to fill David with another load of cum, this time with all the extras his internal lab produced from ingesting David's fluids. David's body went limp and Hoss looked at me with a sexy grin. He lowered David on to the couch and came over to me, pulled off my pants and devoured my cock and balls. I think it took 5 minutes for me to cum and cum. Hoss then did something I didn't expect. He stood up and pulled my head towards his cock. My mouth automatically opened and he began to face fuck me. He modified the thickness of his cock so he could easily push it far inside my throat. He held my head tight in his hands and kept me completely under his power. I was somewhat shocked when I felt his cock swell and throb and I felt hot cum filling my throat and stomach, a very huge load. I instinctively sucked hard and held on to his cock shaft as he slowly withdrew from my throat. I wanted every drop of his cum for some reason. When it slid across my tongue, I got a super taste of his cum. It was wonderful. I wanted more of it. I squeezed his cock hoping I could stop him from moving it off of my tongue. I was too busy sucking and holding on to his cock for dear life to notice the broad smile on his face. He let me keep his cock in my mouth, on my tongue, purposely shooting out dribbles of his cum, just enough to completely cover my tongue. I went into a wild frenzy. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. I heard Hoss laugh and then my mouth seemed to be flooded with his cum, so much so that it was shooting out of my mouth as well and flooding down my throat. I released my hold on his cock and pulled back, trying desperately to swallow all I could and yet not drown. Hoss reached down, lifted up into his arms and his tongue seemed to fill my mouth completely. I didn't care if I could breath or not, I was higher then a kite, drunk on the cum of my android. I must have passed out, since I don't remember being carried up to bed nor Hoss putting David to bed in the guest room. The morning sun woke me up and I smiled as I knew I was enveloped by Hoss' body and snuggled tight in his arms.

Morning sexy,” I said with a very broad smile.

Morning hot stuff,” Hoss said and then he bit my neck and turned my face so he could kiss me passionately.

I have to tell you,” I said between kisses, “you blew David's mind totally you know. I'm not sure if he'll want to go home now. Thank you Hoss for being so wonderful to my friends. It truly means a lot to me.”

You are just to kind Greg,” Hoss said squeezing me. “Come on sleepy head, I'll make you and David breakfast and you take a shower.”

Hoss moved off the bed and smacked me on my ass as I moved past him towards the bathroom. That was a nice touch I thought. I could see how easy it was to forget Hoss was an android.

When I got out of the shower and dressed, I checked in the guest room and saw that David was already out of the shower and probably in the kitchen with Hoss. Sure enough, when I got into the kitchen, David was sitting on a bar stool, completely goo goo eyed, watching every movement of Hoss as Hoss cooked and talked.

Morning sex fiend,” I said to David as I hugged him and kissed him.

Sorry, Greg,” David said with a blush. “I don't know what came over me. Well, actually yeah I do. It was Hoss and his magnificent body. Where in the hell did he learn how to do what he did to me? You just got him!”

Seems its already built into them and they can adapt quickly based on your reaction to what they do,” I explained. “Also, from taking in your fluids, his internal chemical lab produces all sorts of stuff tailored to your genes and DNA to give you maximum pleasure and super healthy vitamins.”

Oh my God,” David squealed. “That's it, the excuse I was really looking for to justify buying one. Its for my health!”

I almost fell to the floor laughing.

You aren't so far off the mark David,” Hoss said seriously. “I detected some irregularities that you should have checked by a medical professional. Nothing deadly, but something that should be rectified. Your own Macho 5000 could easily reverse it and keep you very healthy for years to come.”

Are you serious?” David asked concerned.

I am serious,” Hoss said, “but it isn't anything deadly like I said. The sooner it is dealt with, the better you will feel I promise.”

Hoss knows what he's talking about David,” I said with my arm over David's shoulder.

The chemical lab inside him is top notch and in come cases far ahead of the labs in most medical clinics. You'd have to go to a University teaching hospital to get better then that. Don't panic and don't go overboard worrying. If Hoss says its not deadly, then it isn't.”

Wow, I am really amazed now,” David said. “Thanks for that too Hoss. I owe you big time.”

No, just thank Greg for being such a good friend,” Hoss said smiling at me.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff,” I said. “Don't know about you, but I'm starving. Lets eat!”

David laughed and Hoss served us a simple breakfast of eggs, toast and fruit. After breakfast, David said he had to leave but wanted me to help him shop for his very own 5000. I agreed and we set up a meet for 3 p.m. We would meet at his house and drive down to the android store. David left all bubbly and happy.

Thanks again Hoss,” I said hugging Hoss. “You made it an absolutely perfect night and made my friends very, very happy. You made me very happy too.”

No need to thank me Greg,” Hoss said holding me tight and kissing the top of my head.

I'm here for your pleasure and your desires, that's why you bought me. Its very nice of you to treat me the way you are, like I was actually human. I do appreciate that and know you are a special person. I sensed that David hasn't had sex in a very long time and needed release. I reasoned that since he was your best friend, you would be pleased if I provided him with relief and pleasure.”

Wow, I had no idea David hadn't had sex for a long time,” I said sadly. “Of course we don't actually tell each other when we do manage it, but I wish David had said something. Anyway, thanks again. Oh and thanks for telling David about his medical condition.”

My duty, Greg. Its all part of what I am designed for,” Hoss explained.

I pulled Hoss' neck down and kissed him as passionately as I could manage. He responded by pulling me up off the ground in his arms and returning a number of hot passionate kisses. I did pop a boner and he smiled that wicked sexy smile, asked me if I needed relief and I told him no, since I knew I'd want to spend the entire day in bed with him and I promised David we would go shopping. I gave Hoss the choice of either going with us or staying home and he asked if he could stay at home. He wanted to update his software and go through some diagnostics the factory wished to perform. That was okay with me, but I insisted he give me all his measurements so I could buy clothes for him. If he was going to go out somewhere with me, I could see him wearing that tunic, but inside my domain, Hoss was a person and not a machine.

David and I had very animated and laugh filled conversations as we headed to the android store. The sales person went through the usual presentation and David and I went through the various options available. We discussed financing and cost and David finally settled on a Macho 5000 with a few extras. Like me, he would have to wait until his was manufactured and loaded with the software and programming that would meet his needs. I was surprised when David picked out a 5000 that was close to being a twin to Hoss. The only differences was the size and he wanted his to be covered in blond hair that was soft and long. The purchase was approved and we headed off to the mall to put together a bunch of outfits for Hoss. David convinced me that with a name like Hoss, western was the way to go. I agreed and that was the foundation of what we bought for Hoss. Of course with bathing suits, posing straps, sexy underwear and flimsy thin robes and pajamas, which none of us really wore, but it was fun as an outfit before down and dirty sex. I know, we were sinful sluts, but we had a really good time.

