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Sam Lakes




By Sam Lakes


Chapter 4

When Zaron entered his room, Trender was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling, and refused to look at Zaron.

“I really, really, like Commander Targus,” said Zaron as he sat on his bed.

“Good for you,” commented Trender.

“He wants me to be in the security division of the RP. I told him no, even though he is a really handsome man.”

Trender didn't reply.

The room remained silent for over an hour while Trender continued staring at the ceiling, and Zaron was pretending to read a book, but he was holding it upside down.

Zaron eventually put the book down. He knew he’d freaked Trender out. Trender had said hardly a word since he transferred the steward’s memory to the Commodore. He lay down facing the wall as he fought back the tears threatening to fall.

“I freaked you out, didn’t I?” asked Zaron in a shaky voice.

“Yeah, kinda. I didn’t know you could read people’s minds.”

“I didn’t know you couldn’t,” said Zaron.

“Oh, come on, Zaron! One person in five billion, maybe, has your skill!”

“Yeah, well, there are twenty billion people in Quad-1, so there’re three other people in Quad-1. How am I supposed to know you aren't one of those three!”

More silence.

Almost in unison, the two boys spoke, “I suppose you want a new roommate.”

“Why would I want a new roommate?” asked Zaron as the tears silently rolled down his cheeks.

“Because you read my mind and you didn’t like what you saw.”

“I never read your mind! I... I couldn’t!” cried Zaron.

“You couldn’t?” asked an almost relieved Trender.

Zaron flipped over so he was facing Trender, “No! I don’t scan everyone I meet. When I walked through the door I knew you were an honest person! You were a good person. And besides, all I could think about was... was...” Zaron blushed. He gulped, looked away, looked back at Trender and said, “You’re beautiful, Trender, your body, your light, everything about you is beautiful. Sometimes all I want to do is stare at you, but I don’t because you’ll think I’m weird or something. I guess it doesn’t matter now because now you know I’m weird – I’m the one in a billion that can read minds. Maybe I can move in with the Commodore tomorrow.” Zaron flipped back over, facing the wall, as the tears began to flow and he didn’t try to stop them.

The room was silent except for a occasional sniffle from Zaron.


There was no reply.

“Zaron, I don’t want another roommate. Please don’t leave. I was being stupid. I thought you knew about me and that’s why you didn’t want to undress with me around.”

Zaron said nothing. His tears had stopped and he was thinking.

“Zaron, please talk to me.”

“I never said that my not getting undressed in front of anyone had anything to do with you. I said, quote, I’m not supposed to undress in front of anyone, unquote. Then I told you it was personal. Trender, why would you think that it had something to do with you?” asked Zaron.

“So, it’s nothing to do with me?” asked Trender.

“No, but you avoided my question. Why would you think that it had something to do with you?” asked Zaron.

Trender blushed and looked away, then muttered, “I like boys; there, I told you.”

“That’s it? You like boys?” asked Zaron.

“Yeah, well right now just one boy,” Trender said shyly.

“Really? Who?”


“Me? I really don’t understand why you would think that has anything to do with me not wanting to undress in front of you,” said a confused Zaron.

“Because some people think it’s perverted for me to feel the way I do, and I thought maybe you’d think that.”

“Well, I’m not some people. I’m Zaron of the Queststar. And I already told you what I think about you.”

“Zaron of the Queststar?”

“Yeah, that’s my real name, but Doc shortened it to Zaron Queststar,” replied Zaron, “I’m tired. I want to go to sleep, but one last thing - you should not care what people think about you. You are Trender Nucomb, the beautiful, and there is nothing perverted about you. You are all that’s good, and (yawn) Zaron of the Queststar’s best friend. (yawn) G’night.”

Zaron turned over facing the wall and was promptly asleep.