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Quire - The Prequel

by Sam Lakes

Quire Means Different

I drank some coffee. Dad was back to reading the paper and Mom was back into her Danielle Steele book. That was such a horrible time for me much more so than now. I literally contemplated suicide I was so depressed – I guess Mom came to the rescue again. She made me talk and tell her what happened. It helped a bit I guess talking to anyone would have She also gave me a ton of work to do in the garden.

I didn’t hear or see Quire for two days and then on the third day around noon the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Quire was there. We stood and looked at each other for several seconds, neither of us saying a word.

“I’m sorry,” Quire said.

“Me too.”

“Wick, I love you more than life and my life is not life without you,” tears were rolling down his cheeks, “but I’m very scared.”

My heart was racing I wanted to throw my arms around him and kissed him to death!! “You-you love me?” I managed to get out.

Quire nodded his head, stepped into the foyer and closed the door and for the first time since I’d known Quire removed his sunglasses!

I heard myself gasp as I saw a pair of the most beautiful steel gray eyes looking at me and I watched as the tears spilled over and roll down his cheeks. I quickly pulled him into a hug.

“It’s okay. I love you, Sam. You have the most beautiful gray eyes I’ve ever seen. Oh, God! I love you! I love you! I love you!” I held Quire gently against me while my own tears spilled from my eyes.

After a few moments he spoke, “Wick, you don’t understand it’s not that I’m gay…”

Suddenly, I was confused. “You’re not gay, but you love me…”

He pulled away, “Yes, I love you! By the hearts of Queldor and my own hearts I love you. But that’s not what I’m trying to tell you! Wick…I’m so scared you are going to hate me…because I’m different! I’m not like you!”

Now I was totally confused and it must have shown on my face.

Sam closed his eyes and with his left hand he reached up and grabbed the front of his hair and pulled off the black wig exposing Quire’s real hair it was sort of a dingy bluish-gray. Gray eyes and bluish-gray hair – I stood there in awe. Quire was so beautiful.

“Okay, blue-gray hair is different, but it really compliments your eyes.”

In an instant his hair flashed to fire engine red and his eyes became bright yellow.

“IT CHANGES!” Quire said angrily and then Quire began to cry and his hair reverted to bluish-gray.

I stood there for a moment and didn’t say a thing. Quire’s hair had flashed to red and Quire’s eyes changed. It dawned on me! That is why Quire had always worn the sunglasses. Quire had just outed himself to me.

“I better go…” Quire said barely above a whisper as he stooped to pick up the black wig.

“NO!” I blurted out “Don’t leave.”

I pulled him into a hug again. “Sam, I love you. You are my best friend and besides I think it’s kinda neat, your eyes and hair changing color.”

“Really? You don’t hate me because I’m different. I am quire!” Quire’s hair was jet black and Quire’s eyes were deep blue.

“That is so neat! God! I wish my hair could do that!”

“You really mean it?” Quire asked, as Quire’s hair change to gold and Quire’s eyes became the most beautiful emerald green I’d ever seen.

I nodded and he pulled me into a hug.

“Wick? My real name isn’t Sam…it’s Quire. Quire means different. So I am my name.”

“Quire, I love you.” I said just before I kissed him for the first time on the lips. That kiss! I could feel myself smiling at the memory. It wasn’t anything passionate – it was just a tender and loving first kiss. You just don’t forget that first kiss…well; it was only two years ago.

“More coffee, dear?” Mom asked.

I nodded, “I was just thinking about something.” She smiled and poured me another cup.

In my mind I could see Quire pulling back smiling at me Quire’s hair so gold and Quire’s eyes would put the most beautiful, most perfect emeralds to shame. “I love you too, Wick…Can we sit and talk?”

“Wick, you must promise me never to tell anyone what I am about to tell you. Not your parents, no one. If word were to get to the wrong people my life would be over. People have may died to keep me alive.” Quire’s hair instantly changed to dingy blue and a few tears overflowed from his steel gray eyes.

Of course I promised.

“Two years ago I came here to live with my grandmother…Alice Meadoway because my mother and father were involved in a lab accident…grandmother told me that she didn’t think it was an accident. I know that it wasn’t an accident…but Taylor Firestine, my stepfather and Janna McGuire Meadoway Firestine were transported.”


Quire looked at me. “There’s so much to tell…” Quire sighed then continued, “My grandmother would be so much better at telling you about me…about my life. Can you spend the night with me so that Grandmother can explain?”

I quickly gather the things I would need, scribbled out a note to my parents and walked into the living room where I had left Quire. Quire had donned his black wig and sunglasses.

