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Okay here is chapter here is chapter 11 - I've also been working on another story (a fantasy called Landsphere) about a human teen who finds himself in a land of dragons, elves orcs, etc. In landsphere humans were magical mythological creatures. It's posted under my stories at crackerwriter.us .


Sam (sam_lakes@yahoo.com)


by Sam Lakes

Chapter 11

Garthon burst into Trender and Zaron’s room with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, and announced, “My parents are proud of me!”

Trender who was his normal three quarters naked stopped his weight lifting and a fully clothed Zaron looked up from a book he was reading, and smiled.

“We told you so,” said Trender.

“Yep! That’s a new word I learned from Trender,” responded Zaron, “Yep! It means yes, or I agree. It is not in the ship’s dictionary, but Trender swears it’s a word.”

Trender walked over and hugged Garthon, which Garthon returned.

“I love you two,” said Garthon.

“Mmmm,” said Zaron automatically, as he was musing about something.

Garthon laughed. “You know, Trender, you are right, Zaron is just too cute when he’s thinking of something to say.”

Zaron blushed.

Garthon and Trender laughed.

“Stop it! You make me feel all weird!”

“I can’t help it, Zaron, and besides, it wasn’t me that promised I wouldn’t call you cute, it was Trender. You have no idea how cute you are when you blush.”

“On another subject,” interrupted Trender, “Tomorrow is the first liberty we have since arriving at the Academy. I was thinking we could go to the gaming hall in town. They have some awesome holographic games!”

“Yeah, that would be fun. How about it Zaron?” asked Garthon.

“Games bore me,” replied Zaron, “You two go, I think I will check out the library.”

Garthon rolled his eyes.

“Rolling your eyes at me, Garthon, isn’t going to change my mind. You guys know me well enough to know I like to read – there are definitely things I have to checkout, and to me games aren’t fun. I have enough excitement in defensive fighting class.”

“Ok, ok! So, Trender, it’s just you and me then, right?” asked Garthon.

“Yeah,” said Trender, resigning himself to the fact that Zaron would never go out just to have fun.


The next day Zaron left on foot for town, at the crack of dawn, even though the rules of the Academy expressly stated all cadets leaving Academy grounds had to travel to and from the Academy by Academy provided transportation.

Zaron felt like running, so he conveniently forgot the transportation rule. Lately, he felt full of energy, and figured the run to town would do him good. It did, but he arrived at the library an hour and a half before it was supposed to open.

<Perhaps they will let me in early> thought Zaron as he pounded on the door until it was opened by a very cranky old man, who Zaron thought might be as old as Durin-4's ancient history.

“The game hall is two blocks that way. This is a library. Read the sign, we don’t open until nine o’clock!” said the old man.

“Yes, well, I know this is the library and I did read the sign, but I was hoping and curious if you have any really, really old books on the folklore of Durin-4? I read a few texts on our voyage here to the Academy and they really sparked my interest,” Zaron said politely.

“Sparked your interest?”

“Yes sir, particularly the Forest of Esquelon.”

“The Forest of Esquelon?”

“Yes sir”

“You mean the Forbidden Forest?”

“Well, yes, that’s what it’s called now, but I believe in ancient times it was called the Forest of Esquelon,” replied Zaron.

“He-he-he,” the old man laughed, “When I was a very young boy that’s what it was called. He-he-he. I never considered I was so ancient. He-he-he.”

“I didn’t mean to imply –“

The old man interrupted, “That I am an ancient relic. He-he-he. I like you, young man. Have you had breakfast yet?”

Zaron’s stomach growled loudly. “Well, I decided to forgo breakfast so I could get here early. I have a whole day to spend researching Durin-4 folklore.”

“It sounds like your stomach disagrees with your decision,” laughed the old man, “Well, you’re here, I have just started my breakfast, and I think I would like your company young...” The man waited for Zaron to speak.

“Oh, sorry, I beg you forgiveness for my rudeness, I’m Zaron.”

“Well, young Zaron, follow me.”

As they were eating, the old man, whose name was Strugis Manor, said, “I don’t believe I have ever had a boy from the Academy here. You are an enigma.”

“Not really sir, I was given no choice – I didn’t volunteer. I plan to become a scientist like...“ Zaron’s voice faded off, “my father.” He was thinking of the Doctor.

To change the subject, Zaron asked, out of the blue, “Have you ever heard of the Xenarian Crystal?”

“Mmmm,” mused the old man, “Possibly, let me think.”

After several minutes, “Yes, possibly in the books you are interested in. My great-great-grandfather was a historian, and I seem to recall my grandfather mentioning the name Xenarian – not sure if was a race of people or a crystal or both. Have you checked a data terminal?”
“Yes sir, there doesn’t seem to be any reference to it. That’s why I was interested in some of the ancient books you may have here in your archives,” replied Zaron.

“You could start with some of his books on the ancient folklore, but, alas, I’m not even sure that you’ll find anything there.”

After breakfast Sturgis Manor led Zaron to a room full of dust covered books.

“I’m afraid I don’t get in here to clean,” apologized Sturgis, “Indexing new materials from the Quadrant and keeping the data terminals operational is about all the time I have.”

“That’s not a problem, I’m here to learn. The room is perfect for that,” assured Zaron as he pulled a large old book from one of many shelves, blew off some of the dust, sat down at a table and started reading.

By noon, Zaron had progressed through a dozen books. He’d not found any reference to Xenaria or Xenarian or any word or name beginning with an ‘X’, but he had found many interesting facts and stories about the Forest of Esquelon, and he had taken copious notes on his data tablet.

Sturgis seemed delighted to have him as company, and brought him a stack of sandwiches for lunch and a bowl of delicious stew for dinner.

Zaron continued his research well into the evening, completely unaware of the time that had passed. The day had been a success in that he had found some descriptions of a rock called Zenar, which after being heated to a high temperature and then cooled, would resonate differently depending upon the wavelengths passed through it. It wasn’t a clear crystal though. It could be amalgamated with other minerals or metals.

<Maybe my Xenarian crystal was an amalgamate of some sort,> thought Zaron as Sturgis entered the room.

“Young man, I am so sorry, I sat down in front of my fireplace after dinner and fell asleep. I meant to let you know when the last transport to the Academy was. I’m afraid you missed it.”

“Oh that’s alright, Sturgis, I ran here in less than an hour this morning. I can run back,” said Zaron.

“I do not think that that would be wise, young Zaron. The beasts from the Forbidden Forest may be a thousand kilometers away, but it’s not advisable to travel alone at night even here. I do have a guest room which you are welcome to use.”

“Well, having read of some of the creatures that inhabit the Forest of Esquelon I am a bit afraid to leave. If it isn’t too much trouble for you, I would gladly accept your hospitality.”

“It is no trouble at all. It’s getting late, and an ancient old man like me needs his beauty rest,” Sturgis said cheerfully, “I’ll show you to your room.”


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