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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 12

After a good night’s sleep, Zaron woke at the crack of dawn. He figured Sturgis would still be sleeping, so he wrote him a thank you note and then left for his run back to the Academy.

The guard at the gate to the Academy told him he was to report to the Commodore. Zaron assured him that he would as soon as he was in uniform.

When he opened the door to his room, he was greeted by Trender saying angrily, “Where in Hades have you been?”

“I wasn’t anywhere near Hades. I was exactly where I told you I’d be, Why are you so angry?”

“You said you would be in the library and you weren’t. I’ve been up all night searching every place on the Academy grounds for you. I was worried sick! I reported your absence to the Commodore and the Commander who are also worried! AND SO IS GARTHON!”

“I wasn’t on the Academy grounds, which is why you didn’t find me. I was where I told you and Garthon I’d be – the library.”


“Then you didn’t search very well. Did you ask Sturgis? He would have told you I was there.”

“Who is Sturgis?”

“Duh! The librarian. He’s only been the librarian for a hundred years!” Zaron said, getting upset with Trender’s yelling.

There was a knock at the door.

“There is no one at the Academy called Sturgis!”

“OH, DUH! Of course not, he’s the town librarian. If you bother to read the city guide maybe you would have known there’s a library in town! There are other things in life other than STUPID GAMES AND GAME HALLS, OK! I left early at the crack of dawn, and ran to town to the library,  before the transports.”

“That’s against the Academy rules, Zaron.”

“So! Rules are made to be broken! You and Garthon told me that on the ship.”

“That was different! We were hungry. Getting a bowl of cereal from the mess hall is a bit different. There was nothing dangerous. Creatures from the Forbidden Forest don’t exist on starships!”

“Well, there weren’t any on the road to the town; I was quite safe.”

The knock at the door was louder.

Zaron opened the door, “WHAT!” he yelled.

The Cadet Messenger stepped back, “The Commodore requests your presence Cadet Queststar.”

“I told the guard I would report to the Commodore when I got in uniform, and had I not been greeted by a screaming lunatic, I would have been cleaned up, in uniform and on my way to his office.”

“Sir, the Commodore wants you to report immediately, uniformed or not.”

“Cadet Messenger, you can inform the Commodore that I will report as soon as I am in uniform.”

“Sir, the –“

Zaron slammed the door closed. 

“I need to get in uniform, so please leave the room. I need to get dressed.”

“NO! This is my room. What is it you are so scared I will see? Don’t you trust me? I love you Zaron of the Queststar. There I said it out loud so you know how I feel. There is nothing I am hiding from you! Why can’t you reciprocate?”

Something Zaron had thought about while at the library suddenly clicked into place in his mind. He knew the crystal in the pendant was an almalgamate with Zenar. The pendant around his neck was somehow tuned to his own wavelength. When he’d told the Doctor and Captain that he truly loved them, and they had said the same to him, the crystal began to resonate. It was how the Hellion Warships found the  Andromedes. The Doctor and the crew gave their lives to protect him. 

Trender had promised he’d never tell him that he loved him. By their actions they both knew that they loved each other but not saying it seemed to keep the pendant from activating. By saying it out loud simply intensified his feelings and he knew now from his research that the pendant would once again resonated. 

The Hellions had traced the signal to the Andromedes. They might even trace it here. He couldn’t risk that happening! He couldn’t risk loosing the ones he loved again, especially Trender. 

Zaron said nothing, instead he walked across the room to his closet, took out his duffle bag and started packing his things. Tears were cascading down his cheeks. He only packed his few clothes leaving all of his books.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving. You broke your promise. I told you I would leave if you did.”


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