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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 7

Trender smiled slightly to himself when he remembered that he had pretended to be asleep last night, and Zaron had known. What did Zaron have planned? He knew that he would have to watch Zaron run the gauntlet.

Watching the first-years run the gauntlet was rarely an event that everyone attended, but today those who weren’t physically present were watching on viewers throughout the ship. It wasn’t until late afternoon that Zaron Queststar’s name was called by Commander Nucomb to run the gauntlet.

“First year cadet Zaron Queststar are you ready to run the gauntlet?” asked Commander Nucomb.

The question was a formality for which a cadet was to reply, “Yes sir, I am ready to run the gauntlet!”

Zaron stood before the Commander, the officers, cadets and the crew of the ship and replied in a loud and clear voice, “No sir, I am not ready.”

Those not paying attention were suddenly alert as to what was happening. Total silence fell over the crowd. Everyone’s attention was drawn to this first year cadet.

The Commander was taken aback for an instant, but then asked, “And why not?” He was clearly amused by Cadet Queststar.

“Sir, this is a ritual that is performed every year by first-years, and is a part of our training until we can reach twenty-five meters from the end at which point we never have to run the gauntlet again. Correct?”

The Commander nodded, “Yes, quite correct.”

“I understand that most first-years never made it past five meters, and that only Garthon Redellious in his first year made it to thirty-eight meters, and holds the record for the greatest distance in one run. Correct?”

“Correct, but I fail to see the point you are trying to make.”

Zaron looked around the room until he spotted a very nervous Trender which made him smile. Looking directly at Trender, he thought, <This is for you.>

Trender was speechless because he clearly heard Zaron’s voice in his head say, “This is for you.” No one else heard that message.

Zaron looked back to Commander Nucomb, who was beginning to get slightly irritated.

“Sir, I have researched the rules of the gauntlet. I am allowed to challenge any other cadet to run against me, and the loser must do the winner's bidding for a year, meaning any household duties that are assigned to the winner that he doesn’t want to do the loser must do for him. The winner may also assign the loser someone else’s household duties instead of his own. Correct?”

Commander Nucomb smiled, “You are correct, Cadet Queststar. Is that what you wish to do? Offer a challenge?”

“Yes sir, that is my request.”

“Who do you challenge?”

The silence was almost nerve-racking waiting for Zaron’s reply.

“I challenge Garthon Redellious!”

“What!” screamed Garthon.

Zaron, as did everyone else, heard an even louder, “YES!” coming from Trender.

“Cadet Garthon Redellious front and center!” ordered Commander Nucomb.

“I won’t do it!” were the first words that came out of Garthon’s mouth as he stood in front of the Commander Nucomb. “I will not be challenged by some idiot first-year, Commander, sir.”

“That is your choice. You may forfeit the challenge and, in doing so, you relinquish all proceeding records. Running the gauntlet will be added to your curriculum until such time as you reach the twenty-five meter mark again, unless Cadet Queststar relinquishes his challenge - those are your only choices.”

Zaron took Garthon’s hand as in a handshake. <Garthon, only you can hear me. I will relinquish my challenge if you will be honest and tell everyone that you cheated and how you cheated. Further, you must publicly apologize to Trender Nucomb for telling lies about him in order to discredit him in the eyes of others, out of fear that he would tell others that you cheated.>

“Never, you freak!” spat Garthon as he jerked his hand away. He heard Zaron say in his mind, <You will lose. I am faster and stronger than you. I will beat your so-called record without cheating.>

“I will not relinquish my challenge. I request that engineering verify that the gauntlet is fully operational before the run, sir,” Zaron said loudly and clearly to the Commander.

“Cadet Garthon Redellious do you accept the challenge?”

“I refuse to be challenged by this freak. He’s not human!”

“Let it be know that the offer of a challenge has been refused with full knowledge of the consequences by Cadet Garthon Redellious. Cadet Zaron Queststar are you ready to run.”

“When it has been verified by engineering that the gauntlet is operational, sir.”

“Engineering, is the gauntlet fully operational?”

“Yes, Commander Nucomb, the gauntlet is operational.”

“Cadet Queststar, begin your run,” ordered the Commander.

Zaron walked confidently to the starting point. He looked around, spotted Trender and smiled.

Trender couldn’t take his eyes off of Zaron. His heart was pounding in his chest. <You’ve got to beat his record, Zaron,> he thought.

Zaron looked back at him once last time, smiling he thought, <Watch me!>
And with that Zaron dodged, weaved, jumped and even ran up the side of the walls a couple of times before he was hit by a sting blast and collapsed five meters from the end - setting a new academy record.

“He cheated! He’s in league with engineering!” shouted Garthon.

The room went silent again for a moment.

“Commander, how dare that cadet accuse my engineering staff of being a party to such a thing. I demand you take action,” shouted the chief engineer.

“Cadet Garthon Redellious consider yourself on report. Such statements will not be tolerated by the Academy or me! Master of Arms, remove Cadet Redellious and ensure he is brought before a disciplinary hearing within the hour.”

Two senior cadets and the Master of Arms immediately took Garthon from the room.

Had anyone been measuring the stress on the sidewalls of the gauntlet they would have noticed that a mere five more pounds of force would see them coming apart. Zaron's force field was set to protect mode. The source of the force field still dectect the gautlet being activated. There were only three people who could approach the field and cause it to deactivate. Anyone else would be seriously harmed or killed.

It was then that Commander Nucomb realized that Zaron still lay motionless on the floor five meters from the end of the gauntlet.

“Cadet Queststar, you may leave the gauntlet,” said the Commander, but there was no response.


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