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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 8

Zaron knew that his body would feel the pain of the sting blast, and he knew that he could get completely to the end without getting hit using the force field, but his intention was to honestly beat Garthon’s record. Garthon would try to discredit him if he could, and only by legitimately beating Garthon’s record would he have the clout. Others would then see Garthon as he really was – a self-protecting liar.

He felt compelled to do this for Trender. He had feelings for Trender that he’d never experienced before. He wanted to do this for Trender because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Now his body was on the floor. The force field had activated because of the sting blast, he was unable to move. It was protecting him from further attack like a mother bear protecting its cub. He knew that as he grew older and stronger he would be able to control the force field. Right now only Trender or Commander Targus who would help dissipate the force field.

If Trender was not allowed to approach would Commander Targus remember what to do?

His mind began to wander as he lay on the floor. A happy memory of the Doctor appeared - he missed him. He wanted to ask the Doctor if it was alright for him to tell Trender about his life on the Andromedes.

He remembered asking the Doctor about love and the love that he had for his partner in life.

He remembered Dr. Zaronovski talking to him; telling him things. The Doctor and the Captain of the Andromedes cared so much for him, but then they sent him away. The Doctor said he had to go. He didn’t want to go, but the Doctor said it was for his protection, that he was special.

Why was he special? He didn’t know.

<Why does Trender make me feel so… so different… so special? He cares about me. I sense that,> Zaron thought, <Just being with him talking about things makes me happy and not alone. I need him now>

<Trender, can you hear me,> thought Zaron, still unable to move.

<Uh, yes,> thought Trender.

<Is my body still lying on the floor?>

<Yes, Zaron are you ok? You’re not dead are you?> asked a half-panicked Trender.

<No, my body is okay, but I can’t move it. I need your help. I’m weak. Don’t let anyone touch me! Please help me stand and walk me to our room,> replied Zaron.

Just at that moment, Zaron heard Commander Nucomb say, “Cadet Queststar, you may leave the gauntlet.”

“Commander Nucomb, sir,” shouted Trender, “I’m Zaron’s, I mean Cadet Queststar’s, roommate and he told me when he gets hit by a sting blast that I (Trender emphasized the ‘I’) need to help him to our room.”

“Very well, please help your roommate, Cadet Nucomb.”

Commander Nucomb knew Zaron’s challenge was related to his nephew's problems with Garthon. He’d always felt that Garthon had cheated, but there was no proof. For some reason unknown to him, Zaron’s challenge was meant to discredit Garthon, and it had.

When they got to their room, Trender carefully laid Zaron’s body on the bed.

“Cover me with a blanket and let me rest for a couple of hours.”

There was a knock at the door, which Trender answered.

“Commander Nucomb requests your presence in his stateroom at your convenience,” said the Cadet messenger.

“I will come now,” answered Trender as he stepped out of his room closing the door.

“Sir, how is he? He was so awesome! Is he ok? Is he injured? He’s not going to die, is he?” asked the young messenger.

“He’s fine, just exhausted. He needs undisturbed rest, then he’ll be fine,” replied Trender.

“Oh, thank the stars! I was worried. Well, everyone is worried. He’s a first-year! No one will ever break his record, ever! And I saw it! I saw him do it! I think he’s my new hero! Yes, Zaron Queststar is my hero!”

“And who was your hero yesterday, Garthon?”

“Garthon! Never, sir! I am so happy he finally got put in his place. Garthon had his followers – a bunch of losers like him.”

“Cadet Messenger!” Trender exclaimed and came to a halt, “It is known that Cadet Redellious and I were not friends. He lost his title, he is no longer the record holder of the gauntlet, and he has forgone his dignity and his honor. This day should not be remembered as the day Garthon lost his title, but as the day Zaron Queststar broke all gauntlet records, real or false. Don’t ever call your fellow cadets losers because they believed Garthon to be an honest person. We were all duped by him in the beginning, including myself.”

Trender left the cadet messenger standing in a daze. Cadet Messengers were hand picked by the Commander’s staff, and personally interviewed by the Commander. They were an elite and honored group of cadets.

Moments later, Trender heard the cadet messenger calling out, “Cadet Nucomb, please wait!”

Trender waited for the cadet messenger.

“Sir, I was wrong, you were right, I deserved your admonishment. Are you going to report me to the Commander?”

“No, Cadet Messenger, I have no intentions of reporting you to anyone. I said what I said to you. I expect you to do the right thing according to your conscience and your honor.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The two walked in silence to the Commander’s quarters. The cadet messenger entered first announcing their arrival, “Sir, Cadet Nucomb is here, but first, sir, I must report an incident.”

The cadet messenger reported the incident he had with Cadet Nucomb word for word without embellishment. Exact reporting of an incident was a trained skill of cadet messengers.

“Sir, I was out of order in calling those that believe Cadet Redellious to be an honest person losers. By doing so, I realized I lowered myself to that of a loser as well.”

“Thank you, Jonathan. I think you have learned a lesson of honor. You may be dismissed.”

The cadet messenger saluted the Commander and left the room.

“Have a seat. How is your roommate, Trender?”

“He’s resting,” replied Trender.

“Good. He was quite unbelievable. The whole school is talking about it. I cancelled the rest of the gauntlet runs for today. He was amazing! I have the feeling his motive for doing what he did in challenging Garthon was you.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“He told you?”

“Not in words. I sense a change in him or me,” Trender paused, “We can mind talk.”

The Commander paused in thought, “What do you think should be Garthon’s fate. He comes from a very influential family, so I doubt that he will be expelled.”

“I’m not sure. As much as I disliked him - he lost his honor, maybe that’s enough.”


Uncle and nephew continued to chat about things for an hour, before Trender returned to his room.


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