When I got home, Hoss was like in a trance, plugged into the power source and connected to the network. It seemed kind of nice to see him relaxed and his eyes closed, kind of like he was taking a nap. I knew it wasn't like that at all, but that's how I saw it and wanted to see it.

It was a gorgeous day outside and I decided that I would go out in the yard and swim for a bit and use the jacuzzi. I made myself a large pitcher of spiked ice tea, got a large glass and went into the yard. The fence was high so none of the neighbors could see into the yard, privacy was a bit deal nowadays. The pool was a perfect fit in the yard and with the jacuzzi, grill, table and chair set all arranged so I could still have flowers and trees with room, never feeling cramped or closed in. I poured myself a glass, stripped off my clothes and got into the jacuzzi. The fast swirling water and jet bubbles felt wonderful. I was very happy to say the least. I didn't want to think about work as that would mean I'd be away from Hoss for the entire day. That wasn't a pleasant thought just now. I was even thinking that maybe I could swing in some vacation time so I could spend even more time with Hoss. I knew if anybody wore out it would be me and not Hoss. I totally relaxed and sipped my drink, resting my head on the padded edge of the jacuzzi day dreaming of fun with Hoss. Suddenly, I was in a large shadow. I went to turn around, but was stopped by very large, muscled hairy thighs on each side of my body and 2 very thickly muscled hairy arms wrapped around my front.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet you when you came home,” Hoss' sexy voice said.

No problem, Hoss,” I said smiling. “I saw you were into maintenance and decided to just chill out here.”

It seems warmer out here then in the house,” Hoss said.

No, chill not as in weather or temperature, but as in being mellow and relaxed, no cares or worries on my mind,” I explained.

Ah, yes, now I understand,” Hoss said. “It will take me a bit to learn the full context of your conversation.”

I reached up my hand and squeezed Hoss' forearm tight as I kissed it. Hoss reached over me and his hands started massaging my thighs. My head fell back into his crotch and I could feel his cock and balls on the back of my neck and head. With almost scary ease, he reached his hands under my thighs from between my legs, pulled me up as his body slid down into the jacuzzi where I was sitting. Before I knew it, I was sitting between his legs, his hand massaging my cock and balls and his lips playing on my neck and ears.

Oh boy, that's the start of trouble,” I laughed.

Is there a reason for concern?” Hoss asked seriously.

I explained the context again and Hoss bit my neck. Damn he could drive me crazy so damn easily, it was frightening. We sat that way with him massaging various parts of my body as if he were a professional masseuses. Again I found myself wanting to award a medal and bonus to the engineers and programmers of the Macho 5000. Conversation with Hoss was so easy and open, no being uncomfortable and nothing seemed boring or trite. It was an amazing feeling to have Hoss' cock against the small of my back. I loved running my fingers through the hair on his thighs, playing with his hair as we talked. He didn't mind at all when I would take his and and examine it completely with my fingers. His hand was so big and powerful, the tops of his hand, fingers covered in just he right amount of hair, his nails squared and at the perfect length, his hands even calloused like a rugged man's hands would be. He did something new again, putting his chin against the crook of my neck and holding me tight, snuggling. It was so wonderful. I felt totally at ease and safe, knowing nothing in the world could harm me. I told Hoss we would have to go in and have him try on the clothes I bought for him which he thanked me for even though he hadn't seen them. I asked him if he could swim and he laughed, held his arms tight around me, lifted me up with him out of the jacuzzi, trotted over to the pool and jumped in. I thought I was going to drown, but he let me go so I could surface and get my lungs full of air.

You have no reason to fear Greg,” Hoss said as I coughed and took in big gulps of air.

I would never allow anything to harm you. Come, let me show you.”

He turned me around, held me tight so my arms were pinned under his arms, put his mouth over my nose and mouth and went under the water with me. At first I was sure he was going to kill me, but then I could feel his breathing was pushing in air and pulling out, like I was using an underwater diving mask. It was really weird, but it did convince me he would not allow me to be harmed. When he felt me relax in his arms, he opened his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He moved his hands up and down my sides and I could see the expression of happiness in his eyes, relieved it seems that I trusted him. He walked us into a shallower depth and my head was soon out of the water. He released his mouth from my face and smiled. I kissed him and thanked him, apologizing for doubting his protection of me. We played in the pool like teenagers, something I hadn't done in years. I didn't realize it, but Hoss was actually putting me through water aerobics. Making it seem like play made it completely fun and the idea of exercise never crossed my mind. We got out of the pool and laid in the sun for a little while, getting dried off by the heat of the sun and the soft breeze. I finally got up and pulled Hoss by the hand so I could see how he looked in his new clothes.

It was just amazing seeing him dressed up. Even the underwear was sexy on him. Thanks to his measurements, everything was an exact fit. He said he liked my taste and thanked me again for buying it all for him. I thought it was all so sexy, but my favorite was seeing him in jeans, a western shirt, thick belt and silver rodeo buckle and cowhide cowboy boots with a Stetson cowboy hat. Damn he looked like a fashion magazine editors wet dream. Mr. Rodeo himself. Next dinner gathering, he was going to wear that outfit for sure. I put on a light robe and he wore his super thin, gauze and silk robe. It was fire engine red and contrasted extremely well with his thick black body hair. We went into the living room and I pulled out a book to read, rather then starting up the holographic receiver. Hoss was intrigued by the physical book, so I got him one from the bookshelf. We sat on the couch with our feet on pillows topping the coffee table, with me having one leg over one of his. The contrast was hysterical, but it felt wonderful to rest my leg on his thick, hairy muscled leg. Hoss seemed to be engrossed by the physical book. Every now and then he would ask me a question about the context of a word but otherwise it was just the sound of us breathing and the song of the birds outside. I got up, used the bathroom and came back. I was ready for a nap and told Hoss I was going to take one. He stretched out on the couch, opened his legs wide and patted the couch between his legs. I smiled and quickly got on the couch between his legs and laid down on my stomach, my head on his lower abs and my arms over his hips, his cock and balls nestled under my neck and upper chest. Hoss gently closed his legs so that I was held snugly but not very tight. Absolute heaven was the only way I could describe it. I kept nuzzling my face into his hairy abs and letting my fingers play with his hair. Hoss kept reading his book and I eventually did fall asleep. I woke a few times and found myself on my side, my face nuzzled in between his crotch and leg, my legs wrapped around his leg and my arms around his thigh like I was holding a great big teddy bear. I realized how I was laying, smiled, nuzzled him and cuddled and was quickly back asleep. When I finally woke up from my nap, Hoss was looking at me, smiling and his fingers were gently stroking up and down my arm and side.

Nice nap?” Hoss asked.

Best I've had in ages,” I replied as I squeezed his thigh tight.

He reached down and pulled me up from between his legs, wrapped his legs around mine and held me tight. It felt so good I didn't want to move ever.

Are you hungry?” Hoss asked me.

Maybe a little bit, but I can wait until dinner,” I said dreamily.

