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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 15

“The time to act is now, Commander Sebayillos, before Redellious and the RP strengthen their position! We need your advise.”

“So, tell me again. This boy who they claim to be the son of Elron how will this strengthen their position?”

“If he is the heir apparent the people will follow him. There are stories that Elron said a son of his would be coming sometime in the future. That in itself is enough to loose us support to establish trade between our worlds. That means our technology which is far superior to Hellion technology would be lost to you and if this boy truly is the son of Elron then he probably carries with him the key to the travel portals a technology that would reduce travel between systems to minutes or hours instead of year or centuries.”

“Senator Vroft, we need only to cut off the head of the snake to kill the snake,” replied the Hellion commander. “I understand the boy was found by a Quadrant vessel. Therefore, rightfully, he belongs to the Quadrant not the RP. In the beginning Commodore Feder claimed the boy as his nephew. This was simply his ploy to increase the RP’s support for political gain. It’s know that his brother was a homosexual and the lover of Captain Jonathan O’Riyan so how could they have a son.”

“You must publicize this point heavily – create conflict amongst the population! It’s known in Hellios as ‘divide and conquer’. You create stories of how the boy has been brutalized into believing he is the son of Elron. You create images showing him being tortured and say that they come from reliable sources within the RP whose names you refuse to divulge as they too would be tortured. Create conflict.”

“At the same time get information about this boy. What is he like? Who are his friends? What does he eat? Does he piss and shit like everyone else? Who are the cadet that dislike him or are jealous of him. If by chance we find out that he is for real then we lure Feder to Quad-1 and arrest  him for high treason. I can see he gets ‘treatment’ that will put him under our control – our treatment has a ninety percent success rate. If by chance he’s a ten percenter we can always give his a rage pill and let him loose in a school full of innocent little kids with a weapon. That not only works but it turns him and the RP into some psychotic pseudo-religious group that can easily and justifiably be forcefully eliminated.”

“I suggest you gentlemen and ladies get to work. This meeting is adjourned.”

The group of people began leaving the room.

“Young man, Mr. Calderas I believe. I like to see you in my quarters. I want to thank you for your service to this counsel.”

“Thank you sir,” said Jason Calderas.

An hour later Jason Calderas left the Commander Sebayillos’ quarters. His back was stinging and his ass was sore. He felt degraded and dirty. The man had essentially raped him. The man’s B.O. was revolting making Jason nearly vomit just remembering the ordeal.

He thought back to Garthon. Garthon was a handsome youth and the way Garthon had been ogling him he thought for sure Garthon wanted his body as much as he wanted Garthon’s body. Yet, Garthon had never picked up on his subtle hints. God! He had yearned for Garthon’s love but it never came.

He hated seeing him suffer the humiliation of being the worst at running the gauntlet. It was a stupid tradition. He hoped that by helping to see that Garthon completed his 25 meters. Garthon would feel grateful enough to show his love, but it didn’t happen. That was when he hacked into the RP security system and copied the recordings of Garthon disabling the sensors. He’d spent hours removing all traces of original recordings making it look like a system glitch.

He had never wanted anyone so bad in his life. Yeah, he’d blackmailed Garthon into having sex. But he’d always been gentle and even sometimes given Garthon a blowjob. There was even a point when he thought Garthon did love him and the sex was willingly given.

It had been Trender Nucomb that had ruined everything. Once Trender arrived on the scene Garthon stopped wanting to have sex. Garthon became infatuated with the pretty boy who didn’t really want to be a Royal Protector anyway. He wanted to get rid of Trender – remove him from the equation so that Garthon would return to him. The hours fantasizing their life together were a complete waste because of Nucomb. Garthon came to him though to handle the situation. He told him what to do. He really didn’t care if he got into trouble for having helped Garthon. He wanted Trender Nucomb out of the picture.

Now he was the victim. Had Garthon really hated him the whole time? It was that Queststar cadet that had finally convinced Garthon to report the incident. That’s why he supplied the senator with information about Queststar which the senator had given to Commander Sebayillos. He wish he hadn’t done it.

“I always seem to fuck thing up. I am such a fucking looser,” he thought to himself as he walk into a bar, “When your drunk things don’t seem so bad.” He had selected the wrong path – it was all downhill from here as far as he was concerned. He might as well nullify the pain and humiliation he was feeling.

For three months Zaron had lived in his quarters alone. No Trender. No Garthon. It was decided that for security his friends should still be billeted in the cadet quarters. Zaron always had two Royal Protector guards with him for security. He barely got to see his two best friends as they were in other classes. It was only during the lunch time meals that they managed to get together and then always with Zaron’s ‘body guards’ around.

Trender hated the situation but tried to maintain a false cheerfulness for Zaron’s sake. He had cried himself to sleep for the last two weeks as he felt helpless. Garthon was irritated by this and other things.

“I’m telling my dad about this. It’s not right. You’re the heir apparent not a fucking prisoner,” complained Garthon, “Besides whiney boy here keeps me awake with his constant sniveling.”

“You’re dad is part of all this,” muttered Zaron he leaned over to Trender and kissed his cheek. <I have a plan to escape. Meet me at the library tomorrow – first transport to town. Tell no one not even Garthon. Just make sure he goes with you to the library.> Zaron mind-talked to Trender.

Trender smiled and returned the kiss by giving Zaron a peck on the cheek.

For over a month he refused to eat dinner or breakfast with the Commodore, Commander Nucomb or Commander Targus. The latter two went along with the Commodore’s edict that he should sleep by himself. As far as Zaron was concerned his protective custody was nothing more than a prison sentence.

He had requested to go to the town library and was refused but they would bring any books he wanted from the library to him. Half of them would be dust before they got here from rough handling. The other half Sturgis would refuse to let out of the library. But Zaron also knew that the books were of minor importance. Something was nagging at him to visit the library. Somehow, something there would lead him to the Forest of Esquelon which would in turn lead him back home. His home is the place where all his questions about himself would be answered.

There was so much he didn’t understand. Stuff that was locked away in his mind or brain or whatever. The answers were like on the edge of his awareness but only on the edge. Just enough to torment him.

As he arrived at his quarters for the evening he saw a cadet messenger waiting by his door.

“Sir, the request for a trip to town has been denied.”

“By whom?” Zaron asked knowing full well who had denied his request.

“Sir, it was denied by the Commodore, but he did state that if you give him a list of books he would see that they are given to you.” Stated the cadet messenger. It was the same answer given by the same cadet messenger for the last four request he’d made over the last four weeks.

Up to now Zaron had simply nodded and entered his room.

But this time he was through being nice, “Cadet messenger please convey the following message to the Commodore: Quote Sir Go fuck yourself, oops I’m sorry you can’t cuz you’re fucking Targas and he can’t cuz he’s fucking Commander Nucomb. Oh! What a threesome you’ve got going Unquote.”

“Sir, I can’t deliver such a message!”

“You most certainly will deliver the message it’s your job and duty. I’ve read your training manuals. Good night.” Zaron entered his room and slammed the door closed.

His current body guards remained outside his door. They shook their heads. They sympathized with the boy and had volunteered to escort Zaron to and from the library but it had been denied.

Zaron had been planning his escape for a month he knew it would work and tomorrow he would execute his plan.



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