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Author's Message:Quire - The prequel - I started this story almost two years ago. This is a prequel to the main story (as yet unwritten) - the story quire is simply and adventure, scifi story but the prequel is sort of the inside and secret life of Quire and his best friend Wick as told by Wick. This may take a long time to write and consequently to post and the speed of writing for me usually has to do with what other things are going on in my life as well as how much the public (you guys) push me to write the fewer people letting me know they like the story the less I am inclined to write. I've an artist creating several photo realistic pictures of Quire and Wick- Quire is definitely something to druel over!

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Quire - The Prequel

by Sam Lakes

Truth is I guess the look on my face showed I was shocked. It wasn’t that he had a huge dick. It was that he had nothing! As the seraphin said in the movie ‘Dogma’ said, he was as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll. It wasn’t that he had a vagina, he had nothing just smooth hairless skin.

After a few moments I looked up to his dark gray eyes that were filling with tears. I looked over to Grandmother Alice then back to him as he pulled up his pants. I could feel his intense sadness as he went to move away. I grabbed his arm. I could feel his emotion of sadness flowing through me. I was almost overwhelmed. I could feel his thoughts that I had rejected him…surprised, yes! But I loved him so intensely.

I pulled him into a hug and time seemed to stop. I was too caught up in his emotions and my emotions. I felt his excitement and happiness and his excitement and happiness became mine. And my emotions and feelings became his. The intensity of our love was flowing back and forth as we held each other tightly. We were both sobbing not from sorrow but from relief all barriers seemed to crumble as our souls laid bare and naked to each other. We began kissing passionately, hugging each other, vowing our total love for each other oblivious of the fact that there was a physical universe and we were standing in his kitchen with his Grandmother.

Up to that point I had jacked-off many times since the age of thirteen and experienced some fantastic orgasms but if you were to take all of them and all of the wet-dreams I had had and rolled them into one enormous, gigantic orgasm it would paled against what I was feeling at that moment. For at least five minutes we stayed in that state one gargantuan orgasm that didn’t seem like it would ever quit! Both of us were screaming and moaning in physical pleasure. It was like being as one sharing everything. I think at that moment we became a part of each other.

Finally, it came to an end as we collapsed to the floor still locked in each other’s arms. I was exhausted mentally and physically. Quietly he spoke, “Whoa! I never knew it would be like that! Wick, we bonded as one.” I knew and with that I fell into a deep sleep.

I was so deep in thought remembering our bonding that it took me a while for me to realize that my parents were trying to communicate to me.

“Jon! Answer me!” spoke my dad shaking me.

“What!” I said slightly irritated.

“What’s happening? You were crying and shaking and, and almost screaming.


“Yes…” my Dad blushed and smiled, “Like you were having an orgasm!”

It was then that I felt the dampness in my pants. I know I blushed. “Oh, my God! I did!”

“What’s going on, son?”

“I-I was thinking about Quire about the first time we bonded!”

“Bonded?” he asked.


“You mean sex?” Mom asked.

“No!” I said irritatedly. I was frustrated. Quire was gone and I knew it would be back to Rosie and her five friends. “Sorry, Mom. I’m just missing Quire and I don’t know how long Quire will be gone.”

“Damn it!” blurted my Dad, “He jumped off the bridge! He committed suicide! He ‘s not coming back! You have to realize that!” He pounded the table with his fist.

I jumped by his outburst.


“Louise, I’m sorry, but we were there when Sam jumped! And I’m tired of letting Jonathan live in this fantasy world! He not getting better he’s getting worse!”

“You don’t understand…just for once believe in me – what you saw is what you saw. You weren’t supposed to be there! Nobody saw what we saw. Nobody knows what we know and nobody feels what we feel and I know he’s coming back! Don’t you think I would be showing some remorse if I actually helped some I love commit suicide! Think about it, Dad!”

I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and spill over and roll down his cheeks, “I’m sorry, I’m just so scare I’ll loose you! Every moment of the day I think are you going to go jump off a bridge too!”

I got up and went and sat in Dad’s lap and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on his cheek, “Dad, that is not going to happen. I love you and mom too much and Quire too, to do something like that.” I sighed. “I’m waiting for Quire – I know he’s coming back, it just hurts sometimes and I feel lonely and I worry about him – there are things about him you don’t know. I want to tell you, but I gave my word…and that’s killing me too because we’ve always been so open…I love you.”

I sat on his lap for a long while with him just holding on to me. Finally he spoke softly, “I trust you…<sighed> you and your mother are my world. I understand your promise and I won’t ask you to break it.” He paused and hugged me tighter, “Never forget how much we love you and that said I guess I better go to work.” I got off his lap and then went to get ready.