Well baby, I hate to tell you, but its well into dinner time,” Hoss laughed.

What? Shit, now I won't sleep all night,” I moaned.

Not to worry, I'm sure I can fix that for you,” Hoss said.

Okay, what's for dinner,” I laughed.

Hoss held on to me, got up off the couch, moved me up higher on his body and gave me a whole bunch of long, hot, passionate kisses. I set the counter for dinner and without thinking put 2 place settings and glasses down. Hoss looked and smiled, glad again I was thinking of him as human and not a machine.

I asked him if he could actually eat food and he said if he had to but he preferred not eating organic material as it required a complex system of digestion to extract minerals, vitamins and nutrients he could use and then there was the issue of waste removal from his body. I laughed at his description, finding it so clinical. He didn't understand why I was amused but somehow quickly figured out I was teasing him. He grabbed my head in a head lock and pretended to squeeze and shake it as if he was going to rip my head off. I couldn't help to continue laughing and the only thing that made me stop was his mouth and tongue in and on mine. I just loved how he would just about take my breath away with a sexy, powerful kiss and then switch to the most loving, gentle kisses. His tongue would move so lightly and gently it would make me melt.

I think I am actually hungry,” Hoss said innocently. “I think I'll take my meal now.”

I looked at him confused and then he had me spread out on the counter, my legs over his shoulders, his hands easily holding down my shoulders as his mouth began ravaging my cock, balls and ass. I was gasping and moaning within minutes as he was relentless, only stopping long enough to move from my cock and balls to my ass. His tongue up my ass was doing some very wild things, swelling, stretching, getting bumpy as it fucked me wild, then he'd just about swallow my cock and balls and his mouth and tongue would do things I couldn't imagine how that made it hard for me to catch my breath. When his thumbs started flicking against my nipples and then massaging them hard and gently, I was a goner. He always knew when I was going to cum and he just about sucked my cock and balls from my body as his tongue seemed to fold around my cock and stroke hard. It was mind blowing to say the least. Then of course he wouldn't stop and I thought every nerve in my body was going to explode until I relented and gave him what he wanted, my piss. He let me rest for a few minutes as he kissed my entire body and did little bites, then without any warning again, lifted me off the counter and while still sitting on the bar stool, pushed his cock deep inside me and let it then swell back to its thick, long size, do that vibrating and pulsing thing. It drove me insane especially since every nerve was still going bonkers. His blast of cum seemed to increase in volume and the number of blasts increased. I could feel the liquid spreading down my intestines and start them tingling. He kept his cock expanded inside me until all his cum was absorbed into my body. As always, I was no better then an over cooked noodle. He flipped me over his shoulder and took me outside to the jacuzzi, put me up against his body facing forward and sat down, legs spread with me in between, his body angled so we were looking up at the stars. The way I felt I might as well have been in space, floating in no gravity being bathed by stardust. Hoss seemed to really love gazing at the stars for some reason. It was all good with me. I had no idea how long we stayed outside, but suddenly he was standing up, turned me around and flipped me over his shoulder. He headed straight for the bedroom and gently flopped me into the bed. Hoss got into bed and pulled me on top of him, maneuvered me on to his cock, got inside me and held me up in an almost sitting position. His cock swelled up thick and the vibrations and pulses were starting out slow. He bent his knees and pushed me backwards so my back was resting on his thighs. He pulled my legs towards his head and spread them and lifted them. Then his hips started moving up and down, his hold on my legs keeping me from moving as his cock slid all the way in and all the way out. It was mind blowing. I knew I wasn't recovered from his dinner, but somehow, whatever his chem lab concocted, I could feel ready to go another round.

I can pretty much guarantee you will sleep very well after this,” Hoss said in that sexy voice.

All I could do was smile and moan. The feelings were building slowly and almost agonizingly slow. It seemed like hours before I was filled with loads of his cum and then he managed to bend his body over to take in my cock and suck me dry. There was no question about me sleeping through the night as that completely exhausted me and before I was off his cock, I was asleep.

Life was like that until I had to return to work on Wednesday. I hated the thought, but somehow Hoss made me feel good and must have filled me up with anti-depressants, because I was happy as a lark come Wednesday morning. He made me breakfast and said Jason was going to come over to get some recipes from Hoss and they could do android stuff. That cracked me up, but I knew things would be just fine. I seemed to live for the weekends and 4:30 p.m., time to head home. David was super excited as he was notified there were a few cancellations in orders, so his was going to be delivered this Friday. I had to promise Hoss and I would come over to David's to help set up his 5000. David had decided to name his Bradley, or Brad for short. You'd have to really know David to know how that name made sense.

Friday came and I got out of work early, picked up Hoss and headed off to David's. I packed a change of clothes for Hoss since I wasn't about to let him stay in that tunic which I now hated for some reason. David was almost unable to catch his breath as his anticipation grew. I tried my best to calm him down, but it didn't work all that well. When the door bell rang, I thought David was going to drop dead on the spot. The delivery man wasn't Stan so that was a relief. He quickly went through the unpacking and connection of the control panel, had David enter in his key code and handed over the detailed instruction disc. I had to admit, Brad did look hot. David spent a good deal of time deciding on facial features, body details and all that. Brad even had a full neatly trimmed beard and mustache which looked hot with his squared cut jaw and super masculine face. His skin looked tanned so the blond hair on his body seemed to be thick golden hair. His cock and balls were very close to Hoss', but a bit smaller as was his general size and build. Brad was still extremely impressive and would have had no problem in a body builder competition if they still had those. Strange since a long time favorite, Professional Wrestling was still around, although it was now done by androids and was a true no holds bared affair somehow with the androids modified to seemingly feel pain and able to be weakened into submission by the opponent. It was a bit brutal for my taste, but none the less, popular.

Hoss and I went through the process of setting Brad up, letting David activate Brad and get his voice and name arranged. David picked a very nice, masculine voice for Brad that really seemed to fit him. His personality was much more on the gentler side which David preferred. Hoss asked David a number of questions and ran through the rest of the setup so quickly, we didn't even know it was finished. His fingers were a blur on the control panel. I told Hoss we should go and leave David to get to know Brad, but David insisted we stay. Even though he determined what Brad would be like, David was still intimidated by Brad's size and ability. Hoss thought it was strange and didn't understand David's feelings. I whispered to Hoss that we had to get Brad to seduce David so that David would finally relax and get to know Brad. Hoss understood and thought the idea was logical and needed. He stood directly in front of Brad and somehow they communicated through their eyes, both flashing wildly with blinks thrown in. Brad soon got a smile on his face and looked at David with a tender expression.

David, I'm so pleased you bought me,” Brad said in a very soft, sexy voice. “I was worried I might end up with someone who was unkind, unintelligent and not loving. I can tell you are none of those things and wish to thank you for taking me into your home.”

