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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 13

Horrified that Zaron meant what he said, Trender said, “No, Zaron, you can’t. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you or break the promise. I’ve just been so worried about you. I love you! I’ll leave the room. You get your uniform on and then go see the Commodore.”

“I-I Why? Why? Did you say you loved me? I don’t even know who I am or what I am! But I’m not like you, Trender. I’m not like anybody here. You don’t understand I don’t want you to die. I LOVE YOU more than you can imagine, but I can’t stay. I have to leave now before it activates.”

“Before what activates?!” cried Trender.

Zaron pulled off his sweater.


Trender saw what he thought was the most beautiful gem in the universe hanging from an almost transparent chain around Zaron’s neck. 

“This was what I was researching at the library. This crystal is tuned to me. The chain grows with me. It can’t be taken off. When I have a strong positive emotion it resonates against the harmonics of that wavelength of that emotion. There was a point where I felt love and caring from and for the Doctor and crew on the  Andromedes, and it started resonating. We didn’t realize that it was sending out a strong signal. That signal was picked up by the Hellion Warships, and they tried to capture us. I can’t let everyone die again. I can’t let you die because of me.”

The door opened and Commodore Feder stepped into the room blocking Zaron’s exit. He saw the pendant having around Zaron’s neck.

“Cadet Messenger inform Commander Targus Emergency Order number 324 has been invoked.”

“Aye Commodore,” replied the messenger as the Commodore closed the door.

“Commodore, please I have to leave! It’s going to activate just like the last time. I don’t want you to die like my father, not like the Doctor! Why, why did they have to die? He loved me like a son! I don’t want you to die, or Garthon! But most of all, I don’t want Trender to die. I can’t help it any more, I love him. Why are they after me? I’m no one special!” Zaron was beside himself in tears.

“Zaron, listen to me. My mind is open to you. You know that. You are special! You are a very special boy. They can’t touch you here. This is the one place in the universe where you are safe. I didn’t know about the crystal until early this morning. I found my code book. Commander Targus and I have been going through the doctor’s log. I know everything now.”

“Old Sturgis Manor called me last night, so I knew you were safe. He said you asked him about the Xenarian Crystal and was impressed with your interest in Durin-4 folklore. He told me age was getting to him and he couldn’t remember where he’d heard about the Xenarian Crystal. Well, fortunately I did. That’s why I asked for you to report to me. When the Cadet Messenger passed along your message and the altercation that seemed to be taking place here – Well, I’m here.”

Zaron looked at Trender and then down at the crystal –it was glowing a beautiful soft blue-white light, which meant it was active.

Trender noticed it too. “Zaron of the Queststar, I love you with all my heart and soul. I would lay down my life for you. I will never let you leave me, nor will I ever leave you.”

Zaron blushed and the blue-white glow changed to a soft golden light. Zaron glanced at the Commodore who was smiling. Zaron blushed again.

“You, young man, are free to love whom ever you wish,” said the Commodore.

“I love Trender more than my life. But how do you know I’m safe?”

“The uniqueness of this planet is why this is the headquarters of the Royal Protectors. We can receive signals from our in orbital communication station but no signals can escape from the Esquelon. In order to transmit communications to the com station we use a fiber cable from here to a relay station a hundred miles off shore.”

At that precise moment, the door flew open causing Zaron to leap onto Trender fearing they were about to be attacked and they fell onto Trender’s bed.

“Oh, oooh, damn, you look good without a shirt! Oh, shit! I mean shoot, Commodore Feder. Oh, huh, sorry to interrupt, but I heard that these two were fighting and well, I know they love each other, and I just didn’t want them to break up over something stupid, sir, uh, sorry to interrupt,” said Garthon. 

Zaron got up off of Trender and turned to face Garthon.

“Whoa! What kind of stone is that. It must be worth a gazillion credits! No wonder you wear a shirt all the time. Damn, you’ve got a nice body; not only are you rich, your are sexy and cute to boot!”

Zaron blushed. “Shut up!”

“Yes, Cadet Garthon, sit down and shut up. You might as well stay, because you will be around these two for a very long time,” said the Commodore.

Garthon immediately dropped to the floor and assumed a sitting position.

“You two cuddle up or whatever – just relax and get comfortable, as I am about to tell you what I know about the Xenarian crystal.

“That’s a Xenarian Crystal! Oh, oh, wow! By the stars, I never believed they existed,” said an excited Garthon, “My dad used to tell me stories about them.”

“Cadet Garthon Redellious, if you interrupt again, I will put you on report and assign you to three months of kitchen cleaning duties. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir. I apologize, please continue.


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