“I like the real you better. So, promise me when we are alone and it’s safe you discard the wig and glasses!” Quire smiled and blushed.

I was astonished that his home was only four blocks from my home. It was known as the Larson’s house. The property was a fair size and surrounded by tall hedges. The only way in was through an iron gate. It was supposed to be haunted.

“You live here?”

Quire smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry it’s not haunted!” Quire giggled and then Quire commanded, “Open gate!”

The gate opened and we walked in. When we got to the front door it opened and an attractive older woman greeted us with a smile, “Quire, now how did I know you’d be here so soon? You must be Wick. Please come in.”

“I am Alice Meadoway, but you can call me Grandmother if you like.”

“Yes ma’am. Please to meet you’” I said politely I was a little nervous and shy.

“Grandmother, I-I,” Quire started to speak quietly.

“You got flustered,” she stated kindly.

Quire blushed and nodded, “I-I just didn’t know where to start.”

“Okay, my love uh, does Wick know about…”

He smiled, “Yes! And he still loves me!” Quire exclaimed and then realized I was standing there and blushed because it had been a little over enthusiastic and it made me giggle and blush too.

She smiled and sighed, “You two remind me of your dad and Taylor. But before we get into that let’s eat. Sandwiches and milk okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” we said in unison and then giggled.

As we sat at the table next to each other she began to speak to me.

“Many years ago my late husband Arthur Meadoway and I lost our fourteen-year-old son Jace – he was kill by a drunk driver. We were a very close family and it devastated us. I was a wreck and so was Artie…anyway six months after we lost Jace while my husband was on duty there was a freak storm covering one square mile of the city – we lived in Chicago at the time and Artie was a policeman. Artie said he saw a funnel cloud dip down and a body fell out on to the ground then the funnel disappeared and it rained intensely for about five minutes. Finally, everything returned to normal. Artie walk over to the body. It was the body of a boy about fourteen.”

“Artie said the boy had bright red hair and yellow cat eyes until the boy saw him and before his eyes his hair changed to brown hair and black eyes. It sort of freaked him out but he was a police officer and he felt like he should help. When he touch the boy he felt a bit of a shock and then he looked at the boy again and saw Jace our son.”

“The boy said, ‘Take me home.’ Which Artie did. We had our son back,” she paused, “but the illusion only lasted for two days before the boy became himself again. He explained that his mother had transported him here to protect him. That’s another long story which you will hear when the time is right.”

“Artie and I decided to help the boy – he would be our son, Jace, we could move from Chicago to somewhere else and no one would know that he wasn’t our real son. We moved here and Artie got a job at the steel mill. I had a degree in Education so I proceeded to teach Quire’s father. The boy was so smart and we soon discovered other talents. Whenever we would go out in public he would wear a wig and sunglasses just like Quire does now. One Sunday we decided to go to church we thought it would be good for ‘Jace’ to meet some kids his own age…Well, he did…he met Taylor Firestine. Taylor was twelve. ”

“Jace’s real name was Queldor, which means Starshine in Subadorian. Subadorians are humanoid but not human. I mean that biologically they are similar. They have two hearts and they are far stronger than us and as you’ve seen when boys are going through puberty their emotions show in their eyes and hair. Another thing is Subadorians age slower than humans – You probably noticed that you are now taller than Quire. When you are 16 Quire will only be 14 Subadorian years. Right now he is twenty-six in human years.”

I looked at Quire he giggled, “So you must mind your elders…hehehehe.” I started giggling too.

Alice Meadoway cleared her throat.

“Sorry, Grandmother,” we said almost in unison.

“There are of course other differences…” she looked at Quire and he blushed.

Quire looked at me and Quire’s hair changed to blue-gray and Quire’s steel colored eyes filled with tears. “I can’t tell him Grandmother…he will hate me.”

Quire began to sob so I leant over and pulled him into a hug. “Quire, I love you,” I said softly, “I could never hate you.”

“But I am too different from you. When you find out you will regret saying that.”

“No, I won’t please tell me…please,” I said softly and kissed his cheek.

“Remember a few weeks ago when you said you’d show me yours if I showed you mine?”

“Yes,” I said then I realize we weren’t alone and I felt like my face was on fire.

Grandmother Alice smiled.

“Well, I said I couldn’t because I was way to shy…and I am shy but that’s not the main reason I didn’t show you.” He pulled away from me and stood up from the table. “This is the main reason!” he exclaimed as he pulled down his pants!

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