This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There may be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme. If you are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of that copyright.

Author's Message:Quire - The prequel - I started this story almost two years ago. This is a prequel to the main story (as yet unwritten) - the story quire is simply and adventure, scifi story but the prequel is sort of the inside and secret life of Quire and his best friend Wick as told by Wick. This may take a long time to write and consequently to post and the speed of writing for me usually has to do with what other things are going on in my life as well as how much the public (you guys) push me to write the fewer people letting me know they like the story the less I am inclined to write. I've an artist creating several photo realistic pictures of Quire and Wick- Quire is definitely something to druel over! He is so yummy!(ha-ha).

I've decided to change this story a bit not the the plot or characters but just the way it was presented. Why? Because it seemed that one person viewed this story as a teen suicide story which it is not and I personally would be very sadden if this story brought thoughts of suicide to anyone much less a teen. I think it is my responsibility to ensure that this is not a story which suggests that suicide or death is any kind of solution to any problem whether it is because your gay, bi or straight or confused. And finally if you are depressed and think life sucks find someone or something that helps to put you at cause over your life not someone or something that makes you the effect of life.

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Quire - The Prequel

by Sam Lakes

The Bridge

“A tragic suicide happened last night when a young sixteen year old boy leap to his death into the icy waters of Susquehanna River off the Harvey Taylor Memorial Bridge…” said the anchorwoman as the scene changed to High Inspire High School and an on-the-scene reporter was interviewing the friends Samuel Alistair Meadoway, the boy who leaped off the bridge at 2:28 according to my watch.

I’m at home blankly watching the early morning news – what a circus! All of his 'friends' seemed to be vying for a chance to get in their chance to appear before the camera. Well all his friends with the exception of me, Jonathan Madison Madgewick, Jonathan to most people but Quire called me ‘Wick’. His real name is Quire but everybody except me called him Sam.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this! No one except me was supposed to know about Quire’s jump. I only went to say farewell and safe return, but at the last minute the cops, paramedics, a social worker, my parents and Jenny Radford and her parents showed up.

I think people tend to see what they want to see or they see part of something but not the whole and assume the rest. That's what happened here. Oh, Quire jumped he had to or he would have missed the portal but he didn't commite suicide. All the people that were there saw him jump but they couldn't see him fly through the portal - they would have all had to be standing where I was.

Damn that bitch Jenny Radford! You see another example of only getting one fact and assuming the worst. She must have over heard part of a conversation I had with Quire and assumed the worst. She never came to us, never confronted us with her suspicions. She was the only person outside of my family and Quire's family that knew that I was totally in love with Quire and he was totally in love with me.

No, they all just assume!

I was standing beside him just before he jumped then everyone showed up much to our disappointment. We both panicked and the romantic kiss I had planned had to be scraped because only a few persons knew how close we were. I suspect my parents have figured it out. So, I bet you think I am gay. Well, I haven’t figured that one out yet. At first I was convinced that I was gay then I got confused about it all. I definitely love Quire and Quire definitely loves me. The subject of me being gay is so confusing as you will find out.

My parents are in the kitchen talking in hushed tones – I guess about me because from the moment Quire jumped I haven’t said a word other than “I’ll miss Quire” as the officer pulled me down off the railing – they think I’m in shock, but I’m not. I just don’t feel like talking and besides no one would believe me if I told them the truth. Well, no one except Alice Meadoway, Quire’s “grandmother”.

Would you believe me? If I told you that my best friend jumped of the Harvey Taylor Memorial Bridge into a portal to another part of the universe. Let's face it you'd commit me to the nearest psych ward.

I was tired. I walked into the kitchen looked at my parents who looked really tired and really worried.

“Jonathan, are you okay?” asked my dad.

I nodded and then spoke, “I’m just really tired. I just need some sleep…I-I love you…I’m sorry I wouldn’t talk earlier…I just didn’t feel like it. Quire was my best friend and I love Quire…I’m going to miss Quire…”

As I said the words “miss Quire” I felt such pain in my heart I wanted to turn back the hands of time.

“Quire’s gone! And I don’t know when Quire will come back!” I cried. The dam broke and my emotions flooded through. It was real – Quire was gone and the emptiness inside my heart felt like it would never be filled. I slowly collapsed to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

I don’t remember much of what happened next but somehow my parents got me into bed and I fell asleep crying and thankfully slept a dreamless sleep.


It’s been several days since Quire left. I've stayed home namely because I knew there would be questions. And thanks to Jenny the whole school knows that I love Quire. At this moment I really hated her even though she was our best friend.

I thought that mom and dad would be at work but as I sleepily walked into the kitchen I found them both sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee.

“Good morning, sweetheart, like some breakfast?” asked my mom.

“Just some toast and coffee,” I mumbled as I sat down at the table.

“How are you holding up?” asked Dad.