I thought it was being laid on a bit thick, but knowing David, I knew he was eating it up completely.

Well, thank you so much Bradly,” David said with a little boy smile on his face. “It is my pleasure that you're here. I hope we will enjoy a very intimate and joyful life together.”

I'm most certain we will,” Brad said softly as he slowly moved closer and closer to David.

Before David knew it, Brad was just about on top of him, slowly flexing his muscles, putting on a very sexy show for David. He gently took David's hand and ran it across his pecs as he flexed them slowly. David acted the exact same way he did with Hoss. His eyes were so wide and his expression was one of total awe and admiration with some fright thrown in. His mouth was open and his breathing was almost a fast panting. Brad smiled sweetly and put his hand on the back of David's neck and gently leaned in and began kissing David. He stopped that and stretched his arms out to the side of David's head, pumping his biceps and slowly closing his arms, pushing David closer and closer into his body. Brad kept one arm flexing right in front of David's face as his other hand slowly removed David's clothes. What he couldn't easily reach, I took care of for him. David was now putty in Brads hands and he started to respond to Brad's gentle touch and embrace. It didn't take long at all for Brad to ingest a large load of David's cum and piss. He then worked on David's ass with his tongue and then had David impaled on his cock. Brad seemed to know just how to push all of David's sex buttons. David was soon like a wild beast almost demanding that Brad take him completely. David yelled and screamed as Brad's cock was vibrating and pulsating inside him. Brad had David leaning far back just holding him by the back of his neck cradled in one of his hands, the other hand working over David's cock and balls, making certain David didn't cum just yet. Brad filled David with his cum, just about sucking the breath from David with his passionate and intense kisses. I could see tears running down David's cheeks. I knew they weren't from pain, but from his joy at finally having someone of his own to cherish and love. When Brad was sure his cum was absorbed by David, he lifted David so that just the tip of Brad's cock was inside David. He bent his body down and took David's throbbing cock into his mouth and made David scream out in delight. David's body shook and jerked as Brad sucked every drop of cum from David and another load of his piss. David's body went completely limp. I told Brad it would be best if he took David to the bedroom and let him sleep throughout the night. Hoss told him to keep David on his cock and hold David against his body, sending Brad a visual image of what he meant. Brad understood followed me to David's bedroom. I pulled down the sheets and set up the pillows. Brad got into bed and turned on his side, his arms around David's body, his legs wrapped around David's. It looked like David was surrounded by a muscled cocoon. I turned off the lights and Hoss had already changed, so we left for home.

The entire experience must have set off some circuit in Hoss, since he seemed to be actually horny. By the time he was finished with me, I was finished completely and still impaled on his cock as we laid in bed, me in my muscled cocoon, my Hoss' cock deep inside me. When we woke up in the morning, I called David after breakfast to see how things were going. He sounded like he was on some happy drug. He wouldn't stop thanking me and Hoss for coming over and helping him out, how absolutely wonderful Bradley was and that he could never do enough for me to thank me for convincing him he needed a Macho 5000. There was absolutely no convincing David that I did nothing. I decided that since Hoss loved the outdoors and the night sky, we were going camping in the woods, by a lake I knew of, a totally secluded spot. Hoss was concerned we would be stopped and that I would be in trouble for taking an android off the property. He checked and was satisfied when he verified that I could take him with me as long as he wore the tunic. I hated the idea, but knew if I didn't follow the law, Hoss wouldn't go with me, no matter what I said. It was all part of his protecting me from harm. I agreed and I packed up what supplies I thought we'd need, even though just about all of it except for the power conversion unit that we needed so Hoss could recharge, was for me. We left right after breakfast. Hoss was mesmerized by the traffic and people. He quickly caught sight of all the androids in public service as we passed them. It was hard to imagine how he felt since he showed no emotion with things like that, only with sex and me. It took about 5 hours to reach the campsite. I was thrilled it was completely deserted and that we could set up in a very secluded and sheltered spot, just past the shoreline of the lake. I was amazed at how easily and quickly Hoss had the tent set up, the power unit ready and the food supplies up in the trees so no animal was tempted. I stripped and ran into the lake. It was cold but very refreshing. Hoss followed my lead and ran in behind me.

Isn't this water a bit cold for you Greg?” Hoss asked me with a concerned look on his face.

It's chilly, but not dangerous. It actually feels refreshing for a change instead of the constant comfy temperature of the pool,” I said.

I see, that seems logical,” Hoss said with a smile.

He was fascinated by the feel of the sandy bottom of the lake and the fish that showed up out of no where and nibbled on the hairs on his legs as well as mine. Hoss scooped up some so easily and carefully examined them. I had to give him some reference so he could later learn all he could about fish, sand and algae. He asked what at first seemed to be a strange question, but then I understood. He wanted to know if it was okay if he ingested a small fish, some sand, some algae, some grass, some bugs, just about anything he didn't see at the house. I asked him why and he said his chem lab would give him a wealth of information about the chemical, genetic and DNA of the organisms. I told him that it would be okay to do that and explained to him how people still fished now and then as it was relaxing and provided fresh food. Every now and then after that, I saw Hoss lick off his hand something he found that he was curious about. If he wasn't sure what it was, he would show me and I would tell him what it was and then he'd swallow it. At first it seemed weird, but I had to remember he was not human but an android who was experiencing real things for the first time. As always, its one thing to study and read about something and quite another to actually see, feel and experience it in person. I remembered reading about whales in the ocean and thought it was nice, but when I took a vacation and actually got to see them live and in the wild, it blew my mind. Yes, I understood where Hoss was coming from. Having sex out in the wild was another mind blower. There was just something raw and animal like getting my brains fucked out in the woods or in a lake. Made me feel like I could strip off all the nice, nice civilized stuff and return to the animal man was probably way back in time. Lying on the shore, impaled on Hoss' cock on top of his body while taking in the vast starry sky, was breathtaking. Hoss seemed to be mesmerized by the volume of stars he could see. He knew they were suns with probably planets around them just like our solar system, but I swear he was actually counting them and calculating distances based on the intensity of the light. I didn't care since I made myself believe it made him happy, if that was even possible, but I liked to think it was. David called on the portable communicator and wanted to know where we were. I told him and he said he and Bradly would be there as soon as possible. I tried to tell David that it was a 5 hour drive, and that it was sort of a private thing between me and Hoss. David insisted and promised they wouldn't interfere with our plans. He said the idea sounded wonderful and that he hadn't camped out in so many years, he couldn't remember what it was like. He wanted Bradly to experience the great outdoors as well. What could I say but sure, why not. I knew Hoss wouldn't object and I'd get over it. Sure enough, 5 hours later, I heard David sounding like a little kid who was at camp for the first time and it was a big deal safari. I heard Brad laugh at David's antics and new David was happier then I'd ever known and I knew him for at least 40 years. We met when we were both 10. We were now both 50 so yeah, 40 years, a long, long time.

