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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 16

“The library! We got up early, skipped breakfast, to come here! It’s not even open yet Trender!” grumped Garthon.

“Damn! Where is he?” thought Trender.

They were about to leave when a beautiful girl approached them. “Hi boys!” she said in a sexy voice, “Looking for some adventure?”

“No, I’m waiting for a friend,” said Trender.

“I’m up for an adventure,” commented Garthon.

The girl ignored Garthon’s comment and closed the distance between herself and Trender. “You’re a cutie. We could have a lot of fun together,” she said as she placed her hand on Trender’s inner thigh, “Lots of exciting fun.”

“No. Please don’t!” said Trender as he remove her hand.

“He’s only into boys, but me I’m interested,” said Garthon.

“I thought you were gay,” said Trender.

“He’s right but babe you’re hot! I can show you a good time,” said Garthon.

“So, are you boyfriends?” she asked.

“No!” they both disgustedly replied.

“He’s got a boyfriend and well, I don’t and I am very available. I like to try it with a babe like you. I have money too!” said Garthon.

She her hand back to Trender’s thigh.

“Look please, stop that. I have a boyfriend who I happen to love. You don’t turn me on at all! So, please just go away or talk to him.”

“I’m not interested in him,” she laughed but her laugh began to sound like someone they both knew.

“Zaron?” they both asked.

“No, Ronda,” laughed Zaron, “Good disguise, huh?”

“You are one hot babe!” laughed Garthon.

“How did you get out and with no body guards?” asked Trender.

“Yeah, how did you get out with no body guards?” repeated Garthon.

“Well, sweetie,” Zaron said in his girl voice, “Buy me breakfast and I’ll tell all and both of you can call me Ronda.”

Zaron was taking dainty bits of a sweet bun and sipping his hot drink.

“Come, on Ronda, tell us this arcanum, how did you escaped,” said Garthon anxiously as he’d already gobbled down two sweet buns and was on his third hot drink.

It was hard for Zaron not to talk to Garthon chewing with his mouth open and purposely spraying Garthon with bits of chewed food but it would have ruined his act.

“I’ve been planning this whole escape this for a while now. I borrowed the wig and make up from some old theatrical stuff I found in the closet in the arts and acting class. The hardest thing was getting a rope that was long enough – which I found in another closet in the school which happened to be in one of the toilet areas.”

“I threw a fit about the guards listening to my farts when I was trying to handle the natural processes of the body. So they stood outside the room and I rummage through the maintenance closet and found the rope which was good because I really didn’t want to destroy my sheets. My plan was to wrap it around my torso but it was too long so the next day I went back and I was wearing a very loose top – it took a while to wrap myself, so I told the guards I was constipated.”

“I borrowed a single hook grapnel from cross training class. I asked for some black clothes. Being the heir apparent has some privileges. I merely had to give them a plausible reason. I told them I was in a dark mood.”

“Yeah, you looked sexy in that outfit. Everyone was going ga-ga over you,” laughed Garthon.

Zaron blushed.

“Is that all you think about – sex?” asked Zaron.

“Yeah. Hey I’m a sixteen year old boy and my roommate here won’t put out,” laughed Garthon.

“Well, the library is open, let’s go,” said Zaron.

“Hey you haven’t explained the mystery escape,” complained Garthon.

“Well a rope hanging out my window could be seen as soon as day broke, so I also had a spool of thread which I tied to the end of the rope the looped around the furthest leg of my bed, I hooked the rope to another leg of the bed, slide down the rope dress in black so I wouldn’t be seen an hour before light. Pulled on the thread so the rope would be pulled back into the room. The thread is to thin to be seen at a distance.”

Zaron stood and the other two followed suit. “Of course they will discover I am gone and will come looking for me hence my disguise. Let’s go.”

“What is so important about the library?” asked Trender as they walked hand in hand back to the library.

“There’s a portal there. I am sure of it!” replied Zaron in a girly voice.

“To where?” asked Garthon.


“Not sure, it’ll be an adventure though.”

“We could end up on one of the other systems,” said Trender excitedly.

“Yeah! Oh, man I love this!” said Garthon. “Are we going to the Forest of Esquelon? I hope so. It would be my chance to see plants in the wild or wild plants!”

Recently, Garthon had told them during their short lunch period that he never really wanted to be an RP – it was his father’s idea and so he felt obligated to be an RP. He wanted to be a botanist. It was obvious that he had an interest in botany as he had a bunch of potted plants in his room which Trender had often caught him taking to.

When Zaron and Garthon would start talking about botany, biology, or science Trender always felt left out. Science bored him. The fact is he didn’t know what he wanted to do. If he had any talent in anything it sure hadn’t shown itself which depressed him even more.

Zaron would always notice and change the subject or give Trender a peck on the cheek. It helped but it didn’t change the feeling that he was without any talents.

The reason Trender cried himself to sleep the past couple of weeks was partly because he got to see so little of Zaron and then would start wondering why Zaron even liked him for anything other than he had a nice bod but then so did three-quarters of the cadets in the RP. He was afraid he’d loose Zaron to Garthon. Garthon was sexy, not just smart he was brilliant, funny, and basically everything that Trender thought Zaron would want.

He wasn’t jealous of Garthon because Garthon never made any attempt to woo Zaron. Sure he kidded around but it was always in fun and never serious. Garthon had told Trender that he loved Zaron as a friend but didn’t have even the slight romantic feeling for him. Zaron was more like a little-big brother - little because Zaron was younger and shorter but bigger because he was so much smarter.

“Okay here’s the plan,” said Garthon as they neared the library, “You two go in speak to Sturgis and say Zaron asked you to looked up something in the old archive. Make sure he takes you to where they keep the old books. Got that?”

“Yeah,” they both said.

“In ten minutes I will come in and tell Sturgis I am Garthon’s sister and asked him where you are. He will bring me to you guys and hopefully he’ll leave so I can find the portal.”

The two boys went into the library. Ten minutes later Zaron disguised as a girl entered.

“Hello, sir,” said Zaron in his girly voice, “I’m looking for my brother, they said they were going to be here looking for something called a book for their friend Zaron who is unable to come here himself.”

Old Sturgis was delighted to help as it was so unusual to have young people in the library. He hung around getting books he thought Zaron would be interested in.

Meanwhile, Zaron was getting anxious. He knew they probably discovered his escape and any minute they’d be here. Even though he was disguised he didn’t want to risk being seen. He decided to start searching.

Within a few minutes he was drawn to an empty corner of the room. Before him part of the wall appeared to quiver and his crystal also started vibrating.
Sturgis was back in the archives somewhere.

“I found it!” Zaron whispered excitedly, “Come on!”

The two rushed over to him.

“Trender take my hand, Garthon take Trender’s hand.” They complied and Zaron led the way through the portal.

The portal closed just before Sturgis Manor carrying a load of books reappeared from the archives.

“Here are some…” he said then saw not one was here.

“Kids!” he said very perturbed.

A few minutes later a squad of twenty RPs rushed into the archives as a grumbling Sturgis was putting back the books he taken out.

“Where’s Zaron Queststar?” demanded the leader of the squad.

“I haven’t seen him. A couple of kids were in here and wanted to see some books to take back to him but they left before I could get them all the books I was sure young Queststar would be interested in.”

“How long ago did they leave?”


“I don’t know possibly five minutes ago or so. I’m an old man and don’t seem to track time that well. You might check the game hall. They might have gone there.”

The squad left as fast as they arrived.


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