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Quire - The Prequel

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 4

After we had bonded that day I fell into a deep sleep and slept for two hours. I woke up in bed Quire’s bed with him laying next to me staring into my face.

He spoke first in a hushed voice; “You are so beautiful even when you sleep. I love you, Wick.”

“I love you too, Sam – I mean Quire,” I smiled, “That was so awesome…how did I get up here?”

“I carried you. You are very light.”

He reached over and caressed my face gently with his hand.

“How long have you loved me?”

“Since forever!”

“No! Really, when did you realize that you loved me?”

“A long time,” he sighed.

I could feel there was more he wanted to say but didn’t. “You’re not saying something, aren’t you?”

He nodded.

“So, tell me.”

“You are what I call a ‘lost one’. I am also a ‘lost one’ but a life philosopher, Mordulac, helped me and so did the crystal and I am finding my way.

A lost one is one who is lost he has no recall other than the current lifetime, he has no reality that he is a life force, some are so bad off that they deny that life force exists and deny a life force is superior to matter, energy, time and space. Each life force creates these elements and therefore can also control them. It’s a gradient some are more enlightened, others aren’t and still others that accept the least amount of responsibility, control and knowledge for themselves and others place the responsibility, control and knowledge in others. It is the wise person who knows that he is cause over his life.”

I looked at him blankly not one word made sense.

“Just believe me when I say that we once knew each other a long time ago and shared our lives and were like soulmates but something happened, and we became lost ones.”

I stared at him and neither of us said anything for five minutes. I reached over and took his hand and something happened – I knew he was right. How or why I don’t know. At that moment I knew what he said was true although at that moment in time I had no recall or any sort of self-realization. Love is a powerful thing.


Somehow, Grandmother Alice persuaded my parents to let me spend the summer with Quire and his Grandmother in their mountain cabin in West Virginia. She knew how important it was for us to bond and to know and understand each other.

You might think that two boys in their early teens could get into a lot of trouble on their own but we didn’t – well not too much trouble. Grandmother drove us to the cabin and then making sure there were plenty of provisions returned to Steelton.

As soon as Grandmother left Quire stripped off all his clothes. I tried not looking at him. He smiled as his hair changed to gold and his eyes seem turn to emeralds. “Hey,” he said softly, “we have to get used to this – to each other’s differences. I love you Wick. So, come on get naked!” he giggled.

I felt embarrassed to say the least, but I stripped off my clothes all the while trying not to look at him and at his lack of anything between his legs.

He hair changed to black and his eyes to blue. “Wick, it’s as hard for me as it is for you. I mean I have nothing and you have that appendage. Can I take a closer look?”

I nodded and tried too smile. Slowly he approached as he eyed me from top to toe.

“It’s not that I’ve never seen a penis before…I’ve seen pictures in medical books and on the Internet…yours is what they call cut. Did that hurt when they chopped it off?”

“I guess I don’t remember I was a baby.” I was totally deflated. I was like having a doctor probing and checking me out.

“Hmm. Neat! It’s not unattractive. I like the feel of it - soft and smooth. I read on the net that it gets hard and when we bonded I could feel it through your clothes and it felt nice. When we make love sometimes I’m supposed to suck on it and swallow you cum, right?” I nodded. It was weird talking about my penis and stuff. He leant forward a bit and kissed the tip.

I gasped.

“That felt good, didn’t it? Look! It’s growing! Wow! That is sooo neat!” He kissed it again and again. And my penis grew and got hard. “Ooo this feels so good! I can feel what you feel, Wick. Can I go all the way, Wick?”

“Yes,” I practically begged because I was feeling what I was feeling plus what he was feeling.

Despite the fact that he had no appendages down there like me his body was a marvel. Quire wasn’t skinny by any means. He was muscular but not obscenely so. His body was beautiful. He moved with grace and speed.

When he got to me he leaned in and kissed me on the lips and I kissed him back. The passion grew then he broke the kiss, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “Lie down on the bed, my love,” he said, “and let me do this.” I lay down and he proceeded to kiss and lick every part of my body. I was in ecstasy.

“You are so beautiful, so soft,” he said then with a smile he wriggles his eyebrows and added, “Well soft and hard.” Then began licking my harden member before taking it into his mouth and sucking. We both moaned in pleasure. Every moment of pleasure began to intensify for what I felt he felt and then I felt even more.

“Quire! I’m gonna cum!” I screamed.

“Oh! Oh! Wick! I can feel it! I have to have this! I love you!” he yelled and then went back down on my dick and furiously sucking and bobbing his head up and down on it – the intensity of my ejaculation was beyond belief! When I had been drained he gave my penis a gentle kiss then kiss his way back up to my lips and we passionately kissed again. I could taste my own cum in his mouth.

Our passion slowly died down and we lay there in the afterglow each of lost in our own thoughts.


“There was a time when I was not called Quire,” he said. It was the second day of being alone at the cabin and we’d just finished breakfast and were sitting on the porch.

“It was a long time ago. It was one of the worst experiences of my existence. I was different…similar to like I am now physically. I would have been killed at birth had my great-grandfather not intervened. He told my parents that I was special, that I was a genetic throw back; there were legends of great Subadorian Leaders that were like me. You see Subadorians are the same as humans in that a man has a penis. There are only a few that are like me now…but I was the first like me in my village.

Being different can at times be the worst thing in the world and yet it can also be a blessing.”

Quire spoke quietly telling me of the happening in that long past, past life.

I shall relate that story to you in the third person. It’s easier for me. - Wick.