Mom looked at me and smiled, “If ever you need to talk I’m here for you and so is Dad…two years ago when you started calling Sammy Quire I knew something special happened between you and him. I assumed at the time it was sexual, but I think now it was more than that. He is a special boy and I know someday I will find out how special he really is…You know, I thought it was only my imagination, that I was blocking it out of my mind…but I never heard a splash…” She smiled and left me in the kitchen alone.

I wanted to tell them the whole story and truth about Quire and me but I had given my word not to say anything…I needed to talk to Grandmother Alice.


This evening when Mom and Dad arrived home they were greeted with a surprise. Grandmother Alice and I had prepared dinner.

After dinner we adjourned to the family room and Grandmother told my parents the same story she’d told me about Queldor. I think dad was having a hard time believing her. When she got to the part about the biological differences she said “…and there is another biological difference, which, Wick, I think you should tell your parents about…”

I went red-faced, but I after a few moments I started, “Subadorians are different sexually…they enter puberty at the age of twelve. That’s when they begin looking for a mate. Quire found me way before I knew him. He saw me riding my bike.” I smiled, “He literally stalked me for over a month. No one knew, not even Grandmother Alice.”

“He told me he found his love…the most beautiful boy ever and begged me to let him go to school. Having brought up his father I knew once they decided they wanted someone they would not give up until either the person bonded or refused to bond. But Quire was different…For two years after the two boys met I would hear about Quire’s day with Wick and with everyday I would know the agony he was going through out of his fear the Wick would refuse to bond because he was so different. One day he came home crying because he knew that Wick loved him and Wick thought that he hate him and at the same time he was so scare that Wick would refuse to bond because he was so…<she sighed>…different. Well, they eventually got together and…Wick you tell your parents what happened.”

I could help but smile even though it was a bit embarrassing talking about personal things. “Remember when I came out to you about being gay…my parents smiled and nodded…well it was because of my feelings about Quire – I knew I loved him and I wanted to spend the rest of time with him…well, finally I outed myself to him and I thought he hated me because I was gay anyway we finally talked and Grandmother Alice helped.” Grandmother Alice smiled.

“Quire showed me the big difference…the big difference was he had no penis and no vagina.” I could tell my parents were confused so I continued, “When Quire is 18 he will change; he will create a baby it’s automatic…his sexual organs are still in development inside his body. And he is both sexes…hermaphrodite sort of… Queldor, Quire’s biological father is also his biological mother. You see the sperm and the egg came from Queldor and was fertilized inside his body. The embryo grew to maturity in six months and then Quire was born.”

“I was shocked for a second when Quire dropped his pants, but then I realized something great – love transcends all differences. It didn’t matter because my love – our love was so great – he started to walk away and I stopped him and we hugged…and then…and then we bonded for the first time.”

“So, you haven’t actually had sex?” asked Dad.

I blushed, “Well…yes and no…sort of…” I was so embarrassed I had to change the subject.

“The idea or concept of gay and straight is totally foreign to Subadorians because they are all both and hence they are all same sex,” said Grandmother Alice coming to my rescue, “and likewise sexual intercourse is not an easy concept for them. I guess you could say that bonding is about as close as you can get to human sexual intercourse they exchange emotions, feelings and I know that Wick reaches a sexual climax.”

“That’s what I mean by sort of. Quire loves me because he says I am the one he was looking for…the fact that I am a human male has nothing to do with it. He told me that he’d spent what seemed like forever looking for me.” I smiled because that was another long story, which I doubted that they would believe – I hardly believe it myself.

Thank God for Grandmother Alice! She continued, “Alan, bonding is a very personal thing. It’s similar to human sex, but much more intense from what I’ve witnessed and been told. Quire and Jonathan like Queldor and Taylor exchange feelings…emotional and physical…at climax they not only feel their own emotions and sensations but their partner’s emotions and sensations…the climax is intense and can last up to five minutes. So strong is the love between Quire and Jonathan, their climax is…”

“…Totally awesome…totally intense…it’s like we become one,” I said. I started thinking about that day as Grandmother Alice continued.

So, I love Quire. I don’t love any other boy or person like I do Quire. I don’t get turned-on by any other boy. I don’t get turned-on by any girl either. I think of Quire as a boy, which he is, but he is also a girl. Does that make us gay? Does it really matter anyway if a people are straight, bi or gay? Isn’t it just an altered importance of sexuality? It seems to me what is important is love, honor, truth and trust in any relationship.

So do you like the story so far? If you want a copy of the picture of Quire at 16 let me know - sam_lakes@hotmail.com