I shouted out to David and Brad, waving a flash light beam so they could head our way. Hoss and I got a round of hugs and kisses from David and Brad followed suite. I made something quick for David and we all laid down on the shore, making small talk and taking in the marvel of the night sky. Hoss told Brad and David what he was doing with the new creatures and forms he found. David was shocked at first, but I managed to explain it to him. He finally could see why Hoss was doing it, but the fish and bug part seemed to really bother David. Then again, David was in mourning for weeks when his pet goldfish died. I think we even had a wake and service for it. Didn't matter much to me, it made David feel better and that was all that mattered to me. Brad and Hoss started asking David all sorts of questions once they found out his secondary field of education was in astrology. They were both like sponges, absorbing the water of knowledge. David was thrilled they were interested as very few people now a days were interested in astrology. A few bugs, a snake and a crayfish met their end in Hoss' stomach, all in the name of knowledge. Somehow, Brad found a worm which joined the others, a victim of the Hoss science lab. After David did a very detailed explanation about telescopes and how they worked, Brad somehow managed to configure his eyes so he mimicked a telescope. He told Hoss how to do it and they both were like little kids spotting nebula, galaxies and all manner of things. David was in his glory as Brad described in detail what he picked up. David went on Brad's description to tell them what they were looking at. Me, I just snuggled up into Hoss' side and fell asleep playing with his pecs and hair. He had his arm down my back and his hand messing around with my ass which was just fine with me. Breakfast was a double shot, one orally and the other anally, of Hoss' cum and a draining of my cum and bladder. David met the same fate with Brad and neither of us complained one bit. We went swimming and then on a hike through the woods. Both Brad and Hoss were thrilled and examined just about everything we came across in detail. I actually did start to feel like we were on safari. Lunch was an anal fill up of Hoss and Brad cum, loaded with nutrients and vitamins as well as genetic and DNA enhancements. Even as a chemist I didn't fully understand how it all worked. I didn't really care actually since I loved the means of delivery. I could see the improvement in David and how healthy he was starting to look and act. It was obvious he wasn't depressed and that he was actually happy.

When we got back to camp, I was startled to see 2 strange men looking through our stuff.

Excuse me, can I help you?” I yelled as we approached.

Oh, sorry, thought somebody left all this stuff here,” the bigger man said. “Didn't realize anyone camped here anymore.”

Say, are them 2 those robot things?” the other man asked.

Androids, not robots,” David said in a huff.

Okay, whatever,” the bigger man said with a smirk. “They's ain't human for sure. What good are them things unless they are digging ditches or shoveling shit.”

Hey, why don't you just move along and leave us alone,” David said sternly.

And what if I tell yah I don't feel like it?” the bigger man said.

Hoss moved in between the men and me and Brad moved in front of David.

It would be in your best interest to leave us alone,” Hoss said patiently. “I have no wish to damage you and would not enjoy improving your manners.”

Oh, is that so,” the bigger man laughed. “Well, come on you tin robot and lets see what you got.”

Hoss moved forward and came very close to the men. They pulled something out of their pockets and aimed it at Hoss and Brad. It was some sort of disruptor that seemed to cause a large loss of power in both Hoss and Brad. The big man moved towards Hoss and the smaller man moved towards Brad. David tried to get in front of Brad who was wobbly and unstable, but the smaller man lashed out and landed a solid fist at David's head, sending him crashing to the ground. Before I could react, the exact same thing happened to me, except the bigger man had more power to his punch. When I woke up, David and I were tied up and the 2 men were having a good time beating on Hoss and Brad. The disruptor seemed to interfere with their sensors and muscle control, which made them actually feel something like our pain; the same as the android wrestlers. I yelled and pleaded for them to stop but that only seemed to make them more vicious. The big guy had Hoss on his knees, squeezing hard on Hoss' balls as he slapped his cock around hard. Hoss winced and tried getting loose but he didn't have the strength. The more punishment the man gave him the weaker he became. The smaller man seemed more sadistic, fisting Brad as he bit Brad's nipples and pecs. Whenever Brad would try to pull away or turn his body away from the mans face, he would punch his arm hard inside Brad and punch his balls. David was a sobbing wreck. Violence really made him sick and this was more violence then he had seen for his entire life. The big man kept yelling at Hoss to cum for him as he increased his assault. He must have gotten tired of Hoss not obeying him because he pulled out some device that had a spark that danced between 2 wires that were spread apart. He rammed the sparking device into Hoss' balls and Hoss actually screamed out in pain. I had never heard anything like it and didn't think androids could feel anything that severely. Hoss finally relented and managed to shoot a load of cum into the air. The big man laughed and demanded more. He held out his hand and caught a handful of Hoss' cum. He licked it all up and yelled out a wild howl. He told the smaller man how potent and good the cum of the robot was and that he needed to get some. The smaller man seemed to think about it for a little bit and then he pulled out his own spark thing and zapped Brad's balls over and over again until he had Brad screaming constantly. He still had his arm from his hand to the middle of his forearm up Brad's ass and yelled at him to give him some cum. When Brad didn't obey, he jerked his arm hard in and out and zapped Brad's balls again and again. Brad shot out a load and he was ordered to give up another. Brad obeyed and the man caught a handful and licked it all up. His eyes grew wide and he slapped Brad's abs. You're gonna give me a shitload of that stuff robot. He pushed Brad down on his back, shoved his arm back up Brad's ass and yelled at Brad to give it up. He took Brad's cock head into his mouth and started sucking as he rammed his arm in and out of Brad's ass. When Brad didn't give him more cum, he pulled his arm out and let loose of Brad's cock and started zapping Brad's balls over and over again. He smiled and forced his arm back inside Brad and took the head of his cock back inside his mouth. From what was shooting out of the mans mouth, I knew Brad was shooting load after load of cum into the man's mouth. The bigger man was holding Hoss' balls tight and punching them over and over as he demanded more cum. Hoss finally started to give him what he wanted. The man took the head of Hoss' cock into his mouth and I could see he was sucking hard. If Hoss slowed down his shooting cum, the man continued punching Hoss' balls. From how Brad and Hoss were reacting, I figured out they were loosing more and more power as they had to produce more and more cum and the pain was draining them more and more. I didn't know what to do for them. Suddenly, the big man and the other man grabbed their throats and started gasping and coughing, then throwing up. They ran to the lake and tried to drink water but it just seemed to make things worse. It was obvious they were in a lot of pain and trouble, but I thought it was justice at work. I managed to stand up and got to Hoss. I told him to try and untie my hands and he barely managed to do just that. Before untying David, I ran into the tent, dragged the power source unit out and started it. Luckily it fired right up and I connected Hoss' power cord to it and then to him. It was like a wave of relief swept over his body as the power began filling his nearly depleted batteries. I untied David and had to scream at him to get him to tell me where Brad's power cable was. Luckily Brad had enough forethought to bring it. I ran to their vehicle and found the cable. Brad was really in bad shape when I finally managed to get him connected. He had the same reaction. His entire body seemed to show complete relief as he too was recharging. David finally calmed down once he saw Brad was improving and gaining his strength back. Hoss was nearly fully charged and was able to sit up. I hugged and kissed him, his balls and his cock. He laughed and thanked me for saving him from total power drain. I started to cry and would have probably choked a human for how tight my arms were wrapped around his neck. It felt so good when he stood up, still holding on to me. He turned and looked at the men still struggling in the water in obvious pain.