Both of my parents are so supportive of me and I have never doubted their love for me. Coming out to them two years ago when I was fourteen was almost a non-event. I remember Dad said, “Okay I’m cool with that” and when I just stared at him blankly at the time he continued talking, “What you think I should be angry, disappointed or something…well son, sorry. Just because your gay doesn’t take away the fact that you’re smart, loving, caring and a million other positive qualities that make me love you and makes me proud that you’re my son. And who’s to say that it’s because you are gay that there are these million of other good things about you. Have you thought of that? I mean who knows – maybe if you were straight you’d be just a walking asshole who nobody likes and I’d be ashamed of…”

“Your father is right, Jonathan dear” she said as she gave me a hug. “So, do you have a crush? Is he cute? Oooh, I bet I know who it is! It’s little Sammy! Isn’t it?”

I blushed beyond belief turning all shades of red as she, delighted that she’d figured out who my crush was, made me continue to blush. Finally, I whined, “Mom! Please stop!” Dad chuckled.

They hadn’t met Sammy yet, but I was always talking about him from the very first day that I met Quire. Quire was so cool. I remembered when Quire walked into my homeroom in seventh grade. Quire had on these white jeans than fit Quire’s slim body perfectly. Quire wore a soft yellow shirt, which setoff the shoulder-length jet-black hair. Quire’s features were so delicate that at first I though Quire was a she. Quire had on a really cool pair of shades.

Mrs. Thompson said something to Quire quietly and I saw Quire blush slightly and mumble something to her as Quire handled her a note she smiled and nodded, “Class this is – is it Sam or Samuel?”
“Sam, ma’am” Quire replied just above a whisper.

“Class this Sam Meadoway, he has transferred here from San Diego, California. Sam you can take the seat next to Jonathan.” Sam looked over at me and smiled faintly as I pointed to the seat next to me.

I could help but stare at Quire. Quire was so mysterious looking in the shades and to me enchanting. I knew at that moment I had to become a best friend.

Quire walked over and took the seat next to me and I reached out and shook Quire’s hand. Something happened at that moment of me touching Quire and Quire touching me. I had no idea what had happened at the moment our hands clasp but it seemed like I was lost in some distant memory, which I couldn’t see or remember. The universe, time ceased to exist and all that existed was us – Quire and me.

“Jonathan?” Called Mrs. Thompson tearing me out of where ever I had gone and back into the present on to the boy who was about to sit next to me, “Sam and you have practically the same class schedule so make sure you show him where everything is.”

She had just made my day!

“Jonathan? Are you okay son?” asked Dad snapping me back to the present.

“What? Huh? Oh! Sorry, I was thinking about the first time I met Quire,” I said with a slight smile on my face.

“Quire? Oh, yeah – I’ve always just called him Sam,” said Dad.

Mom place some toast and coffee in front of me.

“I remember that day. You were like the happiest twelve-year old I’d ever seen. You were so excited that there was someone your own age and size in all your classes except PE. How disappointing,” she smirked.


“Yes, dear?”

I stuck my tongue out at her. But she was right I was disappointed. Quire had study hall instead of PE for medical reasons Quire said. I thought it was a scam but I didn’t know the real reason until much later. I don’t know if it was because Quire always wore his sunglasses or what but more than wanting to see Quire naked I wanted to see Quire’s eyes.

For nearly two years we were always together our friends called us “the twins” because you’d always see us together in school and out of school until he would have to go home. And the thing is I never went over to Quire’s house…I didn’t even know where Quire lived. In the summer time Quire would always be sitting on the doorstep waiting for me. I would ask Quire if he wanted to sleep over and Quire would always decline telling me that his grandmother wouldn’t allow it.

As I drank my coffee and munch on my toast I couldn’t help but think about Quire. Quire had been my life for the last four years. Quire had always called me ‘Wick’. But I didn’t always call him Quire not until the best day of my life. Of course the best day of my life had been proceeded by the worst days of my life.

I guess you need to know about that. Well, two weeks after I had come out to my parents I was feeling pretty confident and I don’t know if it was my raging hormones or my raging love for Quire but my emotions were working over time and I felt if I didn’t say something to Quire about my feelings I’d explode. My plan was to invite Quire over for the night – I mean I’d known Quire for over two years we were best friends. We were always together and we never talked about girls or making out. I simply thought he felt the same as me and was just too shy. I decided to take the lead and out myself to him…I just knew he felt the same way. But then there is always that slight uncertainty and fear of losing the one person I felt I couldn’t live without. Without Quire in my life – there was simply no life just a meaningless existence.

“Sam, spend the night over at my home, tonight.”



“You know why,” Quire said and turned to walk away.

I grabbed the back of his hair and gave a slight tug. He spun around and yelled, “Don’t you ever touch my hair again!”

For a moment I stood and looked at him – I had never seen Sam angry and I guess it shocked me and then I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that Quire knew. Quire knew that I was gay and now hated me for it.

“So this is why! You know I’m gay and now you hate me! Well, I’m sorry Sam, that’s just the way I am and if I could be any other way for you I would be! I love you and I can’t help that either! I’m sorry you hate me for what I am! I am sorry because now even I hate me!” I yelled back with tears flowing down my cheeks. I turned and ran home.

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