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Okay here is chapter 9 -


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by Sam Lakes

Chapter 9

As Trender walked into their room Zaron woke, sat up looking at Trender and smiled.

“Did I wake you?” asked Trender.

Zaron nodded his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I wanted to wake up when you got back. I-I wanted to talk to you,” Zaron blushed slightly.

Trender smiled. <I am so in love> he thought to himself. Then sat down at the foot of Zaron’s bed. “What would you like to talk about?”


“Okay, I’m ready to listen.”

Zaron blushed, turned on his side and scooted over towards the wall. He wanted Trender to hold him while he talked. It was how he and the doctor would talk when he had something he needed to talk over with the doctor that was personal. It made him feel safe and not so weird and alone. He was hoping Trender would do the same.

Nothing happened for a minute or so, so he patted the bed behind him.

Trender smiled. He lay down behind Zaron. Zaron reached around and pulled Trender’s arm over him.

Trender was sure that his heart was beating fast than it every had. Zaron sighed.

“Trender, I’ve been thinking – a lot. I really like you a lot, but more than that I trust you. I’ve not told anybody what I am about to tell you. The Commodore will eventually find out when he decodes the Doctor’s logs. He’ll probably find out a lot more than even I know. Can I trust you to keep what I tell you to yourself and not to tell anyone including our uncles.”

Trender spooned his body closer to Zaron. “I die before I would tell anybody,” he said softly.

Zaron flipped his body over so that he was facing Trender. “No, don’t say that! Don’t die because of me! I-I couldn’t stand it if someone else died because of me, especially you,” said Zaron. His eyes filled with tears and he flipped back facing the wall.

Zaron sniffed a bit. Trender hugged him tight not knowing what to say.

“I was on a starship called the Andromedes. When they found me I was floating in space inside some kind of life-support thing which was inside some sort of space capsule. The first thing I remember was hearing the Doctor’s voice. I scanned him and then the capsule that I was in opened up and he lifted me out”.

“The doctor and Captain had me in quarantine for nearly six months and then I did something I left the quarantine area. Two of the crew found me and tried to hurt me. I freaked. Well, there is a force field that activates around me. The two men died – the force field crushed them. It was pretty horrible. They turned out to be spies. So the only one upset was me.”

Trender interrupted, “You have a force field?”

“Yeah, I though you knew. That’s why my chair hit the steward and afterwards in the corridor I held up my hand for you to stop. There are only three people that can walk through the force field and once you get to me if there is no threat it deactivates. You are one of the three,” replied Zaron.

“Oh. Why me?” asked Trender.

“Because I trust you. Anyway, after that I was no longer quarantined. I never was a health hazard in the first place. The Doctor and Captain were suspicious of the two men that got crushed and were afraid they might hurt me.”

“We had a crew of twelve that the captain totally trusted so I was allowed to go anywhere I wanted on the ship.”

Zaron went silent for several minutes. Trender held him close he could tell Zaron was crying quietly.

“They all died,” Zaron cried softly, “They died because they told me they love me – I loved them and...” Zaron body shook from his sobbing. “I wanted to stay with them! I didn’t care if I died as long as I was with them but they wouldn’t let me stay. It hurts! It hurts so much. They were my family and I loved them.”

“The doctor said I was special, but I’m not I’m just different not special…Oh, Trender, promise me, promise me you never say you love me, please.”

Trender couldn’t answer at that moment. His feelings were that he already loved Zaron more than anything.

Zaron turned so he was facing Trender with his tear streaked face. “I’m not saying don’t love me. I’m saying never tell me you love me because if – if you do I will leave. I don’t want anyone to die because of me. I know this may sound silly but please promise me you will never tell me you love me.”

“I promise,” Trender whispered and then leaned in closer towards Zaron until their lips touched. It was a brief kiss and then a long hug.


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