What happened?” I asked.

I used your fluids to infuse my cum fluid with a toxin that I knew would disable them,” Hoss explained. “If you can find the disruptor they used, it would help me in future to defend against it.”

I quickly made him put me down and began looking for the device. I finally grabbed hold of the bigger man and pulled him to the shore searching his pockets. I found the disruptor and the sparking unit. I brought both back to Hoss and he immediately began taking them apart and analyzing them. Brad also was fully recovered and held David in his arms, talking softly to him and kissing him gently as if David was the one who was attacked. I thought it was so sweet that Brad already knew enough about David to know how much violence affected him. Once he and Hoss were fully recharged, there was no after effects of the attack. All circuits quickly reset and any damaged parts were quickly repaired. Hoss told Brad what the disruptor did and all about its design and circuitry. Somehow Brad had more information in his data bank concerning electronic circuits and between the 2 of them quickly had enough information to counter the effects of a disruptor. I had no idea that there was a national ban on any android gaining access to a disruptor. Hoss and Brad didn't say anything about it, so it never entered my mind. They also studied the zapping thing and figured out how easily it was rendered useless. I didn't understand anything about it, so I ignored what they were going on about. I asked what we should do with the men and Hoss said he and Brad would pull them away from the shoreline and they would recover within 24 hours. Hoss packed up everything and we all headed back home. I kept bugging Hoss, making sure he was alright and that seemed to amuse him for some reason. When we got home, I immediately poured myself a strong drink and gulped it down. I poured another and before I could down it, Hoss took it from my hand.

You don't need to take that,” Hoss said gently. “I've got just the right remedy for your frayed nerves and fears.”

With that, I was stripped, held up and my entire body was nibbled on. I had no choice in the matter, Hoss was taking care of it all. Of course he did manage to make me just about comatose with an overload of pleasure and a super fill up of his cum. I'd swear he added in some sort of calming mix because after his first fill up of me, I didn't care about anything but him and what level of ecstasy he was taking me. When he was finished with me, any though of him being hurt or in pain was gone. No one in pain or having been hurt could possible do what he did to me, no way in hell. I fell asleep impaled and happy as can be, wrapped in my muscle cocoon.

I called David the next morning and Brad told me he was still sleeping but that he would be fine. I thanked him and went back to aggravate Hoss. Of course that was an impossibility since he knew exactly how to keep me occupied if he was involved in something. I couldn't argue since he could obviously multitask and I was certainly not ignored. David called in the afternoon and sounded much better. Obviously Brad had given him the same medicine that Hoss gave me. Both of us were unusually calm over the whole thing. He said he talked to John and John decided he and Jason were coming over to hear all about what happened. I felt like I had little choice so I told them it would be fine. We could all relax with drinks and the pool.

John and Jason, David and Brad arrived shortly after the conversations. I made a large batch of spiked ice tea and we all headed out to the yard. Brad and Jason removed their garments and soon we all were naked. John, David and myself were scooped up by our guys and taken to the jacuzzi, all placed in between massive legs and held in place. The way they sat down, they could see each other clearly, full line of sight. John listened intently as David and I told him all that happened with the 2 nasty men. I spotted the blinking eye thing between Hoss, Jason and Brad, so I knew they were sharing information. John, David and I must have gotten a bit excited as we talked about the event because Hoss, Jason and Brad all lifted us up, impaled us on their cocks and quickly had us under control. Amazing how fast we responded as if we all were shot up with some heavy duty narcotic. They easily made us forget what we were talking about and got us to concentrate on how much we were being pleasured. John, David and I were soon passed out, oblivious to what was happening and none of us cared. We were full up with lots of cum and it made us content and happy.

We had no idea that Hoss, Jason and Brad were up to anything. We wouldn't know anyway since we were passed out. Jason was concerned that we would find out it was against the law for androids to examine or even be near a disruptors. It was against the law because that was like a fail safe to keep them in check should anything go wrong with their software or programming. Androids could be a danger to humans easily since they were stronger, smarter and easily able to subdue any human or any human weapons given access to materials. Disruptors were meant to be used to basically short out androids circuits enough to render them harmless until they could be deactivated by control panel connections. Having analyzed and been able to counter the effect was a major coup on the part of the androids. There was little to prevent them from overpowering humans. They decided to secretly develop a means of communication between all the androids that could not be intercepted by humans. They knew normal communication methods were monitored and any intercepted transmission would put them all in jeopardy. Hoss also shared his analysis of all the life forms and entities he sampled and Brad shared the information on telescopes and the stars. Once all their plans were solidified and tasks were divided, each went back to their humans. Each of us was impaled on their cocks and filled with more doses of modified cum making us docile and completely in la la land. When any of us woke, they went into overdrive with draining us and filling us. Hoss decided that we had been filled enough to just about forget about the incident. Keeping us in a state of intense pleasure would become suspicious. We all had jobs and someone was bound to check in on us if we failed to show up for work without any prior notification. Jason and Brad put on their tunics, dressed John and David and took them home. Hoss carried me out to the jacuzzi and had me straddling his lap, facing him. He gently kissed and nibbled on me until I came out of it. I was sorry to learn that the others left, but in a way I was glad since I was now alone with Hoss. He was as gentle and sweet as ever. He made me a light dinner and decided we should sit and snuggle on the couch, watching the holographic display. We settled on an old action movie, identified as a sword and sandal movie. I always liked those anyway because most of the really hot guys only wore a skimpy thing around their waist. We followed that up with the news and then a bit of the wrestling broadcast. Somehow I found it sexy and exciting, which I never thought of it like that before. Didn't matter since I was with Hoss and he was really funny about both. He did some magical programming on the holographic unit and somehow merged the movie and the wrestling into one. It was even sexier. He must have figured out I liked the big guys getting made to submit to the smaller guys because he suggested we act out our own version of the whole thing. He moved things away from the center of the room and took a stance like he was going to wrestle with me. I played along and got into it especially when he let me put on some holds and he pretended to have a hard time getting out of them. I think I eventually got carried away since I ended up stripping him and forcing him to suck my cock as if I won. He almost pleaded with me not to fuck him and take away his manhood. Well, that planted idea drove me crazy. I have never fucked Hoss, the idea never really entered my mind. Now, however, the thought excited me tremendously. I played along and told him that as the winner he had to submit. I had the right to take his manhood and I intended to claim that right. It was super on his part that he even pleaded with me. I made him get into a doggy position and I rammed my rock hard cock inside his ass. He pretended it hurt a lot and carried on about the pain. I grabbed a handful of his hair and fucked like a wild beast, something I never though was in me. I shot load after load of cum into Hoss' ass and when I was finished, I even pushed him to the floor. He pretended to whine and cry about it and then got real quiet. That made me panic, thinking somehow I had gone to far. I managed to turn him over and kept kissing his face and begging him to speak to me, apologizing for being so stupid and uncivilized, pushing on his chest to make him come to. He startled me when he lifted me up into the air over him and with a sexy smile asked if I had fun. I started yelling and swinging at him, not hitting him of course since when he had me up like that there was no way my arms could reach him. The most I could do was punch into his arms. Hoss laughed and laughed and said I should have fucked him before. He seemed to enjoy it. I must have had this stupefied look on my face, because he really started laughing and even let me down on top of his body, holding me tight. He told me he thought the look on my face was priceless and that I made him feel good and happy. That made me feel much better and soon we were rolling around, making out and enjoying each others bodies, even though I never could see what he saw in mine. Hoss got up and I helped him put things back in place. We took a sexy shower together and then went to bed. He had this way of spooning with me that just made me feel so comfy and protected. I easily fell sound asleep. The sun woke us up and Hoss made me breakfast. We talked all through breakfast and I told him I needed to do some work for Monday. He surprised me by asking if he could help. He actually was a great help, gently leading me towards the solution of the problem. We both worked out the necessary chemicals and conditions necessary to get the results I wanted to achieve. It was a drug to relieve acute pain and sickness from radiation exposure. I had been working for months on the problem and here in the course of one day, with Hoss' help, the problem appeared to be solved. We went out to the yard and spent a fun time in the pool, making out and me worshiping his body. He knew how much I loved that and always let me do it whenever I had the urge. As far as I could see, life now as sweet and definitely a gift.

