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Chapter 20

As Zaron stepped out from the portal vessel he heard an announcement, “Welcome portal traveler, you have arrived in Quadrant 1 – 5 Portal. Please proceed ahead.”

The room he was in was the size of the docking bays on the Arclius and very plain otherwise.

Ahead of him Zaron saw a wall. As he approached the wall its matter began to quiver. It was a land portal Zaron assumed much like the portal in the library.  Stepping through the portal he found himself in an open corridor that surrounded a courtyard. In the center lay two dead bodies that Zaron could see had been brutally beaten.

He checked their pockets for some sort of identification and discovered they were Jargon Majors and his wife Larnina Katteral Majors. Taking a small silver object from his own pocket Zaron spoke, “AI, I’ve discovered the bodies of Jargon Majors and his wife Larnina Katteral Majors. Can you link to the knowledge base of the RP and see if there is any information concerning them.”

Several moments passed during which time Zaron found a cloth to cover the two bodies.

AI replied, “Both were known to be loyal supporters of the Royal Protectors. Good friends of the Redellious and Commander Nucomb. They fostered Commander Nucomb’s nephew, Trender Nucomb for about a month before Cadet Nucomb was admitted to the Academy. This is not a good situation. Possible dangers awaited you. I suggest you carry on your portal training to Magnus Prime.”

“Is there any recorded of relatives in the area? Perhaps, I should alert them.”

“The only record is of Lars Major, age eleven, their son. I advise you to leave and continue your mission.”

“No. He’s a child. He may be here somewhere in this building. I will advise when I arrive at Magnus Prime.”

Zaron returned the silver object to his pocket and began searching the premises for the child. After almost an hour of searching he was ready to give up but then heard a faint cry of someone. It seemed to come from the wall.

“There must be a hidden door”, muttered to himself, “Lars Major, I am Zaron of the Queststar, Guardian of the Royal Protectors. I know you are hidden and can hear me but I can spend no more time trying to find you. I must move on to Magnus Prime. I would like to take you with me. There is no reason for you to stay here and you will be safe with me.”

“It’s locked,” cried a muffled voice, “My mother locked me in here. She has the key.”

“I’ll be back,” shouted Zaron as he turned and left the room. Moments later he returned with the key. He had no idea where the key hole was. “Lars, I have the key but where is the lock?”

“On the side of the desk,” he answered.

Zaron found the lock and in seconds the bookcase moved forward and Lars slipped out of his hiding place.

“My parents are dead, aren’t they?” Lars asked.

Zaron nodded.

“We have to hurry to Magnus Prime. Lady Redellious and Laseron are in danger. I over heard them saying that the Hellion’s were going to arrest them. Can I see my parents before we leave?”

“There’s no time and they were badly beaten. I think it would be best not to see them in this state. I’m sorry. They died an honorable death and protected you. That is what is important.”

Lars glanced at his watch, “It’s too late. They will be arrested in twenty minutes. We can’t even warn them because our comm system is down.”

“But mine isn’t. Follow me.” Zaron pulled the silver object out of his pocket, “AI, can you link me to Lady Redellious residence on Magnus Prime. She’s about to be arrested. I must warn her to get to safety. I am leaving for Magus Prime immediately.”

“Hello,” said a male voice, “Redellious residence. Who am I speaking to?”

“This is Zaron of the Queststar, Guardian of the Royal Protectors; I must speak with Lady Redellious immediately. It is most urgent!”

“Zaron, she and Laseron are out shopping for his school uniform.”

“Does she have a commlink?”

“No, but I do. I know where she’s gone.”

“Thank the stars. She and Laseron are in great danger. One second. Lars step though the portal and walk into the capsule. Are you familiar with where Lady Redellious and Laseron would be shopping to get him a school uniform?”

“Yes, we went last year.”

“Good now get into the capsule I’ll be with you shortly.”

“Sorry, as I was saying she is in great danger the Hellion supporters are planning to kidnap her and Laseron. You must protect her. Who is this anyway?” asked Zaron.

“Jason Calderas,” he answered, “but I’ve reverted. I know you think I was wrong with what I did to Garthon, but there is much you do not know.”

“Keep them safe even if it means your life because if any harm comes to them I will hold you responsible. I’ll be there as soon as possible. I’ll contact by commlink, Zaron out.”

Zaron had Lars sit beside him and buckled him in.

“I want t be an RP like you. It’s all I’ve ever wanted,” said Lars, “And it would make my parents proud.”

Zaron smiled, “Okay, consider yourself temporarily appointed my assistant with the rank of midshipman. Oh, and the first minute of travel you feel like you’re going to explode but you won’t and the feeling passes.”

“AI, set our course to Magnus Prime at all possible speed.”

“On my mark in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Mark” The vessel vanish from Cai-Minor.


 Jason Calderas ran to the mall hoping no one had spotted him. Unfortunately that was not the case as the Redellious residence had been under surveillance for the last half hour. One of the Hellion supporters had followed him.

Jason entered the store and saw Lady Redellious in the back of the store.
“Lady Redellious, I’ve just received word from Zaron Queststar you and Laseron lives are in danger. Please take my weapon and hide in the stockroom. No matter what don’t leave until Zaron arrives. He and I believe Lars Majors are on there way here as I overheard Lars voice in the background. That could only mean that Jargon and Katrina are either kidnapped or worse. I have no idea how long it will take for them to arrive. I think I was followed and so I will stall them and tell them I went shopping for you. If that doesn’t work then I will fight.”