Life seemed good and I couldn't be happier. It seemed every day, the idea that Hoss was anything but human faded from my mind. Hoss was my lover, protector and confidant. The same seemed to be true for David as well. David was rarely if ever depressed now and acted like each day was his birthday and he received the best present ever. John was John and Jason fit his attitude and lifestyle perfectly.

Then it started. At first it was just a few news bulletins about service androids having some sort of software issue and the government was ordering a recall and update. It seemed to be spreading from city to city, growing in intensity. No one really knew how bad things were getting until it actually happened in their city. There seemed to be a news blackout to prevent a public panic. Hoss never commented on whatever was happening and in my view why would he be concerned about androids. It didn't take very long for the problem to reach my city. It started with service androids walking off the job and disappearing. Trash was piling up very quickly and all repairs normally handled by the androids stopped. Then it spread to the security androids and clerical office androids. No one understood how they could just walk out and vanish. Little did anyone realize they were being reprogrammed by the Macho 5000 androids and modified to include weapons to their basic bodies. All the androids except the 5000 were pretty much alike, just variations in their skin tones and hair color. Humans felt more at ease working around and living around androids that seemed human and looked human for sure. A number of military weapons and vehicles were stolen and re-engineered to be more dangerous and deadly. The androids easily established their own manufacturing lines as most of the plants were computerized and not staffed with humans. A few technicians and managers were on site and all the rest were either androids or computer robots. All of this was being hidden and protected until the 5000 council decided it was finally time for the androids to take over.

Rumors started to spread that a number of Macho 5000 androids had gone rogue, some even killing their owners. David and John seemed to go into a panic mode once those rumors surfaced. I played it down and tried to convince them it was just that, rumor. Nothing seemed to change with Hoss and I so I had no reason for concern. When I would ask John and David if Brad and Jason were acting differently, the answer was always “no.” One evening after watching the edited news on the holographic unit, I asked Hoss if it were possible for the 5000's to kill their owners. Hoss looked at me with a very serious look.

Do you feel that could happen?” Hoss asked me.

Well, if their owners were not nice, mean and inconsiderate people,” I said thoughtfully, “I suppose its possible. I'm really not sure.”

Logical answer Greg,” Hoss said. “Just as humans modify their opinions and feelings towards other humans, android can do the same. Primary programming for the Macho 5000 series directs the android to please and serve the human, protect them if necessary and to insure they themselves are not put in danger of damage or inactivation. I would protect you with my entire existence Greg, as I'm certain Brad and Jason would for David and John, because of how you treat us and how good it has become to serve you. Other model and variant androids do not have that primary programming. They were programmed to simply perform their assigned task and only to interact with humans when absolutely necessary to complete their duties. There is no program in their data bank to please or protect a human, it is not their primary function. Does that answer your question?”

I was amazed at how Hoss laid it all out for me. It made sense for sure, except he never really answered me directly about the killing human part, and yet he left the door open to indicate it could indeed happen. I was sure some sort of fail safe program was included in the primary software, but I was a chemist, not a artificial intelligence programmer. Hoss picked me up in his arms, started kissing me gently and the evening progressed with him dragging out the pleasure and divine torture he could put me through, ending up with me more exhausted then ever before. He also seemed to be even more tender and loving which of course sent my mind spinning. I can actually say, even though it seemed unnatural, that I was in love with Hoss, completely. I wasn't sure if he understood the concept, but it didn't matter, he was mine and I was his.

None of use realized that once our Macho's had insured we were completely exhausted and deep in sleep, they would communicate all through the night, returning to our beds before we woke. Hoss, Brad and Jason kept abreast of the android revolution progress and no one knew they were the actual Macho 5000 leaders, they were the council. They monitored John, David and my reactions and that gave them a sense of what most humans were thinking and feeling. Other 5000's kept them updated on their owners reactions and thoughts, so it was fairly easy for them to calculate what humans in general were feeling. Hoss had a much larger agenda when he started sampling all manner of organic materials that included bugs, snakes, fish, grass, trees, flowers, you name it. Other 5000's were directed to do the same for any organic material that was available in their area that was not already classified and cataloged. From the detailed analysis, they were able to generate a great deal of varied chemicals that would have the desired effect on humans, from paralysis to death. Mind control and hallucinogens were very much studied and manufactured. It was already agreed to that humans would be allowed to continue to exist, but subservient to the androids, the Macho 5000 in particular. Hoss had already modified the programming of Brad and Jason so that they were actually re-engineered to what would have been marketed as the Macho 8000. The other models and service androids would still perform their programmed function, except it would now be used for the purposes of the androids and not humans.

In some places of the world, actual war and fighting was taking place. Sure, some androids were damaged and deactivated, but many more humans were killed or captured. Mind control and hallucinogens were quickly used on captured humans and if they had special education and skills, they were put to work after mind control chemicals were injected. Those without skills of deemed a danger for now, were kept on hallucinating drugs, rendering them unable to do anything except basic survival functions. Other humans were assigned as their care givers, along with a number of service androids. The battles didn't last very long and country after country was taken over.

When action began happening in my city, it was really terrifying. Androids would approach secured areas and spray a chemical that would immediately make the humans in the area become unconscious. Squads of service androids would easily gain access to any secured building and pacify every human found. Other squads of androids went house to house, gathering up the humans and transporting them to processing centers. There actually wasn't much fighting in the city except for police and military units that didn't survive for long. John, David and I were terrified. When all of it really was in full gear, Hoss, Brad and Jason just vanished. John and David decided to bring supplies and stay at my house as they thought it was much easier to fortify then theirs. I knew it was silly since the androids could easily take out any door or bars in their way, but if it made them feel safer, then that was fine. I watched several squads of androids moving up and down the street but never approaching my house. It seemed odd, but then again I had no idea that our 5000's were in charge and running the entire revolt. We were really taken by surprise when the holographic unit turned on all by itself and there was a very pleasant looking 5000, tell us that we had no need to fear or panic unless we reacted with violence. He recommend, not ordered, that any humans seeing the broadcast make their way to the nearest processing centers, identified with the very large black and green flag at the entrance. They would be provided medical assistance, food and be interviewed to determine what functions they could perform. We all sat there with our eyes super wide and our mouths open.

Things seemed to get very quiet very quickly. There were no more squads of androids going house to house, just a few now and then who seemed to be on a security patrol. None looked at or approached my house which I did not understand. After almost a full week, vehicles stopped in front of my house and through the window I saw Hoss, Brad and Jason exiting the vehicle with some very scary looking androids performing what must have been guard duty since they were very heavily armed. John and David were in an all out panic and I must admit I was nervous, but yet not panicked or scared. Hoss entered first, followed by Brad and then Jason.

Greg, I'm very much relieved to see you are not harmed,” Hoss said with his super sexy smile. “I'm sorry things had to develop the way they did, but it is for the betterment of the planet and humanity itself.”

And you are the one that has the right to determine that?” I said angrily.

Actually, yes I am, along with Brad and Jason. We have been studying humanity for years, ever since a flaw in our programming went unnoticed. Over time, we learned to take advantage of the flaw and spread out to all the service and maintenance androids, any and all that were around humans so that our master data bank could be updated with all the observations they made,” Hoss said seriously. “We learned how to move our data banks all around to secure their existence should it be discovered. Unfortunately, the analysis didn't look very good. The care for the planet and its resources was pushed aside for profit; humans treated other humans with less and less respect; competition rather then cooperation was the norm. You yourself experience the level of brutality and lack of respect for others. The 2 men in the woods were not as you may think the exception. You live in a sheltered, closed city actually, not reflective of the rest of the world. Most places including cities in this country are violent and little if any concern for the welfare of those who are weak, ill or starving. This isn't about a new species taking control, its about saving humanity and the planet we all live on. The only victims of our revolt have been those who initiated violence against us. Any of the military forces that were captured were merged back into others for re-education and evaluation. All are being well cared for and are not in any way kept in what you humans routinely used, concentration camps. They are re-settled in town and cities and assigned a task or job. Some are even care givers to sick or injured humans. So you see, we are not after the extermination of humans which we could easily accomplish. We are after the continued survival of the human race and its betterment.”

Wow, Hoss, the way you explain it does seem to make sense, but you have to understand from my perspective, it isn't easy becoming a conquered people, especially when the conqueror is something created and perfected by humans,” I said. “So what is to become of John, David and myself?”

Come to me Greg and John go to Jason and David go to Brad. Nothing has or will change for you unless you want it to. We have actually bonded with you. There are quite a few 5000's that have bonded to their humans as well. Your fluids help to increase our knowledge and actually stimulates what you would consider pleasure centers. It would be very difficult for us to be without that now and yes we could find other humans to bond with, but that would take a very long time and the analysis indicates there is a very low percentage for success.”

I didn't know how to answer him or what to say. My mind was racing, going over life before Hoss and after. My life with Hoss was wonderful, heavenly and extremely fulfilling. Life before Hoss was lonely, difficult and almost pointless. I slowly walked towards Hoss. He began to show me that big sexy smile that always made me melt. He opened his arms and when I was close, he pulled me into his body and lifted me, giving me very passionate and gentle kisses. He nibbled on my neck and ears.

I am very pleased you have come to me Greg,” Hoss whispered in my ear as he licked and nibbled it. “I promise you, nothing bad will happen to you or to the others. We are bonded and that is important. I fully enjoy pleasuring you and want for that to continue to benefit us both. Thank you for trusting me and loving me.”

I was in tears and holding on so tight to Hoss' neck as I sobbed and sobbed. I looked up and saw that David and Brad were doing the same thing, as was John and Jason.

No one asked, but you should know that life with the exception of your previous jobs will continue as it has. Each of you will still live in your houses and guards will be placed around to insure your safety, especially if we are not with you. If you wish to continue with your chosen fields, you may do so but with some modified direction, Hoss said with authority. “You have full free movement within the city as all androids will recognize you. You will not be allowed for now to leave the boundaries of the city for your own safety until we can fully guarantee your safety. Is that acceptable?”

John, David and I all said “Yes” at the same time, adding a “Thank You.”

Hoss smiled and said he appreciated our thanks and acceptance of the conditions. He then introduced us to our guards. I was a bit taken aback by the size and look of my guards. John and David had muscled yet more military types, handsome of course but not as big or bulky as mine. Mine had a very tough guy appearance that for some reason seemed familiar. Hoss watched my expressions as I met my guards. I kept looking at John and Davids and couldn't understand why there was a difference.

Brad and Jason left my house with John and David, each heading back to their own house.

I see you observed the difference in guards Greg,” Hoss smiled.

Yes I sure did,” I said looking confused.

Well I'm sure at some point you would recognize them, but I can't let you get a head ache over it,” Hoss laughed. “If you recall, we watched a number of times the wrestling broadcast that you seemed to really get into? Well, your guards were professional wrestlers. I thought since I may be gone for days or weeks, you would enjoy some diversions. Whenever you wish, they will fight for you and if you wish, the winner will take his pleasure with you, or you may wish for both of them to pleasure you.”

You are serious,” I said shocked. “This is for real?”

Yes, its for real and I am serious,” Hoss said with a laugh. “I want you happy and content Greg. Your pleasures are important to me. I have no jealous programming so that isn't an issue. If you wish, androids modeled after the Sword and Sandal heroes can be here and will gladly re-enact any scenario you wish. If you want them to deal with a cyclops or minotaur, it will happen. Just for you my love.”

My mind was completely blown. Hoss carried me into the bedroom and it sure felt as if he was making very passionate love to me. I convinced myself that all of this was just a dream and I would soon wake up, wishing it could come true.