“Jason, you have no weapon,” Lady Redellious said as she tried to give him back his weapon.

“You keep it, I have everything I need – I’ve never forgotten my RP skills. Now quick get Laseron and yourself to the stockroom and stay hidden until Zaron arrives.”

Lady Redellious leaned in and gave Jason a kiss on the cheek, “Take care of yourself. Though he has never said anything to me, I know Garthon needs you.”

As Jason approached the entrance to the store he spotted a Hellion supporter and realized the person must have seen him. “Fuck!” he exclaimed under his breath. If he left the guy may or may not follow him depending on whether he saw Lady Redellious. He’d probably call for back up.

Jason logic was correct. The guy and two others approached whle a third Hellion supporter stood guard by the door.

“Where’s Lady Redellious?” the guy asked.

“At home I suppose,” replied Jason.

The guy signaled the other to grab Jason and that was a mistake as two seconds later the two were unconscious on the floor. Jason grabbed the guy and held him in front of him as a shield from the one posted at the door that had drawn a weapon.

As the man fired Zaron who had been running towards the store with Lars not far behind flung himself into the air landing between the two. The blast from the weapon ricocheted back towards the Hellion supporter at the door as Zaron’s force field activated.  He dropped to the floor dead.

As Lars entered the store he kicked the dead Hellion supporter then looked at Zaron who had been watching.

“For my parents,” said Lars.

“Understandable. Jason, where’s Lady Redellious and Laseron?” asked Zaron.

“Stock room, sir,” replied Jason.

“Midshipman, go to the stockroom and get Lady Redellious and Laseron we need to return to the portal,” ordered Zaron, “I’m Zaron of the Queststar, Guardian of the Royal Protector as commission by his Royal Highness King Elron,” said Zaron to Jason as he extended his hand. As Jason took Zaron’s hand he felt a warm flow of energy flow from Zaron and heard in his mind, “Jason, I need to know the truth.”

Jason understood, “My mind is open to you, sir.”

Zaron released his hand after a few moments. “I owe you an apology. When was Garthon’s memory of you altered?”

“Right before you arrived.”

“Under whose orders?

“The Commodore, he knew of your mind reading talents because your brother told him. By my being ousted from the RP I could easily ‘defect’ to the Hellion supporters’ side. My own memories were altered. I think there was some kind of time lock on my mind because two weeks ago I turned up at the Redellious’s home. Lady Redellious was prepared to kill me due to the ‘fake’ incidents implanted in Garthon and Trender’s minds but luckily I persuaded her to talk with the Commodore. It seems you were the key that unlocked my true memories. I’ve never stopped loving Garthon.”

At that moment three Magnus Prime Security officers arrived. It was obvious to them that the dead man was killed when his weapon mis-fired. At the same time Lady Redellious approached Zaron and Jason.

“Lady Redellious, we were told that you’d been killed by him”, said the senior officer nodding towards Jason.

“Obviously not, Jason was protecting me,” replied Lady Redellious, “I suspect your organization has been infiltrated by Hellion supporters.”

“But our orders are to arrest him. Jason Calderas, you are-“.

Zaron interrupted, “I’m afraid I cannot allow you to arrest him. He is under my protection and jurisdiction.”

“Who are you?”
“I am Zaron of the Queststar, Guardian of the Royal Protectors. Lieutenant Calderas was acting under orders of Commodore Feder to infiltrate the Hellion supporters group.”

The officer’s eyes showed surprise. “You are the Queststar boy that we’ve heard about, the heir apparent?”

“So, it is rumored,” replied Zaron, “But my true position is Guardian of the Royal Protectors as appointed by his highness King Elron. I personally lay no claim to being the heir apparent.”

Zaron’s commlink to the AI vibrated. Zaron click the silent mode button and hear in his head. “What is it AI?” Zaron thought.

Zaron heard in his head AI’s voice, “Zaron, it is imperative that you return to base with Jason Calderas and Lars Major immediately. When you made physical contact with them I was able to through you download their DNA signatures. There are other situations which need your urgent attention and can’t be discussed over a commlink. As the situation with Lady Redellious and Laseron is serious bring them too. Please understand you must return post haste.”  

“Jason, Lars we must leave immediately as I’ve just received a communication from AI to return. Lady Redellious and Laseron it is not safe for you to remain her on Magnus Prime; you will accompany us to Durin-4.” Zaron’s intention was so strong that no one argued and they left for the portal.

It was obvious to Zaron that Laseron and Lars were best friends as Lars grabbed Laseron’s hand leading him back to the Redellious mansion where the Magnus Prime portal was located.

Lady Redellious insisted the Redellious staff be allowed to go and Zaron acquiesced and had AI do a scan to insure there was no treasonous staff. All were cleared by AI.

Prior to their departure Zaron communicated with AI, “AI, we should depart in two minutes. Lars is ensuring all are secured in their seats. Can you tell me what you found in the scan of their DNA signatures.”

“Yes,” replied AI, “It appears that they maybe related, further tests will need to be made. I can tell you more in a few minutes when you arrive.”

“Jason and Lars may be brothers?” asked Zaron.

“Yes, but the more accurate answer is: Jason, Lars and you may be brothers.”